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    Propertius on Happy MLK Day from Canada
    Propertius on Happy MLK Day from Canada
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    • The NYTimes Reveals More Than It Means
      Watch this video. It’s only 39 seconds. It’s worth it. What’s interesting to me about this video is NOT what Bernie says, it’s the reaction. It’s how genuinely uncomfortable the people interviewing him (The NYTimes editors) are. They really think he’s saying something terrible. Something awkward. Something embarrassing. What is he saying? “I ignore the […] […]
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Stride: Divine.

Let the cool goddess rust away. I have no idea what the hell it means. Maybe it refers to a car. Who knows.

Monday: First World Problems

Got up on the wrong side of the sofa this morning. That’s right, I fall asleep in place. I’m a grown up, I can do whatever I want.

Didn’t fix my lunch.

Couldn’t find the jeans I wanted to wear.

Found only *one* of the boots. Had to settle for a pair of shoes I haven’t worn since I lost weight. My foot is sliding all over the place.

Grabbed the wrong jacket on the way out the door.

Thought it would be cool outside because that’s what the weather app said.

It was not.

If only there was a place where we could look up reliable weather info in real time…


Time for some finger snapping. Everybody sing:


Today, Donald gives his base yet another opportunity to be heartlessly cruel by proposing to end DACA.

Those kids had zero control over whether they were going to be brought to the US and many of them have never left this country- ever. They don’t know their country of origin.

What EXACTLY is the point of shipping them back? Check the latest Weeds podcast to understand how policy changes beginning in the Reagan years started the whole ball rolling to where we are today.

Just out of curiosity, after Trump has given his base the right to stomp on gay and transgender people, prevent women from gaining pay equity, birth control and abortions, make black people’s lives miserable and shipped all the illegal aliens back to Wherever they came from regardless of how long they e been here as children, who will they turn on next? Because there always has to be a next with this kind of populism. The base will still be mostly poor without prospects of climbing above their current status without a true welfare state. To keep them happy exploiting their sense of victimization, they’re always going to need fresh enemies. Who will be next after all the other groups have been exhausted? What if the executive orders and new laws aren’t enough? Will they be permitted to take matters into their own hands?

Isn’t this kind of animated hatred of every disadvantaged out group exhausting? Wouldn’t it be easier to be kinder to all those people and go after the people at the top? I mean, in terms of effectiveness in changing the social dynamic, THAT would make more sense. So why don’t they do it? Cowardice?

Just curious.


Hurricane Irma has intensified into a category 5 hurricane. It looks like it’s headed straight for Miami. Not so great. Miami is already on the verge of becoming America’s Venice.

But you know, who can say if Climate Change is real. {{rolling eyes}}