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Papa Bear on his way out? 

New York Magazine says Bill O’Reilly is being pushed out at Fox:

Sources briefed on the discussions say O’Reilly’s exit negotiations are moving quickly. Right now, a key issue on the table is whether he would be allowed to say good-bye to his audience, perhaps the most loyal in all of cable (O’Reilly’s ratings have ticked up during the sexual-harassment allegations). Fox executives are leaning against allowing him to have a sign-off, sources say. The other main issue on the table is money. O’Reilly recently signed a new multiyear contract worth more than $20 million per year. When Roger Ailes left Fox News last summer, the Murdochs paid out $40 million, the remainder of his contract.

I know, you’re probably all torn up about it. 

A couple of names have been floated as his replacement, like Dana Perino and Tucker Carlson. I don’t think either one of them is going to work. 

Billo’s thing was he was a Harvard educated (source of authority), older guy with sex appeal. Yeah, I don’t get it either but that’s what I heard from some long time fans. Also, he is a “godly man” according to someone I used to work with. 

You know, you need to remember to breathe during a laughing fit. 

Anyway, Tucker doesn’t exactly rock the bow tie and Dana lacks a penis, I think. 

But don’t worry, Fox probably has another obnoxious, lying blowhard on the bench. Wait and see. It can always get worse. 

73 Responses

  1. A godly, educated, sexy man who doesn’t know a loofa from a falafel when cheating on his spouse. Got it. And these are the scum who make 10s of million per year to misinform the public? It’s enough to make one believe in THEM, the reptilian alien explanation.

  2. I hear that Tomi Lauren is looking for a job. She could be the new Megyn Kelly.

  3. Too bad O’Reilly’s five sexual harrassment settlements for 13.5 million dollars didn’t happen before last year’s presidential contest. Oh wait, they did.

  4. At last some good news worth celebrating! I think a champagne cocktail is appropriate.

  5. O’Reilly, Guiliani, Flynn, Manafort, Page, Stone, now Jason Chaffetz…

    And perfection in 140 characters:

    • I wanna be goveenir of the great state of Utah. I have good, dull looks.

      As gov, I am boss. No Ron Ryan calling the shots. Also, what fun is it if I can’t investigate nonsense ad nausea the woman who should be President. She got the popular vote in spite of endless lies by Dumpf that the media let slide to keep the revenue coming in; Sanders’s obsession with the 8% of her speeches that were given to banking employees and his promises of free lunches to the politically naive whose parents didn’t teach them that there is no free lunch; Comey; Putin; Comey again; a myriad of Russian hackers and trolls, etc.

      Looking at the first causes–a decent political party would never allow a candidate to run for a higher office who never held an office and whose politics were birtherism and tweets based on Faux News. An aware political party would not have allowed an Independent Party of 1 candidate to run for the highest office (even the other independent Senator is not on the same page) who attacks both parties equally because they are not reproducing his image of Sweden. Sanders’ free lunch cost the Democratic Party and the country a huge price. He doesn’t have the redeeming qualities of a Nadar in terms of public good.

      • Nope. I think his political future is cooked. No governor or any other elected office. Agree about Sanders. He should be ignored not caved into.

    • We just need Rump and Pence added to the list
      and the cabinet,
      and the kids.

      A clean sweep.

      • the kids are on tape, a/c to twitter chatter and line of succession goes to Hatch.

  6. Correction: “Nader”–there are things that Ralph Nader has accomplished that I admire, but he shouldn’t have contributed to our having Shrub as President. I have zero admiration for B.S., however. I resent the fact that the Democratic Party is giving him any voice. He used the party and is back to his own Party of 1.

    • Agree completely. I wish the Dems would go after the 50% who didn’t vote, not the brainwashed alt right and alt left.

      • CB and Lady V,

        I agree completely. A friend suggested that I listen to Thom Hartmann. I used to listen to him through Air American. A progressive talk station in Chicago carries his program locally. I stopped listening in 2008 when it became apparent that it had a crush on Obama.

        Thom Hartmann would give time on Fridays to talk to Sen. Sanders and for listeners to ask him questions. I am not going to support anyone or anything that supports Sanders.

        Hillary was between an rock and a hard place with Sanders running for the nomination. She couldn’t attack him in a way to alienate his voters, but he attracted the idealistic for whom ideological purity was more important than the practicality of electing the best candidate.

        • Nobody who was anybody thought Trump could win, including Trump.

          It’s the old “post turtle” again. You know the turtle didn’t crawl up on top of the fence post by itself, so who put it there? 😕

  7. Am I the only one who is lost w/o your blog list?

  8. Time to abandon Bernie Sanders completely. At this point (maybe even before) he is just running interference for the GOP and Trump/Russia.

    • Sanders interview with the “NY Daily News” before the New York primary should be required reading. He’s a “socialist” with his own private beach in Vermont! I’ve heard nothing original from him, and don’t admire him or those who supported him over Hillary. It didn’t take much internet searching to figure out his sour, limited personality. He isn’t called the “gadfly of the Senate” without reason. He hardly passes his own “purity” test. I hope he retires to one of his homes soon and allows a younger Democrat to take his place. Finger wagger should aim his scolding at himself.

  9. Case in point. Cut him loose, Democrats!

  10. Batshit Bernie doesn’t know how to do anything but Jim Jones the politically naive and sell them down the river, so he could try and take over the left wing of the Dem party, where socialists breed and live off the fat of anyone with spare change and the working class.

    He was more interested in taking down Hillary for her paid speeches than calling out Dump and his free ride, not paying taxes for two decades.

    Karma is on the hunt these days, and Bernard will pay his due.

    • It seems a lot of people are finally starting to catch onto what you and I and the rest of us around here figured out a year more ago when it comes to Sanders.

  11. This is pretty good, but don’t watch if southern cussing bothers you. Posted over at The Widdershins:

  12. Happy 420!

  13. Write a book about THIS! The mfers who wrote the book about Hillary and her campaign are weakening this democracy further by placing emphasis on the wrong thing and not focusing on what significantly hurt this country and will do harm in the long run. It is a double whammy from these bastards. Shun that book and boycott those mfers.

  14. Heard something about Sanders attacking Ossoff just before the election. ? Anyone know more. ??

  15. Apparently, people only look at the newest thread, so I will re-post this article here:

    From Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station:

    The Hubris of Ignorance

    One of the main reasons the disaster of November 2016 happened is the cherished USAmerican myth of the superiority of amateurs to professionals.

  16. Lance Mannion eviscerates the chic new blame-Hillary book.

  17. People driven by their fear, racism, sexism, bigotry who voted for Trump thought this country would turn into a third world. But the irony is that in their racist zeal they voted for a con man who is exactly what they would fear if they knew — a third world like corrupt mobster politician who is in it for enriching himself. The kind of incompetence and corruption/bribery he is bringing into this administration every second he is in there is the very reason why many countries struggle as third-world with their leaders. Look at this article. If people don’t do something about this and nip it in the bud, the country as we know it will be gone.


    • oops RD.. stuck in moderation! It is asking us to moderate, you moderate, and I moderate, 🙂

    • In a ‘third world’ country like India, the only people who get into politics, especially at the local and state levels are mobsters (goondas), hooligans, the corrupt and the con…no well qualified, educated person can wade into those sewer swamps, unless of course all those sewer rats are got rid of and you start from scratch which is next to impossible. Bribery is common in every government office at all levels. You want your roads paved — pay up the chain otherwise, it will be shown as paved in the books but there is no actual paved road. People generally feel powerless and can’t take on these mobsters. The eternal question growing up was why don’t the engineers/scientists, the educated, and others who mean well get into politics and save the country. They just can’t. The swamp is big and deep and too many rats. That is what is happening here now, at least the start of it with this Trump administration — key positions unfilled with experts and people who have experience. Other key positions are filled with thieves and the corrupt including his own family members. He is sending Ivanka on a Germany tour. What is her qualification? Why aren’t people up in arms? Is your constitution so weak that it can’t dislodge the most unsuitable character accidentally put in the position of power? Where the fuck is the media?

  18. Off-topic, although it actually mentions Billo in passing:

    Justin Rosario in The Daily Banter: A Pox on Anti-Vaxxers

  19. This is funny. The Assistant to the President, that is Ivanka has hired a chief of staff, LOL…Figure head for another figure head for another figure head, wasting our money.. these people are stupid and they think we don’t see them.

  20. wow, what a contrast in pictures…Again white people who voted for Trump to preserve their sophisticated white culture, you know… of not leaving behind your wife 10 steps behind like a third world dictator…

  21. Wanna hear something disturbing and creepy?

    Pence calls his wife ‘Mother’.

  22. [Billo] is a “godly man” according to someone [RD] used to work with.

    NSFW just in case. 😈

    • And even the perpetually besmirched, false image of Hillary which Tsar Vlad and his media dupes served up to the voting public–even that Hillary managed to win the popular vote by 3 million.

      The amoral side of my mind is compelled to admire the sheer ingenuity of the right-wing elite in marshaling a seemingly infinite array of dishonest stratagems to stave off the tsunami of brown political power for yet another election–that brown power being inevitably anti-right-wing, because the political power of the Right in this country seems irremediably bonded to white supremacism.

      Of course, if the Repugnants ever do figure out a way to bamboozle more than a handful of non-white citizens into voting for them, forget I said anything.

  23. We let that Bernie Sanders and his minions walk all over us during the campaign and why are we still putting up with him? Apparently, he does not think reproductive issues are significant. I bet he does not think of minority, AA issues as significant either. Again, why are we giving this fucking old man our resources? Sanders, Media, Trump, Russia all conspired against Hillary, the most qualified candidate — no, neither Sanders nor Trump is qualified. What was Sanders doing all these years? He waited until his 80th year and finally ran against a girl and thought he could win? Sanders and his minions gave us Trump, plain and simple. Apparently, Susan Bardo’s new book holds Sanders, the media, and Comey accountable for hoisting the nitwit into the WH. Here is what I want to know. Why are we, Hillary supporters, the majority still being timid at holding these mfers responsible for what happened in 2016? Why are we giving that fucker Sanders opportunity to fuck us even more? Where is our outrage at these interlopers? Dammit, we are millions and millions more. Let us shape and own the narrative. Let us have our fucking revolution without Sanders. Shun that mfer for what he did to us, which was to eat your own — plain cannibalism. At least Nader was honest about separating himself and holding his own, but this fucker, he was a parasite feeding off of the Democrats and conning their young and the gullible with his dishonest and hypocritical rhetoric.

    • Remember that he said in a Town Hall TV interview that he ran as a Dem for the “free publicity.” The free-luncher cost the country a lot more than ad money.

    • The Democratic Party Establishment has bought his con job that they need his callow cultists to win future elections.

      • Yeah, see my comment below. They need not fear — those culprits perpetrated the worst already and we lost the country for it. The strategy forward should be about bringing in new and younger talent and building a new future. No more Sanders, no more Warrens… no, no, no. No left, no center, no nothing, common sense solutions to big policy debates with core principles in tact. Sanders is like Trump in so many ways that he does not have any solutions nor any idea of how to govern. I doubt he has any core convictions either because if you did, you don’t wait until you are 80 to make a difference, and you certainly don’t do it when you are 80 and sell your soul out to the Russians who use you to defeat the other better option of your own kind (well, wait, he is not a Democrat but he ran with the Democrats hogging their resources — that needs to be repeated).

  24. Chuck the unity tour. Ignore the man or better yet, shun him. Let him do his own thing with his own resources. If the fear is that he will take his minions with him, sure, let him. We have already lost the biggest prize, what more can we lose? Let us start looking for new, young talent everywhere and drown this man’s voice with theirs. They are the future. Let us call Perez and have him clean up his act with respect to this guy. Say it together — No More Sanders!

    • See, Traister is all wrong about this ‘narrative’. We should not be saying, ‘will we abandon?’ No, we should be saying heck no, we won’t let this happen and the action item to go with that is to call the DNC/Perez and tell him enough is enough. No more Sanders. We are not going to lose much more by saying that because we have already lost the biggest prize. Let us hold people accountable here instead of accepting and asking ‘will we abandon…’ That is meek, that is timid. Fight fire with fire. I think the consensus at this point should be Sanders and his minions were so yesterday, we are going to look to the future.

    • If you look at the replies in that Traister tweet, all Bernie minions are going ‘Hillary did it too’ — stop it. Get rid of the distraction, ignore the mfers, focus on the future and recruitment of talented and competent Dems for office.

  25. Early onslaught from the disingenuous Bernie Sanders and late onslaught from Comey coupled with sustained onslaught from the media(emails!) and Trump/Russia and their ‘lock her up’ crowd. This was a ‘fake’ election. As Susan Bardo writes, the person all these people fought against was not the real Hillary at all, it was a caricature of their own creation. The real Hillary was drowned out, gagged and hidden at least from enough people to matter — the ultimate voter suppression.

    • We all have known this for quite a while. We’re just going to have to figure out a remedy for all this.

  26. @RD: Troll cleanup on What Fresh Hell aisle! 😈

    • Yeah, IKR. Gabbard 2020 — what a laugh! Maybe she is being trained to act as a Sanders or Stein in the next election spoiling it for the Democrats again. For 2020, we need to be mindful of these useless nondescript factions putting up distractions and nip it in the bud.

  27. Off topic: Apparently, nobody thought this sign through. 😛

  28. Sean Hannity is throwing a tantrum. I wonder what he said to Assange in his interview and if he got caught in a tape. Let us get this mfer out of there too.

  29. How about this? 11,000 women wanting to run for offices!

  30. Sasha Stone defends HRC,and knocks it out of the park. :mrgreen:

    • Socalannie posted that over at Uppity’s blog, which is where I found it.

    • Hey, good one; I just read this article from Garance’s twitter TL, and posted it on the new thread. But it went into moderation.

      • I had no problems posting it. *shrugs*

        Spammy is capricious. :/

        • I put the raw link, if you embed it like you did, it goes through. But sometimes, I feel like people may need to see what the link/source is. I mean they could hover over the embed to see the real link but this is right there.

  31. Perhaps we can chant a chorus of “Lock him up” at Michael Flynn’s next public appearance.

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