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      Let us take as a given that Russia interfered in the last US election (though many of the accusations are unconvincing, some appear to be be true). I’m pushing this back to the top, for what I assume are obvious reasons. Originally published Feb 1, 2018. Why did they interfere? They most likely did so […]
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Blowing S#^+ Up. 

Have you seen this video of the  30′, 20,000 lb MOAB we dropped on an encampment in Afghanistan?

I feel badly about posting that. That was not survivable. Whatever you may feel about the targets, we shouldn’t forget that dozens of lives were snuffed out in an instant.

I worry that seeing videos like this will numb us to the reality of killing people. We’re the most powerful country on the planet and it would be trivially easy for us to just bomb everyone we don’t like into submission.

There are two problems with this: 1.) it tends to piss dangerous people off and 2.) where do we stop?  Dropping big bombs and drone warfare can make us even more of a threat because it comes at relatively little risk for us. We have no “skin in the game”.  That should be deeply troubling to anyone

Other countries are starting to take notice of our recklessness. China is now raising its voice over the way Trump is stirring up tensions between North and South Korea. We could end up causing the deaths of thousands of Koreans. China’s foreign minister is surprisingly blunt:

“The United States and South Korea and North Korea are engaging in tit for tat, with swords drawn and bows bent, and there have been storm clouds gathering,” China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, said in Beijing, according to Xinhua, the state news agency.

“If they let war break out on the peninsula, they must shoulder that historical culpability and pay the corresponding price for this,” Mr. Wang said.

This is especially stupid if, as that article points out, North Korea has nowhere near the capacity to launch a nuke at the United States. All the fearmongering on our side sounds like the same lies the Bush administration used to get us into war with Iraq. Remember how Saddam Hussein supposedly had the ability to rain WMD’s on us in 45 minutes all the way from Baghdad?  Turns out that wasn’t even remotely true.

But, hey, they’re over there, far away from us. All we need to do is apply all the force at our disposal to subdue those North Koreans. At least we’re doing something because someone needed to do something sometime to someone and what the hell do we have all these bombs and stuff for if we’re never going to use it, amirite??
I’ll be the first to criticize the Obama administration for not getting involved in Syria much earlier when intervention might have spared that country 5 years of devastating civil war. It’s a little late for that now. The damage is done, the players too compromised. We have major regional instability.

But blowing shit up is not always the answer to every problem. And the world hasn’t changed geographically. The choke points that were major theaters of war in WWII haven’t moved. The eastern Mediterranean, South China Sea, South Pacific  and the North Atlantic are still vulnerable areas of the world. We can’t just keep dropping bombs everywhere because it makes a bunch of clueless male Trump supporters hard.  Is that what it takes to feel like a man these days?  Really??

Those are real people under those drones.

For more on how masculinity is defined by each party, as well as why Steve “Thomas Cromwell” Bannon doesn’t stand a chance with the aristocracy, listen to TrumpCast’s So Many Men episode with NYT’s Frank Bruni. 

Bottom line: Republicans can get away with this stupid macho posturing whether they’re soft, tanning bed idiots or not. Trump wants to be a Putin but he keeps appointing well dressed rich men to his administration. Democrats better up their macho because there are some voters out there who are sucked into the Republican manly man ideal every time.

If there’s going to be any blowing things up, let’s start with the ridiculous idea that a bunch of guys sitting from the comfort of their armchairs are going to be able to overthrow the government with their silly underpowered pop guns.

They’ve obviously never been to a protest these days.

But I have.  I’ve seen what they’ve got in store for us.

The government can crush you like a bug.


25 Responses

  1. This is so wrong. And to give a perspective of what it might do…if you look at the twitter replies, they are moaning why he had to tweet this and it was bad mooslems that Trump was after — yeah, all 30+ of them.

  2. Garance has the bets twitter feed of all the news people. Tax Day protests.

    • Wow, I didn’t notice that Garance’s twitter account got embedded here and it refreshes her top tweets. Cool but Rd, delete the comment if you don’t like it.

  3. I have been looking at this guy’s tweets for soemtime. Clinton WH staffer and watch his feed if you like for things Trump-Putin-Russia.

  4. One of the worst things the media has ever done (and that takes some doing for the horrible media) is to have applauded Trump for the worthless missile attack on a Syrian airfield. They affirmed Trump, and above all he likes adulation. So of course he did it again a few days later. I really believe that had the media vehemently criticized him, he would have pulled back.

    The media is run by a combination of far-Right zealots, soulless corporate moneymen; and then there are a few self-proclaimed people on the Left who hate Democrats, hate Hillary, and are desperate to feel vindicated by normalizing Trump. Dan Rather was virtually the only media type (of course he was long ago ostracized by the Right) who spoke up against the missile attacks. As long s the media rewards Trump for his bellicosity, they’ll get more of it. After considering all the awful people and institutions which contributed to the nightmre election result, I keep coming back to the media as perhaps the worst; the instigators and enablers of the coup against America.

  5. Fuck the media! Look at that bitch Bartiromo giggling and fangirling! Oh, he is going to tell her only because she is so good to him – what did she do? give him a BJ off the camera?

  6. If true, this explains his dumb TV appearances. Maybe putting on an act trying to seem dumb and incompetent.

  7. We don’t even have ambassadors to most of these countries, because no one has gotten around to appointing them. The President is insane. Most of the other people in his circle are insane in various forms. It is like some demonic carnival, Black and Cooger’s Pandemonium Shadow Show. And the media treated all of it as reasonable, an interesting contrast to the despised Hillary. Gee, let;s give him a chance and see what happens. They’re still doing it.

    Philip Dick wrote some wonderful novels in which reality was distorted. In one of them, the President was an android. In another, it was a simulacrum designed to convince the people that there was actually a calm presence in charge. How far are we from those stories? Had Hillary been elected, you know that there would have been seasoned and reasonable professionals in the Cabinet, and at all levels. But of coruse the media would be maniacally looking for a flaw, someone who sneezed at a meeting, or didn’t pay a drycleaning bill on time. “Will this drycleaning bill scandal turn into the seventh impeachment hearing against Hillary?” “Is the Clinton Administration desperately floundering?” “Is Hillary considering resigning?” The stories were already written in the heads of these media people. Instead, now we have mass insandity being normalized. Dick had no idea how prescient he was.

  8. This is a diversion and it is meant to take eyes off of the FBI investigations against him. I fear this war and others are going to escalate, he will hang on to husband power till the bitter end. Do not fall for it.

    Please see this article on an economic walk out to force congresses hand for an independent investigation. We can do this. Simple things like not buying gas, not turning on the TV for a few days can make a difference


    • His* not husband

      • I thought ‘husband’ would work there too when I read it, if you meant he will use his power judiciously (?) — that is the danger, with the fucked up media fawning over him that he may correct his ways (to some very minor extent) and hold on to his power.

    • I have been suggesting that for a few months. The one power that liberals have is the power of the pocketbook. They can’t force people to buy things or use things, outside of absolute necessities. I wish every Californian would simply not use any more gas than absolutely necessary, for a few months at least. A bunch of billionaires depend on the middle class to slavishly buy their goods and services, but why should they, when all their rights are taken away?

  9. B-b-b-but e-mails! 🙄

    • The emails were the red herring of all time. I remember when I first read or heard something about “Hillary Clinton used a private email server,” and I thought, “so what?” I thought I must be missing something, but I wasn’t. It was absolutely nothing, turned into something by the right-wing cabal, and then carried by the collaborative, lazy, and stupid media.

      I don’t exactly remember the movie “Wag the Dog,” but I think that Dustin Hoffman plays a political consultant hired to get the president out of trouble. He thinks, and suddenly comes up with, “Old Worn Shoe,” or something like that. The others stare t him incrddulously. But he somehow turns it into a catchphrase, and everyone starrts donating or waving old shoes in the air as a sign of support for some military adventure. This is just what was done here. “Emails” became a wprd that people used without any idea what they were talking about. Meanwhile, the Russians were hacking information, databases, probably voting machines. Crossheck was purging over a milllion people off the rolls in the key states. The media, like dogs chasing a mechanized toy, went chasing after the decoy, while the country was stolen. And even now they won’t admit that they were duped, used, and played for saps. It’s all the fault of Hillary, the eternal political scapegoat.

  10. Voting machines are a problem. Go back to paper ballots everywhere. I know people are more interested in keeping up appearances of a well functioning democracy and no rigging and all that. Get uncomfortable, ask questions, especially after 2016 and get ready for 2018 and beyond. Where the hell are the Democrats on this?
    Thread — this guy seems to have done a lot of work in this regard.

    • Yes and check http://www.UpholdTheseRights.com/VotingRights.html 2/7: House Administration voted 6-3 to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission, the job of which is to help states improve their voting systems–i.e., the ONLY governmental agency to ensure voting machines do not get hacked.

      • Great resource page, Lady V. Election integrity is the least of concerns everywhere, precincts to counties to states — my lawyer friend who was on the board of elections (I forget the precise name of the entity) in Maryland and usually the one that is woefully funded. It is almost like sampling/polling with a lot of errors and not a one person, one vote like it should be.

  11. The buffoon wants to pretend he is King (of USA) for a day. He will be impeached before this visit happens.

  12. And now for something completely off topic:



    THIS–IS–an improbably blonde Japanese schoolgirl in tomato PJs. 😛

    • What’s sad is that the average goofy thing on YT, such as the above, is more entertaining than at least half of what’s on TV. 😛

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