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Compulsory Work Reception Centers and the What’s Wrong With the FBI??

The reason why Trump voters are not our favorite people is because we have to listen to stupid shit Sean Spicer says:


Holocaust Centers? He makes it sounds like the reception area of a compulsory agritourism resort. This isn’t right. It isn’t even wrong. It’s just bad.

We probably don’t need to cater to the Trump voter anymore. It’s not a hate thing. It’s just pointless to try to talk to people who think that just about anything is acceptable anymore because reasons.

They are not special.


Meanwhile, back at the FBI, The Washington Post reports this afternoon:

The FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump, part of an investigation into possible links between Russia and the campaign, law enforcement and other U.S. officials said.

The FBI and the Justice Department obtained the warrant targeting Carter Page’s communications after convincing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge that there was probable cause to believe Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power, in this case Russia, according to the officials.

This is the clearest evidence so far that the FBI had reason to believe during the 2016 presidential campaign that a Trump campaign adviser was in touch with Russian agents. Such contacts are now at the center of an investigation into whether the campaign coordinated with the Russian government to swing the election in Trump’s favor.

So, let’s recap.

The Trump campaign was under investigation and Trump advisor Carter Page’s communications were being monitored, last summer.

Not a peep from the FBI.

Hillary’s email turned out to be a nothing burger and the Comey letter 11 days before the election likely did her in among voters who for some reason can’t evaluate candidates based on their merits.

For this we are saddled with Trump and a slew of Republicans for four years and we have just had a Supreme Court justice stolen from us to be replaced with a guy who believes in Natural Law. He’s to the right of Scalia.

And Obama said… nothing.




35 Responses

  1. I have no words.

  2. Now, RD, you know that Obama could not risk all those cushy seats on corporate boards.
    Gotta go along to get along.

  3. I’ve asked a number of people would they want Obama to be their lawyer? He’d have you plead guilty just to get the case off of his desk and didn’t have to deal with you or the case anymore. Path of least resistance should have been his middle name. He also closed down the committee in the state department that was looking into what the Russians had been doing. The Russians just got more powerful on his watch and he just did nothing to stem the flow. It’s just sad.

    • Bill Clinton will be seen as the last intellectual president who reveled in the complexities of statecraft. 2000/2008/2016 were all mistakes, 2016 being the biggest.

    • Young lady, I’ll have you know that “Pathofleastresistance” IS his middle name on his REAL birth certificate–the one which shows he was born a Muslim in Kenya!

    • Well, I have postulated that Trump was not the first person to have Russian wind in their sails. Obama just blew in out of nowhere and had his journolistas well ensconced in media to tout the fool. How that man ever got elected makes me believe that Trump had the same thumb on the scales. The media and the DNC were complicit…and I know the meaning of that word!

      • Congrats, Ali B. You get the dictionary prize on that one, unlike that infamous First Daughter.

        Re: O’bama blowing in out of nowhere: I saw that coming in 2004. The DNC had just recovered from a serious bout of sexism (Paul Kirk and his boyz club that followed the Mondale defeat) thanks entirely to Bill Clinton, and were desperate to block Hillary Clinton from any chance at the Presidency.

        They used the most effective gag American men have always used against the majority of citizens in this soi-disant democracy: white men pitting non-white men’s rights against all women’s. See voting, rights, history of: all men, regardless of race, allowed to vote: 1869. All women, regardless of race, legally blocked from voting until 1920.

        It worked. A parvenue was gifted with the Democratic nomination and then blew every chance he had to do good for the country due to his lack of experience and untried self image.

        It’s a bit too late for this country that he grudgingly, late in his presidency, lent his support to the base that gave him his pedestal. I just wish women would learn that men will do this to them every single damn time. Until women stand up for themselves first, they will always be last.

        • Parvenue is a perfect word for describing Obama.

          I received an e-mail from the DCCC today that was incredulous that I did not want to purchase an “I miss Obama” bumper sticker for $3.00.

          The 2016 election was a repudiation of the 8 years of Obama’s failure to help those hurt financially.

          And to add insult to injury, progressives want to pull the party farther to the left which won’t help win the states needed to reach the magic 270 in the electoral college.

          • Hard to believe, JMS, that something with the depth and history of the Democratic party has turned themselves into the “glitter throwing” party.

            But they have.

  4. Trump, his children, his administration, all the people he touches, the people who voted for him are the dregs of this society. They are the third world section of this first world. The people who voted for these mfers feared people like me and other immigrants would make this country, “a third world” country. They may not know it but they are what they think as the third world people; they embody lack of education, lack of common sense if not wisdom, poverty of imagination, humanity, dignity, kindness, generosity, on and on. Third world is a state of mind, some of it is forced upon you for lack of necessities in life but here, there is no lack of necessity, not to the same degree anyway, and they had to go out of their way to elect these motherfuckers who are incompetent, corrupt, and even unpatriotic, and finally, don’t even care one whit about these poor schmucks who voted them in. Let them come to their senses and bring this country back to its original state. I am done fretting about it.

  5. Louise Mensch was catching a lot of flack from mainstream media and others for the digging she does. To her credit she was the first to note there was a FISA in Nov. She seems to have good sources and has been particularly imaginative in the way she connects the dots. Critics of hers in the media are sitting on their hands and watching, doing nothing, after fucking with the race during the election.

  6. Why, Maggie? You can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? like it was during the election, either emails or nothing?

    • Haberman is Modo 2.0.

      © Earlynerd

      • Yeah, she will replace that older bitch soon. She tweeted another nasty on Hillary today, something about Hillary blaming her staff and sparing herself. You should look at the replies. 99% spitting on Haberman which makes me happy that I am not alone. Haberman was like that at Politico also. Wonder if she is the daughter of Claude Haberman whose tweets indicate a much nicer Democrat. Where did he go wrong?

        • Where did they go wrong giving this self hater oxygen to vent?

          Haberman and Dowd before her are exemplary sell outs, perfect mouthpieces for the male owned media.

        • BTW, “bitch” is exactly equivalent to “nigger”. Both are hate speech based exclusively on somatype.

          The only reason one is acceptable and the other isn’t is that white men control the media. They hate women. Non white men, not so much.

          • Okay, I see that on this blog, the hate speech “bitch” doesn’t get a commenter placed in moderation. It’s exact equivalent based on race does (oh, do I have to say “the n word”?).


          • This was the comment that was automatically placed in moderation. Thanks, RD, you fearless feminist you.

            “BTW, “bitch” is exactly equivalent to [that n word]. Both are hate speech based exclusively on somatype.

            The only reason one is acceptable and the other isn’t is that white men control the media. They hate women. Non white men, not so much.”

          • These people/women deserve every bit of our scorn. I think we need to call a bitch, a bitch sometime. They are dishonest, are incompetent at public service and they have so much power. Andrea Mitchell is another but apparently she said something about harassing Hillary through the summer. A little bit of self awareness there.

        • Her father is *Clyde* Haberman, reporter and columnist at the Times from 1977 until he retired in 2013.

          Roz in NJ/NYC

  7. The newspaper that wrote a hit piece on the doctor in the United airlines fiasco, picked the wrong doctor and his criminal records. Wow, there was no reason to write that article in the first place and then to pick a wrong guy and write about his criminal records as this guy’s, way to go!

  8. It usually takes a number of foolish, complacent, and timorous people for evil to reign. There were many dupes and fools, including almost all of the media, which thought they were in seventh grade, bullying Hillary because she was the smartest and the most decent one out there. Most of these media have no compunction whatsoever for any of it, and would gleefully do it again.Then there is the purported “Left,”which would just as soon burn down the restaurant. to show their puitanical dissatisfaction with the fare. And then of course Obama, the person with the best chance to stop all of it, or at least give the nation the chance to be aware of it; and he didn’t want to get his reputation sullied by battling with McConnnell over partisanship. The bitterly ironic thing is that Obama did maintain his aura, and thus somehow got rated ahead of Bill Clinton in a recent ranking of presidents; but meanwhile, the nation is being destroyed by the people whom he did not want to fight when he could have. In fact, the Democratic Party could not be in worse political shape, as Obama was unable to touch anyone but himself with his magic brush.

    When you are President, you are also the head of your Party. When you see that the other party has turned into a bunch of conniving, soulless monsters who are willing to commit treason to gain power, you have to, 1) let the country know that, even indirectly; and, 2) do whatever you have to do to stop them. Obama is not the only one to blame for not doing this, the entire Democratic Party apparatus has done a poor and mincing job of callling the Republicans what they are. Of course, they are all wary of the media, which quickly seeks to condemn them for being partisan, while adulating the Republicans for their “smart” hardball tactics. And as for the voters, there are far too many of them who seem to view this all as a football rivalry, Alabama vs. LSU or something, where the only thing that matters is “winning,” mockkng the other guys. Meanwhle they proudly vote against their own self interests and welfare, againts America, for totalitarian Russia; and against the survival of the planet. Anything to get that sports fan feeling of “winning.” They do not have a clue as to what the issues are, or how the government works. They have simply comfortably succumbed to the decades long brainwashing by the Right, by the corporations which own the Right, and by the Russians who use them for their own ends, all to have the fun of waving their pennants and chanting slogans, like the hopeless souls in the novel “1984.”

  9. Instead of using his State department experts to learn about it, he made a dumb statement to the Chinese guy who in turn ‘educated’ him. Great, now your competitor/adversary knows you are a dumb fucker. Helluva job, America!

  10. What FBI may be up against with their investigation Interesting, gives a good perspective.

  11. I don’t want this guy to ever upstage President Bill Clinton. He does not deserve it one bit.

    • I did not read the piece but Obama will forever be remembered as the guy who sat there and let the Russians hack the election. Even after the election was over and he had a press conference he couldn’t bring himself to admit what had happened.

  12. All Hillary supporters are asking those questions. I don’t think Obama wanted Hillary to win. God Forbid, if two Clintons eclipsed Obama’s precious legacy…

    • Oh, you and I can answer that. It’s because Obama was timid about everything. Going there with Russia would entail a fight and he runs from those.

  13. LOL, here is a good line: “BE A WITCH NOT A BITCH” (in the context of bitches like Haberman/Dowd/Mitchell….)

  14. Whoever made this quip wins 10,000 Internetz. :mrgreen:

    Click here.

  15. What the hell is wrong with Maria Bartiromo? Not going to post the video of the buffoon’s interview with her but she was like a fangirl, gushing and asking him how it ‘felt’ to shoot those missiles and on and on. What is wrong with these mfers?

    • I had to snicker though when 45 was telling her that he told Xi he launched 59 missiles at Iraq over chocolate cake and she had to remind him it was Syria not Iraq. I had the same reaction to her, she was totally unprofessional, but then it’s Fox.

  16. It’s that day again.

    “The Troublemaker”, written by Bruce Belland and Dave Somerville, and sung by Willie Nelson.

  17. Show us your taxes march Sat. 4/15! http://taxmarch.org/local-marches/ has times & locations nationwide!

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