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Masha Gessen and the Coming Autocracy. 

Let’s just dispense with the chit chat, shall we? The next four years are going to be devastating to many Americans, especially Americans who have not yet retired. So to those of you who have retired and will watch most of this as somewhat passive observers, those of us who are still years away would like to say, “Fuck you very much”.

If we’re lucky, the Republicans will do the shock and awe treatment and the majority of us, including the casual Trump voter, will vote the bastards out of office in 2018.

To recap, Republicans are in charge of every branch of government. They control the Executive Branch with Trump, the Supreme Court and Congress. Do not believe the tripe that Congress can not pass anything without Democrats helping. This is a lie. Procedurally, both the Senate and the House have enough votes to render Democrats non-players even if the numbers by party are close to parity in the Senate. It’s time for everyone to read up on how motions can disarm your opponents.

So, with that being said, here is Masha Gessen, journalist, who was born and worked in Russia. This is what we have to look forward to. She is not exaggerating.

Have a nice day. It might be the last one until Election Day 2018.


6 Responses

  1. I listen to Masha Gessen, Sarah Kindzior, and others like them in a bit of disbelief. While there is no guarantee what they say will happen here, not happen I can’t agree that people in this country will take this lying down. We have five living presidents, strong institutions and a growing opposition everywhere that I don’t think we will just let that buffoon do what he will. My prediction is that he won’t last the first year (5 agencies are on to him). This reminds me of 1970s India when Indira Gandhi instituted Emergency Rule in a historic power grab that didn’t last (there was no foreign interference though). Democracy came back in full force. But I must say that they had/have better press/media and better election integrity than we do at this moment. USA is in a weak shape with its media cowed down, corrupt, and incompetent, weak Democratic party leaders, the Republican party at its worst focused only on winning. But I have faith that karma will catch up with the bad guys. I also have faith in the majority who will not let what Gessens like people are talking about happen. It is good to be vigilant but let us also not be in a perpetual state of being in panic.

    As this tweet demonstrates, this is just the beginning of taking back our country. BTW, all neighbors of Pence put up the rainbow flag on the front of their house. There is a tweet somewhere showing that.

    • I also believe in Karma and the reasons of things.
      All this radical swing is exposing the ROT in our country and the challenges and choices we have to make to preserve our democracy.
      But we have to fight…
      The “simple simplicity” of our American culture as commented in another post, should be the first thing to shake off.
      The passive observers is another unacceptable commodity…

  2. Hey ladies, crappy day, huh……….

    Good frank post, RD.

    I hope to go to the protest in San Francisco tomorrow, decked out with Hillary signs and gear…I’m depressed as heck…

    Hi Belle!

    PM, my God, I thought I would never see you again. Glad to see you are here.

  3. MsMass

    I miss her too, but you can’t keep a good woman down and Hillary will put her energy and wisdom into something else.

    I tweet her every so often and tell her how I miss and love her. I just can’t help it.

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