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Twitching tin foil antenna

Something doesn’t feel right about the commutation of Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Consider the following:

1.) Obama’s administration has been notoriously secretive and pursues leakers and investigative reporters with zeal. The Obama years may have been boring because no one was willing to step out of line knowing that they would be ruined financially or imprisoned. 

2.) Regardless of her motives, Manning disclosed some important documentation and State Department secrets to Wikileaks. The disclosures may have compromised assets. We’re not talking about casual emails between political operatives. We are talking serious leaking. 

3.) Julian Assange wanted Manning’s release. We already know that Assange is vindictive asshole. He doesn’t want Manning released out of the goodness of his heart. 

4.) Obama has been weirdly passive about the Russian hacks of the DNC server. He seemed to be perfectly content to bring a knife to a gunfight before the election. Now he’s accommodating Wikileaks after we know there was collusion between the Russians and Assange. 

I’m not saying that Manning’s sentence was fair or that as a transgender woman in a male prison facility that her life isn’t exceedingly difficult. I’m going to guess that anyone who is incarcerated has had something devastating happen to his or her life. Transgender adds a layer of complication but may not be harder than giving your kids up after birth. We should have more compassion for prisoners in general. 

But something about this scenario just doesn’t fit. Is it possible that Assange has something bigger on Obama or the US government?  What is it? 

Because otherwise, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. 

11 Responses

  1. RD: Here’s Uppity’s take on the commutation:

    * * * *

    Uppity Woman, on January 17, 2017 at 6:12 PM said:

    I want to say something about Obama’s Commutation of Manning. My first thought was this was Brilliant. Assange tweeted that if Obama would grant clemency to Manning he would allow extradition of himself.

    Think about that. If Assange wants to retain any semblence of credibility, he has to keep his word. He could be entradited to Sweden for two rape trials. We could file charges under the espionage act and bring him here as well. Of course, Trump could Pardon him immediately! Or not. If he doesn’t, there will be a trial that could get very uncomfy for Donald. If he does, then it’s practically an admission of complicity.

    It’s called a Catch-22 and it’s Brilliant.

    * * * *

    I have no idea what is used as a basis for any of these pardons but I do find it difficult to believe Obama personally came up with this. Like Trump, I think he is managed, certainly not a “brilliant” thinker, so who knows what the ultimate goal is, I also can’t imagine a moral coward and reprobate like Assange ever giving himself up. As Rachel pointed out, sometimes head scratchers lead to “a ha” moments many months after they occur.

    • I don’t think Assange has any intention of giving himself up willingly. Maybe Ecuador is going to evict him and he’s trying to make a deal. But letting manning go is a pretty big deal and goes against everything Obama has stood for in eight years.
      If Wikileaks has something significant, that would explain Obama’s pre and post election behavior and you can bet we’re going to know all about it when Trump takes office.

  2. You are right. It’s somehow mind boggling Obama’s actions throughout. Since the 2008 elections, I’ve got the feeling someone has something on Obama; hence he’s secretive, extremely cautious and wary.
    I recall prior the election 2008, Obama and Biden met with SC Justice John Roberts in a private conference. what was that about and why? is a mystery…

  3. The democratic party including the Clinton were awfully quite about the latest revelations, Suspiciously even. If people started to wonder it’s their fault. If trump know something he is not good at keeping secrets. This turned out to be more than we bargained for.

  4. If one thinks the Russians may have worked very hard to get Trump elected and Hillary not, how far a stretch is it to think this isn’t the first election in the US that they used similar tactics? Like in 2008! Why isn’t Obama’s election in the primary and general election put into question, too. I always had suspicions that some group that I could not put my finger on, influenced the primary and then the general. It is just a weird feeling but why would Putin not have used a similar pattern last major election. Obama is an odd duck if you ask me! I am not even suggesting that Obama was in on it, but he may have been recipient of fingers on the scales of justice in reference to fair elections! But he might have bee in on it……

    • Just remember that Obama once elected president, was to quick to assert that no investigation on Bush-Cheney administration issues -such as weapons of mass destruction and torture war practices would be investigated.
      Let’s don’t forget that the “W” can not visit some parts of the world -and the country- because he is been charged of war crimes.

      • But I do remember Hillary saying in a town hall that her administration would prosecute Republicans where it was justifiable. Those were people who had serious crimes to look into, like outing an undercover CIA agent in revenge for her husband’s exposing the administration’s lies over weapons development, like stonewalling the SEC over existing ties to a military supply corporation while creating and sustaining a war in a non-hostile country, stuff like that.

        I thought then that had a lot to do with the media’s preference for one candidate over the other, along with sexism, CDS and the rest.

  5. Yeah, I hate to get all tin foil but Obama’s reaction to the Putin thing has had me scratching my head over and over. Of course Obama does avoid controversy and runs from a fight. I read where Hillary’s campaign begged Obama to make a statement about Putin’s interference but he refused. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out over the course of time if there is anything there.

  6. I tried to watch the Samantha Bee video clip, but it got in about a minute and stopped (I had full-screened it and had to use CTL-ALT-DEL to make it go away. Tried TBS next, but it wouldn’t play (and a message appeared at the top saying a program was slowing my browser down, and asked if I wanted to stop it). Went to Samantha Bee’s site and watched the first segment about Steve Mnuchen, which played fine, but when I started the segment that previously appeared on this site (it’s gone, now), it stopped at 21 second in and I couldn’t do anything more on Samantha Bee’s page. Maybe I spend more time than I should at Cannonfire, but this is seeming pretty creepy to me.

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