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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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The Scope of the Trump Argument against Hillary

I’ve been forcing myself to listen to CNN and MSNBC. Just wanted to say that it has been a profoundly unpleasant experience. Even the most mild mannered people are yelling and screaming over one another. This usually happens when some Trump surrogate who seems to have a player piano scroll for a brain starts spewing the most ridiculous nonsense ever. I have no idea why the cable networks allow these people on their shows. It has become UNLISTENABLE. I cancelled my premium subscription to msnbc on tunein last night. I’m getting nothing out of it. But the CNN stream is still free, so I am forcing myself to pay attention. 

Here’s what Trump has on Hillary:

1.) The email server. Thankfully, the “journalists” are moving on. They must realize they are beating a dead horse and there’s no more juice to suck out of that story. But the Trump surrogates are still shrieking about the Blackberries smashed by a hammer. That shit’s gotta stop. Not because there is anything else to learn, because there isn’t. No it’s because it’s difficult to listen to the surrogates blather on about it and talk over other guests without wanting to hurl my iPhone across the room. It’s done, Donald. You won’t get one more voter from this. 

2.) Deplorables. Well, we can’t call them racists, sexists, homophobes etc. That’s too PC. So, Hillary is bringing back shame. Good for her. And when Pence can’t bring himself to call David Duke, someone who enthusiastically supports Trump’s campaign a white supremacist, then we know it is working. Yes, Governor, he is a bad association. You know it and now we know you know. The phony outrage from the Trump campaign is UNLISTENABLE. 

3.) I swear, if I hear one more journalist say that Hillary is not transparent enough and therefore untrustworthy simply because she didn’t see any reason to tell everyone in the world about her pneumonia, I’m going to personally go to Atlanta and scream in Chris Cuomo’s ear to knock it the fuck off. Enough is enough. There’s simply no comparison between Hillary and Trump on the issue of transparency and disclosure. The double standard is deeply, DEEPLY offensive to women who have to sit thru this shit day after day. Maybe these channels don’t care if they lose their female audience. That’s how it looks anyway. No progress is being made here and if I were Hillary, I’d tell these news people that if they don’t like what she’s going to give them with respect to her medical records, they can shove it up their asses. She shouldn’t play this game anymore. Give them the exact number of details as Mitt Romney did and no more. She is not obligated to keep producing documentation just because the news organizations demand it. It’s not because she has anything to hide. It’s because she’s got better things to do with her time than try to satisfy the insatiable. 

Other than that, Trump’s got nothing. 

She, on the other hand, has plenty on Trump. If the news media doesn’t want to cover it, she’ll have to find a way to get around them. They should be more cautious because if she manages to do it, they’ll be obsolete and not a moment too soon. 

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  1. She’s going to have to go around the media and she has known that for a long time I am quite sure.

    • Sickening.
      I know this and have known it. I knew they weren’t going to help her. I just never expected them to work vigorously for Trump. It’s nauseating. And their excuses are unacceptable.

    • What does the election look like in Georgia? I’m considering calling for the campaign.

      • The campaign is doing a lot of phone banking here in GA. I am going to hopefully help in a few weeks.

  2. As I listened to the radio yesterday (WGN radio in Chicago) and heard what various commentators were saying it occurred to me that Hillary was correct in her description of some of Trump’s supporters.

    I did not see until this morning Charles Blow’s column in the New York Times. Here’s the link.


    • One of the comments to Mr. Blow’s column, a NYT Picks, someone named Totyson wrote:

      So, to “tell it like it is” or “not pull punches” or “speak the truth plainly, even if it might offend some folks” is just fine from one candidate – a virtue, in fact – but unacceptable from from the other. Double standard anyone?

  3. Well summarized. I have never seen the media so disgracefully awful, not even at the height of the “swiftboaters” appearances on TV in 2004, or the mocking of Gore in 2000. Ultimately, one has to take it at face value; that the media is doing everything possible to get Trump elected. The only other explanation would be that they simply hate Hillary; but that ultimately comes out to the same thing. No computation of probabilities could account for the fact that all the Trump stories are minimized or ignored, while Hillary is actually attacked for getting sick. And does anyone notice the endless and repetitive”crawls” that MSNBC (I simply won’t watch CNN any more) run? They are relentlessly negative toward Hillary; usually about emails, or dropping polls, or taking her comments out of context. And MSNBC has obviously been given orders from the top to put many more Trump surrogates on. Conway lives on the networks, given endless opportunities to lie and dissemble and smear. It has been estimated that the networks have given Trump the equivalent of billions of dollars in free ad time by this, as well as showing every single Trump rally in full, while showing two minutes or so of Hillary’s.

    And I agree with you and Ga6thDem, that Hillary has to bypass the toxic media. I’ve suggested for a while that Hillary pay for a couple of hour-long townhall TV programs in prime time. Very expensive, but it allows her to escape the distorted media filter, just like she did at the convention. As to the media itself, they hve become as much a threat to democracy as the Far Right. I don’t have any idea how to fix this, other than tens of millions of people just turning them off; but even so, they are “loss leaders,” more intended to gain and control power for the Right, than to get ratings or money.

  4. She should also choose who to talk to before they find that alternative out let. Cooper never ever. What her face Mrs Greenspan canned. And the list go on Chuck Todd…

  5. Off-topic: I know it’s been 17 years now, but I still miss the Moon. 😛

  6. I’m mad as h**l and I’m not going to take it anymore!

    Stopped watching the “news” (which is extremely misnamed), and am now reeling over the video of the Gov. of KY’s urging for Trump supporters to take up arms and start killing people in order to save the country once she wins.

    Don’t we have laws against this stuff anymore? Like, for instance, slander? Inciting violence? Leading an insurrection? Treason?

  7. They know NO boundaries when it comes to Hillary and it’s disgustingly misogynistic. They believe they have the right to know every personal detail and they just don’t, they are just afraid of looking biased against the republican so they’re willing to put our entire country at risk.

  8. CNN’s Don Lemon is doing a great job tonight of strongly confronting Trump’s campaign mgr regarding fake charity contributions, & pay-for-play in FL. “There is no proof of any of that!” And “have the people in his campaign seen his tax returns?” And “that’s all been said before…that’s not an excuse.” Sane arguments.

    Realizing just how rare this is now.

    • Especially from Don Lemon.
      He’s spent a year being Trump’s cabana boy, I’m glad to hear that he’s found a spine.

  9. Obama’s campaigning in Philly for Hillary is well worth watching (C-Span online). Maybe having Hillary on the sidelines briefly will be when the worm turns. There’s always the Liz Taylor sympathy factor. Oscar for her and redemption because the populace thought about not having her around in movies and tabloids.

  10. i’m still wondering if Hillary won with the deplorable comment or not

    • Garrison Keillor:
      Someday historians will get this right and look back at the steady pitter-pat of scandals that turned out to be nothing, nada, zero and ixnay and will conclude that, almost a century after women’s suffrage, almost 50 years after Richard Nixon signed Title IX into law, a woman was required to run for office wearing concrete shoes. Check back fifty years from now and if I’m wrong, go ahead and dance on my grave.

    • Well, the “D” term has stuck in my head as a term for any Trump voters. Deplorable for the country as well. Les Miserables is surfacing in my head as a term for our dumbed down 4th Estate (pulled cable TV cord long ago).

      Received this email from a Hillary supporter this morning:

      Samantha Bee’s election coverage has been wonderful. This is right on about how useless “news reporters” have become. Thank goodness we have comedians.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Also, remember the Taco Truck guy? He’s a Trump mini-me.

    • Well, I can’t get the term out of my head. Deplorable for the country, too.

    • I think it’s like a slowly spreading weapon of mass destruction. The word deplorable appears to have some staying power. I’d be surprised if the phrase “basket of deplorables” wasn’t designed. There’s some craftiness involved here. You don’t need to specify exactly what is deplorable, although she did once. But we all know what she’s referring to. She is highlighting the shame that seems to have become disconnected when Fox News inoculated it’s fanbase against political correctness.
      Anyway, it’s like a concentrated drop of ink diffusing into water coloring only the things for which it has a strong affinity. Deplorable, shamefulness, insensitivity, cruelty, meanness.

  11. while i somewhat agree with hillary, i don’t think it was wise of her. to paint trump’s crowd with a broad brush is no different than what the other side does. my biggest warning to her about calling trump’s supporters any names or labels is that she will be their president and representing them too when she gets elected. she is a much bigger person than that from what i have seen in the decades i have followed her and i for one chalk it up to her not feeling well. this was pretty typical for her.

    • this was pretty atypical for her, i meant to write.

    • She’s always said she intends to work on behalf of the people who vote for her and the people who don’t. I believe her.
      As for her going on the offensive against Trump voters, the second part of that statement seems to be left out of the discussion where she talks about the other half who are angry with economic changes that have affected them.
      But yeah, the other half are deplorable. Let’s not sugar coat this. There’s no legitimate excuse for the meanness, prejudice and insensitivity. I’m not going to let those people off the hook.

      • Exactly… they never discuss the second half of the statement, but it pretty clearly indicates that she will be president of “all the people”.

        The other issue is all the focus on simply calling people deplorable, I don’t think I have seen one rebuttal that says there are not a measurable number of Trump supporters who are racist, xenophobic, homophobic etc. They simply focus on the “half” of supporters, they don’t even try to dispute the enumerated list of people in that basket.

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