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“Journalists” still doing it wrong

Some notes on the past 24 hours:

1.)Hillary got woozy and had to get dragged into a van. Later, we find out she has walking pneumonia. This is not a health emergency. It happens to many human beings. This may come as a shock but Hillary is human. She will recover from this. She can still do stuff from the comfort of her own bedroom while she’s resting. Maybe she can do a google + livestream AMA session. She could give a presser. Every. Single. Day. In her driveway. It’s not the end of the campaign. She just needs to “modify her schedule”.

2.)OMG, She did not notify the press the very nanosecond she was told she has pneumonia. That just goes to show how secretive she is. American journalist really need to be taught what confirmation bias is all about. But I digress.

What would they have said if she hadn’t shown up for that 9/11 ceremony? No, seriously, what would the front page look like if they had known she had pneumonia and decided to skip it? You know bloody well what they would have said. They would have said she was physically unfit to attend to her duties as president. Then they would have had a meltdown over the MEANING OF THAT DAY and how she was minimizing it.

3.)Journalists are never going to know everything about every candidate all of the time unless a cameraman follows her 24/7 even into the shower. Come on, people. This isn’t 1984.

4.) They are completely ignoring the real problem. If journalists knew that a giant cyclone was bearing down on DC with 350 mph winds and 20 inches of rain in an hour causing massive destruction and loss of life, would you expect them to report “partly cloudy and humid with windy conditions”? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d expect them to keep an eye on that weather system and update vulnerable citizens so they could prepare or get out of the way. You wouldn’t expect them to give it the same level of importance as the unexpected thunderstorm followed by a rainbow.

That’s why many people yesterday reported that they would rather vote for an unconscious Clinton over a conscious but personality disorder challenged Trump.

The goal is not neutrality. The goal is to report the news even if it means you have to warn people that some people are bad- because they are.

Stop demanding. Start reporting.

19 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, they are almost as narcissistic as Trump. The entire “but press conferences…” was about their own faces appearing on TV, their names being called. And then “what’s the craziest thing I can say that will get people pay attention to ME?

  2. [snark]



    If Putin fails to install his puppet Trump, President Clinton needs to make priorities of restoring the Fairness Doctrine, and using the anti-trust laws to break up the media conglomerates.

    I’m starting to think the media conglomerates are even bigger enemies of the Republic than the Rethuglicans. 😡

    As for Putin, Trump will stab Putin in the back at the first opportunity, just like Hitler did to Stalin after he signed the pact with Stalin.

    I’ve been thinking of Putin as a smart, ruthless SOB. Now that he seems to be trying to put the nuclear arsenal of the USA, most of which is still aimed at Mother Russia, into the hands of a malignant narcissist whose fuse is shorter than his fingers, I’m reconsidering the “smart” part of that. 😛

    Maybe Putin thinks Trump can’t actually win, and so he’s just taking the opportunity to stir up trouble in the country which he sees as leading the efforts of the global corporate elite to open up Russia to plunder. That strategy might blow up in Putin’s face with a mushroom cloud, if it “works better” than Putin expects. 😮

  3. The media is just ridiculous when it comes to Hillary. They pay more attention to the alt-right than they do to the other 2/3 of the country that wants information on how their lives are going to be improved.

  4. I knew I could count on you, RD, to artfully articulate my anger and frustration with yesterday’s media feeding frenzy. Yesterday’s story should have been 9/11 and our national security going forward.

  5. Yes, all the stories about the phony Trump Foundation which is just a front for Trump to bribe officials or enrich himself; the fact that he will not release his taxes because there are obviously devastatingly bad things there which would destroy his candidacy; the insulting of the Intelligence briefers and the generals; the Russian connection; mob connections, are buried because of this. The pneumonia is unfortunate (apparently some others of Clinton’s entourage came down with it recently), but not something to talk about all day.

    Frankly, the media is electioneering, purposely or ignorantly. They are telling the populace that the most important thing they need to focus on going forward is Hillary having walking pneumonia, not any of the other things, including the fact that a psychopathic fascist is that close to being elected President, and destroying the country and planet. And while that would be more than enough to despise the media, they also are managing to validate the horrible lies which Trump and his people have been purveying about Hillary’s health since the beginning of the campaigh. Imagine if Hillary were the kind of person who did this; she could have started a narrative months ago that Trump has a serious mental condition, that his sentences are often incoherent and dissociative. And then every time he uttered one of these sentences, her surrogates could repeat the narrative, so that ultimately most of the country would be convinced that he is mentally ill. But Hillary has never dealt in that kind of politics against anyone. That of course has been Trump’s modus operandi throughout his life. And the media, which is so utterly full of its own self-importance, is providing the perfect vehicle for him. There are so many damning stories about Trump, that any other candidate would be destroyed. But the media does everything it can to minimize all of them, while obsessively delving into every niche and corner of Hillary’s existence.

  6. I read that, because of so much early voting this year, the campaigns will know who’s won in mid-October. It can’t come a minute too soon for me. It also lessens the impact of an October surprise.

    • I hit post a minute too soon… Clinton leading in alt right, Breitbart ‘news’ poll today. LOL. Love it!

    • I do not like the concept of early voting. And it might not be to our advantage here, not the way the media is spinning against Hillary. She will do very well in debates, and that would help her. It would be an even greater tragedy if the polls in late October showed her up 5 points, and she lost because people were early voting based on the media’s hatchet job against her in August and early September.

      • Early voting rewards those who are organized and get their voters to the polls. Trump has no real organization to do this. It’s unlikely that the the type of people you are describing vote early. Usually those voters are people who vote at the last minute.

  7. GHW Bush got sick, and threw up on the Japanese minister at a formal dinner. GW Bush “choked on a pretzel,” fell, and hit his head. No problem there, in the media’s estimation.

  8. Can I just say that David Axelrod needs to take a long break from Twitter, maybe 60 days or so?

  9. You know that they will beat this Hillary is sic story to death. I bet it will be the first topic at the debate.*major eye roll*

  10. Bad timing all the way around. U.S. media is so corrupt, soon Hillary will be on her death bed.
    Perhaps, in that context, those that don’t support Trump, but have been on the fence with Hillary , could think Kaine instead of Trump & pull the switch.

  11. I think most of us here are likely to be of an age where we didn’t feel obliged to report on how many times each day we moved our bowels, what the doctor said about our tampon use, what moles we should have removed, and which antibiotics would be effective against our bronchitis. We were a bit more discrete, circumspect and private. Why should hillary report all changes and conditions, as minor and temporary as they might be, to fuel more of the phony concern and fire that they are using to take her down? Why can’t she just say “It is none of your g.d. business.” and be done with it? Because they are holding her to a different standard…remember, the one that says women are weak, they bleed all of the time, they don’t do math and they are illogical. oh yeah, the same women that flew the planes they built in wwii, the women who carry and give birth to children, the ones who teach and guide and nurse and doctor and provide legal services for and prepare tax forms and design freeways and formulate drugs and discover cures to medical maladies. those ones. will it never end?

    • Great comment.
      You know our so called journalists want to know how much Hillary weighs and when was the exact date of her last menstrual period.

  12. i’ve to say that i’m still wondering who’s winning the basket of deplorable battle. On one side Trump is making hay out of it and get his supporters excited. On the other side, Clinton is keeping racism and trump in the same sentence over and over and over. That cant be good, that people are discussing whether Trump’s followers are racist even if it is to deny it. what do yall think?

  13. Do you think that having people talking about the basket of deplorable and also whether Trump’s followers are racist is good for trump?

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