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Trumpet Notes

Observations, rumors, innuendos:

1.) Given the relentless attacks on Bill Clinton from Trump lately, I get the impression that it’s really Bill that Donald would prefer to run against. It reminds me of Obama running against Sarah Palin. Oh sure, John McCain was running for president but it was really Palin that was Obama’s opponent. She was a much easier target after she had been demonized and ridiculed by the media and the left. (We might not like her politics and she’s nothing if not a shameless opportunist but she has lasted a lot longer than her 15 minutes of fame so maybe she’s not so stupid after all, huh?)

Just throwing it out there that Bill is the weaker target right now. The guy can’t run for president anymore. Some people would suggest that we minimize Bill’s role in Hillary’s campaign. I’m thinking that’s a mistake. We don’t require other candidate spouses to stop supporting their husbands. Why should Bill be different? Besides, can you ever see a Republican backing down? Um, no. Democrats have got to learn to be defiant and brazen. There’s not a whole lot more the media can do to savage Bill. Rehabilitate Bill’s reputation and *poof!*, Trump will have to face Hillary. That’s something he doesn’t really want to do.

2.) I have heard the rumor that Donald doesn’t really want to be president. Being president sometimes requires going to boring meetings and thinking through policies and stuff like that. It’s not all quick deal making. No one who I’ve asked about this really believes this is how Donald Trump wants to spend four years of his life. They think Donald didn’t anticipate how popular he would be and now he’s kind of obligated to see it through.

The people talking about this are getting nervous about who Donald might pick as his VP because that is the person who is really going to run the country when Donald bows out once he’s had enough of the White House.

3.)Donald Trump supporters hate liberals more than anything else. They hate them with a white hot passion. Discuss.

4.) I’m still thinking that the best way to take down Trump is to associate him more with the very “establishment” he is running against. He seems to be getting cozy with the GOP insiders. He’s directing money to superpacs. Paul Ryan and Donald are communicating. When all is said and done, The Donald is going to end up being the same old, same old.

Oh and his hair weave will take hours of maintenance once he gets to the White House. When will he have time for that?

5.) Is attaining the White House supposed to compensate for his small…um… hands?

32 Responses

  1. Remember the brouhaha the press made over Bill keeping their plane waiting while he got a good haircut? How long does it take to do tRump’s crazy combover?

  2. Aha. Brought up in an apocalyptic fundamentalist religion. Now it all makes sense. It never goes away, it just finds a new authority. Silence and harangue your way to victory!

    • Lol! You couldn’t be more wrong about that as any of my lurker relatives will tell you. I am definitely a non-standard thinker.

      • To Joffrey, an “authoritarian” is anyone who disagrees with Joffrey.

      • Joffrey obviously hasn’t spent much time on this blog, which suggests he’s working from a script given to him by the Brain Caste of whatever outfit is paying him. I am assuming that Joffrey is an actual human being, rather than a surprisingly realistic computer program.

  3. We need better trolls.

  4. Republicans always get behind their candidate. They are in the process of proving that all that pious declamation about how they would never let Trump get the nomination, or that he was simply not the kind of person who should represent their party, was worthless. The party is controlled by billionaire would-be oligarchs, and they call the tune. And Republicans somehow have no embarassment about this; they will meekly fall in line. The oligarchs know that for them, any Republican is preferable to any Democrat. If the Republicans win, they control the Supreme Court for literally another 40 years, and that will be more than enough time for the oligarchs to get everything they want. Actually, I don’t think that the country could survive a Trump victory, if for no other reason that it will insure that the Supreme Court will finish the job it was doing when Scalia died, which included destroying labor unions, taking away “one person, one vote,” making certain that billionaires and their dark money control the entire political process, and are able to pollute and ravage to their evil hearts’ content. Thus even if Trump is such a bad president that he is tossed out in four years, it is too late. The Republicans want the Court, and will put up with Trump to get it. Sickening, but that is how they are.

    I think that the best way to defeat Trump, is to hammer away at the inane and dangerous statements he has made. The media passes it all off as show, or “Donald being Donald,” or incredibly, as proof of “authenticity.” Trump thinks that he can say anything, and then just disavow it, or walk it back. But the statements are out there. Things like saying that he would want other countries to acquire nuclear weapons. That he would pull out of NATO. That he would not be firendly with England. That he would pull out of the multi-nation climate change accord. That climate change is a “Chinese hoax.” That there is no California drought. That there is one, but he will fix it by “releasing the water.” That it would be all right if the U.S. defaulted on its debts to other countries, because he would get a lower rate. And things he said in the past, such as, it would be great for him if the housing market collapsed, because he could make a lot of money on it. I think that people need to be scared at what a Trump presidency would mean to them and their family. Show that he is a crackpot who would endanger the world, and has no idea what he is doing. All this stuff about his attacks on different races and religions, is certainly a legitimate line of attack; but I think it misses the more powerful point, the one that would even get to some of the White men and women who think it would be a lark, and better than a TV series, to have Trump run things.

    Finally, with regard to Bill Clinton, it is pathetic, but not surprising, that he would even be a subject in this election. Of course, it is because the media, always anxious to grab onto a “fun” or “sexy” issue, lets this kind of thing become a focal point, as opposed to the myriad of real national concerns. They turned 2000 into a referendum on Gore’s personality; they made 2004 about whether Kerry was a war hero, or somehow a coward who shot himself in the foot to get a purple heart. And if they can make this election about emails, and BIll’s sex life, they’ll cheerfuly do it. It’s easier for them, because to cover issues takes some intelligence and research on their part. I would think that Trump relentlessly attacking the former president who left office with a 68% approval rating, would be absurd; but there are a lot of people who forget all the good his administration did, and who enjoy seeing elections as sort of a a talent show game, where you vote based on emotional response, because it really doesn’t matter, after all. My hope is that Bill Clinton will give a great speech at the convention, just as he did in 2012; and that this will remind enough people that whatever personal failings he had (and most of the “scandals” were simply concocted by the right-wing think tanks and media), he improved people’s lives and prospects. And Bill can also tell people just exactly what awfulness a Trump presidency would cause.

    • See, I don’t think trump voters care if he lies. They know he’s full of shit. That’s why they like him. He’s not a run of the mill politician and he doesn’t care what he says. The fact that he would be awful for liberals and the rest of the world thrills them to no end.
      BUT, once he starts looking like a regular politician who will be collaborating with other politicians? Ehhhhhh, not so much.
      He’s only good when he’s bad. When he can’t be bad anymore, he won’t be any good.

      • I have to agree with RD. Pointing out his lies will get nobody anywhere, except maybe to a Prez made of self-tanned baloney with opposable thumbs. Everybody, and I’m including his supporters, knows he’s lying about everything except his bigotry.

        Trump’s support is all about the bigotry. He had his first big bump in the polls by crapping on Mexicans, and like the Twitter chatbot in human drag (h/t Sady Doyle) that he is, he’s stayed with what works.

        All his followers want out of him is White Guyz Rule, and he’s having fun giving it to them. You don’t fight that. You laugh at it. Nothing will make an impression on the bigots because if you’re not a Trumpet you refuse to feed their bigotry.

        But laughter does help everybody else see him for what he is. And, after a while, it becomes *more* clickworthy than the same old dumpsterfire. Which is important when all the megaphones only work when the “more clicks” button is pressed.

        • “All his followers want out of him is White Guyz Rule…”

          Yes. I have come to the disgusted conclusion that at least a large minority, and I fear a majority, of my fellow Non-Affluent White Guyz are the most stupid mother****ers on the planet Earth. They keep voting for what W. E. B. DuBois called “the intangible wages of whiteness” over the tangible wages of social democracy.

          And. They. Just. Keep. Doing. It.

          • I heard that many Trump supporters are surprisingly in the $90K income range, which is somewhat affluent. Probably depends on family size?

        • They aren’t trying to be funny – they have serious difficulties with not commenting on attractive body parts, noticing nations of origin loudly and dealing with Muslims. Not funny. Laughing might hurt their feelings.

          If what Trump says upsets the liberals, it will make them have extra happy topping on the “saying it like it is” express.

          FWIW: I chuckle every time I hear “crooked Hillary”, it sounds like a playground insult that would follow an argument about who’s turn it is on the swing.

    • I would think the Malefactors of Great Wealth (h/t Teddy Roosevelt) would prefer to give control of their Great Global Profit Machine to a responsible adult, rather than risk giving control of it to an overgrown schoolyard bully with the manners of a Mob boss, but perhaps I overestimate the intelligence of the Malefactors.

      I’m not sure how much I agree with this article in Counterpunch, but it explores the idea of a divergence of interests among the Malefactors, resulting in some wanting Tribble Hair, while the wiser ones want HRC.

      • If Tribble Hair gets close enough, and the Higher Malefactors decide they don’t want him to be Prez, they would not need such crude, old-fashioned methods as assassination. They could simply order their minions to use the backdoor passwords into the proprietary software of the unaccountable vote-counting computers.

        I think Hillary can defeat him honestly, but she might be our next Prez even if she can’t do that.

  5. Finally a well done report on Clinton as I see her


  6. Trumpet, (great name) is nothing more than a successful real estate conman.

    I hope and can’t wait for Hillary to kick his bum all the way back to his penthouse, and listen to him try to spin his, “Winning, I am a winner!” after she wins the General Election.

    Funny that Trump, the trophy wife collector is attacking the Clintons on Bill’s infidelity. Hillary and Bill are still together, still in love and backing one another while Trump is paying alimony to support the two ex-wives he dumped for a younger woman.

    How can he possibly win when 73% of women voters can’t stand him.

  7. listening to bernie speak as i type. no mention of campaigning for the democratic party. just about his revolution. he must travel with his own screaming section. so irritating.

    • For him to support a coalition other than himself will be a rarity. One hopes for a change. He wouldn’t even endorse a slate to continue with his administration in Burlington when he left for Congress. After all these years, still a Party of 1. The Democratic Party already rues the day when he signed up to be on the ballot in New Hampshire and get free publicity. He doesn’t want to give up the spotlight. Picking Cornel West to represent him on the Platform Committee tells me that Bernie doesn’t care if he is even more of an outsider in the Senate. I’d love to know who dines with him so that his meal deductions for 2014 tally $9000 a year! I’ve read that he dines alone while his fellow Senators bond over pizza. A lone wolf.

  8. I don’t think Trump wants to campaign against Bill. He’s just doing the regular GOP playbook where you’re supposed to make Bill a liability to Hillary.

  9. Not sure if this has been linked already, but, I don’t worry about Bill Clinton. He’ll do just fine this campaign.

  10. Jerry Brown endorsed Hillary this morning in a letter to Democrats and Independents. Time to get behind the real candidate.

    What do you think about the Platform members that The Bern has picked? Cornel West is anti-Obama (Bernie supposedly tried to get someone to primary Obama in 2012) and anti-Israel. I read that the Platform is hashed out behind closed doors, but Sanders seems intent on a public bonfire. I know of a few people who are voting Bernie because they, too, are Jewish, but those who do here in California might regret their vote if they care about Israel. I don’t know enough about these picks yet, but I remember Hillary saying that the first
    test of a nominee is the choice of a VP. Bernie’s first significant picks (other than office staff) appear to be prickly like himself.

  11. Jerry Brown endorsed Hilary today. “Clinton’s lead is insurmountable and Democrats have shown—by millions of votes—that they want her as their nominee,” Brown said in a statement on his website titled “An open letter to California Democrats and Independents. Clinton has the “tenacity and skill” to be the party’s standard-bearer and has the best chance to “stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump.”

    Bloomberg Politics: “It’s over.”

  12. No, this did not come from The Onion:

    An editorial in the official North Korean media endorses Tribble Hair for US Prez.

    While it was not written by any official of the regime, it could not have appeared in the official media without the regime’s permission.

    Where’s my communicator?

  13. Burning down the Party Platform? Check out the selections that Sanders has made in a Concession from Hillary. For one, Cornel West (anti-Obama and anti-Israel). Sanders wanted someone to primary Obama in 2012.

    Hillary said in 2007 that the first test of a presidential candidate was his or her choice for VP. Bernie’s pick of the 5 members that were given to him as a concession (for future support, I assume) must be among the more important selections he has made (more so than office staff). I know people who are voting for Bernie because of their shared ethnicity, but not sure they share his position on Israel.

  14. Anyone remember the press Hillary was getting this time around 8 years ago? Compare that with the doom and gloom they are spelling for her and how ‘catastrophic’ and what a ‘nightmare’ it would be for Hillary to lose in CA, all the while holding a much larger margin of victory than Obama ever did in 08. Still scapegoating the woman CNN…

    • I recall daily cries of how Hillary should get out the race… But Bernie? Nahh he can stay there’s always a chance for Bernie to beat the woman

  15. Yeah, funny how it’s different for Sanders.

  16. Yes, in fact, everyone in the media seems to support BS’s notion that he should be the Co-President. Not that anyone uses that term, but Bernie talks as if he should have equal or even a majority say on the platform and plans to give a campaign speech at the convention aimed at super delegates. I could not believe that a Hillary spokesperson said that was fine on msnbc in the last couple days. I forget which one it was. When did second place suddenly become equivalent to first place finish?

    If it weren’t for all the new Independents and college students registering in CA in the past 6 months, I would not be worried. If he wins there, he and his supporters will take over the convention, or try to. Of course, someone said recently that the “Unaffiliated” category ballot in CA does not have President candidate names on it. Not sure that will help, if true.

    Finally, Trump may be taken down before the convention if his legal troubles keep expanding. I kinda prefer him to any of the other ones to run against.

    • However, Chris Matthews 😦 had an interview on Hardball with Barney Frank and Jeff Weaver (the general contempt on Weaver’s face was startling for a campaign manager…). Matthews asked Weaver some very telling, pointed questions, and so did Frank.

    • Sorry to post again but… The CA primary is open to unaffiliated voters, provided that the voter requests a Dem ballot. Otherwise, they can’t vote for a Dem. There’s a very Conservative party in CA called the American Independent Party, which people register as not knowing that’s not Independent. Those people also can’t vote for a Dem. I think that’s going to affect the outcome, as will the fact that CA voters often vote by mail–weeks ago. I also read Hillary has underpolled in diverse states. So I have hope.

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