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A Landslide will bring it down

img_9597eHappy Memorial Day everyone! Hope you are having a great day. The weather in Pittsburgh is perfect today. I’m going to do some yard work and painting and head on over to the other side of the river for dinner. Maybe relax in the cool breezes high above the river and watch the lights come on in the valley below. Ahhhh….

In the meantime, Krugman is trying to talk sense to the Bernie supporters. Butcha know, I wish he would just stop. He’s doin’ it worng. Take this bit, for example:

It’s true that her lead isn’t as big as it was before Mr. Trump clinched the G.O.P. nomination, largely because Republicans have consolidated around their presumptive nominee, while many Sanders supporters are still balkingat saying that they’ll vote for her.

But that probably won’t last; many Clinton supporters said similar things about Barack Obama in 2008, but eventually rallied around the nominee. So unless Bernie Sanders refuses to concede and insinuates that the nomination was somehow stolen by the candidate who won more votes, Mrs. Clinton is a clear favorite to win the White House.

Gosh, I know some of us were ‘silly’ for refusing to jump on the Obama bandwagon after the 2008 primary debacle. But Paul should know that I continue to run into die-hard, civil rights loving Democrats who absolutely could not, under any circumstances, vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012. The reaction to being pressured to vote for him is instant nausea, a rise in blood pressure and anger. Why?

It’s because Obama’s campaign made zero attempt to reach out to us. No, it was more like roll over us, back up, roll over us again, stomp on our heads, call us racists, threaten us, make fun of us, call us stupid uneducated losers and the people who were going to deprive women of reproductive choice. All this from the campaign of the guy who couldn’t be bothered to immediately rescind the Bush conscience rule when he took office. Was that so much to ask from the Feminist in Chief? They treated us so tenderly, those Democrats for Obama. Bernie supporters are going to get a lot more consideration from Hillary than we ever got from Obama.

The difference this year is, as Nate Silver writes, Bernie has had an unusual advantage in the nominating process due to open primaries and caucuses. He has been given every opportunity to win. And he simply hasn’t had the numbers. As Silver points out, the proportional distribution of delegates, open primaries and number of caucuses allows Bernie to pile up delegates from voters who are not all Democrats through a process that is pretty undemocratic.

By Silver’s logic, the same could be said of Obama’s win in 2008. He piled up a lot of delegates in caucus states and in the Republican states in the south. He won very, very few of the delegate rich solid blue Democratic states. The way the media portrayed it, you would have thought Obama won the primary nomination in a landslide when in truth, he barely squeaked by in delegates, lost the popular vote and was the recipient of a wholesale defection of superdelegates from Hillary to Obama in May 2008. Hmmm, right about now, eight years ago…

My point is, and I do have one, is that the count isn’t anywhere near being close for Bernie. I can see where his supporters see the same patterns of wins and think they can pull off an Obama. But even Obama couldn’t pull off an Obama without a lot of help (cough, *media*, cough). And that help cooled some Clintonista’s support for Obama- permanently.

In other words, stop trying to help, Paul. The only ones who are going to be able to help Bernie supporters to move on are Hillary, Bernie and the party, who needs to make a unwavering commitment to stand behind its nominee. It would be wrong to keep taking Bernie supporters votes for granted. That’s going to make them balk. Well, at least some of them. Just give them time to adjust to the numbers. This is not 2008. It’s not that close. Not even a little bit.

This part Krugman did get right:

And no, saying that the race is effectively over isn’t somehow aiding a nefarious plot to shut it down by prematurely declaring victory. Nate Silverrecently summed it up: “Clinton ‘strategy’ is to persuade more ‘people’ to ‘vote’ for her, hence producing ‘majority’ of ‘delegates.’” You may think those people chose the wrong candidate, but choose her they did.

She did it the same way she did it in 2008. She relied on the solid Democratic machinery, unions, hard work and by excelling in messaging and preparation over the other candidate. She is a good candidate. She knows how to win elections and has proven to win elections to the senate, twice, and in the 2008 primaries. The left blogosphere guys who are freaking out need to calm their tits already.

Let me make this absolutely clear  about where we stand to those of you Bernie Bros (and right wing trolls) who can’t help throwing out word salad nonsense in our comments sections. The people on this blog are some of the most pragmatic voters you will ever meet. They have a set of standards and they challenge their candidates to meet them. They are enthusiastic about Clinton but they are also not carried away by emotion. You can’t win us over by the breathless panic you feel when the demon, female incubus mind controls us to vote for her. I assure you, we did this all on our own by researching the issues and weighing the pros and cons of both candidates. There was no electronic signal to the chips embedded in our brains.

Your attempts to highjack the nomination away from Hillary a second time and nullify our votes will provoke a very strong reaction in us. You really ought to think long and hard about this. I don’t think it’s something you considered. We are not going to just roll over and take it when we do not see Bernie as coming close to winning.

Also, you won’t find commenters here who use a lot of jargon. That’s because they prefer to do their own thinking and don’t want someone with an agenda substituting shortcuts to the thinking process. Try it sometime. I mean, try to write a comment that doesn’t contain the words authoritarians, DLC, neoliberals or corporatists. I challenge you to use real thoughts and words. I might even let some of you out of the spam filter where no one can currently hear you scream.

Otherwise, you are wasting your time here. This blog was created eight years ago so that Clintonistas could feel safe swimming against the tide and saying what they thought without someone bullying them or forcing  them to shut up. We’d like to keep it that way. That doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome here but you need to realize where we are coming from. The vast majority of Clintonistas are no longer persuadable to abandoning her for another candidate. In all likelihood, most Clinton supporters in the remaining primary states are pretty much the same. We are sticking with her no matter what gets thrown at her.

What is important is whether your candidate is damaging his own reputation and legacy. I’ve noticed in the past couple of days that he’s backing off the scorched earth tactics. Probably because he’s a smart man and he also knows that there’s nothing hinky about this process this year and that he is simply losing in the old fashioned way like other people we liked. You know, like Paul Tsongas and Gary Hart. Ok, maybe some of you are too young to know. For some of us, those were our first crushes too.

We learned to love again.

In the meantime, it’s not over yet but this story has a somewhat predictable ending. You may find out that the nominee is better than you thought. I would only ask that you give her a chance with a more open mind.

What we need is to send a clear signal to the right wing extremism that is giving us Trump so that a landslide can bring him down.

24 Responses

  1. Thanks for vocalizing so many of our thoughts so perfectly! I always did love Stevie Nicks 🙂

  2. Well said, RD.
    I get a kick out of how much you’re loving Pittsburgh. I think it’s very charming.

    • The rust belt ain’t what it used to be. For one thing, there’s a lot less rust these days. And a lot more high tech firms with the well educated techies that come with it. There’s still a pro Union sentiment as well. Plus, the food is good, the views are spectacular, the green spaces in the city are numerous and public transportation is thriving. What’s not to love?
      Hillary should carry allegheny county in a landslide but only a fool would take any vote for granted. So I expect we’ll be getting attention this fall.

  3. Great article. I was just thinking that it will be 8 years tomorrow since that mess at the DNC in Washington with the rules and by laws committee essentially ending any hopes of Hillary being the democratic nominee for 2008.She is probably the most intelligent issues oriented candidate that I will see in my lifetime. If anything happens to derail her nomination I will not fall in line and vote for Bernie. i did’nt do it in 2008 and I won’t do it in 2016. I hope it does’nt come to that but I will always remember 2008 and be a little nervous.

  4. Well, I know my fair city will be getting tons of attention this summer.:(

  5. I agree, and in private I suspect Krugman might as well, but he knows the acceptable narrative about 2008, and at this point I recognize that history (outside of blogs like this) is not going to record the truth. (Well, maybe a future Clinton biographer might get it right.) And at this point I’m too focused on beating Trump to spend much time looking back. Hillary made her peace with Obama because politically she had to, and I’ve made peace with that. Electing her will be the best revenge.

    • I keep bringing it up because I don’t want the party making the same mistakes. Allowing Obama’s campaign to bully is when they weren’t ignoring us and taking us for granted was what solidified our opposition to him. We were dedicated Democrats that got treated very badly. I doubt that Clinton will make the same mistakes but the media can’t be trusted. Krugman has to be careful to not use the same crap.

      • If Obama gets out there and really works to elect SOS Clinton and down ticket Democrats, he will get some much good-will from us folks who are far less than thrilled with his performance as President.

        • “much needed”

        • You know, I’d prefer it if he just spent the rest of his term relaxing, packing up his things, writing thank you notes and scheduling lucrative speaking engagements with Mulctuary Money Management and Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.
          The last thing the angry electorate wants to hear from is the guy who extended the Bush administration by 8 years.
          I wouldn’t want him hanging around my campaign stops.

          • Well put, but he like BS and Trump loves a crowd of faces looking at him.

          • I understand but maybe if he goes out and campaigns for Hillary the press will let up on her.

        • More likely, we’ll hear about what a charismatic and inspirational president is was compared to the woman who wants to replace him. Omg, please gag me. I feel about Obama like some film aficionados feel about Orson Welles. His talents were overrated. I never found him inspirational or charismatic. That kind of narrative will turn off myself and a lot of people I know. Which is exactly why the media will shove it down our throats, never mind that if he did have charisma or inspiration, he was unable to make it work for him against the economy, bankers or the healthcare system. So, you know, there’s that.
          The long term unemployed are going to block that narrative right out.

  6. For Memorial Day:

    My favorite Navy poster.

  7. “Bernie Bros (and right wing trolls)”

    Trolls, plural?

    Maybe, but I suspect we have exactly one troll, using a variety of names. 😛


    My father (1939-2009) enlisted in the Navy shortly after he graduated from high school. He served as a radar operator aboard the USS Ticonderoga.

  8. Equestria and America, BFFs. :mrgreen:

  9. Thanks for speaking for me once again, RD. You do that so well.

  10. excellent article

  11. I heard Hillary’s stump speech again last Thursday. She’s modified it in such a way that she’s already included Sanders and his followers in the fold. It was subtle and brilliant. A couple of female BS supporters have told me
    they saw the light. They judge a candidate on the caliber of his supporters and have been taken aback by the mob tactics. Bernie’s open invitation to come to Philly and join in what he says will be a “messy” convention is really a turn-off to Democrats who respect their party. Sanders supporters come across to me as not as refined as those of Obama. I don’t see any signs or bumper stickers for any candidate as we prepare for the big June 7th primary. Many of us can’t wait to come out of the closet and show off our Hillary gear. We shouldn’t have to feel uneasy. May all of this be over soon.

    • !!!
      Why are you waiting to show your Hillary gear???
      Do it now before the election.

      • I don’t know about CB’s reason for not showing H gear but I clearly recall in 2008 when cars with Hillary bumper stickers got keyed. Ditto with putting a sign in your front yard, especially if you live in conservative country. It is not a simple decision.

        • That’s like admitting the terrorists have won. If it’s only Bernie supporters you’re worried about, put the gear out. I canvassed neighborhoods where Bernie and Hillary signs coexisted peacefully. I suffered no ill effects and emerged unscathed. The vast majority of Bernie people are good, considerate, smart people. They aren’t going to be rattled by a sign or a T-shirt. It’s only a few aggressive assholes that make them look unhinged.

  12. RD, thanks so much for ,once again,clarifying a multitude of issues. I love the way your mind works and how your words are so right on. You’ve described us to a “T “.

    I’m wondering if the Hillary folk are holding back on on “outing” Bernie’s FEC problems until after CA? He needs to stay in so he can pay off his debt and repay those who contributed illegally. But if he tries to cause problems in Philly…EXPOSE’ That stuff’s equivalent to a bazooka.

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