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Hillary, Diana and Journalists

article-2438612-186681b100000578-241_634x421Last week, in another unguarded moment, the Slate Political Gabfest trio revealed what the deal was with Hillary’s emails. Go to about the 21 minute mark of their latest episode “I Threw a Chair in Reno Just to Watch it Fly” where they start to discuss why it is that The Donald can get away with not revealing his tax returns but Hillary damaged herself seriously because she didn’t want journalists filing FOIA requests to go sifting through her emails to find stupid little things and turns of phrases that could be made into gigantic, distracting nothings.

They sound like whiny little children. They’re going to camp on these emails and the unreleased transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs and they readily acknowledge that all they and their journalist droogs are going to do is make a mountain of something as trivial as “thank you all for allowing me to talk to you today”.

It reminds me of the papparazzi that regarded it as their right to follow Princess Diana around. Everything she did was documented to death. Literally. Oh sure, you could blame the chauffeur for driving while intoxicated but he wouldn’t have been speeding through a Paris Tunnel in the first place if there weren’t a posse of photographers hot on Diana’s tail. If reports from other bystanders are correct, they took pictures of her while she was dying in the backseat of the car.

It would be incorrect to assume that because Hillary Clinton is a former first lady, twice elected Senator and former Secretary of State that she has too much experience and gravitas to be permanently damaged by this. Somehow, the pundits think, she will pull herself out of this. She’ll take a hit in the polls, only weeks away from the biggest delegate prize in the primaries, and it will be a nail biter all the way to the convention, but she will still, somehow, emerge triumphant.

I’m not so sure. I’ve seen up close and personal how women in professional life are always more harshly criticized for stuff that their male counterparts can get away with. Men are allowed to be human. Women have to be Dianas, either chaste  or chased. They get away with nothing. And while it is encouraging that some men are starting to appreciate just how presidential she is compared to Mr. Can’t Pick a Right Shade of Self Tanner, they fail to acknowledge that in order for women to BE Presidents, they have to somehow transcend being mortal human beings.

At the moment, Donald Trump can do and say anything and get away with it. His persistent attacks on Hillary this week for everything she has ever done or said in her entire life illustrates why she might be motivated to put her email on a separate server that wouldn’t be subjected to FOIA requests by “journalists” on a fishing expedition for “gotcha” emails, and wouldn’t be the target of hacking because no one outside of her address list would know that it existed.

One tantalizing tidbit that came up last night when CNN was discussing it was why didn’t the President know she was using an unauthorized email server? Presumably, he knew she wasn’t contacting him from Hillary.Clinton@State.gov. Why didn’t HE insist she use a government email server?

In any case, there were no laws broken, she didn’t send email that she knew ahead of time was classified and the server was never hacked, unlike the other state department servers. This is simply a case of a woman who knows that everything she thinks, writes and says is has the potential to become twisted and misused for political purposes or just for fun, as Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson admit.

The timing is right, now that she is being attacked relentlessly by Trump who seemingly has spent a lot of money for opposition research portraying her in the worst possible light to his voters, for her to give her “ask forgiveness rather than permission speech”. And then, if the Democrats really want to win in November, it’s crucial that they close ranks behind her and defend her vigorously to give her the mantle of superhuman invincibility she needs to get elected.

But if history is any guide, they’ll be bystanders at the car wreck while the butterflies take selfies next to the corpse.

Update: OMG, the Gabfest trio are at it again, (the “Weiner” edition) blaming the victim and repeatedly asking for some unattainably high standard of humility from Clinton before they let it go. What would it take guys? A Cersei Lannister naked walk of repentance thru Georgetown?  Why isn’t an apology enough? You admit she had a good reason to do what she did because you also freely admit you can’t control yourselves. So what is this never ending pursuit about? When will it be enough?

Media people have a real problem and they sound a little defensive about it in this podcast. Good.  They are the ones who should be repenting.

I blame the Democrats. They are not saying that after 25 years and upending her underwear drawers, it is time for the “journalists” to move on.

This podcast was simply unlistenable. They are so out of touch and so brazen in their admissions that I can’t listen without wanting to smack someone. Listening discretion is advised.


77 Responses

  1. yeap, agreed. this is all sickening.

    • Ok. Well, I’ve watched/listened to/read a lot of media coverage this election cycle, and I’m sure my ideas about what’s happening out there are skewed because of it.

      This is the end of the first week of our road trip. We went through California, across Nevada, into Idaho, and stayed in Jackson WY for a few days (ah! so gorgeous!).

      Bumperstickers: 3 Sanders (all in northern CA), 2 old Obama-Biden (1 in CA, 1 in WY), 0 Clinton (except mine!), 0 Trump. Signs? None, anywhere. Conversations overheard about the election? None. Number of times we’ve been flipped off, honked at, approached to be challenged about our bumperstickers, etc.: 0.

      Not scientific of course, but surprising to me.

  2. Trump’s taxes need to be bullhorned (if that’s a verb as well as a noun), and so do his Mob connections, and his misogyny. Maybe the Clinton campaign could put some people on those things?

    Thank Madoka the modern media did not exist in the late 1700s, or the Founders might have had second thoughts about the First Amendment.

  3. The only good news about all this is if the media had a whole lot of influence then Hillary would already be out of the race. Nobody is listening to them most of all Hillary and it infuriates them. However if she did listen to them then they would start mocking her like they did with Al Gore.

  4. I have noticed that before every big primary, a leak about Hillary’s emails has been publicized all over the media. I don’t have the dates but I have seen it every time. I think there is someone (likely multiples) in the FBI who is/are doing this. The State guy yesterday at least seemed a bit reluctant to talk about it. But he did say, after prodding from a reporter, that there are other things being investigated by the FBI that he “can’t talk about.” I am not being paranoid, this can be checked. This announcement yesterday may suffice for the next primary but I would not be surprised to see another FBI leak about 2 days before June 7. I hope this time I am wrong.

    • Not before every big primary but it has happened a number of times like right before Iowa and a number of others. Then the email thing wasn’t talked about for a long time. Now it’s starting up again. Definitely something fishy going on with the FBI here and their “leaks”.

  5. The FBI, like the CIA, is just another arm of the Republican Party. How else can one explain pols like Hasert and Foley slipping through the police state so easily when the rest of us make one mistake and we have police, banks, and the IRS hammering at our doors? Compare the law enforcement response to the Bundy Bunch vs. OWS. I’m probably overstating the case, but there is something politically rotten (beginning at the head) in the FBI and various political tumors inside the CIA.

    • I reckon, in the final analysis, the whole internal and external security appartuses (apprati?) are just arms of Global Capital.

      • Maybe instead of “arms”, I should have said “tentacles”. 👿

  6. It seems obvious to me that the entire email story was begun and planted by the Republicans, with its orgins probably devised a couple of years ago. For so many years, we have heard nothing about State Department emails–until now. Colin Powell left the administration in 2005. Hillary left in 2013. Why not one study or report of emails during any of that time? Why no story in 2013, 2014, or most of 2015–until the minute that Hillary began to run for President.Then suddenly we have story after story about emails, and we have various agencies rushing to put out “findings.” It defies credulity to think that any of this is coincidence. It is another of the Republicans’ insidious plots, which are always gleefully abetted by the corrupt and corporate owned media.

    It is very possible that we no longer live in anything resembling a democracy. The media is owned by people who have a personal and a political agenda. They hire TV personalities who will help carry out these goals. The media always picks the person they want to be elected. They wanted Bush over Gore and Kerry, and they made sure that those entire campaigns constantly put Gore or Kerry on the defensive, respoinding to attacks on their character and their motives. Every single week, one of them was having to answer directly, or deflect, a series of ridiculous charges which the Republicans would concoct, and then fire blast faxes off to the media heads, to have those be the story of the day. The media wanted Obama, I am not quite sure why, so they never went after him. The media hates Hillary, and thus wants Trump. The media always seems to get its way. It is not that hard; they just put out “stories” which are anti-Hillary, stories which are really nothing, but which they recite with grave portentousness, and the always misleading captions which are written to accompany them. Meanwhiie, the candidate whom they want, Bush or Trump, is described as “authentic,” a straight-shooter; not as sophisticated as the Democrat, but more of a regular person, more his own man. And the average viewer just buys what the media sells them, just as they buy the various commodities put on display during the repetitive and intelligence insulting commercials that fill the airwaves.

    Afterwards, there are a few books which come out and say that the media was unfair or biased. Sometimes there is a “behimd the scenes” article in a newsweekly, where the Republicans are praised for their clever strategy. “We knew we couldn’t beat Hillary on competence or the issues,” one Republican strategist who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, stated. “Some of our sources told us in 2014 that Hillary was using a private email server, and we decided that we could turn this into a story, more full of implication than anything substantive. We have some friends in the FBI, the Inspector General’s Office, and other places. We know that James Comert has hated the Clintons for a long time, and that he would do what we wanted. So we turned the entire campaign into a drip, drip, drip of email stories. And it worked.” And we read such stories, and we gnash our teeth, or weep; and then somehow convince ourselves that maybe the next time it will be different, if we get the right candidate, or if we get a better media, which of course we never do.

    Finally, Hillary winning is not an exciting story to the media. Hillary being defeated by the amazing upstart Trump, is exciting. Trump going to foreign countries and insulting their leaders; Trump trying to get Democratic political figures thrown in jail; Trump threatening world war, that is exciting to the media. Like seeing an episode of “The Apprentice” every day of the week. “Breaking News!!!!!” I am personally not ready to throw in the towel; I still think that Hillary can win. But it will never be the landslide it should have been, given the relative merits of the two candidates; one a brilliiant person who knows everything about every issue and the complex connections between them; and the other a spoiled and arrogant jerk who knows nothing about anything, except how to huckster and threaten and defraud. You have to give the media some kind of perverse credit for being able to somehow convince many people that the latter candidate is the honest one, and that his eight-year old child’s ever-changing proposals will actually benefit the the voters, as compared to those of the person who has devoted a lifetime to developing her policies. Hillary has had to beat Sanders; she has to beat Trump; and most difficult of all, she somehow has to defeat the media which wants to destroy her. She needs a lot of help from all of us, to accomplish that.

    • Help, money and prayers.

    • “The media wanted Obama, I am not quite sure why, so they never went after him.”

      Because he’s black. Anti-racism is extremely fashionable nowadays (not just civil rights or not being a racist, but the “SJW” strain) while anti-sexism is not taken as seriously. All IMO.

  7. That the MSM is going to effectively side with Trump was/is predictable. They hate the Clintons for not being destroyed by them, and they are going to keep trying.

    Of course it is horrible and completely unfair. But if Hillary wasn’t/isn’t ready to deal with that, she should have stayed home.

    I think she is, and I think the dead body in November is going to have big orange hair. 🙂

    (And if Trump beats Hillary, he would beat Bernie too. The idea the clear loser in the primary would do better against Trump is a Bernie campaign fantasy.)

    • I think she was completely ready for the press. If the press had a lot of influence over most voters Hillary would not be winning the primary. Nor would Trump be the GOP nominee as a matter of fact.

    • I’m wondering if the MSM really do hate Clinton. It just makes no sense. But everything they do, not just the anti-Clinton delirium, makes sense as clickbait. I think it’s just all, *all*, about clickbait.

      Similar to what William was saying about what’s an exciting story and what isn’t. For 25+ years the “exciting” story has been let’s-dump-on-the-Clintons.

      And I’m not sure what to do about it if the solution involves people not clicking on crap. Good luck with that. There are always enough people who just have to stare at the trainwreck even if it causes a pile-up right where they are.

      Or if the solution is the MSM deciding to be fine upstanding defenders of democracy at the cost of their own profits. Hysterical laughter.

      So the real question, I guess, is how do you compete with a trainwreck? Without becoming one. Anyone know?

    • Yes and no. She is definitely tough. But what other presumptive nominee has ever had to do so much of the heavy lifting by herself?
      She can’t have the big dawg as a surrogate. The media is always on his shit.
      She can’t be too much of a feminist. It’s too politically correct.
      Joe Trippi suggested yesterday that she prove how strong a candidate she is against Bernie by releasing her superdelegates. And if she had yesterday, you can bet some of the more skittish would have defected. But the idea that she’s so much better than everyone else that she needs no extra help reminds me of the way the educational establishment treats gifted kids. It’s like making their lives a little easier is somehow depriving them of character building opportunities that no one else seems to need.
      This is the second grueling primary she’s gone thru and there’s a general that’s going to be awful coming after that. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that she starts getting a little bit of the star treatment that Obama got. She’s proven herself again and again. Give her and is a GD break already.

      • Release her super delegates? They are fully capable of leaving on their own an I’m sure Trippi knows that. Maybe when Bernie gets out and people won’t be so worried about upsetting the special snowflakes that it will help. I don’t know. They wouldn’t be democrats if they didn’t start wringing their hands over every little thing. But yes, it definitely needs to be an all hands on deck kind of thing.

      • Joe Trippi said that? This shows you what Hillary is up against, with the Right hating her, and the Left of the Democratic Party lost in their endless fantasy of the Great Socialist Hope. I wonder why Triippi never suggested that Obama release any of his delegates, “to prove how srrong he is.” Maybe Trippi will suggest that Hillary play a game of basketball with Sanders, and the winner gets the nomination. Any way to give Sanders something he didn’t earn.

        Hillary needs strong supporters and strong surrogates. But the Left is too disdainful to help her. They’re used to losing elections, they’re happy to wait for Godot. They fell in love with Obama, mostly because they wanted someone who was not Hillary; and now their cognitive dissonance will not allow them to admit it, so they pick someone else again. And if she loses and Trump wins, they will blame her, because they can’t blame themselves.

        • Omg, William, I didn’t know you could be so funny. Can you imagine Hillary and Bernie playing shirts vs skins?? I need to bleach that image out of my head.

          • Everything here. Yes, yes, yes. And as the post itself says, this notion that they can tear her down till there’s nothing left but a greasespot, but that’s somehow her fault. As William says, they can’t blame themselves. If they had enough self-awareness to do that, they’d have enough to see some of their own worst sexism and stop it.

            And then there’s some quite good articles about how the Dumpsterfire is being “normalized.” But that’s not going to be anyone’s fault either. These things just happen, probably because McRibs aren’t being sold right now.


          • YOU need brain bleach? I was EATING! 😮

          • Sanders: That’s a foul on you, Secretary Clinton! Two free throws for me!

            Hillary: I didn’t foul you! You took ten steps and ran into me!

            Sanders: You didn’t establish position! You’ve got to establish position! Didn’t your Wall Street friends tell you that?

            Sanders: The ball went off you. My ball!

            Hillary: What are you talking about? You tried to throw the ball off me, and missed me by ten feet.

            Sanders; The ball went off your caftan! You want to wear those caftans, you can’t feel the ball hitting you! Maybe if you wore some skirts, you might be able to avoid the ball! My ball!

            Hillary: Let’s ask the referee if the ball hit me

            Sanders: I’m not asking any referee! The game is rigged, you control the referees. My ball!

            Sanders: Traveling on you, Secretary Clinton! My ball!

            Hillary: How can that be traveling? I’ve just stood in this same spot here.

            Sanders: Didn’t they teach you about traveling at Wellesley, all those posh friends of yours? On the streets of Brooklyn, you call traveling any time you feel like it! My ball!

            Hillary: Oh, my shot went in! 20-16, I win!

            Sanders: No, you don’t win!

            Hillary: Game was to 20, have to win by two baskets, I win.

            Sanders: I’m calling for a revolution!

            Hillary: Yes, I know that, but that doesn’t have anything–

            Sanders: Under Algerian rules, if a player who is losing calls for a revolution, the score is thrown out, and the game starts again at 0-0!

            Hillary: We’re not playng by Algerian rules

            Sanders: The anti-Establishment candidate gets to choose the rules. And I choose Algerian rules!

            Hillary: This is ridiculous

            Sanders: I’m gong to be back here tomorrow, and if you don’t show up, I’ll demand a win by forfeit. Also, I am suing you, the referee, the ball, and the rim at your end! I’m going to keep on playing until I come out on top!

          • Bernie and the Bernouts wanna play Calvinball. 😛

    • Thanks for the laugh! Punkinhead von Roadkilll shall be his new name!

  8. My hope is that Trump’s fellow oligarchs will realize that they would be wiser to turn control of their Great Global Profit Machine over to a responsible adult, rather than to a tribble-haired overgrown brat, and so will give the Corporate Media new orders to stop trashing Hillary, start trashing the Brat, and media profits be damned.

  9. With no disrespect intended, I have always hated the narrative that the paparazzi killed Diana. So what if they got her picture? That driver should have been sober and not speeding. It wasn’t worth anyone’s life to escape photos being taken. And everyone should have been wearing seat belts. Three imperative driving safety precautions were ignored, yet somehow everyone still blames the paps.

    • I was in England when it happened. Do you have any idea what those paps were doing? They were practically putting hidden cameras in her toothbrush to get pics of the inside of her mouth. It wasn’t the first time she’d risked her life to get away from them and I can see her point of view. There comes a time when you get so sick of mistreatment you lose your rational judgment. That’s why torture works. Of course it wasn’t smart to be going that fast. But so were the paps. They were right on her tail. They could have thought, “Crap, this is crazy, maybe we shouldn’t be putting everyone in danger.” You’ll notice they didn’t.

      Sure, if she’d been perfect their behavior wouldn’t have had any consequences. But to blame her or her chauffeur for them driving her nuts is really victim-blaming.

      • Not to mention the pictures they took of her dying in the backseat. They really did that. Probably planned to sell them too.
        You can blame the driver for a DWI but the pictures can’t be excused under any circumstances. That takes callousness to a whole new level.

    • I’m not trying to be callous. It’s way too pat to blame the paps. But I’m not blaming the victims either. The only person who survived that crash was the one wearing his seat belt. It’s not blaming the vics to say it’s a tragedy three people died to avoid a photo being taken and because they didn’t wear seat belts. Yes, she deserved some privacy and respite from the gossip hounds, but paying in blood for it was too high and unnecessary a price.

  10. I think Kevin Drum thinks he is helping Hillary by explaining that despite the fact Obama is easier to like (hah!) and better at foreign policy (double hah!) and to the left of Hillary in domestic policy (triple…) they are close enough that Sanders voters who like Obama should be able to force themselves to vote for her.

    With friends like that…

    • I stopped reading Kevin Drum years ago. Thanks for taking one for the team. 🙂
      Hope he gets well though. Cancer sucks.

    • How many Sandervoters liked Obama? How many Sandervoters were even old enough during election 2008 to vote? How many of the young people at Zucotti Park and other OWS gathering places were too young to have even voted in 2008?

      ( And I notice we have gone back to the little creatures. At least it is the same little creatures as before).

      • I went to Zucotti park to check it out. There were all types of people. All ages. I took pictures. It was like one big salon. Hard to describe but if you think it was only about some scruffy Millenials sleeping in a park, you’d be wrong. And there was much more support in New York than you might think.

      • The point behind the question I was asking is this: some accuse the Sandervoters of being Obama-loving leftists who have moved on to a new love, namely Sanders. That accusation can not be applied to anyone who was too young to even vote at all in 2008, Therefor, anyone at Zucotti who was 17 or younger during election 2008 cannot be truthfully referred to as “Obama-loving leftists”. So I wondered what percent of the people there were too young to have even been able to vote for Obama or anyone else in 2008.

        Separately, I remember the OWS movement being described as a kind of present day secular version of the simple and easily-spreadable messaging and message-spreading of the very early Christian pre-church (the 12 Apostles period). If that remains a valid analysis of the OWS phenomenon, then perhaps the uptake of Sanders should perhaps be viewed as the search by OWS-minded 99 per centers for a sort of political John the Baptist figure. If Sanders ends up being not suitable in the end, they will search for another. And another. And another.

        I don’t support Sanders because I love his charisma and charm so very much. I support him because he supports parts of an agenda I have long supported . . . . the New Deal Restoration. I suspect many “Sanders supporters” support Sanders for their own versions of the same reason. They ( we/I) view Sanders as being a Tire Iron of Opportunity which we can maybe use to beat some results out of a hostile System. And if we can’t beat some results out of the System with it, perhaps we can at least beat the eyes out of the System’s face and break some teeth out of the System’s mouth. And if Sanders turns out not to be the Tire Iron for which we seek, we will keep trying Tire Iron after Tire Iron after Tire Iron till we get one with which we can beat the System into results, or into loss of its teeth and eyes anyway.

        • Ok, now it’s all coming back to me. Obama wasn’t that popular in Zucotti park. There was the belief that he hadn’t done enough to rein in Wall Street. So, you know, there’s that.

          I don’t know what gives you the idea that Clinton is less New Deal than sanders. Not sure where that idea comes from. Universal healthcare is not a new deal policy. If anything, the closest we got to universal healthcare is Medicare and that’s definitely Great Society stuff. You know, lbj, whose legacy is overshadowed by the Vietnam war.

          You can support whoever you like. I used to be a big fan of Bernie’s. Still like his ideas. But he too sees Clinton voters as people of no great importance whose will can be ignored. In this respect, he is no better than Obama. So I have definitely lost respect for him lately.

          He would have to work very hard to get it back and if he’s looking for riots in Philadelphia, then dissing Hillary’s people a second time when she is winning, as happened in 2008, is a very good way to start them. I’m not the only person who is already infuriated by the way this primary is going.

      • I believe there is a poll showing the majority of Bernie supporters were Obama ’08 supporters and there were some former Hillary supporters in that but not the majority and if IIRC it was about 60% Obama ’08 people that were supporting Bernie.

  11. Nobody ever had a clearance here, it seems. Probative evidence of felony offenses under 18 U.S.C. Sec. 793(f) would pucker you right up. It is terrifyingly deep shit. If it was you that released collateral, good luck with the Diana defense. Maybe it will get you an extra snack of scones in ADMAX.


    Only CIA protection can save your hero. So when she skates, you’ll know.

    • Hi, Joffrey. Would you like some Spurious Special Sauce with your Big Fat Nothingburger? 😆

    • Since you didn’t even take a stab at exculpation (wisely, IMO,) it is clear you believe your dear leader should have impunity for felony national security offenses. Is she above all law, or only federal law?

      Oh, and explain to me again why you are not an RWA follower of this woman whom you evidently regard as your absolute sovereign?

      • I’d be all over her case if she’d broken a law.
        But she hasn’t.
        It was a department rule, not a law, that she use the State department servers. Turns out they were less secure than her private email server and in retrospect, I support her decision to do it this way.
        If she hadn’t, there would have been a non-stop witch hunt and any stupid excuse would have been used to look thru her mail. And let us be clear about this, nothing vital to national security could have been revealed during her congressional testimony on Benghazi. All that would have come out of trolling thru her email in a congressional hearing are her personal emails to confidants and staff. They would have been used to embarrass her. Which has now happened. Given the way her life and career has been investigated, she was between a rock and a hard place. The media and the Republicans are just pissed that they weren’t able to uncover any gotcha emails and nothing classified before she sent it. So, they are going to get her for not handing over the password to her enemies without a fight. Good for her.
        The only thing that counts is whether she intentionally sent classified stuff and she didn’t.
        There really is nothing to see here.

  12. Ach, so. Not a law. So which part of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 793(f) did your dear leader administratively repeal? Or perhaps the law had to be set aside because her followers ‘support her?’

    So, as you acknowledge, Hillary Rodham Clinton set aside, or perhaps merely suspended, the law, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 793(f), in order to curtail the public’s right to information freedom. It is not clear whether you present this as a necessity defense, a force majeure defense, or a mitigating factor to the felony offense of directing staff to remove classmarks and authenticating evidence from national security information in her email of 8:21 AM, June 17, 2011, after illegally directing its removal and dissemination from a secure government computer.

    The only thing that counts is that she didn’t know what she was doing? Well, perhaps that was one of the questions she missed when she flunked the DC bar exam. That and CIA preferment might just keep her out of prison!

    • The IG reviewed her email with respect to the state department email policy. The FBI is reviewing whether she violated the law with respect to classified documents.
      I’m pretty sure you already know the difference. If you want to discuss this further, do it somewhere else. There is no point in debating something that has not yet been determined but is anticipated to go in her favor.

      • The FBI isn’t even reviewing re classified documents. The FBI is reviewing the security of her server.

  13. (May be triggering)

    Hi, my comment has been edited by the blog owner. She could have deleted it but this is a lot more fun.

    Conspiracy, unconfirmed allegations, silly shit about personality tests, more stuff about authoritarians and really large words written at a blog that does not give a fuck.


    • Awww, and here I forgot to bring any dressing for the abundance of word salad which Joffrey so generously provided!

      Joffrey, of course, defines “RWA” as anyone who disagrees with Joffrey. 😉

      Uh-oh, I do believe Joffrey’s pseudo-intellectual bloviations have awakened an Inkling. I hope he enjoys his soaking.

      • Bwahahahaaah.
        Sounds like incoming. Sorry about that IBW.

      • Oh, and Judicial Watch? Seriously? Troll please.

        Next thing you know, Joffrey will post a link to Infowars. 😆

      • What’s RWA?

        • Right Wing Authoritarian. They really are clueless about us.

          • The 0bama Admin 2009-16 era, & now the H Clinton campaign have shown that a significant portion of D voters are RWAs themselves (example – Daily Kos Moulitsas, Professional 0bamabot, who correctly opposed Bush43 warantless wiretapping, but supported his Dear Right Wing Authoritarian Leader 0bama doing the same policy)

            Political scientists, experts on the political spectrum, such as polticialcompass dot org , have stated 0bama & H Clinton are center-right AT BEST, if not right-wing.

            Social democracy policies like MedicareForAll, $15 min wage, & free public tuition all enjoy majoritarian US voter support (often even majority of R voters support, clear majority of D voters & Indy voters) despite BigPols & BigMedia’s propagandistic continual derisively labeling these policies as “left”.

            So either
            1 the majority of USians are “left” & “extreme” as the Propagandist BigMedia/BigPols claim


            2 Social democracy policies are “centrist” in terms of the USian people, R pols are extreme far-right, & DLC/0bama/H Clinton pols are right-wing. Aka the majority of the Beltway BigPols/BigMedia are right-wingers.

            Pick #1 or #2, both can NOT be true simultaneously.

          • Lincoln was the first Republican president. I doubt that he had any idea that his party would morph into what it is today. It is now unrecognizable.
            I suspect that the DLC started out with good intentions as a way for Democrats to make productive partnerships with the business community and as a way to keep their enemies closer. But we’ve seen how that has become an unrecognizable entity as well.
            I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is center right. And I certainly don’t believe she’s as center or right as Barack Obama. But she is the one stuck having to live with his policies. Policies that she likely wouldn’t have done. I’m guessing she would have been smart enough to fight for a stimulus package that was twice as big as what Obama asked for without any fight at all. She would have been more careful of letting homeowners drown in debt and foreclosure. We know her policy on HOLC was well developed before the 2008 election. I’m betting she would have been rehab to Wall Street. That’s likely why they threw their money to Obama on 2008 because they knew that as a weak president with little experience, they could easily manipulate him to go easy on them. And they did. Then there was the healthcare act that had ZERO cost controls. ZERO. I couldn’t see a tough, experienced Hillary letting that slip by.
            I could go on but you get the point.
            She’s got to play cleanup. And she has to work with a Republican Congress, most likely. Maybe she’ll get the senate. And she’s facing a disillusioned and angry electorate. Obama was sold to them as some kind of Democrat. That used to carry with it a certain set of expectations. But he has completely failed to deliver.
            Some of us are not surprised by this. Obama never lied about what he was and before he was even inaugurated he was letting his supporters down, lowering their expectations.
            If you voted for him in 2008, dissed the Hillary voters, spewed the “there’s not a dimes worth of difference between the two of them”, and jumped on the Obama bandwagon because it felt good, please do not lecture us. I see the left has a new set of shortcut words to circumvent the thinking process. I’m not a fan.
            This election is going to be between trump and Clinton. Try to wrap your head around that.
            If you can’t vote for Clinton, find a Downticket congressional or senate candidate you can support who has a decent chance of defeating a Republican and work for them.
            I am unshakeable in my support of Clinton and you are wasting your time trying to make me feel dirty or shameful about that support. The facile use of jargon tells me you haven’t spent enough time thinking this through. I’m not really interested in reading this stuff again. You and your friends risk marginalizing yourselves. That would be a tragic endpoint for Bernie’s work.

          • Hillary Clinton center right? Uh, no… http://www.ontheissues.org/hillary_clinton.htm

  14. Why do men have nipples?

  15. Jesus, where’s Rico?
    I want a mojito!

  16. Why do Bernie Bros and Right Wing trolls have anuses?

    Why are we wasting our time at a pro-Hillary blog? What could we possibly hope to achieve? We could have had a V8.

    • I see Joffrey has been edited for clarity. 😉

    • Yes, how silly to expect followers of right-wing authoritarian candidates to have opinions on facts. The role of RWA followers is to hate and attack the designated enemy and to enforce conformity within the group.

  17. I notice on other blogs that some bozos who are (or claim to be) leftist think a Trump Administration might shock the masses into going leftward.

    “Nach Drumpf, uns”?

    How well did that strategy work out for its original users, in Germany?

  18. There’s a few of these you haven’t used yet. You’re going to need them all to pass the laugh test when dear leader gets installed.


  19. For any objective, neutral third parties who may read this blog, please notice that neither Pro Newer Deal nor R. U. Reddy were “mobbed”. Riverdaughter answered them both seriously.

  20. Thanks RD! I am super sick of the little bit of MSM that I view these days. I think you nailed it. Also love the creative troll edits.

  21. Maybe Hillary does need to consider hiring these guys for a series of innovative ads vs Trump? I actually remember a couple of these from childhood.

  22. Good question? Your candidate states she will confine, contain, and deter Russian aggressions in Europe and beyond. [What Russian aggressions?] Your candidate said Putin doesn’t have a soul and compared Crimea’s accession to Nazi population transfers. She believes we need a ‘concerted effort to really up the costs on Russia and in particular on Putin.’ [These costs have included illegal coercive foreign interference and sending of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries. How does one ‘up the costs’ from there?]

    It’s clear your candidate can start wars but can she stop one? Because path-dependent mobilization and unstable deterrence mean you’re going to get one unless she can stop it, and you’re going to lose, that is, you will be dead or dying of radiation sickness when it’s over. Riverdaughter, right off the bat [ever seen a RISOP? You and your loved ones are vapor.]


    Or is this another case where loyal Democrats don’t give a shit?

    • Nuclear bombs were invented in 1945.

      Two were used in warfare in 1945.

      Zero were used in warfare in 1946.

      Zero were used in warfare in 1947.

      Zero were used in warfare in 1948.

      The trend is fairly obvious.

      No one can loot a radioactive wasteland, and the Malefactors of Great Wealth know that.

      The bombs won’t be used.

      At least Joffrey did not insult our intelligence by pretending that Tribble Hair Boy could be better trusted with the nuclear option than Clinton the responsible adult.

      Joffrey fails, as usual. 😆

    • Jaysus Tapdancing Christ, will you please get a grip??? We lived through the Reagan years. Do you know how close we got to that damned doomsday clock in 1983?
      Hillary Clinton isn’t anywhere near as careless as Reagan.
      By the way, I was brought up in an apocalyptic fundamentalist religion. I stopped trembling with fear of the end of the world when I was, ohhh, about 8 years old. Stop listening to the boogieman stories.
      Get a grip.

  23. Fed probe of Sanders College Loan

    It’s an ethics violation to use one’s Senate office to influence an insufficiently secured loan to Burlington College where one’s wife was president.

    Here’s the law firm letter demanding records from Sanders:

    Click to access toensing-sanders-letter-20160525.pdf

    The story:


    I see a pattern here. Wife and step-daughter were paid out of campaign funds for work on earlier Sanders’s campaigns (family member assistance is assumed to be volunteer work)–until a law was passed forbidding such.

    The only tax forms Sanders has released (2014) show that Jane is still collecting money from serving on the Texas Low-Level Radiation Waste Disposal Commission. Vermont dumps this waste in poor communities in Texas. Bernie co-sponsored a bill and pushed it to dump in a distressed community on the Texas border in 1994. When progressives such as Sen. Paul Wellstone objected and brought activists from the community to try to persuade Sanders to relent, he was abrupt–get lost, I’m running for re-election. That town ended up not the recipient of Vermont waste because an existing Mexican Treaty forbade it.

    When asked about this in today’s context, Sander said that it was so 20 years ago. Now it turns out that Jane has been on the payroll of this commission for 20 years. Poor minority Texan communities are dumping grounds for Vermont’s toxic waste. What else will other tax returns show? He’s dropped “millionaires” as a target in stump speeches as soon as he realized he might need to show one tax return.

    I pay a federal effective tax rate that is 5.4% lower than Sanders and am not in the top 10%. If I claimed $9000 in meal write-offs, the IRS would nail me. Sanders reputedly dines alone in front of TV watching news while other Senators bond over pizza. I wonder where he spends all of that money? He takes his Senate salary and didn’t need to claim Social Security rate benefits until age 70. Also, his government salary gives him the maximum monthly SS.

    It’s hard being so pure and self-righteous. From my experience, those who have black & white worldviews are often hypocrites. Life and politics is lived in the grays.

    • Erratum: My tax rate is HIGHER than the Sanders, not lower. I did read that Australians pay 2% of their income for “socialized” medicine. Education for doctors is paid by the society. No one would go into medicine to become rich, but doctors are highly respected and relatively well paid.

  24. The person who forwarded this to me entitled it:
    “Emailgate: More asinine and irrelevant than you imagined.”

    Cynthia Dill: Who really cares about Hillary Clinton’s emails?


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