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More what’s wrong with these people, er, picture?

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 8.36.40 AM

So, to recap:

Leakers and whistleblowers who tell us what’s really going on in our opaque neoauthoritarian government get the full force of the law thrown at them, their lives, fortunes and futures ruined.  See, the Obama administration is doing us a favor by catching up on all the cases that were unprosecuted.

BANKERS, who have acted like relapsed gamblers anonymous attendees on a weekend binge, and who ruin the lives, fortunes and futures of billions of people across the world through their reckless, irresponsible, greedy, cheating behavior get a tap on the wrist and the equivalent of a speeding ticket in fines.

Priorities, you know.

This is what the so-called “liberal base” voted for because, well, he could have been Trayvon Martin* and apparently no other disadvantaged group in the country has ever had people telling them they couldn’t do something, especially not women, who never have anyone tell them they can’t do anything.  Except in Texas, Virginia, Ohio, the Dakotas, and pretty much everywhere in the country where it’s Ok to treat women like second class citizens and brains where jobs, money, authority and promotions are concerned.  Otherwise, you know, we could be president.  Or not, depending on whether there is a disadvantaged group represented by a male who gets there first.  Because, you know, females have it easy compared to guys.

{{rolling eyes}}

Wake me when this ridiculous fiasco of a presidency is over. Or when the Obots grow a clue.  Whichever comes first.

*Disclaimer: For the record, I am shocked and dismayed by the jury verdict for George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was racially profiled by Zimmerman and pre-emptively taken out before he had a chance to grow up.  That was outrageous and shameful. I blame the state of Florida for creating the law that allowed the guy to get away with murder.  But the Republicans have successfully made this country and its laws into an affirmative action program for white guys and I see absolutely no evidence that Obama has done anything in his past or recent present to change that.  A speech, which turns out to be nothing more than mental masturbation, doesn’t cut it, IMHO.  To spell it out for the Obots, Obama uses race as a distraction for his base.  He identifies with the victim and you guys forget that he’s really just a corporate ladder climbing guy who is not doing anything you want him to do as far as the war, economy, finance sector, improving the lives of the poor and disenfranchised  or anything else you find important.  He dogwhistles race, you forget about Afghanistan and unemployment.  Just because Republicans criticize Obama for his reaction to Trayvon Martin doesn’t mean they’re wrong in pointing out his hypocrisy.  They’re just focusing on different issues and their own f^&*ed up agenda.  In this case, the Republicans are not suffering from the cult of personality like the left.  They’re clear headed and smart enough to see what’s going on and are exploiting it to their own nefarious ends while the left is still infatuated and completely losing the plot.

8 Responses

  1. It’s funny; I’ve seen a platoon of middle aged African American men on TV, bemoaning the fact that, now, they’re going to have to tell their sons that “you can’t go there and you musn’t do that” and how terrible it is that their boys are the only Americans who can’t walk down certain streets unmolested.
    And I think, welcome to my world.
    When I was young, there were so many adventures I didn’t have or trips I couldn’t take because the threat of rape/bodily harm was ever present and, icing meet cake, I would have been judged the stupid/sluttly/guilty party.
    They say on your death bed, you only regret the things you didn’t do.

  2. “… They’re clear headed and smart enough to see what’s going on and are exploiting it to their own nefarious ends while the left is still infatuated and completely losing the plot…” This is exactly why for some years now, I respect the right more than the left. The right are like some infection, they get into power in the body politic, and you know bad things are likely to happen. The left is now like the antibiotic that has become completely ineffective or worse, but still says “elect us and we will make the body politic healthy”.

  3. “Why the US Executive Branch Is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Democracy.” 👿


  4. When did you stop believing people are innocent until proved guilty? Assuming that Zimmerman racially profiled Martin when there is absolutely no evidence to support it, and both the prosecution and the jury agreed there wasn’t, would be like our assuming you were laid off from your job because you weren’t very good at it. We all know companies use lay-offs to get rid of older workers and “dead wood”. You’re not old. But I believe you when you say you were good at what you did – because you say so and no one has presented any evidence that you’re not. BTW, good luck at your new job whatever it is.

    • Only one of the people involved in the altercation had a gun. The other person ended up dead.
      One person followed the other when he was specifically asked not to.
      The victim was on the phone before the altercation. Not exactly the kind of behavior expected from an assailant.
      He definitely shot the kid. No doubt about that. The question was, did he have a good excuse. I didn’t think he did. The state of Florida gave him an out. Did he follow Trayvon Martin because he was conditioned to think of African American males as thieves and criminals? Punks? Yeah. Did he actually know that Martin was a kid working thru some authority issues? No, he did not. He just assumed that Martin was a bad deed doer. He is definitely as guilty as sin about that.
      As for my job, how incredibly sweet and sensitive you are to bring that up. I had good performance reviews and received an extra performance recognition bonus the month before I was laid off. That’s on the record.
      I continued to receive my yearly performance bonus after the lay off.
      Performance makes no difference these days. But thanks for poking the insecurity that all laid off workers have. How very kind of you.
      I’m betting that you don’t work at all because you obviously have no clue.

      • Congratulations for being the only PUMA siding with the kid shot dead against the assailant who killed him and instigated the confrontation. Everyone of your old comrades, Darragh, Larry at NQ, little miqsy supported Zimmerman, the latter two particularly bloodthirsty and racist. What do you make of that?

  5. I blame the state of Florida for creating the law that allowed the guy to get away with murder

    If you’re referring (as our illustrious Attorney General has) to Florida’s so-called Stand Your Ground law, Zimmerman’s defense did not make use of this provision. His defense claimed straight-up self-defense, and that he was immobilized and at risk of serious injury when he fired – a defense that would have been valid even in states that impose a “duty to retreat”. The only eyewitness substantiated Zimmerman’s claim (identifying Zimmerman as the party who was on the ground having his head pounded into the sidewalk prior to the shot), his injuries were consistent with that claim, the ballistics evidence was consistent with that claim, and the prosecution could not prove otherwise.

    Yes, it’s a terrible thing that Martin died, and yes, it probably wouldn’t have happened if Zimmerman had stayed in his truck. This does not mean Zimmerman committed a crime.

    • No matter how you slice it, the law in Florida leaves a lot of leeway. But from what I am reading, it was Martin who thought he was being attacked.

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