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    • Noam Chomsky Owns Sam Harris and Indicts Bill Clinton
      Noam Chomsky had a private email session with Sam Harris about Clinton’s bombing of a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory which Clinton allegedly believed was also manufacturing a nerve agent. I really recommend reading the entire exchange, which is hilarious and horrifying on multiple levels. First, because Harris just doesn’t get that Chomsky is smashing him f […]
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Obama running a Corzine campaign?

The polls do not look good.  No, they do not.  Even if you toss out the outlier Gallup poll, the race shouldn’t be this close.  It is beginning to feel like the Democrats were relying on tribalism and identity more than seeing this race as a referendum on Obama’s performance.

I’m looking around the web and it seems like a lot of people are in denial.  They know there’s something wrong but they’re afraid to look or go to the doctor, hoping that come election day, it will have cleared itself up.  I wouldn’t take that attitude if I were them.  Romney may win this thing not because people genuinely want a Republican but because the Democrat is just so uninspiring and contemplating four more years of lackluster performance and capitulation to the Republicans is very depressing and may make them stay home.

The weird thing is that Obama’s campaign is appealing to Republicans and Independents while leaving the Democratic base demoralized.  Who the heck does the Democratic party expect to come to their rescue??  The Lone Ranger?  Are they going to work Bill Clinton into an early grave on the campaign trail?

Anyway, whatever it is, they’d better get on the stick.  The Republicans sure look like they’re playing to win.


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21 Responses

  1. The 2012 campaign was written in 2008. The Democrats only choice is attacking the Republicans. For even if the Democrats presented some goals for the future, voters will dismiss the talk with “I’ve heard that before”.

  2. At this point, I don’t think there’s much the Democrats can do to change the game. The party won’t change the candidate- it’s too late for that. Obama can promise the moon, but the electorate has heard that siren song before. The President has no credibility. It hurts many good downticket Dems as well, good candidates whose platform won’t be taken seriously because the top of the party is so willing to sell out progressive principles. Party leaders expect that voters’ fear of change and fear of the Republicans will put O over the top. But the economy remains in poor shape, and voters may decide the opposite- to shake things up with a new executive, because they know the incumbent will deliver four more years of stagnation.

  3. what’s more, ohio in 2004 taught us that republicans cheat!!!

    • Slow learners, huh. Sentient human beings learned that from Florida in 2000. Of course you could also throw in New Mexico in 2004.

      Yes, it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts and Obama is certain ly a know it all.

    • Ohio in 2004 also taught me Dems lay down. Kerry conceded so fast he got friction burns

      • After raising money for Attorney fees for possible challenges!!!!!!!

      • I have to respect Edwards for one thing–being feisty about challenging, although he was overruled. The Green Party did mount a truth campaign and found lots of interference, such as optical scan sheets that had Kerry/Edwards checks covered with white sticky tape and Bush/Cheney checked.The great thing about computer voting without any record is who knows who might win? Wasn’t Ken Blackwell supposed to get a governorship if he gamed the system for Bush 2? He had a central tabulator in his office.

      • I think the Overloads have already made up their minds. The rest is just theater.

  4. not because people genuinely want a Republican but because the Democrat is just so uninspiring and contemplating four more years of lackluster performance and capitulation to the Republicans is very depressing and may make them stay home.

    You know the old saying…if people are given the choice between a Republican and a Republican…they will pick a Republican.

    If we keep waiting for the Democrats to act like Democrats, we had better bring a book and a lunch…it will be awhile

  5. Riverdaughter…
    Your Obama-Corzine connection is very astute. I believe Corzine, who became a crash test tummy soon after his election, simply grew bored and annoyed being governor and essentially tanked the re-election campaign. Prezzy’s trajectory is something similar. Having sold out his base, that he hates anyway, and crashed his administration right out of the gate, he has grown bored by the job and annoyed by the slings and arrows coming at him from all directions. Add the fact that he is delusional, feckless and has no fight in him. The outcome seems both inevitable and farcical (tho probably tragic for the rest of us)…

    • Assuming Obama is a Democrat anyway. He’s going to want a comfy post White House life so what better way than to sell out to Wall Street. voters are starting to realize this and can’t be bothered to show up in November.

      Me, I think a second term Obama will be sending his drones to Venezuela. That’s why he’s after the Wiki-leaks guy, he doesn’t want any death squad e-mails going public.

  6. “Who the heck does the Democratic party expect to come to their rescue?? The Lone Ranger? ”

    Bwahahaha. Seriously.

    It sure as hell won’t be that mountain of us under the bus that keep its wheels from touching the ground.

  7. Scroll down to the paragraph that begins, “But, you ask, what the bloody hell does any of this have to do with politics?”


    It’s a long essay and the opening bit about baseball is sort of extraneous, IMO.

    Particularly acute reading of Obama. Yves Smith has articulated this in several essays, but not at the same level of detail. (Yves is more about policy and implementations.)

    • It’s great as usual. His reading of Obama’s affects during the debate is the same I had with W. These two are sociopathic twins. I followed his link as to his advice to voters. His dream of ignoring the politics and they would go away is ridiculously naive for someone so savvy. The first thing they’ll do if we all stop showing up at the polls is stop pretending. Put the King of Wall Street in charge, no fake consent from the masses asked. Nothing good can come from apathy. I am voting 3rd party. I’ll vote as long as there is a right to vote. Everyone should.

  8. Remove the quotation mark from “http://… Sorry about that.

  9. I still believe the outcome of this so called election is predetermined. But something did happen at that first debate that may change things a bit. Obama let the mask slip. He showed the nation, he couldn’t be bothered to make an effort and pretend this was an election.Like last time, his handlers told him it was in the bag. Then, he had some excitement allowing his worshipers to behold the wonder that was HE. Now, with the introductions already made, there’s nothing in it for him. And people saw it. And except for the deluded, there’s no going back from that revelation.

  10. Are they going to work Bill Clinton into an early grave on the campaign trail

    Why, yes, they are and, then, when he’s of no further use, they will commence to poke fun at him, over and over again.

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