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Rick’s Lost (literally he’s lost his job)

For months now, a running joke of mine has been to refer to CNN’s Rick’s List as Rick’s Lost (as in what Rick Sanchez always is on air: Lost). You may have seen me make that crack and go off about the latest buffoonery from Sanchez in a comment section or two before. So even though the Klown has already covered the details of Rick’s immediate dismissal from CNN, I just wanted to add my own two briefly.

Rick’s firing brings me back to August 2009 and the BS media meme that Hillary had “snapped” in the Congo. Charmless as ever, Sanchez (in a follow-up segment on Hillary in the Congo) made a mockery of reporting that Hillary had actually been trying to address the widespread and horrific oppression of women in the region when she made her remarks about not being her husband’s mouthpiece. After that segment, I was so annoyed by the media’s tabloid coverage of Hillary’s important work that I wrote a long rant , including this:

Ok, first of all, Rick Sanchez is a brainfart newscaster extraordinaire. Let me explain this terminology. Here‘s Sanchez on-air in April 2008 enjoying crazy uncle Jeremiah Wright’s theatrics at the NAACP, and here he is on-air in July 2009 wondering out loud whether Palin resigning means she’s pregnant again. Brainfart. Newscaster. Extraordinaire. He is not quite in Tweety Tingle’s league of obnoxiousness, but that’s only because Ricky Renob is a newsdesk creature at CNN and not a full-out political “pundit.” Given the extra latitude of a personality-based show, Rick Sanchez would probably be just as much of a live trainwreck as Chris Matthews.

Now that he’s been let go by CNN, I hope the Home of CNN Rejects (Fox News) never gives him that extra latitude. /snarkfont for the snark-impaired

Update: Since Rick got fired for his remarks about Jon Stewart, I just remembered that Stewart himself couldn’t help but “come off a little bit like a dick” in his sketch about Hillary in the Congo (the quotes are because those are the exact words Jon used to describe Hillary.)

Please consider this an Open Thread and add your Friday Night Music. Here’s mine:

77 Responses

  1. I was thinking about what the 08 Pres. election would look like in an 8th grade history book in 25 years.
    Slogans and snips digested for the 8th grader.
    I predict that
    “3 AM phone call” will make the history books.
    It will be one that will get discussion in that 8th grade American history class.

    Hillary sees the big picture and then solves problems by focusing on the minutiae.

  2. Here’s a song for Jane Hamsher:

  3. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I listened to all of Sanchez ‘s remarks and heard nothing that was anti-Semetic or racyist.
    I think that he’s been trying to be middle of the road since he got his own show on CNN. He’s artless but I don’t think he’s a bigot.
    He doesn’t like Beck and he doesn’t like Olbermann-dont’ a lot of feel the same?
    I think he’s for the lunch bucket brigade.

    • I think Rick has tried to fashion himself as some kind of middle ground between the Becks and Olbermanns, but I dunno.. he seems like an Obot in that he’s really uninformed and doesn’t do his research before editorializing. And, he’s really bad with breaking news.

  4. I still need new glasses, y’all.

  5. This reminds me of 2008:

  6. BTW – CMT is hosting a Dukes of Hazzard marathon this weekend.

  7. Sorry if this is old news…

    Rahm Emanuel’s WH colleages gave him a dead carp wrapped in newspaper as a going away gift.


  8. Maybe CNN could replace him with the Fruitcake Lady.

  9. Color me old-fashioned and uptight, but I don’t think goofiness has a place in news. And Mr. Sanchez certainly brought the goof to CNN.

  10. Well, they gave Spitzer and Parker a show so it wouldn’t surprise me. CNN’s head guy was recently let go so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  11. oops, my last comment was meant as a reply to Wonk’s post about Shuster.

  12. Patty Griffin — “Rain”

  13. The really sad thing is, there isn’t that much difference between Rick and the rest of the idiot anchors on any of the three cable clusterf&*ck “new” channels.

  14. my Bollywood fluff for the night:

  15. Heh

    Al Gore failed to mention President Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Florida as Democrats extended their new tactic for next month’s elections – ignoring the man who so inspired them in 2008.

    • Haha. Glad I caught that first. It’s a Hope so historic, Al Gore can’t speak its name. An Inconvenient Hope. An Inconvenient Barack.

      ok, g’night for real this time

  16. Its Friday so I am doing the usual – still at work clearing off my desk. I have just opened an invitation to a seminar on bedbugs. The seminar is for property managers, health care professionals and maintenance tehnicians.

    Who woulda thunk that bedbugs would be such a problem in the 21st century.

    Think I will go. Should be fun. I want to find out about the dogs that sniff them out. Maybe handling those sniffers will be my retirement hobby/career.

  17. Who woulda thunk that bedbugs would be such a problem in the 21st century.


  18. Hillary Clinton: Mad As Hell/Bitch
    I wish video was updated to exclude the song used in the video to restore the audio.

  19. I want to hear this tune playing at the 2012 DNC convention:

    • Hated it. I knew when Hillary and Bill would give their speech. I turned the TV turned off after each of their speeches. I never read anything about the convention, except about those who were demonstrating to have the votes counted.

      • Me too.

        A former friend went to the convention and kept emailing me stuff from there. That sealed the end of our friendship.

    • I’m sick of hearing the term “bitch” –

  20. Wild Card

    Does Clown protective services extend to families?

    WILMINGTON — Before she was a Tea Party cause célèbre, liberal laughingstock and perhaps the embodiment of a can-you-top-this-for-bizarre political season, Christine O’Donnell grew up in a “Brady Bunch” household of six kids (three Democrats, three Republicans), two parents (one of each) and an appreciation for the dramatic, the eccentric and the media spotlight.

    “We were a big noisy family with a lot of backyard skits and carnivals,” said Ms. O’Donnell, whose mother, Carole, called her Chrissy the Pooh and whose father, Daniel, worked a series of small television roles before scoring his signature gig — playing Bozo the Clown.

  21. As much as I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert they both shamelessly jumped on the Obamabot band wagon. Both being middle aged white guys, like myself, they are always working to bolster their image as being, “cool and hip.” The Obama campaign sold their candidate as the “cool and hip” choice and insecure, egocentric, “Creative class,” members bought it without thinking.

    As smart as Stewart and Colbert are they couldn’t overcome their own emotional insecurities when it came to Obama.

  22. I never had any respect for Rick Sanchez, but I also stopped watching Jon Stewart during the 2008 primaries. Both are aye-holes. I can’t stand either of them.

  23. I listened to the whole radio interview and frankly think the firing, while inevitable, was an overreaction. If Sanchez is really the buffoon that Jon Stewart portrays him to be (btw, when do we get to see the video mash-up of Stewart’s assholery?), then fire him for that. But it makes me crazy that daring to air one’s views, even biased, self-serving views, about race in America is automatically grounds for dismissal. There’s nothing that Sanchez said that is so horrible, or that isn’t common (unspoken) perception. He made the mistake of speaking it out loud on tape. How much better it would have been to put together a panel to discuss how ALL HUMANS find more connection to OUR TRIBE’S suffering than to others’, and ways to bridge that gap? Instead, the guy gets canned, and the subject is swept back under the rug.

    One message this thing reinforces is if you’re unlucky enough to get in Stewart’s cross-hairs, you’re toast. That’s too much power for any man.


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