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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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      Are humans good, bad or neutral? It’s an old philosophical debate, and not just in the West. Confucius thought they were born neutral, for example, while the later Confucian Mencius felt they were good, noting that everyone who saw a child fall into a well would be horrified. Others, including many Confucians and the Christian church, with original sin, have […]
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Open Thread: Ridiculous Songs That Were Big Hits

I wonder if there is any one generation that can lay claim to having the most ridiculous songs that became great big hits.  For me, even though the 70s were an awesome decade overall – including the music, there were also some really weird megahits that I look back on now and say “huh?  I liked that?”

Exhibit #1:  Rick Dees and the infamous “Disco Duck.”  This song went to #1 in 1976.  True Story.

Can you top that one?  I’m sure you can.  Every decade had its share of these embarrassing remnants.

This is also an open thread.  What are you up to?

165 Responses

  1. You know me, I remember the really old ones.

  2. This song made it the whole way to #12. how?

  3. A number 1 hit: Right Said Fred

    • Confession – I actually still love this song.

      • I am a big old West Wing nerd and love the episode where CJ hears the song and makes her assistant explain it to her.. then she goes around singing it all day.

  4. one of my favorites as a toddler:

  5. I am freaked out tbh. I found earlier some old Romanian historical movies and was happy, and then read the fucking news and heard Clegg is still talking to the Tories.

    But for those in the modod for some exotic music, here’s what I grew up with

  6. Yes I have the whole movie, but no English subtitles

  7. Now this was silly:

  8. For those who like historical movies, here’s a Romanian one
    There are English subtitles

    • and yes the child is supposed to be Vlad Tepes, although it’s not very historically accurate.

  9. really old and they used to use it in bugs bunny cartoons

  10. Speaking of Frank Zappa:

  11. I have to admit, I like most of these songs. The sillier or cornier the better.

  12. Here’s a fun one:

  13. Here’s a childhood memory:

  14. Happy Mother’s Day to all Conflucian mothers!

    OT, but this really struck me as outrageous. Can you BELIEVE this guy? I am continually stunned by his hypocrisy. He has a problem with untruths spread in the media and how it affects young people?!

    Obama bemoans ‘diversions’ of IPod, Xbox era

    HAMPTON, Virginia — US President Barack Obama lamented Sunday that in the iPad and Xbox era, information had become a diversion that was imposing new strains on democracy, in his latest critique of modern media.

    “You’re coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter,” Obama said at Hampton University, Virginia.


    • Of course…we should be listening to Him only. Sitting on the edge of our seats awaiting every word that passes his lips.

    • I saw that. He’s going around the country complaining about freedom of speech and freedom of information. He really is a fascist.

      • It’s really frightening to watch Orwell’s 1984 unfold right before our eyes.

    • ok, what?
      I guess the spread of information was only good when it helped his worthless ass get fraudulently elected.

  15. Lest we forget:

  16. What the heck was this about?

  17. OK, now I’m in a TV theme mood. Is it me or was the TV music better then:

  18. And of course…

  19. Obama also has a problem with the Miranda decision: Wonder where Kagin stands on that>

    Per this NYTimes article, Eric Holder and Obama both believe Miranda rights should be limited for terrorist suspects.

    Uh, who decides that and when? Sounds like more power to the executive.

    And, if someone allegedly involved in terrorism can have his or her right to an attorney, to protection of the Fifth Amendment even, stripped –or merely slipped back a bit in the process, when does that come to be applied to, oh, alleged drug criminals or or alleged pedophiles? And, then, a bit later on, when is it applied to, oh, pollitical dissidents?

    Or maybe political dissidents come right after the alleged terrorists since dissent might undermine the Unitary Executive?

    • Didn’t Eric Holder invite Donna Brazile to address a symposium on voting rights? If we can’t have an AG with a sense of justice, at least we have one with a sense of humor. We’ll probably read them their Miranda rights while they’re being tortured.

  20. This is one of the best TV show themes evah!

  21. And then there’s this one.

    • I actually posted this one because I like it, not because I think it’s ridiculous.

  22. This is my favorite TV theme EVAH! (And my favorite show.)

  23. CNN confirms President Barack Obama to pick U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan as U.S. Supreme Court nominee

    • Just came to post that. Well this will be interesting. Wonder how long it will take before all those on the left who took a tough line against nominating Kagan will walk back their criticism.

      • Blinked and missed it, they’re already walking back. Bowing as they go no doubt. She’s the greatest eveh apparently. Genius. 11 dimensional chess I tells ya…

        • Let me guess, it’s 11th dimensional chess because she’ll probably turn out just as wonderfully as the last cypher with a handful of mostly very alarming public positions and zero experience in the job to which he was being elevated? O joy. O rapture.

    • Ahh…the original is better – The Sugarhill Gang (I actually saw them in concert – True Story). Check out the 70s polyester dance fest:

  24. Look at Yglesias, making this a Clinton and Obama SCOTUS pick. From his twitter:

    Argument will be simple: Clinton & Obama like and trust her, and most liberals (myself included) like and trust Clinton & Obama

    • Someone call digby, if you pretend to like Medea/Lady Macbeth in the course of trying to pawn yet another of O’s screwups on her, does it make a sound? We need a ruling on this.

      • if by sound you mean the sound of screeching tires making a U-Turn as they pretend they like and trust Clinton…then yes, it makes a sound.

        Speaking of Sally Quinn Lite, her Village sources say Kagan was the “only confirmable possibility.”

        • Oh great, we’re back to degraded domestic realpolitik. Why even try, when You can’t win. I’d truly love to thank all the jackasses who poured into our state to campaign for Truck Boy, not only for the joy you’ve brought to us, not only for the joy you’ve brought to the Constitution, but for giving the powers that be their new-old favorite excuse back.

          • Truck boy, lol. Is that any way to talk about your US Senator. 🙂

          • Heh

            At least you didn’t get stuck with someone who forgot the whole slavery thing when considering Confederate history month.

            Bad and Worse,sigh, what I’d do for some better altenatives.

    • I’m thinking this was probably already discussed, so sorry for the repeat, but since it is indeed Kagan, it needs to be repeated anyway: Glenn Greenwald:

      Yesterday on Twitter, Matt Yglesias supplied the rationale for this mentality: “Argument will be simple: Clinton & Obama like and trust [Kagan], and most liberals (myself included) like and trust Clinton & Obama.”

      Just think about what that means. If the choice is Kagan, you’ll have huge numbers of Democrats and progressives running around saying, in essence: “I have no idea what Kagan thinks or believes about virtually anything, and it’s quite possible she’ll move the Court to the Right, but I support her nomination and think Obama made a great choice.” In other words, according to Chemerinksy and Yglesias, progressives will view Obama’s choice as a good one by virtue of the fact that it’s Obama choice. Isn’t that a pure embodiment of mindless tribalism and authoritarianism? Democrats love to mock the Right for their propensity to engage in party-line, close-minded adherence to their Leaders, but compare what conservatives did with Bush’s selection of Harriet Miers to what progressives are almost certain to do with Obama’s selection of someone who is, at best, an absolute blank slate.

      The progressive movement killed itself and keeps coming back as a zombie.

      • Wonder who started the Harriet Miers meme. TP at FDL says Kagan makes Harriet Miers look like Thurgood Marshall. How can you fail with that kind of reasoned analysis. Sorry, I know Glenn means well, but he’s got a one track perspective – presidential powers above all. Glenn is on the side of corporations on Citizens United. Does he care where Kagan stands on that. There are dozens of other areas of the law. Let the hearings happen.

        • Sure there are many areas of the law, but is there really any reason not to appoint someone who’s likely to be good in most or all of them? This Administration is all about passing up someone who’s pretty damn good in favor of someone who isn’t the absolute worst choice possible. Maybe. Hopefully. He’s a Democrat replacing Souter and Stevens and in both cases, it’s likely the Court will move right to whatever degree. It just seems like he could do a lot better, or at least try.

        • Point is, W gave into his base on Myers. Won’t happen now. And like the HCR that was crap in December and golf in March, so will Kagan.

  25. Well, I don’t trust anyone these days, and neither should anybody else. I admit, I don’t know much about Kagan, but if she’s Obama’s pick, I’m going to check the recs. I know she worked for Goldman at one point.

    • BTW, how do you do the youtube links? I’ve enjoyed many of yours – esp. the Frank Zappa ones. Love Frank. I’m a big fan of the Rivingtons and Papa Oom Mow Mow, as well. : )

  26. Thanks! Going to youtube now.

    • It’s not embedded, but it plays. Good enough. 🙂

    • Don’t know if you’re still around, but don’t put the text together in the same line (and for future reference, don’t put the text after the youtube url either)

      See like this : (i.e. I’m hitting the return key before putting the url)

  27. I’m getting to play too. What about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDYzuwG-gOE&feature=related

    • Yep, that worked. It’s just as good as embedding, one click and it plays.

    • Your links work perfectly great.. I was just trying to help you because you’re so close to getting it to embed 🙂

      • Thanks. I really want to embed. Really, I do. : )

      • Oh, I’m not trying to undercut your embedding tutorial, 🙂 just trying to be supportive if it doesn’t work 100% like it’s supposed to.

        • Not used to being 100 % anyways. : ) I’m all make-do all the time.

          • All make-do all the time… that’s great! It’s the reverse of what Valerie Jarrett said about Obama (“too talented to do what ordinary people do”

          • Make do is the best ordinary people can do. O is not ordinary, apparently.

          • You’re doing better than I am, it took a while to even figure out how to find the individual YouTube URL’s.

          • No O is not ordinary, he’s extraordinary (average everyday sane psycho superfeminist)

          • Try just copying the whole embed code en masse and pasting it. That’s what I did.

  28. I do not worship the “extraordinary.” Ha!

  29. One more in honor of the great Lena: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCG3kJtQBKo

  30. For some reason The Hanson Bros must think they’re special because they’ve disabled the links, but when I woke up I thought of this one:

    MMMBop — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHozn0YXAeE

    Ridiculous, but a big hit for sure.

    • I saw an article recently where Fred Schneider said he got booed off the stage in a karaoke bar singing this song.

  31. OK, nobody smack me because it’s the Beatles, but this acid-induced song was definitely ridiculous and a big hit:

    • This also brings back memories (ones I won’t share however)

    • Anyone else remember the Revolution #9 “backwards” controversy and the “Paul is Dead” meme?

  32. I’m posting songs I like instead because I don’t want to link to crap like Sisquo’s Thong Song…

    Sade — Soldier of Love

    • Thanks for the encouragement and instruction. Off to sleep now. Night all.

  33. Yep, even today!

  34. The absolutely worst song of the 1970’s..drum rollllll

    “I’m Not Lisa” by Jessi Colter.

  35. Hi all. Great songs.

    Something less than great:


    (May 7) — The American Academy of Pediatrics has moderated its policy on female circumcision — a decision that quickly spurred widespread denunciation from advocacy groups and government officials.

  36. As for silly songs:

  37. I would have to vote for Their Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha, and Hang on Sloopy

  38. My hubby’s submission: Hot Buttered Popcorn. (went to #4 in the U.S.)

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