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Happy Mothers’ Day

I lost my mother when I was 8 years old.  The vacuum caused by her passing was not filled until the birth of my beautiful daughter nearly 20 years later.  The mother-child bond is something that can be both mystical and painful at the same time.  As mothers, we felt this being grow and move inside of our bodies.  They are a part of us physically.  As our children grow, we hurt for them when we know they are suffering inside, we burst with pride when we know they are experiencing fulfillment, we are happy when they find love. As mothers, we would give our lives that they should live – and our mothers would have done the same.

Wishing all Conflucian Mothers’ a very wonderful day, surrounded by love and family.

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  1. Happy Mothers’ Day to you, SoD

    • Thanks BB. My daughter is busy at college with finals and so I’m not able to spend the day with her, but we visited her yesterday and she sent me 2 dozen pink roses.

  2. I went shopping for my MIL’s favorite for Mother’s day — a basket for the birds to nest in on her front porch One year we got her something else and she told me years later how disappointed she was — so she gets the basket every year. I visited a local greenhouse where a particular basket was surrounded by a crowd of ladies. I figured if no one takes it, that’s the one. It was gorgeous, literally too big for me to lift. Various flowers, mostly purples, pinkishes and whites.

    I got it. As I was taking it out on a cart, several people stopped me and told me how pretty it was. It was so huge I literally injured myself getting it into the car. ( If anyone knows how to treat what feels like shin-splints in your forearms, let me know!) A nice lady in a nearby car assisted me.

    I hope MIL likes the basket.

    I lost my own mother when I was 15, but I don’t associate her with Mother’s Day. We didn’t celebrate and she didn’t celebrate with her mother. I don’t know why and didn’t get a chance to ask. I figure we were probably too poor.

    • I hope your MIL likes the basket too! Good wishes to her on this day!

    • What I didn’t add was that I wish the basket could have been a whole lot bigger to come even close to matching what an incredible MIL I have.

      She’s the best!

      • that’s so kewl … I gotta divorce but I kept my mother in law … my Nana used to tell my mother that she wanted to be considered a mother in love instead.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, SoD and all! By chance, I am visiting my elderly mother this weekend. My brother and sister-in-law who live near her and visit her almost daily are taking a much needed vacation. So I’m feeding the cats, watering the flowers and most importantly visiting with my mother who is in a care facility.

    I’ve always been close to my mother. I thought everyone was until friends challenged me on my positive regard for my mother. They couldn’t believe that I felt that way. So we all don’t experience our mothers the same way, but the vast majority of us love them and are commited to their well-being just the same.

    I’m in northwestern Ohio and we have a freeze warning tonight. Have to cover or bring in all those Mother’s Day plants!

    • That frost and freeze warning stuff is incredible. We’ve got a frost warning here. I’m really glad I haven’t planted anything yet. All of the neighbors have been busy tending their gardens — I haven’t felt courageous enough; and apparently my gut feeling was correct.

      I think next week is the week…my basil plants are sprouting inside and I’m excited to get the garden in.

      • here in North east PA we are told not to plant until after 5/15, but you can not control what perennials do and with all the warm weather everything came up a month early. The only in ground plants I am worried about are the peonies, the roses and the astilbe. I can cover my hydrangeas since they are in pots now (the deer ate every leave off of them last summer) and I can move them close to the house.

        Happy Mother’s day to all the Moms.

        • Oh shoot — my peonies! I better protect them. They are ready to bloom.

        • OT& I apologize.
          teresainpa, if that was you at TL defending Hillary’s comment re: stripping citizenship…you did good. You have real focus and can argue the facts.
          (Thank you)
          that squ**ky person is obsessive and what a jerk!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you SOD and all the Conflucian mothers! May your day be filled with peace, love, and chocolate.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day!
    and remember: it was originally meant as Mother’s Day for Peace.
    The proclamation is here

  6. Wonderful post! And Happy Mother’s Day!!!! I hope all the mothers out there know how truly blessed they are.

    I’m so totally swamped today. I’ll try to get a brief news post out shortly. Be patient though. These applications aren’t programming themselves, and the clients don’t seem to understand that. 🙂

  7. Good Morning! Happy Mother’s and other’s day!!! (I’ve always looked at this a chance to celebrate every one that does something nuturing!)

    Hope it’s sunny and beautiful for every one!!!

  8. And on another note, we just went over 9 million hits this morning!!!

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!! have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

  10. happy mothers day all I have pened a post at another blog about the 13 principals of true liberalism.
    I hope you will all check it out.

    Since all of you are still my friends and all of you helped in a big big part in formulating these principles they are as much yours as they are mine. I hope that they can be a uniting point around which all of us can agree.

    I know that there are many many divisons now that break my heart but deep down we all want the same thing. I ask you all to please take a moment to consider checking out fuzzys as he still loves and respects all of you here.

    I lurk here and everywhere but dont comment like I used to as work and family are consuming more of my time.

    please if you have any suggestions for improvements please contact me through email you can get my email from riverdaughter who still has it…

    Blessings and and good fortune to all of you on this mothers day!

    Your friend and loyal reader fuzzybear!

    congradulations on 9 mollion hits!

    • {{{fuzzy}}}

      I’d like to read your post-where is it??

      • its on another site of a former poster hear I do not want to be thrown iint moderation so look around for the other lefty sights that were spawned here at the confluence…it at the top of the page perminately as “Statement of Principles”

    • Hi fuzzy!

  11. Happy Mamacita’s Day and Happy 9 Million plus hits!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day fellow Conflucians, today and everyday!


  14. Happy mom’s day!

  15. OK, so we’re researching our vacation spot – Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park, and I’m watching videos of people driving on roads out there. This leads me to a burning question I have which is “why are there no guardrails on swervy mountain roads with steep drop-offs???? Gah!

    • there’s never a shortage of nominees for the Darwin awards!!!

      • You have no idea how much that freaks me out. I always make sure to have a supply of ativan when we start trekking the mountain roads out west.

        • Freaks me out too, especially on the outside lane.

          • Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. My hubby and daughter think I’m an outlier on this.

          • My dad used to drive those roads like a pro. I used to watch from up top in the bed in our truck camper. What a ride!

          • I was really freaked out on narrow hairpin curves on the way to and from Mt. Rushmore. No guard rails, steep drop, acute angle curves.

  16. Happy mom’s day, everyone.

  17. That’s beautiful–the way you talk about your daughter is so sweet, it makes me a little weepy. In a good way. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there.

    • I can’t watch the LeAnn Womack video without crumbling into a pile of jello and tears. I always send that video to my daughter on mother’s day.

  18. kind of interesting vid—michelle obama minor flub on hillary clinton’s title:

  19. CNN confirms President Barack Obama to pick U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan as U.S. Supreme Court nominee

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