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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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YouTube Synesthesia

When you let your mind wander on YouTube, you never know what you’ll find.

Take this perfume channel, for example.  Katie Puckrick interprets the olfactory dreamscapes conjured by her featured perfumes.  Katie delivers the smell to your nose so vividly that pretty soon it’s easy to tell an auod from a patchouli.  But it’s Katie’s way of ambushing you with sex that really sets her apart.   She’s convinced me to track down some 10 Corso Como and ditch my Dune for the summer. Take a look at her interpretation of Pink Butterfly by Hanae Mori and then check out her other videos on KatiePuckrickSmells.

Share *your* secret guilty youtube pleasure or go outside and play.  It’s a nice day.

61 Responses

  1. I’ve been looking for an excuse to share this YouTube with somebody. Not a guilty pleasure, exactly, just feel good fun:

    Do Re Mi Dance in the Train Station

    (sorry, don’t know how to do that embedding thingy…)

    P.S. to b-boomer–I love your new Boston skyline avatar.

    • I’ve seen that video! You’re right, it’s very uplifting. Why don’t they ever do that kind of thing around here?

  2. Fergawdsake!

    Is one of these guys going to lose the tennis game already? And please stop showing that criminal Kissinger.

    • We’ve had some really long tennis matches before. Are we in tie breaker territory yet?

      • There’s none in the fianl set in Winbledon and that’s the problem. It’s 14-14 final set.

        • I’m not watching it so is it all baselining?

          • Actually it was a great game, with lots of great shots. It’s on grass, so not too long rallies and “baselining”.

            The Swiss guys who moves like a cat won 16-14 in the 5th set. I’m exhausted just from watching and I watched only half of it because I went biking.

  3. I think I’ll go get some perfume, myself. Today.
    ps: fab soaps help take the grim away.

    RD, that piece you wrote yesterday? RD I want you to see what Cinie said — these two pieces go together — unbelievable how feminism was split in our gen. Along gender color and orientation lines — we were all working! It wasn’t a unity club e were competing for jobs just like we see Palin doing that now.

    In the meantime you guys, this piece of news?
    This is a feminist issue!

    somebody in the comments here ages ago alerted me to this
    but the LAT was on it.

    Bboomer & Dak & Co
    gotta read Cinnie.


    MIQ, if we all put our noggins together we will get at the truth of our gen? We will.

    hugs and happy post celeb morn.
    O the way Cinie writes RD.
    This one ought to be on the front page of Conf — whew
    RD the way the two of you write. Serious!


    • ps: it’s a mommy and daddy housing issue! — as well as being a feminist issue.

      here is my idea of our gen
      half are G or L
      half straight
      we all came of age fighting for our won issues — ie
      Latina, Black feminism, white fem
      we fought patriarchy as who we were to comepete for jobs?
      this is why RD & I are on Palin that way — we want the “best woman” for the job as white feminists

      but, somebody without our values (DEM liberal)
      how did that get undermined by all the religious fervor of the last two decades?

      does Afrocity have the same values I have?

      she sees palin as strong woman — me too.
      but my Dem liberalness ie fairness will have a hard time with her ideas on abortion after incest
      I’m you know, trained in depth psychology, so?

      that will not fly.

      Does Palin need to understand us?
      By learning to get past her fear of her god?


      I’m thinking but don’t miss Cinie you guys —
      she nailed it.

      O MIQ. Our gen can sort ought all the wrongs by truth on the page?
      the heteros among us?


      and we can talk to our friends cause we all grew up together
      and we all got along in out workplaces?

      • typos drat
        you know what I meant!

        perfume ahoy…….!
        love the stuff.
        lipstick too…..


        • One other thing with Cinie’s version of feminism. She says:

          As a woman not prone to call herself a feminist for many reasons, I find myself in a curiously uncomfortable “in, but not, of” position, partially because it seems to me that feminist organizations are not based on equality among women, but on equality with men. As in, white women should be equal to white men at the top of the food chain, everybody else fall in line according to their current ranking in the pecking order.

          To me, feminism has meant fighting for the personhood of women. Women should be seen as equal persons to men. I really don’t get into the cult of femininity and I don’t think feminist organizations should either. If that’s what you want to do with your personal life, have a ball. But in a feminist orgianization, representing me as a woman, I want an advocate in the public sphere that will fight for my right to be treated as a person with abilities that transcend gender.
          Again, Cinie brings up the issue of race and pecking order. There is a disturbing quality of some feminists to act as though the patriarchy is some impenetrable entity and we are all helpless before it. Feminists who subscribe to this notion continually beat themselves upon this unyielding wall in frustration and they let that sense of helplessness and resignation with the hierarchy seep into their posts. I completely reject this idea. Yes, there is a cultural patriarchy but in our generation, science, technology and education has changed the dynamics of evolution. That barrier to success is tough but the pace of change is happening so rapidly that we do not know what will happen from one year to the next. It is our duty to keep pushing forward with all of our might and to be bold, not rail against the wall and ask it to come down on its own. Or worse, retreat into some kind of seraglio of women, run by women, exclusively for women. I have no intention of going into some menstrual tent to bond with my sisters. That may have been great back in 1200BC and I’m not saying women didn’t get the raw end of the stick when it comes to culture/religion/etc. But I’m not in favor of further stratification of women from men. In other words, separate but equal holds no charms for me.
          Cinie’s post strikes me as very odd. On one hand, she sounds resentful, on the other hand she acts like she doesn’t want to be an equal person. She wants to be an equal woman. Congratulations! You already are. But maybe she’s thinking that black women are not as equal as white women? I’m sorry, that’s mostly in her own head. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. I just don’t buy it. Racism exists but since Obama’s election last year, there has definitely been a sea change in my personal relations with members of the african american community. And as far as I know, the women’s movement has seen african american women as beacons of hope and possibility. Think Shirley Chisolm and Barbara Jordon.
          Other than that, Cinie makes some good points.

          • RD I want to address exactly what you just wrote here?

            straight white dem fem is going to care about just what you just said


            race comes in here, for sotomayor in terms of coming from that place out of the 80’s — like michelles thesis?
            I am thinking we all grew up ala Michael Jackson times.
            We did. Same.

            what does feminism look like if this:

            black latina lesbian
            white lesbian transgender
            males as feminist
            radical white lesbian
            passive white straight lipstick wearing for girls like Brook?
            and so forth

            you begin to see the arguments?

            We all grew up doing “our own thing”?

            out of Jackson era.
            We are jackson and madonna?
            in a way.

    • I kind of reject Cinie’s reasoning in her post. For some reason, she keeps bringing up the racial diversity/composition of NOW. Cinie has a perspective on this that I can’t compete with but I think Cinie has to come to terms with the fact that african americans are only 10-15% of the American population. That means 85-90% of NOWs membership is expected to be women NOT of color. That doesn’t mean they’re being slighted in any way. From what I understand, the fight over the presidency had more to do with NOWs complacency, not its color barrier.
      But what is more disturbing to me is that she is tending to put out to pasture those of us who NOWs presidency represents. We’re in our 40s and 50s and we’re still out there in the workforce facing the same problems we always faced. For some reason, our time never seems to come. We’re always too old for the younguns and not old enough so that it doesn’t really matter. This is a ridiculous assumption. We’re very relevent and our needs and issues are just as current as anything faced by a 20 something.
      There is a point where the younger bunch should just take an old cold tater and wait. They have not yet experienced true sexism and they’re way too concerned with what other people think of them.

      • One of the things that I love about getting older is I really don’t give a d*mn about what people think about me. Not like I was when I was younger so from my own experience I think that you’ve hit one of their major problems.

        • Yep, I think younger women still take direction from younger men. Maybe it’s biology. When women can freeze part of their ovaries in deep storage to be used when they want to, maybe this dynamic will get turned around. Then getting laid won’t compete with advocating for yourself.

          • Many of my “causes” when young were at least partly (not wholly) fueled by my desire to be hip and cool, to be for or agin’ the latest thing.

            Now I could give a flying fuck. The things I care about now are the real issues that have STUCK through fire, through hell, through the cold hard clear light of reality.

            I understand the frustration of the younger set saying to me, “You just don’t get it, you don’t understand”, and I can allow that that may be partly true. But if anyone can truly make that claim to having “knowledge and understanding that is unique”, then it is I, not you. By simple virtue of the fact that while I have at least to some degree been where you are, you have not in any way shape or form been where I am. Not yet.

            You have never yet walked in anything even RESEMBLING my shoes, perky tits, whereas I have walked in a fairly close fascimile of yours. So either acknowledge me with a little respect, or fuck off. Because I am beyond enthusiastically smiling and nodding, lest some cute young thing think me an old hag. It is one of the benefits of aging that I do so treasure.

      • RD I am totally out of the loop as a feminist and on NOW and all that.
        Given who Cinie is? Her “fight” given our gen? Is different?
        This is hard to explain but I’m going to really think about what the two of you wrote?

        I want to quote both of you?
        but I really have to think how I will be framing it
        and — oh these two pieces…..!

        It was like, they both said it all or something.
        You see, if both of your pieces were actually running as op-eds
        we’d be able to get someplace together?

        I’ll try and figure it out.

        But, see reading the two of you like that really showed me.
        only the creme de la creme writers do that ya know?

        make people really think!
        this is a compliment, btw!

        it is!

        They have not yet experienced true sexism and they’re way too concerned with what other people think of them.

        OH RD. You and I are fighting for Brookes gen?

        Are we ever?

        Only you and I don’t care what color brook is?
        we just care if she is a girl.
        because we had to live it, my friend.

        We did.

        Guys like MIQ didn’t hurt us on the job?
        It was the older ones that did?
        It was the older ones right now making jokes about all the little brooks out there?

        like that.
        we don’t want her to suffer
        any little brook.

        • I’m not sure that Cinie really wants to get to the same place that I do. Cinie is still fighting for diversity. I think most people recognize how bad racism is and don’t condone it. In some respects, Cinie is like one of those Japanese soldiers stranded on an island who doesn’t know that the war is over. I’m not saying that there aren’t still racists. But they don’t have the traction they used to have. That war is almost won. There are a few pockets here and there but you can lose your job if you act on your impulses.
          Not so with women. If I were Cinie, I’d use my energy where it’s most needed. NOW is not the NAACP.

      • Those of us in our 60s are still out there in the work force facing problems too.

        • Yeah! Cinie acts like you’re not relevent anymore. Move over for Ms. Perky Tits!

          • “Mature” women are not necessarily what corporations are looking for these days. (sigh)

            So we need to be creative.

  4. ms perky tits is going to have big probs with the botox and implants
    our feminism was natural?

    it was all that granola as kids?

    the sprouts?

    the implants and botox are like jackson — they weren’t content to just be?

    third wave? Violet would know, why did they modify themselves to fit the male gaze?

    the whole transgender arguement the way I see it?

    is to make a “man” — out of radical lesbians?
    its all complex.
    some of it testube or something?


    not sure but you really made me think
    almost too hard LOL.

    You guys are so smart around here, I loves ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll tell you this, I am so pissed Hillary got fucked over you guys have no idea.


    she was out of the 60’s when there was cohesiveness to a movemnt
    we of the 80s fought that all the way, didn’t we.

    we had to in school and on the job.

    my brain hurts.


    hugs to you all.

    • There’s a whole movement called anti-racism/The Third Wave Cinie can participate in in addition to NOW/The Fourth Wave. If she’s reading this, she can start with feministblogs.org and there are tons of links to other blogs and groups. I am for anti-racism but against the current anti-racism movement which is misogynist/feminist bashing and apologist as we saw during the election.

      • They talk a great deal about racism, racist sexism and cultural appropriation.

        • NOW is a combination of both waves or all “waves”. From the NOW website:

          Key Issues

          NOW’s Top Priority Issues:

          * Abortion Rights / Reproductive Issues
          * Violence Against Women
          * Constitutional Equality
          * Promoting Diversity / Ending Racism
          * Lesbian Rights
          * Economic Justice

          • this is 1970s feminism to me!
            same as when i was in jr high & Hi

            80’s were first women’s studies classes in History Dept?
            After that it was all just work and work and work until Hillary in 2008–she was me?


            Yeah, she was me, but where were the 60’s feminists?
            They screwed her over. Conf did not?
            Conf knew.

        • I don’t know a whole lot about what’s going on in this thread, haven’t read a lot of it (and I think Cinie rocks, huge fan), but I was struck by what she said above about feminism being about placing white women at the top of the pecking order with white men.

          Cause to me, my experience with 3rd wave and womanism and all is just the opposite, like we’re all, all women, supposed to put our
          interests as women aside and make our goal MOC so all men of all races can
          stand together as brothers at the top of the
          pecking order and achieve their god given
          right to oppress all women. Being shut out from reaping the benefits of patriarchy is not a form of oppression I care about. Of course I’m anti-racist, but the way Third Wavers deal with it is just WTF? IMO

          • Just to make it clear, I’m not saying screw MOC or anything like that. I’m saying there were always these wack examples where a white man or white men are getting away with some grossly patriarchal practice and instead of focusing on how we could stop it because it’s yanno, patriarchal and therefore unfair to women of all races pretty much by definition, we’d be expected to find some kind of feminist issue in the unfairness that non-white men can’t get away with some of this stuff as easily as white men. And to me, kind of missing the salient point for our feminist focus.

          • seriously?

            here we have a snag?

            I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or you were taught that this is feminsm and if so by who/

            here is the arguemnt right here?

            I think.

            age difference and what has been taught?

            seriously, serious. what is MOC and Yanno?
            never heard of that?

          • moc means men of color, or Black, Latino, Asian, Native American and other non-white men, yanno means you know. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I can only speak to my experiences with Third Wavers online and in life, I’m sure they’re not all like this, but it gets frustrating to have to “universalize” everything with what about the menz? Why does anti-racism always have to be about MOC not WOC, why does feminism have to be some generalized catch-all that’s supposed to deal with this huge list of liberal and social issues and seems embarassed to focus first on issues that affect women?

          • I think Cinie rocks too!

        • donna tommorrow i have a piece to read somebody dropped off
          behind the scenes in my blog was a saved comment by third wave i think on abortion?

          I want you and RD & Co to see it k?

          I do.

          I think we are approaching the “snag” we felt?

          I do — but when you see this comment?
          o my god you guys.
          o my god.

          I’m going to take the name off?
          I remember what RD did like that once ages ago.
          see ya, manana.

          and I love everyone at conf. know that.

  5. I don’t know if this counts as a secret guilty pleasure, but yesterday I was looking up some old one-hit wonders on youtube. Here’s a song that was huge when I was in college in 1965 or 66. The group never had another hit.

    Psychotic Reaction, by Count Five

  6. And this was one of the first garage band hits. It has been credited by some with starting the punk revolution. It is #210 on the Rolling Stone top 500 songs of all time. And it was a one-hit wonder.

    • I loved Ninety Six Tears! I used to go crazy when it came on the radio-it was hypnotic,
      Psychotic, I barely remember.

  7. Psychotic Reaction that is.
    I’m not saying that I’m psychotic and I barely remember things, although…

  8. Okay, one of my odd musical peccadillos: I love Badfinger.

  9. This is my all time favorite YouTube — check out the last cat. We had a cat that looked and sounded exactly like that one — he was the greatest cat ever; but he was the only cat I’ve ever known with OCD. Every day he had to come into our room, jump on our bed and do 3 turns in our headboard cubby. I miss that guy!

      • OMG! I’m ROFLMAO!! I love that!!
        I can’t tell you how many times my cats have played the “I’m not paying attention to you game!”

        That is funny!

      • I’ve never had q cat but I’ve had engineers and they definitely know the personal characteristics of engineers to a T.
        “need more data”

      • BB – tha’ts hysterical

  10. Love the cat video.Our cat was a feral cat we took in. He was livin on the streets at the beach. We were staying at a beachhouse for the summer and he talked to us everyday. We started feeding him and my other half, not liking cats and never having had one said “lets take him home”. I did. I put him in the car, drove home with his claws wrapped around my head. I was so bloodied by the time I got home I could hardly see. He ran out the car door as soon as I opened it and disappeared. For days, when ever I got home, I’d yell “Old grey cat, Old grey cat” in a girlie voice cause thats all I had ever called him. 2 weeks later, came home from work, had given up by then but yelled 1 more time, “Old grey cat” and heard a meow. He was under a truck parked 3 spaces in front of where I always parked. It wasn’t hard to tempt him into my gate with food. Closed the gate and he was home. He’s never stopped talking since and follows me around like a puppy dog. I have 2 dogs and he’s just another one of them. He’s got a real name too now – Shadow. THe neighbors have all stayed away from me since. I’m the crazy old guy that walks up and down the street squeeking “Old grey cat” for no reason.
    Check this site out today:

  11. The angriest cat I’ve ever seen!

    • I had a cat that got angrier than that once. He had to go to the vet for some surgery. Afterward was so angry that he was throwing himself against the bars of the cage. We had to leave him at the vet’s until the next day till he calmed down.

  12. Crap! Spammy is bad today – grabbed my comment on we “older feminists” upthread.

  13. Choir simulates rainstorm

    • That was amazing!!! It’s acapella ambient jazz rock. Superb. I have to bookmark that one. Wow, that director has a tight chorus. How lucky for the singers.

  14. It’s not YouTube, but TelesurTV has live internet video coverage of the anticipated arrival of Honduran President Zelaya at the Tegucigalpa airport including phone conversations with the President from the plane en route.

  15. Here’s one from the old childhood. No wonder I’m a bit twisted:

  16. Ah one more. Probably their most famous number. Notice the banner above the stage.

  17. ps: I got my perfume.

    A 24ish young man tried to pick me up?
    Handsome as hell.

    I could have been his mother?
    This is the second time this has happened?

    He said: I just want to learn about women?

    I had a little chat with him about asking older women about things that he could do with his own gen?

    It was sad, RD & Co.


    I asked him if girls in his gen were lesbians?

    he sort of said yes?

    where do MOC and Yanno fit?
    Seriously feel free to come to my place if you want — I’m going to look at this pretty deeply?

    the therapist me?


  18. Important morning read. RD here we go, and Conf & co!

    Ist left piece, explains Conf stance on all of it in some ways—-also!
    this is same feminist think I had from JR High—–?

    Journos on this out of CA.

    Takes on medai estab & Moyers, fably written, reminds me of RD in a way. I bet Violet is going to know a bunch of this stuff too………

    Seriously! from last night? You want to know these people!
    You do. read this, I say this as a big sis! that is what it was all about? the sisterhood? Like the big sis you never had?
    Like that. big sis looks out for little sis?

    Boy is this on time!

    Also, points out difference between say MIQ and your old stomping grounds….


  19. My friend Song dropped off this read:

    This is a Hillary Clinton era-style feminist only? EGYPT!
    this would have been a big sis for me in CA in late 70’s?
    Look at what she accomplished? Whew.


  20. This is GLOBAL LINK from my friend Song.

    Themes in this describe how a feminist feels about her sisters no matter where they are. One of the first things I looked into last year was Alice Palmer and that Chicago thang.

    It was the precursor to that finger given to Hillary?
    That first link really looks at what has happened with that MOC deal.

    WOC was what white hetero fems (dems) cared about and still do?
    you want to look at Hillary and her track record on that going way back to the 60’s — she was a lawyer who helped minority women and the poor?

    Read the wiki?

    On Hillary. Hillary is EGYPTIAN feminism. like that link above.
    RD and Violet and Hillary and I are the same brand of feminism?
    These are the issues we care about?

    That is what is meant by the sisterhood.

    The best movie on this, K, is called “sisterhood of the travelling pants” — it is a movie that talks about how RD and I grew up I bet?

    Rent that.

    I was the one on the donkey that went to Greece.
    My best friend was the blonde runner
    The other two were friends of mine?
    In Jr. High and hi school.

    We were all about to “come of age” and meet our first boyfriends.
    Just pretend it was 1974 or so? That was me.


    ps: het men should watch that movie with their daughters?
    it would be a great way to talk to your teen about the themes and things she might be going through — also it will provide a way of opening a dialogue and show you what girls go through.

    Like the way films have that power?

    It is fab.

    I wish one of those girls had been a black chick though?

    Should have had 5 friends?

    Maybe next time? Sequel?

    That was us.

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