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The Haunted Vagina


I think Sarah Palin’s vagina is haunted.  It is possessed by insanity-inducing evil spirits that cause mass hysteria at the mere mention of her name.  These vaginal demons can turn feminists into lying misogynists and make a gay man obsess about nasty lady parts.  They can induce the pimping of speculative rumors by a criminal defense attorney and even cause sanctimonious critics of “truthiness” to invite the publishing of stories like these on their pristine blogs.

The haunted vagina explanation makes as much sense as any I’ve heard and would excuse some of the deplorable behavior of formerly esteemed lefty bloggers.

As for what I think about yesterday’s shocking announcement I have to say I don’t know what to think.  By the rules of conventional wisdom Sarah Palin has thrown away her credibility and ended her political career.

But when you have a haunted vagina the rules of conventional wisdom don’t apply to you.

120 Responses

  1. “…and make a gay man obsess about nasty lady parts.”

    I would just change that to read, “and make a gay man obsess that lady parts are nasty.” When I hear a male speak disparagingly about ‘lady parts’ – it especially offends to hear body parts referred to in slang – I have been known to raise this invective. ‘Oh, yeah? Well, your mother’s (fill in word) was good enough for you to pass through to enter this world!’

    • You must be new here

      • be nice oh petulant one!

      • Yes, I would tend to agree with the editing suggestion as someone that has been harassed at work by being called ‘(blank –first name would go here, Vagina). I quickly informed the individual that was not my last name and he must be missing his first home of nine months and hung up.

        We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Very Lives Depend On It!

  2. Sarah’s decision reminds me of that cliche “so crazy it might work”

    • She’s crazy like a fox.

      • We’ll find out.

        But she wasn’t gonna get anywhere by doing things the normal way.

        • she probably learned that from Hillary’s experience and then how it repeated itself with her

          the old boys still don’t want the girls playing in their sandbox

          • Yes, but the old boys don’t know it’s really just used kitty litter and the girls are building their own.

          • yeah, well I just wish they’d stop getting rid the crap in their sandbox by throwing it at ours, to poke your metaphor to death …

    • Me, too. I’m not sure if she plans to run for Prez, but I am damn sure this is not a prelude to her going quietly away.

      I think that the pundits are so accustomed to everything being a calculated political move, that they can’t wrap their heads around the idea that maybe she said to herself, “You know what? I’m not able to do anything productive as governor anymore, and that’s stupid and unfair to Alaska. Time to move on”

      Or maybe that she just in all honesty said to the political establishment: “Fuck you AND your rules of engagement on how to progress up the political ladder. I’m going off-script.”

      Sarah herself may not have a long-term master plan. Maybe she just wants to be free to speak her damn mind as a citizen, without worrying about her state being litigated against every 5 minutes. But people are so used to all politicians “playing the game”, they keep trying to find a “reason” for her actions that fits their defined political parameters. I don’t think Sarah gives one rat’s ass about the usual parameters. So they have no idea what to do with her, except try to pound this remarkable polygon of a woman into round or square holes.

      • I agree – with all of your thoughts WMCB – I’ve run them all through my mind since yesterday and decided – “she’ll do what she’ll do” and good for her! 😆

        • Me too. I honestly don’t think she will run for office again, but I don’t expect her to go away. I also wouldn’t be that surprised if I’m wrong.

          • What’s been missing from the debate about Sarah’s decision to resign is that she is correct. If she had stayed as governor, the ad hominem attacks and frivoulous laws suits filed against her would not have stopped and would have undermined her work as governor, not to mention the money and time spent by the taxpayers for her and her staff to defend her from these attacks. If she could not effectively and efficiently do the people of Alaska’s work, that would have destroyed any chance for her to be taken seriously on a national level.

            None of the pundits are acknowledging that isn’t it interesting that none of the male candidates have been attacked personally and their families like this since the campaign was over.

            They are deathly frightened of this woman because she is unpredictible and is willing to take on corruption at the expense of her own political future. The people intuitively know that she would stand up for them and fight for the best interests of the people. She will not compromise with the boyz and play along, which is exactly what she said.

            Do not be fooled by a MSM and the GOP who have been trying to take her out of the game, since she was tapped to be McCain’s running mate.

            I believe Sarah has something up her sleeve. I will trust her any day and twice on Sunday, before I will ever trust the corrupt party leaders and the corrupt MSM whose only goal appears to be to destroy this country.

  3. She’s drivin them insane!
    I’m tempted to watch the Sunday Talking Head Festival tommorrow.
    Nah, not gon duit.

    • I think NBC is playing Wimbledon.

    • I think I healed an ulcer by just turning off the MSM last May.

    • CNN has a Michael Jackson Fetish … I’ve almost had it with them. They’re the people magazine/national inquirer of news channels any more. That’s especially true on the weekends now.

      • They’re under their master’s orders to keep the country distracted.

      • Have you noticed how many of the commercials on all the networks are merely spots advertising themselves…promotting a new TV show or a PSA? Just imagine how many less products are being advertised…GM cars and trucks, Chrysler stuff, banks, department stores, etc. It is amazing, really. They are desperate enough to do anything.

      • Is it just me or is Larry King just the creepiest guy around. It’s always about him on hit show. Maybe he’s one of the spirits haunting Palin’s lady parts.

        • I have never understood the popularity of LK. He is rather dumb, asks the stupidest questions & continually interrupts his guests.

    • I just saw a preview of a piece MODO is doing for Sunday’s Times. She uses phrases like “exquisite battiness,” and “girlish burbling.” She also, of course, takes class hits at her, because she’s not subservient to the Village. I have a hunch, as WMCB said, Sarah is freeing herself to let it rip. Remember the Convention? Thiscould get really interesting–Sarah speaks truth to power…

  4. She’s the hunted haunted vagina. She couldn’t fade into oblivion even if she wanted to. They want to hunt her down and destroy her.

    Too bad she’s packing heat like nobody’s business.

    • it’ll be interesting to see if the scrutiny dies down enough to get her out of the spotlight for awhile…

      OTOH, I think she’s got so much debt from the lawsuits that she will find it necessary to stay out there and get that all paid off.

    • Palin watching won’t be boring.

      She’s like one of those movies where just when you think you have it all figured out something completely unexpected happens.

      She’ll confound friends and foes.

      • Very true, Didn’t yesterday remind you of the day she was first introduced as McCain’s running mate? After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I was laughing and saying I can’t believe the ol’ SOB had the guts to do this!!! Then we got to meet her adorable family and it was all awwws and then that speech at the GOP convention, where it was “hells yah speak it sister”!

        Now this….I can’t wait to see what comes next!

        • I imagine that all the pundits who are busy writing her off are going to have to eat their words again.

    • “Too bad she’s packing heat like nobody’s business.”

      I love that sentence. Always hated guns, fought against the NRA. Now I am considering packing ” heat” too.

    • remember the best defense is a good offense.hopefully she has just taken the gloves off.

  5. OT, but I have a wonderful 9 lb pork shoulder cooking veeeery slowly at the moment. The pork will be falling apart and “pulled” with two forks, NOT chopped. I’ve made up a batch of homemade mustard and vinegar based sweet sauce, and we’ll be off to a cookout with friends later.

    This girl from the Carolinas is going to serve up some genuine Carolina Pulled Pork sammiches, to let these damn Texans taste what REAL barbeque from the sweet bosom of Almighty God is supposed to be. 😉

    • Drooling here.

    • please give us the sweet sauce recipe 😉

    • do you use a recipe or just that good ole Carolina girl instinct – if it’s a recipe I’d love it if you’d share.

      • Well, I play with it, and still don’t have it perfect. I use the recipe, then I taste test and dab a little more mustard, or hot sauce, or pepper, and usually a squirt or two of honey in it. That part is sort of “by ear”, but here’s what I start with:

        1 cup yellow mustard
        1/3 cup ketchup
        3 Tbsp cider vinegar
        1/2 tsp hot sauce
        1Tbsp Worchestershire
        1/2 cup brown sugar
        1/2 tsp black pepper

        • Do you use a rub also?

          • Yeah, but not a recipe. Usually some paprika, salt and pepper, a little brown sugar, sometimes I throw some chili powder in there. It varies.

        • Thanks, so much, WMCB, my annual “Night of the Crone” is coming up on the first Friday of August and I always like to cook something special for the gals that show up (usually between 30-50 of them) this would be great!

    • WB,

      I relate. I had pulled pork from “The Joint”‘s smoker, yesterday, and a quarter watermelon that made a monsoon look parched.

      Have a great 4th!


      • You, too! We made a vodka-soaked melon, and are taking that with us as well. Hubby’s mad frat boy skillz came in handy for once.

        • vodka? did I hear vodka? {{ standing here with a bottle of bloody mary mix and a stalk of celery }}

          • Make mine dirty. Or better yet, make it a Caesar, with Clamato instead of plain tomato juice.

          • {{{Handing WCMB a tall ice-filled glass brimming with yummy, spicy, red liquid and a huge stalk of celery. }}}

            Cheers! happy 4th!

    • It’s sacrilegious to use a knife on pulled pork. However, I am a Texas gal and the Best. Barbeque. Evah. is a beef brisket smoked (and beer-basted) for 16 hours. Never. EVER. buy a brisket with the fat trimmed off. Never. I like barbequed pork, but nothing beats a properly prepared brisket. With pinto beans–I make killer pinto beans.

    • Oh, no, WMCB! Real bbq is beef brisket!!

  6. Totally off-topic, but she even looks pretty when she yells. Genetic lottery, that one’s won it. I know I harp on it, but it’s incredibly distracting.

    I can’t wait to see what she does next–or doesn’t do. This is too much fun for me.

  7. She is far from done. We can’t look to the past results on politcal things anymore. That playbook is no longer viable.

    • that’s basically what Willie Brown said about her following her RNC debut – the game is changed forever.

  8. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is the top story at Memeorandum right now. Pretty interesting.

    It always has been about Trig.


    • That is a good story. I have always wondered why they’ve piled on to that baby. If she’d have left him at home with a nanny they’d have piled on her too … that’s my guess.

  10. Hello all… been reading for a couple months, this is my first post. Hope someone will read it… 😉

    Can I just say, THANK GOD for this site?? It literally gives me so much hope and optimism to see there are still good true, and *principled” liberals, feminists, and Democrats that are willing to call their own side’s bad deeds, particularly about the venom directed at Palin. It’s fine to disagree 100% with her policy positions, but I agree with you that the personal BS she’s had to deal with is beyond stunning and depressing.

    I’m a moderate conservative myself who’s always happy to call out my own side’s idiot moves, but I was beginning to think I was the last voter in the USA who was willing to put principles of morality and decency before party affiliation. Thank you myiq2xu, riverdaughter, and everyone else here for proving me to be so wrong about that. I respect your POVs so much more, just for your willingness to show some long-sought-after respect for my own POV on a lot of issues. It’s too bad so many other “liberals” don’t– or refuse to– see how that works.

    • Welcome to TC, qdpsteve.

    • open-minded critical thinkers are always welcomed here.

    • I learned a long time ago to differentiate between the GOP leadership and “mouthpieces” and my Republican neighbors. They are usually not the same animal, not at all. There are not as many crazy ideologues among the average voter as they’d like us to believe, on either side.

      If enough of we Liberals learned that, and enough of you Republicans learned that, this country would be much better off. The fake “bi-partisanship” that Washington engages in is merely a game of tit for tat, and whether it’s to THEIR advantage to sell out this or that ideal for quid pro quo. Real, healthy, TRUE bi-partisanship comes from the People.

    • Hey there steve, welcome!

      “Can I just say, THANK GOD for this site”
      even though I’m on the “Other side” I feel the same way! ^_^

      umm actually at this point, think I’m just gonna start calling myself a moderately liberal-minded conservative, try to box me in now world…ha!

      anyway I mostly just read too, occasionally I’ll post when I feel in the mood, or think I have something to add. but I guess we need more people to come outta the shadows at least once in a blue moon, just to know they’re there. so glad you finally did.

    • (((waving hello))) Welcome and Happy 4th.

    • Hi!!! I think we are all feeling disenfranchised by the people who want to represent us. What is important is what we celebrate today! We have a brilliant constitution that is worth fighting and dying for! We have a Republic that we should be working to keep! That’s for all sides of thought, because we would no longer have the ability to disagree if some of these folks had their way.

      • Yeah, when did “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” become “I will use any slimy means possible to get those who disagree with me to STFU.”

      • Welcome Steve – this place is the best!

    • q et al below,

      It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – Aristotle



      • I love that quote. We also live in a world where saying “In this specific narrow instance, so-and-so actually might have a point.” is heard as “I have wholeheartedly and unreservedly embraced every possible permutation of this person’s agenda.” This is how the ridiculousness of “PUMA’s are right wing neo-con fanatics” is born.

        How can we have any sort of national political discourse that way?

        • W,

          It leads to the same stuff as it does in the sandbox, except with adult consequences.


        • They can’t refute our arguments so they attack us personally.

          When they attack us personally they lie because if they told the truth they would have nothing to attack us with.

        • We can’t. That’s the idea. 😛

          • I must say, I believe this is the world’s funniest joke:

            …….so I booked into a hotel and said to the receptionist, “I hope the
            porn channel in my room is disabled.”

            “No,” she said, “it’s regular porn, you sick bastard.”

    • This is a great sub thread and I think it really speaks to a lot of TC readers and commenters. I know that the 2008 primary season changed us all.

      I have always considered myself somewhat liberal on social issues, but as a retired Navy veteran, pretty conservative on national security issues. I guess I could have been called a moderate Democrat. But these days? Liberal? Conservative? I really don’t know anymore. If we must have labels, label me as follows:

      1. Give us leaders who have core values and principles, who are not always trying to be above the fray and doing what’s politically expedient. Leaders who will at times stand up and fight against the entrenched monied interests or maybe even their own party for an issue that benefits We The People.
      2. Big Government-Small Government? Who knows? But what I do know is if we don’t address the out-of-control corruption that flows through our entire system, we are doomed.

      And in 2008 we were all reminded that misogyny and sexism are alive and well in America. I recall in the summer of 2007, Hillary was riding high in the polls and I was excited. I was thinking that HRC was very likely to become our first woman President – and that perhaps America was ready for it. Then the primary began and, even though I’m not a woman, it felt like a slap in the face as I saw the way Hillary was attacked by so-called progressives in her own party.

      • Benjamin, I agree with much of what you have said here. I used to consider myself to be a progressive, more liberal Democrat. After my vote was stolen in the Michigan primary I believe that we don’t have a two party system, but we do have a corporate party system! Both parties do what is in the best interest of the corporations that keep them in power. This is why I see Obama as being so much like Bush! The same people brought him to power. Beneath the surface of things nothing has really changed since Obama became president. We are still in Iraq and now things are escalating in Afghanistan. VP Biden goes to Iraq so that we can focus on Iraq and the supposed withdraw of troops while other soldiers die in Afghanistan! People talk like the pendulum is swinging a different way than it was. You know back and forth from conservative to liberal. It’s all a game. Nothing really changes for Joe Blow on the street while Washington D.C. continues to party it up and live the high political life of constant corruption!

        • Yes, and in regard to Afghanistan, I just heard that two Marines were killed today. Here we go. We now have a full-scale counter-offensive underway there, and there will be casualties. Obama owns this policy.

          One thing about the American people will probably never change – most of us don’t want to send their young sons or daughters off to die in some foreign country. And if they do have to go, it better be for a DAMN good reason.

    • Welcome!! Great to hear from you–post more often. We don’t bite. Wel…not unless provoked 🙂

  11. I’ve been surfing around the blogosphere, and I’m amazed that so many are positive that there is a big Palin scandal coming down the pike.

    If there is indeed such a scandal, wouldn’t Sarah have been better off staying in office, and then lumping that scandal in with all of the other bogus ethical complaints? By resigning, she automatically puts the media on alert for a possible new scandal. I’m just sayin’ – I don’t think Sarah is that stupid.

    I suppose the new rule is – if you spread a rumor around enough, perhaps it will come true.

    • The rest of their BS rumors (lies) have lasted, at least among themselves and the target audience. Dare I mention the “rape kit” smear from the campaign which is still trotted out.

    • Actually, it’s “If you spread a rumor around enough, perhaps enough knuckleheads will believe it that you can profit, literally and/or otherwise, from it.”

    • To me it looks like a lot of the rumors start with this woman.
      http://shannynmoore.wordpress.com/ She obviously doesn’t like Palin and has no problem spreading crap about her whether it is true or not. If you hear something enough, it must be true. I wonder why nobody talks about Obama’s house deal with Rezko. What a sweet deal for Obama!

      • Obama’s worse fear would have to be the GOP regaining control of Congress in 2010, and getting that all important subpoena power? If that should happen, I think the public would learn a lot about The Annointed One.

      • Palin’s attorney has created a letter of warning to shannyn moore and all other bloggers and media … they are going to begin suing for the slander.

        Even if it has no substance, watching Jeralyn Merritt backpeddle as fast as she could (though still unable to resist her snide, jealous green remarks) was probably the best read of the morning. JM instantly began stating that her comments about Palin never constituted slander. HA!! I’ll bet there’s a fine line to that comment with how excited she was The Enquirer promised to expose Sarah’s affair last fall, and yesterday’s post claiming there could be a “HouseGate” in Sarah’s future and posted photos to support her story….I think JM gets a tingle up her leg everytime something about Palin is spread.

        I actually hope some of those blogs are taken to task, including their vulgar commenters.

  12. I respect your POVs so much more, just for your willingness to show some long-sought-after respect for my own POV on a lot of issues. It’s too bad so many other “liberals” don’t– or refuse to– see how that works.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Confucius

  13. If I had an child who was being mocked all over the internet and on TV, I think I might decide to do exactly what Sarah did. I’ve just been surfing around looking at some of the terrible things that have been posted at supposedly “progressive” and even “feminist” blogs about Trig and about Sarah having the “the nerve” to bring him on stage or be photographed with him. Nothing is more important than your child. I’m starting to think she really did quit to protect her children.

    • If that’s the only reason, it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. I think we have to take her at her word. Maybe later, it’ll turn out different but that’s what I’m doing.

    • that was my thought yesterday when I watched her speech – she is protecting her family. how radical!

  14. Great post, but:

    “The haunted vagina explanation makes as much sense as any I’ve heard and would excuse some of the deplorable behavior of formerly esteemed lefty bloggers.”

    It may explain but nothing can excuse the behavior of those who should, frankly, know better.


  15. LOL, love the post. That does make as much sense as anything I’ve heard about the completely insane over the top hate I hear from what I thought were liberal people.

  16. There’s an Open Thread up top!!! Enjoy and behave!!!!

  17. Apparently Dowd will not disappoint us with another one of her hateful pitches.

    • It also reportedly includes the following insults:

      “Exquisite battiness… solipsistic meltdown so strange… incoherent, breathless and prickly… Sarah’s country-music melodramas… girlish burbling.”

  18. Not sure if this was mentioned earlier, but Palin issued a short July 4th statement on facebook. She seems to have plans, but doesn’t come out and say what they are.

  19. all the headlines are quoting her on “higher calling.” spin of the day, she’s a scary religious freak. It’s good to mix it up a little for the holiday.

    • I wonder who has invoked Jesus more? Obama? or Palin?

      • She practises witchcraft! She goes into this public building where everybody talks to deities–she really is crazy!

        • oh and since she uses the phrase higher calling she is a witch.then under your enlightened thinking ike and patton were fanatics also for envoking almighty god?grow up and get a life.

  20. i like palins style & she got a lot a people & washinton
    worried in a big way ..

  21. The hubby reviews books on the side. He tells me there are/were lots of Palin books in the pipe line for the fall. No surprise there, Palin bashing is an industry and a paying concern . But if nothing else, she has cost these suckers mucho dollars cause now
    they have to trash the books printed for new editions. lol!

    • that was posted on Ace of Spades too.
      looks like the vagina has teeth!
      it’ll be taking care of those nasty rumors in the press, & the paid Alaskan bloggers.
      go Sarahcuda!

  22. Had to mention that I experienced a head explode yesterday ay a 4th Party. Everybody noticed, its kinda sad. Doin the usual, one of the guests came in, he’s a sad sack type, Obama supporter out of a job, but still luvs Obama and can and usually does repeat verbatum was was said that day on MSNBC and CNN attributing the talkjing points to his own brain and genius.
    He came in, said, “Has anybody heard? Palin is resiging”. Then started shaking, face turning beet red and off he was with the Talking Points – “can’t believe they’d lat her run for office”, “worst candidate ever” kinda stuff and on and on. People became concerned since he was physically shaking and tried to change the conversation to something else. It was hard to do, but we finally succeeded by using MYIQ’s words about Palin driving certain people crazy.He ended up almost embarrassed when he realized nobody there was interested in politics during the Party or talking points. I was glad to have been able to use this post. It got a few laughs as people reacted with the reality that it is true. Palin does drive people crazy, especially her vagina parts.

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