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Oh, so now we’re “Hardly Anyone”

Chris Bowers et al finally get it

Chris Bowers et al finally get it

I found this link to Avedon (the blogger, not the famous photographer) that thinks it is astonishing that very few bloggers have blogged about Matt Taibbi’s piece on Goldman-Sachs:

I do find it kind of strange that hardly anyone aside from Lambert and Susie Madrak have treated Matt Taibbi’s blockbuster on how Goldman Sachs and their little friends run the world with much seriousness. Even Randi Rhodes apparently prefers to talk about Michael Jackson. I mean, come on.

Well, at least he/she hasn’t accused us of racism- yet.  It’s still early and since the vast majority of those accusations come from people who hang out or near Corrente for some strange reason we can’t quite figure out, it’s just a matter of time before the misinformation spreads.  I see that this Avedon person has a bit of a correction and acknowledges that we were actually cognizant of Taibbi’s piece.  But Avedon is hardly the only person who conveeniently doesn’t know about us.  Take this little piece I found linked at Susie Madrak’s place the other day.  It’s from a site I’ve never heard of before called Scholars and Rogues.  The author of this post, bonesparkle, complains that the Democratic party isn’t listening to progressives and has this nifty, new idea that “hardly anyone” has ever heard before:

Playing along isn’t working. So how about rounding up all the members of the Progressive Caucus (and their many allies around the country) and opting out? Leave the Democractic Party. Form a third party of their own (or just join the Greens). All of a sudden the Democratic Party has a numbers problem. All of a sudden they lose majority status, chairmanships, agenda-setting stroke, etc.

Whoa!  That’s novel.  One might even call these people, oh, I don’t know, Democrats in Exile!  Since they’re self-proclaimed “scholars”, it wouldn’t be prudent to call them PUMAs.  Too many working class people call themselves PUMAs these days.  Work with their hands.  Nasty bitter old racist hags.

The author of this post seems to think Chris “I’m a Whole Foods Shopper” Bowers is some kind of leader on this front.  I hate to bring this up since Bowers may sincerely be seeing the light but perhaps bonesparkle hasn’t seen this little bit of Bowers’ unintentional self-parody.  Oh, yeah, Bowers was drunk on the grape flavored beverage and fuzzy goo-goos.  it was nauseating, especially for the true creative class members- such as myself {{sniff!}}

Why am I bringing this up?  I guess I’m feeling a bit like Dan Froomkin these days.  For Dan, the world of journalism was so blind-sided by the Bush administration, it couldn’t function properly.  Dan was practically the only accountability journalist at the Washington Post.  When he proved to be correct and then started aiming his fire at Obama, he had to go.  He just wasn’t staying in the lines.  He was an embarrassment to all of the journalists who had accepted the new consensus reality.  Time to erase him from memory like some disgraced Roman dignitary.  He’ll go away, no one will mention him anymore, nothing to see here, move along.  The duped will go on as before.

The left has also accepted a form of consensus reality.  Obama was the change agent, er, except that he’s not.  Now, what do the once sycophantic Whole Foods crowd do?  Well, they still have to pile on the PUMAs and call them racists, even though they were simply a year ahead of everyone else saying “why buy the cow when they’re getting the milk for free?”  While the so-called “A-listers” were celebrating the changing of the guard, we were telling them Obama wasn’t going to listen to them after the election because he didn’t have to.  They were making it all too easy for him to ignore them because they weren’t demanding anything of him.  Did they listen?  No, they did not.  And we’re still here, an embarrassment to them.

So, when they’re not making ridiculous accusations of racism against us, they are forgetting our name.

Not a very propitious start to a movement that bonesparkle thinks is so badly needed right now.

One more thing: About the acetomenophen thingy, it has been well know for *YEARS* that as few as 4 extra strength tylenol can cause permanent liver damage.  Acetomenophen and aspirin are responsible for a lot more serious side effects every year than Vioxx or Phen-fen ever were.  It’s just our perception of them as safe, over the counter drugs and widespread use that keeps them from being yanked off of every shelf in America.  They were approved by the FDA back in the day when the clinical trials were a lot less stringent.  One of these days, I’m going to get around to writing a series of posts about how we got to the point where we can buy dangerous drugs without a prescription but prevent people with serious diseases like rheumatoid arthritis from buying prescription drugs with a much cleaner safety profile.  Eventually.

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Wake-up – it’s Wednesday!



Half the year is already gone!  How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Here’s your morning signs of the apocalypse news:

Michael Jackson is still dead:

Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia and pleaded for sedatives

Michael Jackson public viewing on Friday at Neverland Ranch

Jackson fans commit suicide (think of it as evolution in action)



Nation’s hottest grandma appears in Runner’s World

Sarah Palin says she can beat Obama

Gay man obsessed with Sarah’s vajayjay

Real news:

OAS gives 3-day deadline to Honduran coup leaders

Iraqis celebrate U.S. Troop withdrawal – party like it’s 1989. (but we didn’t really leave)

CIA torture report due today

Suspected North Korea arms ship changes course

Panel Recommends Ban on 2 Popular Painkillers


Red hot Giants thump Cardinals to finish 17-10 for June (unfortunately the damn Dodgers are hotter)

Red Sox botch 10-1 lead in 7th, lose to Orioles


Was Turin Shroud faked by of Leonardo da Vinci?

Restaurant runs dirty doughnut holes ad

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