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This is what happens when you pour Kool-aid on your Cheetos and snort the orange glop through a straw:

The furthest possible thing from corrupt incompetence is not principled incompetence – it’s intelligent leadership whose decisions result in the desired outcome, guided by principle without being blinded by subservience to ideological symbolism.  

That Barack Obama shares our objectives is not in question among any serious people.  The issue is whether we acknowledge that he has a better grasp of how to obtain them than we do, and I’d say the jury was in on that a long time ago.  We have a general, a scientist, and a philosopher of the highest caliber in our president, and I have no doubt that he has to dodge, weave, and feint with entrenched powers in order to make progress.  

I am constantly taken aback by the mind-numbing naivete (I have to struggle with myself not to say “ignorance”) with which some people regard government, as if the solution to the legacy of George W. Bush would be an equally incompetent liberal who ignored the complexities of government and aborted all hope for lasting reform just to create the most pleasant possible aesthetic for activists on the left.

The Obama administration and the reality-based community behind it is a new and different phenomenon from the past few decades.  We are not here to indulge in four years of fantasy role-playing just to hand our country back to its destroyers and return to the role of embittered, impotent minority, wallowing in rhetorical opposition while reality descends into entropy.  The deep changes this administration implements will not be abortive, feel-good measures that exist only skin-deep and can be ripped out by the roots by the next Republican to take the office.  They will be foundational, and change the shape of America’s future.  Needless to say, this takes quite a bit of planning, and no small amount of subterfuge.

I wonder if Troubadour ever reads Glenzilla? “Serious people” is an epithet meaning “villagers”

BTW – I apologize to anyone who lost their lunch.  I should have passed out puke buckets first.

121 Responses

  1. Is it the philosopher, general or scientist who is doing this…

    The Obama administration, siding with former President George W. Bush, is trying to kill a lawsuit that seeks to recover what could be millions of missing White House e-mails.

    Two advocacy groups suing the Executive Office of the President say that large amounts of White House e-mail documenting Bush’s eight years in office may still be missing, and that the government must undertake an extensive recovery effort. They expressed disappointment that Obama’s Justice Department is continuing the Bush administration’s bid to get the lawsuits dismissed.

    • The candlestick maker.

      • RedDragon62, on February 21st, 2009 at 5:55 pm Said:
        Soon, these idiots will be saying….”He evolved” from the primordial
        That reminds me of the cartoon showing the Evolution of Chicago Man.I think I had a link to it at one time, hafta look for it.

    • Funny how the article pretends those e-mails were “lost” when we know Rove (Donna’s buddy) commissioned geek.com (I think) to wipe the hard drive clean.

  2. New World Order and States Rights:

  3. Naturally they are seeking to block this request. They see the same thing applying to them down the road. With Emanuel at the helm, how can one seriously consider that they will act any differently.

    Coming out of the Chicago Machine, this gang is out to circumvent any and all opposition. Whoever tagged this as Bush 111 was so on point.

    He will protect Bush for no other reason than it will serve to protect him.

  4. Wow! Can you tell that this “Village Idiot” has imbibed too much of the “Sacred Jesus Juice?”

    My God! Are these people for real? Did I somehow enter the “he Out Limits?”

    All I have to say to these pathetic scrotum munchers….

    “Free your mind and your ass will follow!”

    Gee thanks Myiq. ….Next time, pass the damn buckets first!…LOL

  5. We have a general, a scientist, and a philosopher of the highest caliber in our president

    Still laughing — wasn’t he a not-great student who never held a fulltime job before this?

    • He forgot poet, sex god and champion bowler

    • Soon, these idiots will be saying….”He evolved” from the primordial soup that is greatness! He came so that we may shed our sins. He is, therefore we must. He is the Ooo of Oobadoo. All hail his greatness!”


      • Sorry I posted this 1st in the wrong place:

        plainjane31, on February 21st, 2009 at 6:18 pm Said:
        RedDragon62, on February 21st, 2009 at 5:55 pm Said:
        Soon, these idiots will be saying….”He evolved” from the primordial
        That reminds me of the cartoon showing the Evolution of Chicago Man.I think I had a link to it at one time, hafta look for it.

    • A SCIENTIST???!!!!

      This guy is beyond out to lunch. Seriously, words MEAN THINGS.

      That guy reminds me of Obama – generating meaningless multi-syllable word fogs that impress the credulous and weak-minded.

      Fortunately, PUMAs are immune.

      • That post may be the stupidest POS I’ve read in maybe years. Could that as*clown be for real. That’s gotta be a craptastic parody.

        • But you have to understand ralphb, this guy used big words so that must mean he’s really intelligent. And if he’s seriously searching for an example of “ignorance” he needs only find the nearest mirror.

          Good grief the damage the kool aid has done to some people’s ability to see when they are making a horse’s ass of themselves.

      • when you said Seriously, words MEAN THINGS.

        best laugh I have had all week …. evidently bo speaks
        “high arugula, with an acquired chicago accent ”
        Word Salad
        Word salad 1] is a mixture of seemingly meaningful words that together signify nothing.[2]
        The term originated as the common name for schizophasia, a symptom of various mental illnesses. Schizophasia produces language that is not meaningful and might or might not be grammatical. “Salad” indicates that the words are tossed together randomly.

        Word salad may also be a term of scorn.

        and just as spam filters have been developed to identify emails with word salad , we may have to develop more advanced word filters for the spam bo spews , We already have W.O.R.M. 1.0
        but it is becomong increasingly obvious we need more word filters for Opologists who mainstream kool aid . and a clean needle program …

    • This sh*t just makes me laugh. It’s just funny! Forget barfing. Give it a few months and people like this will be frantically trying to scrub these posts.

  6. Chances are he never mowed a lawn either.

    • Or cleaned a urinal.

      • Obie said they made him clean the Senate bathrooms with a toothbrush when he got there as the lowest ranked Senator.

        “I came to Washington with a celebrity that, to be honest, was a bit inflated, and a bit undeserved. What many people don’t realize is that in the Senate, it’s seniority, not celebrity, that’s important. Right now, I’m 99th in seniority in the minority party, so when I got here they handed me a toothbrush and said, hey Obama, go clean the bathrooms.”


        That’s an undated Center for American Progress campus oriented website interview obviously from 2004.

    • Give the guy a break PJ, it’s hard to get oxygen to the brain with your head so far up some-one’s ass.

  7. I just checked out HuffPo comments in response to the latest post regarding this. No surprises there. They still view him in the same light as the idiot from Kos.

    What it will take to replace the blinders these people sport is beyond me. If their approach was at least temperate but it is so far over the top it leaves you breathless.

  8. We must remember, the conductor of the orchestra on the Titanic knew they were playing good music as it sunk. The music was the conductor’s arrangement, his scores, his selections and the audience was scattered, but he knew the audience could still hear him over the shouts, cries and clamor. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was wrong other than they all drowned.

  9. “…and return to the role of embittered, impotent minority,.. .”

    I think this is the real motivation of the writer. He never wants to be in that position again. Therefore, he will jump on the bandwagon and shill for all he is worth.

  10. What I remember when watching KO was his indignation over most of the Bush policies, particularly those surrounding FISA. He went after the Faith Based groups, the e-mail deletions, the secrecy, etc., that was a daily sample of how Bush and Company ran this government into the ground.

    How does someone like him, who also posted at Kos, address these issues that have not, nor will not, be turned back? The credibility of these hacks has been questionable at best but it appears as if they are throwing all caution to the winds on their insistence that whatever Obama does is perfectly okay. Idiots!

    • Pat – the most importabt thing for KO is ratings. As soon as bashing O gets him more viewers than fellating him, KO will sound like one of us.

  11. Why do I have the song, “That’s Life” running through my head right now?

    “…I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king, I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing…”

  12. May I suggest we use this as the standard edit for all Tr0!l comments.

  13. Bit OT on Soros, but see excerpt and link below in Bloomberg today. Could he have achieved those amazing returns without betting right on the election. Doubt it.

    Soros’ philosphy of investing was first articulated in his book “the Alchemy of Finance” where he coined the trading term “theory of reflexivity” which essentially speaks to taking advantage of “market disruptions.”


    “Soros’s Quantum Endowment Fund returned 8 percent last year. That compared with an average loss of 18 percent by hedge funds, according to data compiled by Hedge Fund Research Inc. of Chicago.”


  14. Cinie — yep…

  15. That was simply the greatest single piece of comic work I have ever seen. What, it wasn’t comedy. Oh dear.

  16. Off topic but, I’m VERY happy for Gary Condit.

    • Would have been better if he hadn’t been hounded out of Congress by the media but I guess it’s better than nothing. At least he can say I told you so.

      • (nodding) And his entry in Wikipedia has already been updated.

        I couldn’t believe how quickly his career was destroyed over that tragedy.

        • Condit was my Congressman – he spoke at my CSUS graduation.

          He had the bad luck to be schtupping a murder victim.

          He was replaced by his former COS Dennis Cardoza.

          They’re both blue dogs.

  17. WOW, just WOW….Conflucians, hie thee over to Liberal Rapture and read J-SOM’s new headline post!

    • That was a pretty amazing exchange. Goes to prove they just can’t point to any reason for Obama. He’s just the awesome and nothing else matters. Wow 🙂

    • This person obviously has first hand knowledge about what we’ve been able to deduce in a mere years+ worth of daily deductions: All BO’s intelligence is concentrated in the self -promotion hemisphere.

      “And, no – not everyone in the public arena “ends up speaking in tropes.” I know quite a few very talented individuals who can carry on intelligent, nuanced conversations with a keen grasp and intellectual curiosity about a broad range of subjects in very different venues with very different audiences. They also happen to be great managers too. That’s another canard that lets Obama off the hook for being much less than his hype. Plus, as I tried to point out, a number of the venues I was in with him – 10 to 15 people at a meeting or a dinner – were not ones where you would expect someone to give you not much more than a stump speech in response to hard, policy questions. Not people who were aiming for the Presidency, at least. And, he was certainly fairly animated when talking about his “life” and “his story which could only have happened in the U.S.” (tell that to all my relatives and friends in the UK and Germany who are biracial with one African parent) and how he went into politics “for his girls future” and when asking us to reach deep in our pockets to help him succeed. It was only when he was pressed to delve deeply into significant policy issues that he became uninterested, bored and fidgety.”

    • True or not, it was delicious and gratifying to read

  18. Kos chose George Bush over Al Gore. One month into the Bush Admin, no telling what he was writing about King George.

    • Kos voted for Bush? I don’t think so. Link?

    • “While he entered the Army as a Republican, he abandoned the GOP soon after his enlistment. ”

      DailyKos – About

      • It says he entered the army in 1989. He’s admitted he supported Reagan before he was old enough to vote. But where does it say he voted for GW Bush in 2000?

      • What about this?

        Markos Moulitsas attended Northern Illinois University from 1992-1996. The campus newspaper is the Northern Star. A search of the campus archives shows an interesting opinion piece from “MARKOS C.A. MOULITSAS” called “Military right.” This champion of liberalism sounds quite homophobic: “Under military circumstances, as much has to be done as possible to focus the unit’s mission and keep disciplinary problems to a minimum. Worrying about whether the known homosexual sleeping next to you is watching as you change your underwear may seem trivial as you read this, but to the soldier who’s short-tempered after three weeks in the field and four hours of daily sleep, it becomes a matter of great importance to his pride and sensibilities. And in any case, there aren’t many people who would change clothes in a group of co-workers if members of the opposite sex were in the same room watching. There is something inherently uncomfortable about it.

        Such fears would go a long way in disrupting efficiency and morale in a unit.


        • Yes, I’ve seen that. It’s been discussed at the Cheeto too. Kos had some excuse. I can’t remember what it was though. Personally, I think he’s CIA. (I know. I’m nuts)

        • He hates women too.

          So over the weekend, certain segments of the community have erupted in anger over the TBS ad for their reality show, the Real Gilligan’s Island. Apparently, having two women throw pies at each other, wrestle each other in a sexy, lesbianic manner, then having water splashed on their ample, fake bosoms is degrading to women. Or something like that.
          Whatever. Feel free to be offended. I find such humorless, knee-jerk reactions, to be tedious at best, sanctimonious and arrogant at worst. I don’t care for such sanctimony from Joe Lieberman, I don’t care for it from anyone else. Some people find such content offensive. Some people find it arousing. Some people find it funny. To each his or her own.

          But I am not Lieberman. I won’t sit there and judge pop culture and act as gatekeeper to what I think is “appropriate”, and what isn’t.

          And I certainly won’t let the sanctimonious women’s studies set play that role on this site. Feel free to be offended. Feel free to claim that I’m somehow abandoning “progressive principles” by running the ad. It’s a free country. Feel free to storm off in a huff. Other deserving bloggers could use the patronage.

          Me, I’ll focus on the important shit.

          • yeah, it’s fine to watch skimpily clad girls, just as long as nobody looks at my skinny ass in my underwear, especially some other dude. what a hypocritical jackass…

          • And the BoomanTribune went from some 300 registered users to 5000 users almost overnight.

        • Yep, the CDS has been there all along too.

        • Yes, but it’s not OK to study women’s history. See how that works?

        • OMG, this is the voice of the Mighty Kos, chief defender of Obotia??? What a homophobic jerk.

          BTW, NIU is in DeKalb- a godforsaken, wind raked clearing in a cornfield where Joseph Glidden invented barbed wire in the 1870s. Couldn’t think of a more appropriate symbol for O-land.

        • (shaking my head)

          That shit-head. Bleh.

  19. Hold on to those buckets. “Philosopher, general, scientist” He forgot faith healer. Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01MNZBTt4K4
    “Oh gracious god”, indeed.

    • LOL, that poor kid, 4 years at McDs. Judging by his reaction and responses to Obama, I’d have to conclude that he already has the best job that matches his skill sets. These kids just don’t realize that Obama’s policies virtually guarentee wages will fall. We won’t see 4 million jobs created unless its by the gov’t. Obama may hire 4 million Obots, but he won’t pay much.

    • I have to say again,

      Best screen name ever.

  20. Was O’Zero’s name Socrates? Sorry, it was “Soetoro”!

    What an Eggo-Kool-Aid moronic piece of dunderheaded hoi polloi crap! Now at least I know where it ends whenever O’Zero snorts something….

  21. The Scientst, Avenger, Magician, or whatever the hell he is now says he is going to cut the deficit by 2/3. Here come the TAXES!!

    Obama to Unveil an Ambitious Budget Plan

    His budget proposal takes aim at the short-term problem, administration officials said, but also would begin to address the nation’s chronic budget imbalance by squeezing savings from the federal health programs for the elderly and the poor.


  22. Fif,

    I think he’s planning to get it from the social security trust fund.

    • If you want wood, you go to a forest. The SS Trust Fund is the largest dedicated untapped “pot-o-gold” in the world, where else would he go?

      • Eggs-zactly!

      • Too bad Dumb O is so busy worshiping at Reagan’s altar, or he might realize that he could actually get revenues by, y’know, killing the Bush tax cuts and raising taxes on the rich.

        It’s such a crazy idea, it just might work!

        • Isn’t that what he said he was going to do during the primaries?


        • The WaPo article actually says it includes those things.

          • If he actually does these things, I will praise him to the skies.

            But really, what are the chances that his banker buddies will allow him to do it?

          • I thought I read that WORM is that he will let the tax cuts expire in 2010, just like he has been saying. I don’t think they’re going to get rid of them now.

      • In that case, I propose it’s time for the 360 degree full tilt shitstorm to occur among the populace. Let’s nip this in the bud.

        • I will personally supply at least 60 of those degrees, if Barry tries to steal the SS farm just months before I qualify for my personal pittance. A pittance which will, nevertheless, help pull our income just above poverty level and pay our sky high annual property taxes. Just try it, O, and you’re on. Oh, are you ever.

      • IIRC, the “Trust fund” is composed of “IOUs” from the treasury. There is no cash in the fund…the cash is shifted to artificially lower the yearly deficit. This has been going on for years. Dakinikat should comment…maybe I’m FOS.

        • SHV – Actually, that’s what George W. always said. But as far as I know, it’s not true. SS won’t run out of money for many years.

          • The money coming in is in excess of what is currently needed…the excess, rather than going into a “fund” is used to lower the deficit, (on paper). I don’t think there is any additional cash to be “stolen”..there isn’t any…I think that was the whole idea about the SS “lock box”

        • Those IOUs are backed by the full faith and credit of the USA. That’s a lot different from just another piece of paper.

        • That’s 2 trillion is SS and another 2 trillion in other public sector trust funds. dakinikat could confirm.

    • I wish we had that lock box….

  23. I did read Kos campaigned for George H. Bush and Henry Hyde.

    He also wrote this about a replacement for Gregg:

    On that Commerce post
    by kos
    Thu Feb 12, 2009 at 02:54:23 PM PST

    I’ve got an idea about what Obama should do with that post. It’s kind of crazy, but keep an open mind and try not to dismiss it out of hand, no matter how unconventional it might be in today’s political world:
    Nominate a fucking Democrat.
    So the Scientist, General Philosopher messed up a little when he nominated Gregg.

  24. Hey! we’re not the only ones who edit comments!!

    From TGW:

    stupid soap opera comment removed.

    [see 02.21.09 – 10:53 am]

    Too Stupid to Post Guy | 02.21.09 – 1:49 pm

    Good Job!! (I’m pretty sure we all know Too Stupid to Post Guy)

    • katiebird, I left you a couple of more ideas on RD’s morning post about the nested threading. Getting used to it, I guess. Feels like we’ve moved from a communal beach house into a larger mansion with lots of rooms.

      Oh, when you get a chance, could you let me know how to make those indented highlighted quotes within a comment. Thanks.

      • Hi Three Wickets.

        I’ve been thinking about your idea about the Recent Comments but, I’ve never seen anything like that on any blog. Have you? I can almost imagine doing something like that with style sheets but, I don’t think it’s possible to do with our WordPress account.

        I was really impressed with your idea for keeping a second window refreshed and in position but, I could never do that.

        Here’s how to post quotes:

        <blockquote>Past some text here</blockquote>

        (my dad called just as I was typing this out. I’m sorry I didn’t answer sooner)

        • Yes, guess you’re right. I’ve seen it on sites, not on blogs.

        • It might also help if we could time stamp the Recent Comments, even if it stays on top. Don’t know if that’s possible on WordPress.
          Sorry to annoy..

      • There has been something in the “communal beach house” flavor here that grew this site and forged a special community here. I think it expanded the idea of the Confluence as family. I’m unsure about the threaded comments. I think we may lose some of our treasured spirit. But it may be just that (too casual) that some may want to lose.

        • Hi Joanie!

          This is a brand new feature for WordPress blogs and for now, the threading is an experiement.

          I haven’t heard anyone mention “too casual” as a reason for the experiment. Mostly we just want to see how it goes.

          I see some good stuff and some not-so-good. We’ll just have to see how it works out.

  25. Scientist, magician, faith healer – how about he try to be a DEMOCRAT???

    And the “reality based community” at kos is an oxymoron.

  26. Someone needs an intervention. It’s like a frickin’ crack house over there. Was the addict anyone we know?

    • Finally got thru all the threads from today. Prolific. The excerpt from myiq’s post above, am I understanding it right. This guy says “subterfuge” is necessary. Wow.

      “Needless to say, this takes quite a bit of planning, and no small amount of subterfuge.”

    • Does “Troubadour” ring any bells?

    • I sincerely hope that no one here is acquainted with anyone that vapid. That was nausea inducing.

    • ROFLOL! I don’t think so, RD. There’s been a lot of turnover since we left.

  27. Troubador?

  28. I guess it its the “general” who is continuing shadow wars in Latin America. I wonder what the obmanation’s excuse for that? Not very hopey changey….

    QUITO, Feb 21 (Reuters) – The U.S. Embassy official Ecuador kicked out this week on charges of meddling in national affairs was the head of the CIA in the drug-smuggling route country, President Rafael Correa said on Saturday.

    But a U.S. Embassy spokeswoman declined to comment on Correa’s account that the expelled official ran CIA operations in the Andean country, which is a crucial drug-smuggling route to drug gangs in neighboring Colombia and Peru.

    Correa, a leftist ally of U.S. foe Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, expelled Mark Sullivan over charges he tried to handpick an officer heading a police unit partly financed by the United States.

    “Lets speak bluntly; he was the head of the CIA in Ecuador,” Correa said. “The U.S. Embassy was mad because they are used to handpicking police chiefs in exchange for a few computers.”

    Sullivan’s expulsion came a bit over a week after Correa ordered another U.S. official to leave the country on similar charges, fueling tensions with Washington.

    Correa has accused the CIA of having operatives inside his security forces, and aiding neighboring Colombian commandos raid a rebel camp inside Ecuador last year that raised the specter of war in the Andean region.

    propaganda media ignoring the story of course.

  29. New post about Sec of State Clinton in Korea is up.

  30. ROFLMAO – this apologist propaganda should not be this funny. Who in their right mind believes such drivel?!? I usually get along well with twisted, but these little ass hats creep the frack outta me. Like, totally.

  31. “We are not here to indulge in four years of fantasy role-playing just to hand our country back to its destroyers and return to the role of embittered, impotent minority, wallowing in rhetorical opposition while reality descends into entropy.”

    Nice vocab, Toots, but I’m REALLy sorry to say that this is EXACTLY what’s going on… It’s wake-up time. BO is Bush #3.

  32. I doubt that even Obama believes all this crap and that is what is so ironic about those who continue to swallow the hook.

  33. I thought I was already as cynical as I could be, but the last year of politics turned my cynicism up to 11. [I think it was Lily Tomlin who said a few years ago, “No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up.”]

    I thought the elite and elite-wannabe snobs and exploiters, the misogynists and the lemmings were concentrated in the Elephascist Party, but now I realize they’re more evenly distributed than I had suspected. 😦

    I expect a large part of that comes from the fact that the Dixiecrats and fundies [overlapping, but not identical groups] basically took over the Republican Party and turned it into the Elephascist Party. This left people who were basically Republican, but who did not share the cultural obsessions of the Dixiecrats and fundies, with no place to go but the Democratic Party. [Markos Mo’Cheetos, for example, would probably still be a Republican if neo-Dixiecrat yahoos and their wealthy backers had not taken over the GOP.]

    Those people brought lots of money with them and thus were able to tilt the Democratic Party toward their narrow interests and away from the interests of working people.

    What we saw in the general election of 2008 was the victory of the moderate wing of the corporate elite over the hardline bat$#!+ crazy yahoo wing of the corporate elite; nothing more.

  34. That breakfast of Koolaid on Cheetos would be hard to swallow at the best of times. Don’t they realize this is blind faith, the kind the fuhrer relied upon. No criticism allowed b/c he must know better. Obama a scientist? A philosopher? His purported IQ is barely above average. I don’t think we have an Ubermensch for President yet.

  35. So this is how they write….


    No wonder RD started her own place.

  36. […] Wow! This is what happens when you pour Kool-aid on your Cheetos and snort the orange glop through a straw: The furthest […] […]

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