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Trump and Peter Pan

maxresdefaultI woke up in the middle of the night to find that I had unintentionally left CNN running on my iPhone (just the audio, the risk of seeing Katrina Pierson while she strangles kittens under the desk with her bare hands is a bit too much for me). I can’t remember what program was on. Is there a Don Lemon person now filling in for Larry King? It’s been awhile.

Anyway, they were playing a clip from Trump’s rally today where he was going off on Hillary because the Orlando shooter’s father was sitting behind her and, while he was getting all breathless and purple with incredulous rage at her stupidity and incompetence, there was Mark Foley, disgraced former congressman and fall semester pledge for NAMBLA sitting right behind him.

The host and his guests went wild with hysterical laughter. I mean gut busting, can’t catch my breath, wiping eyes hilarity. It took awhile for it to all settle down and I could tell from their voices that they were waiting for a commercial break to get it all out. Then Lemon said something to the effect that he thought he’d seen everything but he never thought he’d be living in an SNL skit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Donald really is dangerous. He’s reckless and incites violence and his followers are crazy, militant and menacing. And you’re absolutely right about all of that. But even menacing, dangerous people tend to keep a degree of gravitas about them so they can get shit done.

It’s much harder to do when everyone is laughing.

It reminded me of the This American Life episode Fiascos that featured an act about an amateur production of Peter Pan with a director who wanted to take some risks. At first, the audience was forgiving of the flying apparatus that threatened to hurl one of the actors into a wall, and Captain Hook’s missing hook. But by the time the indians had scaled the balconies and an accident caused the fire department to come busting into the auditorium, the 4th wall completely disintegrated, belief was officially suspended and the audience gleefully participated in the laughter, mockery and ridicule.

That’s about where we are with Trump.

I dunno, maybe this is Paul Ryan’s strategy, just give him enough rope to hang himself. Maybe it will work.

It sure is funny.

It’s appalling and outrageous that the GOP hasn’t pulled him after the 2nd Amendment assassination comment the other day. But I’m betting they’ll abandon him when no one can take him seriously anymore and there’s still more than two months of endless coverage to turn into merciless parody and satire. They’ve got their own campaigns to worry about.

15 Responses

  1. i believe Ryan did send out an email telling congress to worry about your own seat and to forget about the presidential race. So in other words Trump has lost the general election but we MUST keep congress so that “we can oppose Hillary”.

    • They’re in an absolute panic about Clinton’s Supreme Court picks. Buh-bye Citizens United.

      Buh-bye anti-abortion regulations, too. Of course the Republican elite don’t give a rat’s patootie about abortion except as a means to protect themselves from their mistresses’ slip-ups and a means to rev up their base.

      Scalia is still dead, and they’re worried about their cash flow.

  2. The Republican Party isn’t going to dump Trump or their Party Base, despite the, we are powerless to do so, feigned protestations by Ryan and other party Leaders. These folks Trump and Trump’s party base, they are The Republican Party. The only difference this election is they have discarded what they view as political correctness which in my view was the facade that they are a main stream peoples Party instead of the hate filled extremist they have been groomed to be.
    I’m thinking the question for vulnerable Politician’s is not when will you disavow-dump Trump but will you change your Party identify. Trump he is a joke, the Party is a joke, their spokes people are eye rolling jokes but they aren’t funny to me anymore.

  3. No, no. The correct terminology is “so that we can keep Hillary accountable.”

    But what I wanted to comment on was the laughter. Glad to hear it. Dictators love hate and fear. But they turn into brown powder and blow away when ridiculed. We need lots of laughing at him!

    • Well, it definitely wasn’t a laugh track. They were in stitches. And they were laughing AT him. Not with him.
      Oh, if only Colbert and Sam Bee weren’t on vacation this week.

  4. “If you believe in peanut butter, ya gotta believe–in Donald Trump” 😛

  5. The conservative boomers won’t abandon him. It is the strangest thing. They are convinced this man is saying what everyone else thinks and that the liberal media is lying about him.

  6. “Trump he is a joke, the Party is a joke, their spokes people are eye rolling jokes but they aren’t funny to me anymore.”

  7. MSNBC Today…but what is often lost in all the outrage is the fact that the real estate mogul’s views are not that far outside the mainstream of conservative opinion…..
    Exactly! Republican nod and a wink throw the bum out faux outrage is an act. The only real difference between Hillary’s opponent and the small section of the Republican Party who, wink wink, don’t support him, is that he is openly obtuse and not politically correct and say Speaker Ryan who is also obtuse but in a more politically correct manner.

  8. IMHO the RNC and Media absolutely nominated the Candidate they wanted all along a stooge a walking breathing continuous Hillary attack Ad, at no cost to either entity. Republicans don’t pay for their Ad’s and the media’s has the ready made outraged and are paid by the click. Major con.

  9. The perfect Smiths song for Orange Julius Caesar: 😈

  10. Heard on NPR a survey just completed with 87K respondent Trump supporters in order to determine just who these people are now. White, older males, low education, upper-middle class and above. Whoa.

    • Are the lower-education ones and the upper-middle class and above ones two different groups of people?

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