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Your 2nd Amendment is not more equal than our 15th and 19th Amendment


Psychopaths for Trump

I am spitting angry this morning about this new and outrageous statement from Donald Trump:

“We’re going to watch Pennsylvania. Go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don’t come in and vote five times,” he said at a rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania. “If you do that, we’re not going to lose. The only way we can lose, in my opinion — I really mean this, Pennsylvania — is if cheating goes on.”

I’m a campaign volunteer for PA Democrats and Hillary for PA since March of this year. It irritates me to no end that all my efforts, sincere, honest, legal efforts to get people registered and get out the vote are now considered part of some great conspiracy to deny Donald Trump a win in Pennsylvania.

We are trying to deny Donald a win in Pennsylvania, no question about that but it’s not a conspiracy. It’s called campaigning. We are doing things the old-fashioned way. There are many, many boots on ground in this state. The Democrats are taking this election very seriously so they are active and mobilized to register as many people who are legally able to vote. We also do phone banking and in about a month, we’ll start canvassing. There are so many volunteers in PA right now that we are tripping over each other.

Ooooooo, out Machiavellian plans to deprive Donald of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes are… wait, they’re just normal election activities. I’ve been involved in several campaigns over the years and there’s nothing unusual about this one except the high number of us volunteering. THAT’S why Hillary is leading in the polls. It’s easier to get people to vote for you when you try to meet their needs and ask them for votes than if you threaten to break their knees. Just my humble opinion.

Where is Donald Trump’s Get Out the Vote efforts?? Fuck if I know. I haven’t seen any. But let’s face it, would you rather talk to a friendly optimistic enthusiastic person about voting or an angry bloviating dickhead with a stupid red baseball cap on his head? Let’s not even start with the potential voters Trump is not registering.

But with this newest pronouncement from Trump, what’s going to happen to us when we go to the polls in November? Is THAT where Donald is going to spend all of his time and money, on poll watchers challenging any African American and married woman who tries to express their preferences?

If that’s the plan, Donald, how are you planning to guarantee our safety?  That is one of the responsibilities of the President of the United States. Do you have control of your droogs? How are you going to prevent them from beating the shit out of voters? Are your ammosexuals going to strut around polling places with their guns out in the open and ready for action? What’s going to happen next, Donald?

In the span of one week, Donald Trump has done a “Who will rid me of this meddlesome opponent?!” speech, inviting the attention of the Secret Service. Now, he’s siccing his menacing followers on voters in PA in an attempt to deprive us of our Constitional rights. Shouldn’t the Federal Elections Commission be scheduling an interview with him as well?

I live in a diverse neighborhood. I LIKE it. My poll attendants are African American and little old ladies. I do not want to have to worry that going to vote this fall is going to put any of us in danger.

But that is what you are advocating, Donald. You are trying to make us afraid because you and your supporters won’t take “No” for an answer.

You won’t win here in Pennsylvania. We’re going to legally beat your fat ass this fall in a landslide one person, one vote at a time.

Cheating won’t be necessary.

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  1. BTW, Duncan, Pittsburgh is not what you think it is. We bleed Democrat here and there are not nearly as many white male assholes as Trump thinks.

  2. I’m sick of the drama in this election mostly created by the media and by Trump.

    • Me too
      I don’t think I can take anymore mentions of her email. I just shut it off now. There’s no way she can satisfy the media. They want this to be a nail biter regardless of what it could do to the rest of us.
      It’s disgraceful.

      • My hope is that now that the national security establishment has almost entirely lined up behind Hillary, they will use their connections to order the Corporate Media to cover Orange Julius Caesar the same way it covers Hillary.

      • Me too. If the question asked is about emails or why don’t people like you which has been asked thousands of times already I just shut it off or refuse to click on it. 2/3 of the public is sick of hearing about emails too according to the polls. Nothing, nothing about how their plans are going to affect everyday Americans. They act like they are still stuck in middle school.

      • It’s as if the media has stacked up the hundreds of appalling, inciteful, and even treasonous things which Trump has said and done; and then tried to equalize all of it by endlessly repeating, “Hillary’s emails.” I don’t know that they think they are trying to do; make the election close? Help Trump win? Keep their large audience of right-wing viewers? Satisfy their corporate bosses? Keep the Senate in Republican hands? Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with legitimate journalism. I am doing everything I can to help HIllary win. After the election is over, I plan to stay far away from the poisonous meida, who are risking the survival of the planet.

  3. Also from Trump’s “speech” yesterday: “The only way they can beat it in my opinion — and I mean this 100 percent — if in certain sections of the state they cheat, OK?”
    I’m not one who sees a r word under every bed, but “certain sections of the state” made me gasp.
    Is it still a dog whistle when everybody can hear if?

    • Orange Julius Caesar swapped the dog whistle for a bullhorn from Day One. That’s the biggest reason he won the nomination. The other candidates were offering methadone maintenance bigotry; the Donald offered them pure China White bigotry straight up the mainline. 👿

  4. From Electoral-Vote.com:

    In the increasingly divisive world of American politics, nearly everything is on the table, from filibusters to tax returns to years-long investigations of e-mail servers. However, it is virtually unheard of for politicians to challenge the integrity of an election (particularly months before that election has even taken place). There is a reason for this: Any party that questions the legitimacy of election returns when they lose knows that, one day, the shoe will be on the other foot. But the Donald is not invested in the future success of the the Republican Party, he is only concerned with the future success of Donald Trump and the Trump brand. Recognizing that he is a big underdog, he’s already doing damage control so that he can keep his “winner” reputation as intact as is possible, even in the face of a landslide. And thus we see one of the downsides to an “outsider” candidate; they’re more than willing to embrace a scorched earth approach, and to leave future generations to clean up the mess. (Z)

    Orange Julius is setting himself up to win even if he loses. By convincing his droogs that he was cheated, he retains their loyalty and preserves his image as a “winner”, which he needs for his Plan B:

    If he loses, he will become a politician-entrepreneur on the model of Gingrich, Huckabee, and Palin, hawking Trump Books, Trump “Seminars”, Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, and–I suppose next–Trump Male Enhancement Products (“Make It YUUUUUUUGE!”) to the bigots and Babbitts of the Great Amurkan Booboisie who adore him. 😛

  5. Oh, for Madoka’s sake, how have I twisted Spammy’s knickers NOW?

  6. It may be that Trump supporters are more gunned and ammoed up for now. But it is not inevitable that Trump opponents have to stay unarmed and disarmed. Potential Trump supporter targets have the same gun rights that Trump supporters have.

    Here are two groups who are building out from an understanding of that fact.
    #1: Pink Pistols. http://www.pinkpistols.org/

    #2: Black Guns Matter. http://www.npr.org/2016/06/20/482750884/black-guns-matter-focuses-on-firearms-education-to-decrease-violence

    • This is true. But a gun fight at the OK Corral is not what the typical voter expects at their local polling place.

    • As long as the national security establishment supports Hillary–and they’ve lined up behind her almost to a man or woman–I doubt it matters much what stormtrooper-wannabes think. The wannabes can be suppressed.

      • Not to mention that a disproportionate percentage of Orange Julius Caesar’s base are, ahem, chronologically challenged. It’s hard to goose-step on your Hoveround. 😆

      • I agree but I’d feel better if I knew there was a plan. On the other hand, our police chief McCay is much more likely to make sure polling places are safe for African Americans than Donald seems to think. McCay spoke at the Democratic convention and is well known for promoting racial sensitivity in our police department. So, I suspect thuggery will not be tolerated.
        The problem is there are a lot of thugs out there.

        • Well, dealing with thugs is what the police and the National Guard are for.

          Really, I sympathize with Alexander Hamilton more and more.

          • WaPo reports that his campaign is going to start training a lot of poll watchers.
            PA could be targeted for two reasons: 1.) no early voting. 2.) the voter ID law that was passed was blocked in court. So you don’t have to present ID to vote.
            Early voting would have helped us get around the thugs. But the voter ID thing will make it more likely that voters will be challenged.
            PA has a motor voter thing. When you get your license you register to vote. That will mitigate some of the challenge problems. But I think unless the GOP steps up to defuse this situation we could be looking at a very volatile environment in November. Trump’s base doesn’t really need trump anymore to be a dangerous force

  7. Another Republican RNC Stooge crooked Hillary attack Ad framed so the media can report it like it’s normal campaign news. This way the media still makes their click money, allows them to attack Hillary 7 x 24, they don’t turn on him and Hillary’s Republican opponent doesn’t pay a dime all the while the Dems spend millions. Oy.

    Might be a good time to remind the Republican base their tiny group of 14M (I suspect that number to be greatly inflated by Dems who help ensure his nomination) are a paltry 0.06 Percent of the 2016 electorate and most other people don’t really like their erratic behavior already.

  8. An aside: Just was dusting a bookshelf and a sign on it that I have stared at for many years but it just now hit me that it should be a Hillary bumper sticker. It is the well known sign that reads:

    Well behaved women rarely make history.

    Maybe campaign workers should wear it or a version that says “Well behaved women never become President!”

    She and her surrogates should stop apologizing for her being a politician, especially when you (Hillary) have been in the top tier of honest and good ones. I like that Dean has gotten angry at some of the CNN email questioners. He asked “what answer do you want? She has apologized a thousand times….What do you want!!?!” The questioner had the nerve to say, in a meek voice, ‘well, Trump says…..’ and Dean then ranted about the R having only that as a talking point. He should have asked “do you get all your questions from Trump or republicans?”

  9. I found this on Hullabaloo. It’s a sign outside a restaurant in Hamburg. 😆

  10. I’m impressed at the Henry II reference. I thought of that immediately after Trump;s speech, but I was surprised that no one else in the media seemed to note the parallels.

    Trump’s grandiose and delusional worldview has him never making a mistake, never losing. It is always other people who are cheating him. The media is against him; the Republican nomination was rigged until he won it; the general election is fixed as well. Literally insane people see things this way. I don’t care about his delusions, except that his supporters accept them; and thus he is setting things up for riots and possibly worse. I’m sure you know that this has not a thing to do with what actually happens on the ground in PA, it’s just Trump’s mind trying to cope with the fact that he’s losing this key state. When he’s set up this Manichean duality, where Hillary and Obama are responsible for everything wrong, and he’s the only person who can save the land from ruin, he cannot deal with the imminence of losing to these forces.

    • I agree. Trump’s personality is driving this and he’s not taking all the critical attention very well.
      It’s always someone else’s fault, never Donald’s.

  11. I still say tRumpxit by Halloween.

    • Lol! I wish. But I think the GOP is going to distance itself and watch him disintegrate all the way to Election Day.
      What worries me mow is who is responsible for his enraged followers who will feel like the GOP betrayed them and that Hillary is an illegitimate commie c@&$. How are they going to spend all that fury?

  12. http://electionlawblog.org/?p=85289 This is good news Hillary’s Republican opponent may well have violated an RNC consent decree which bars the RNC from engaging in such activities! Dose not help with the crazies, however other than adding a charge for contempt.

    If the RNC or Republican candidates attempt to distance themselves at this late day, after all the damage their nomination of him has done, we should not in anyway let them off the hook they have been more than complicit in the con.

  13. RD: “How are they going to spend all that fury?”

    By continuing to “investigate” Hillary Clinton for the rest of her life. And, at the same time, I sure hope she has double secret service protection, and with a more professional cadre than has been there in the last several years.

    Unless…and I doubt this can happen…. by some miracle the country goes all-Democratic in the general election. Or if the House at least loses some of the Tea party reps. And we get more Democratic Party governors. Can miracles happen?

    • Maybe. But that would make the trump supporters even angrier even when trump has left the national stage. They’ve been activated c

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