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    riverdaughter on Fitness Month: the longest mon…
    William on Fitness Month: the longest mon…
    jmac on S}#% I just don’t underst…
    Propertius on S}#% I just don’t underst…
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Secrecy and the Press: which came first?

Hillary’s emails at State might remain secret and away from prying eyes. Media freaks out accordingly.

Let’s see if I have this right. The media, such as the undead Andrea Mitchell, make a big stinking deal about everything Hillary Clinton does for 30 years, insisting it has the right, nay, the duty, to go through her underwear drawers looking for evidence of, of, well, nevermind that, when we find it, we’ll construct a narrative around it.

The undeads, prematurely decomposing before our very eyes, drag their target through many trials and tribulations, including scandals about billing records, scandals about friends who commit suicide, scandals about non-existent scandals about real estate investments that didn’t produce a generous ROI. The target has secrets that the undead is mindlessly driven to uncover. Secrets. “SSSEEEEEECCCCRRETS“, they sussurate as they stagger through the decades. Even as she outruns them, they manage to catch up, pounding on her door demanding SSEEEEEEEECRRRRRETTTS.

In the process, the target, being a live, sentient being, with the ability to learn and adapt to her environment, begins to understand that every interaction with the world can now be considered sustenance for the undead. So, she takes defensive measures and hides anything she doesn’t want taken out of context and twisted into some hideously misshapen, unrecognizable thing.

And now, the undead scream “Aha! We told you she was secretive!”

At this point, it shouldn’t be surprising if our protagonist rolls her eyes and ignores them.


Following up on what Peter Daou is exposing as the words that the right and the media use to describe Hillary (jeez, it sounds like something Newt Gingrich might have written in his infamous “Language: a Key Mechanism of Control” pamphlet. Wait. How do we know he didn’t write them?), I have assembled a similar list of words that the left uses.

The left will deny this (because it thinks rather highly of itself) but it is as prone to trigger words and propaganda techniques as the right. In the case of Hillary Clinton, there may be a certain segment of left purists who will not be satisfied with anything less than a knit-your-own-sandals, pacifistic, raw vegan, self-sacrificing type who grows her own GMO free biodegradable fuel source. Never mind that that kind of politician, if she even deigns to dip her little toe into such a filthy pursuit as politics, is completely unelectable. Hillary will never be able to meet the standards of these people.

But there is a vast segment in between them and, well, us, who are very vulnerable to anti-Clinton messaging. The former blogger Anglachel tentatively identified them as the “male grad student” demographic. These are the kiss ass sycophants who hope to make it up the career ladder by styling themselves as “creative class” and glomming on to disgruntled former Clinton administration officials or rivals. Many of them were too young to actually remember with accuracy what went on during the Clinton years when the GOP started flexing its muscle and went where few parties had gone before. Remember, it was Newt who shut down government back in 1995-96. Oh, you don’t remember? {{rolling eyes}}

Anyway, here are a list of words that this segment falls prey to with respect to the Clintons. For all I know, there are elements of the right invading comments sections of popular blogs and online newspapers, dropping these little rosebuds and then getting their colleagues to recommend the comments. That’s how they reach the top of the recommended comments list and convince other human herd animals that they have validity and should be emulated. This was a technique used to great success on DailyKos in 2008.

Here are the words:

inevitable, dynasty, entitled, war hawk, hawkishness, DLC, corporatist, insider, Wall Street candidate

urrrgghghhh! don’t those words just grate on your nerves??

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Wall Street trigger word is particularly funny because back in 2008 when Wall Street decided to back a candidate to save itself from the looming disaster it already saw coming, it didn’t pick Hillary. (Watch the creative classer’s head start to vibrate.) But never mind, Wall Street has always loved her (or so we are told) and now that it has let Obama go first (this is the most ridiculous rationalization I have ever heard), it will let Hillary go next. From what I can see, Wall Street, and its media minions, is not yet convinced it wants Hillary. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the undead remind me a lot of the courtiers of some medieval king, striving for status and hoping to not find their placecards below the salt.

13 Responses

  1. Ack! I got an Andrea Mitchell haircut yesterday! Quick! Grow out, grow out!

  2. Valjar is responsible for leaking the information about the emails to the press. Stupid Hillary for having any loyalty at all to that group. She should have known they’d go after her in the end. They were never going to let her become president. Once you “lose” to them, you apparently have to stay gone.

    Well the Obamas are going to get exactly what they want! A Republican president. Elizabeth Warren is apparently their candidate. Don’t make me laugh.

    • Or cry.

    • The primaries should ideally be a Darwinian selection process. Let Clinton, Warren, Webb and whomever else wishes fight through them to the bitter end. May the candidate with the biggest plurality of eLECted delegates refuse to surrender at the convention. Let herm take all herm’s delegates and supporters out of the DemParty and form an opposition party to burn the DemParty down to the ground once and for all if that is what it takes.

  3. Anyone who is not a war hawk will never be allowed to become Preznit unless and until the Empire of Capital keeps its richly deserved appointment in Samarra.

    I do not say “American Empire” because there is no more United States of America. What passes for the USA now is an anime-style giant robotic warsuit, painted to look like a giant Uncle Sam, piloted by the Imperial Capitalists. 👿

    I doubt I will ever vote for a Reptilian or Dinocratic presidential candidate again.


    • I don’t like the term “war hawk” because it’s pretty binary. You’re supposedly either a war hawk or not a war hawk. There’s no room for conditionals, such as “I will work for peace at all times but will draw the line when blah happens.” There are a lot of situations where we would be putting the world at risk by NOT interfering. In retrospect, we probably should have intervened in Syria.

      • “There are a lot of situations where we would be putting the world at risk by NOT interfering.”

        I think the last situation where that was true ended in 1945. Of course, Official Corporate Virtual Reality, as expressed by the Official Corporate Government in the Official Corporate Media, says otherwise.

        Maybe I did not express myself well. I used the term “war hawk” intending to point out that while I do consider HRC a hawk, she is hardly the only one. Preznit Drone Serial Killer is a corporate mercenary hawk who pretended to be dovish. At least HRC was more honest.

        Again, anyone who is not willing to slaughter as many foreigners of all ages as necessary to force the world to submit to the predatory misrule of Big Business–the owner of what used to be the USA–will never be allowed to become Prez, or if the system somehow malfunctions and lets a relative dove in by mistake (such as Carter), he will be removed ASAP, even if treason must be committed to accomplish that (as in the Reagan campaign’s cutting a deal with the mullahs to keep the hostages until after the 1980 elections). 👿

        (Pardon my Reynolds Wrap Cap.) :mrgreen:

        • Perhaps it was best for poor old Jimmeh that the Reaganite deal with the mullahs went through. If the Malefactors of Great Wealth couldn’t have gamed the 1980 election to remove him “legally”, he might have suffered the fate of JFK in his hypothetical 2nd term.

          I think the biggest difference between you and me is that you still think the USA can be salvaged, while I suspect the real USA has died already, and what stands in its place is the Big Biz Robotic Warsuit I mentioned above. Preznit Hopey Dopey killed the last shreds of my hopes for saving the USA.

        • I can’t remember where I saw this but the sea war between the british and the french was supposed to be the first world war.
          If the theory is correct, WWII never really ended. The properties have changed hands but we are still controlled by geography and this is not going to change until we relocate to a different planet.
          That’s only somewhat related to corporations. We can’t blame them for everything. I don’t think you could claim that Hitler was working for corporations when he worked with Italy and Japan to take over the world. BTW, Americans are given such a white washed version of the war. We very nearly lost it. That fellowship was balanced on the edge of a knife. One false move and it would have failed.
          Which is all to say that warfare is still a matter of geography. If you wonder why so many conflicts happen in the middle east, it’s because the participants know what they are doing. The know how to get attention and until there’s a quicker way around africa, there is going to be conflict there.

          • “[The Allies] very nearly lost it.”

            If the USA had somehow stayed neutral in WW2, Continental Europe would indeed have fallen entirely under the influence of a totalitarian ideology and its one-party state.

            However, the ideology in question would have been Communism, and the one-party state would have been the USSR, as there would have been nothing to stop the Red Army once it conquered Germany.

            Lend-Lease helped, but the USSR built the majority of its own war machines, in factories far beyond the reach of the Luftwaffe. Germany was simply, fatally, outmatched in material resources. Even had the Wehrmacht taken Moscow, that would not have broken Russia. Napoleon did take Moscow, for all the good it did him.

            If the USSR had been compelled to fight Germany alone, the Red Army would still have rolled into Berlin, just somewhat later than in actual history The only real hope for the Ratzis would have been to develop the A-Bomb first, and they failed at that.

            As for Japan, the first three articles listed in this link explain why Japan was doomed the day it attacked Pearl Harbor.


  4. As what this country calls a liberal, I don’t put a lot of stock in conservative writers, but H. L. Mencken had some good quotes; here’s one.


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