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Hard to believe this is controversial

This is the police chief of Pittsburgh, Cameron McLay, during First Night celebrations calling for awareness of racism at work:

Granted, there are some people who see racism where there isn’t any (I’m talking to you, Obots). But most of us know racism when we hear it. Like, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea that mass transit isn’t more popular just because residents of suburbia are afraid that inner city residents might use it. Wow, I can’t even describe how many kinds of dumb are in that sentiment. It’s not only racist, it’s short sighted. It’s like someone with a devious political mind is using latent racism to screw the rest of us out of cheap, convenient transportation that will minimize our use of fossil fuels. It’s a threefer! Cheat urban voters of transportation, treat black voters as undesirables and give more money to the oil barons who force us to use our cars more frequently. Oh, yes, I love to give my money to already rich people so they can influence politicians to deny me services.

But getting back to Police Chief McLay, he had to write a clarification to the Pittsburgh FOP stating that it wasn’t his intention to offend anyone but that he was committed to raising awareness of racism in his department. Isn’t that a *good* thing? I mean, I’d much rather we had a police force that didn’t act like the cops in Ferguson, NYC or Cleveland. It’s hard to believe he even has to hold a sign indicating his commitment. Way to go, Mayor Peduto, for not giving into pressure and backing your police chief.

We can blame Fox News for irrationally ramping up fear and Rush Limbaugh types for the stupidity and venom.



5 Responses

  1. OT, but wanted to mention the amazing event on CNN showing the Unity Rally in Paris! Most amazing and wonderful! A Fernch philosopher call the Jihadists the new Fascism. Many Muslims and Imams holding signs like the Je suis Charlie, and most amazing of all, je suis Jewish! Seeing Netenyahoo and Abbas at he front of the March was mind boggling. What tell television should be.

    • It was great.
      If Obama had been smart, he’d have asked Bill Clinton to represent the US at the Paris rally. Bill would have gone and he’s universally beloved throughout most of the world.

      • …and the troglodytes of AM Hate Radio would have spent the week cracking jokes about Bill Clinton hitting on the women participants.

        • True, but he’s a big boy and he can take it.
          God knows, it could be nothing he hasn’t heard before.

  2. Good for Pittsburgh.

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