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Neil Barofsky’s book is depressing.

Summary: Obama appointed the Mafia to run the Treasury.

You know it’s bad when your Democratic Special Inspector General for TARP who was appointed under Bush says the Obama Treasury appointees are worse.  Not only that but the HAMP program was constructed in such a way as to encourage mortgage foreclosure fraud by the servicers. Tim Geithner is not a nice guy.  Oh, no, he isn’t.  He’s a sociopath.  It’s just bad any way you look at it.  We’ve been had.  The banks own everything.

I don’t know if I can handle Sheila Bair’s book, Bull by the Horns, as well.  It might be too much.

Don’t let anyone fool you.  The good guys have left the administration with a couple of exceptions.  The rest have to go.  Clean them all out.

19 Responses

  1. The good guys have left the administration with a couple of exceptions. The rest have to go. Clean them all out.

    I agree with you 100%.

  2. What a choice. We can be robbed blind by the half-sane plutocrats we have now, or replace them with the Full Metal Crazy plutocrats. 😦

    • Would the Full Metal Crazy plutocrats speed up the ripoff so badly that the natives get restless . . . just like we did under the CheneyBushCo Pelosi Administration? (Why would I be so rude as to add Pelosi’s name to that Administration? Because she took impeachment “off the table” in order to keep CheneyBushCo in POWer as WELL as in office till the very last minute of the very last day.)

      And if President Romney made the natives restless all over again, what would we do and where would we “turn to”? “Let a hundred Third Parties bloom, let a thousand schools of politics contend” . . . I suppose.

      Meanwhile, can any of us retreat and protect any shred of our lives and our money from the Obamafia gang banker elite? Does “move your money” have anywhere for people to move their money to? Can the second and third tier banks and credit unions be trusted? What would Sheila Bair say?

    • my feelings exactly!!! which way do i go???

      • Here are your choices:
        1) vote for Obama, maintain the most outrageous betrayal of the public trust in American history. I only wish I was exaggerating. No one should pick this option.
        2) Vote for Romney and have everyone in political office think that you actually prefer right wing politics with selfishness, callousness and permanent inequality, not to mention women as second class citizens and gay families at risk of bad things happening to them because they don’t get the same protections as traditional families.
        3) Vote third party. You can choose Jill Stein of the Green party or Rocky Anderson of the justice party. There are a good and bad outcomes here. There will likely not be enough people to elect either one but sufficient defectors from the Democrats will throw the race to Romney. However, unlike voting for Romney directly, there will be no ambiguity about what it means. It will mean that Democrats and liberals took out Obama because they see him as a menace.
        The other outcome is that it gives more weight to third party candidates and even though they may not win the white house, there is a better possibility that those parties, or a party that doesn’t exist yet, can get representation in the Congress in 2014. More third party congresspersons and senators would make for a more parliamentary system and could break the gridlock. This is a long term strategy that could see results as early as 2014. We need to work hard.
        I don’t think there’s any question about it, the answer is 3, even of you do not happen to be a green or justice party fan. Right now, there are too many of us without party affiliation or champion. So we need to start from scratch. The first thing to do is make sure Obama is not re-elected.

  3. It’s not complicated.

    Mitt Romney is Wall Street.

    Barack Obama is a cheap whore for Wall Street.

    Who also happens to enjoy murdering small children with predator drones in his spare time.


    Of course I’m going to vote for Jill Stein, but that really isn’t any more satisfactory than any other boycott equivalent in any other banana republic throughout modern history.

  4. Elton John said it in “Candle in the Wind”:

    You had the grace to hold yourself
    While those around you crawled
    They crawled out of the woodwork

    Time for Timmy and friends to climb back into the woodwork and stay there.

    • Barofsky is not the first person to tell this story. He’s just one of a long line of people who have given their own view of the White House and Tim Geithner. That list includes Ron Suskind (after interviewing the people who were there), Christin Romer, Jared what’s his name, Barofsky and now Sheila Bair. You could throw Elizabeth Warren in there as well.
      It all comes back to Geithner, over and over again. He gave away all of our money to the banks. What they didn’t take, they have access to. His droogs fired people in the auto industry, destroyed franchises and nullified employment contracts and yet saved every person in the finance industry because their money was sacred.
      He butchered HAMP, extracted money out of poor homeowners and STILL foreclosed on them. I can’t believe he’s still in charge. He should have been fired by now.

  5. I believe Obama’s mother worked for Timmy’s father at the Ford Foundation (a CIA front, I’m told) in Indonesia and Pakistan. Did Obama and Timmy know each other back then? Are they both, aside from being Wall Streeters, CIA?

  6. geithner, holder, duncan–these three tell you all you need to know about obama and his intentions. this is why i will vote for jill stein.

    • Rocky Anderson for me.

      • I’ve gotta go with the girl power, but I am curious, why Anderson rather than Stein?
        I took the “find your perfect candidate” test and it came up Jill Stein. Were Clinton running I would vote for her of course and I may still write her in. But I am curious about Anderson.

        • I don’t like the Greens. Sorry, but there it is. I just don’t like them. I think they’re waaaaaayyyyy too dogmatic on some issues, I hate unregulated class action lawsuits as much as I hate unregulated finance and I don’t like the anti-vax, anti-nuclear, anti-gmo, anti-ability-to-think-critically crap I hear every time a Green party candidate opens his or her mouth. I loved Molly Ivins but I thought her political stance was cracked in many places. It’s as much a religion as anything you’ll find in the Tea Party. There’s got to be a willing suspension of disbelief. If I have no other choice, I’ll vote Green but I won’t like it. Foturnately for me, Rocky Anderson is on the ballot in my state so I can vote for him. From my point of view, the Justice party is a little closer to my values. The Greens have got to stop the hyperbole and heavy breathing before I ever sign on to them. The need an office of “Is the shit we believe in really probable or scientifically robust?” before I take them seriously.
          I also don’t care if Jill Stein is a woman. I didn’t vote for Hillary because she was a woman. I voted for her because she was the best candidate. The woman part was icing on the cake.

          • Yes, I share many of your feelings about the Green party. But I see the voting for women thing differently. To me it seems like there will always be a reason not to elect some woman until we just say “enough, we are simply taking our fair share and we will worry about the rest later”. I also did not vote for Hillary because she was a woman, but it didn’t hurt and all things being even close to equal, hell yes I’d rather vote for the woman.

          • I’d rather not give the Democratic party the wrong impression. I want it to take my vote seriously. I don’t think voting for the Greens is going to do it. If you want to make a point about women in government, that might be a different story. In which case, I wish that Jill Stein wasn’t a Green and that she wasn’t all into crazy tox talk.

  7. The state of the Economy is the classic, CLASSIC product of organized crime. The Mafia so intimidates business owners that any motivation to go into business is convoluted by the graft, kickbacks, collusion required while one’s family and community lives with the unrelenting pressure of threat. In a legitimately governed community, Corey Booker, Mayor of Newark – the HOME OFFICE of the Mafia, should be able to speak his mind and enjoy a certain freedom from “threat.” Yet, within an hour, was responding to an offer he couldn’t refuse. Good Guys leaving the Admin began with Paul O’Neil accusing Bush of shockingly crude policies. His speakers bureau was flagging the “economic cliff” in the Spring of 2007. 90% of legitimate business is lubricated by Good Faith and Honor. Obama’s demonstration of contempt for honor is applauded by the media as, somehow, brilliant gaming of the system. Lazy hackers INVARIABLY spend more time trying to come up with a system of beating the System while getting paid to work the System. That, in a nutshell, characterizes the reality that the Good Guys have been replaced with the Good Fellas, and to Women who are making incredible gains in graduate schools and money management are particularly respectful of the scam these hackers are attempting to pull off. We possess within ourselves, the operating system that can sidetrack these “System Bombs” and continue taking care of business while dismantling the out-wit-able dull, vulnerable thugs.

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