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Oh, NOW, the system isn’t fair.

Go read Thereisnospoon’s recent post at Hullabaloo and substitute the words, “party primary system” wherever you see “presidential election”.

Funny, I don’t remember anyone in the Obama contingent whining about how unfair it was for the nearly empty western states and conservative southern states to trump almost every big or substantial Democratic state in the 2008 primary season (CA, NY, NJ, MA, TX, PA, OH, etc.  List not exhaustive.).  Heck, at least in a general election, your electoral college votes and delegates actually get counted. Nope, no one in the Democratic party in 2008 was overly concerned whether the voters actually matched the candidate.  We were just supposed to suck it up and get unified.


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  1. Last year Nospoon endorsed the idea that anyone organizing a primary against Obama should be expelled from the party. He’s so secure in that decision that anyone who raises the subject at Hullabaloo is instantly banned. (Need I add that the group whose expulsion he condoned was his own caucus>?)

  2. The (David) Atkins Diet – Eat shit and vote for Obama.

  3. Hullabaloo is Digby’s blog. That means that any banning done there is Digby’s decision. Atkins is merely Digby’s little MiniMe. People may console themselves with the belief that Atkins somehow “took over” Digby’s blog, but I’m not having it.

    I begin to think that Digby was a deep-cover Democratic apparatchik for years . . . attracting a broad and deep audience by running what appeared to be an independently liberal blog. When the time was right, or when the Orders came down from Above, or whatever . . . she turned the blog into an overt Walled Garden Veal Pen blog. It is now difficult to get any genuine information to the captive audience willingly trapped behind the Digby Curtain. They will have to decide to want to venture out. And I don’t know how they will find out about The Confluence if nobody is allowed to tell them the way
    Monster From the Id was still allowed to tell me and the rest of us Digby readers.

    And yes, Digby was a good writer before and she is a good writer now even after she has revealed herself to be the Commandant of her own A List veal pen. Stalag Hullabaloo.

    • Of course, I can’t tell them about TC now, having been stealth-banned. I still lurk there sometimes, from a perverse interest in watching its Kossification into just another Oborg hive. However, as RD points out below, she is still allowed there. For whatever reasons, Digby does allow some denunciation of The Once, maybe for the sake of appearances.

      I wonder if Commandant Digby and Junior Deputy Commandant Spoony wear snappy uniforms now. I’m sure that would thrill Grim Feckless (aka Cmdr. Badgebunny), given his obvious fetish for authority figures. 😈

  4. Never saw the Digby attraction…

    • well . . . Digby’s writing was and is quite good . . . when SHE and not that little Atkins creature is the person doing the writing. And she sometimes had impressive guest bloggers like Poputonian and even
      broaderly-famous people like Lucian Truscott III a time or three. And now to have fallen so low . . . to have that . . . that Thing David Atkins
      writing on her blog . . . ohhhh its just too awful.

  5. Ever since Monsieur Spoonless said it was okay with him if people retained quaint customs like dowsing or witchburning I don’t read anything he writes. (No, I am not making that up. h ttp:// digbysblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/no-they-will-never-learn-by-david.html)

    To think that they went from David Dayen to that. Sad.

  6. In defense of Digby, I still think she’s an amazing writer and for some strange reason, she hasn’t banned me. Sometimes, I am disappointed with the posts she does on Romney’s obvious wealth, stupid adolescence or Bain capital. It’s not that I don’t think they’re important. It’s just that I think in these times, the election is going to be a referendum on Obama and what her audience needs right now is a reason to vote for the president. No one who reads her blogs is unaware of what jerks with evil intentions the Republicans are.
    I think she is put in an awkward position because I’ve noticed that she can’t bring herself to write the overly positive and willfully blind post about Obama that should be expected from an A list Democratic loyalist blogger. That’s probably what Atkins is for, in an attempt, I’m guessing, to keep her coffers full.
    What really bothers me is why the fuck Mother Jones hired that milquetoast Kevin Drum instead of having Digby filling in for Drum when he goes on vacation. I will never get over how Digby hasn’t made the big time like the other boys. That right there shows you how unjust life is for talented women.

    • Spot on analysis of Digby, RD. Her problem is that she can present very good, well-written critiques of what Mr. O is doing but loses her nerve when the obvious conclusion of her analysis (this guy sucks) might present itself in all its potential unpopularity for parts of her readership. At that point, lacking anything else to talk about, she’ll spend time whipping up comfort food for lefty blog readers, ie, How Stupid and Evil The Other Side Is. And I agree that Spoonless is there to do the rah-rah and dissent-silencing that she’s perfectly willing to condone but lacks the stmach for herself. I still read her regularly because the analysis is often sharp and the writing very good, but it’s sad to see someone so gifted waste her talents essentially becoming another prop for establishment Dems.

  7. The keys to nomination under Obama were caucuses, race, and quite frankly theft and intimidation. Let’s talk about the caucuses. Obama won Caucuses in twelve states. Hillary won no states even though she got more votes in Nevada and won the primary in Texas. She did manage a tie in Guam (2-2) and a win in American Samoa (2-1). Clearly, this was not representative of the rest of the electorate.

    Obama won every state where at least 19% of the population is black. That meant nine primary wins (including D.C.).

    Other than that, he was only able to win white bread and/or suburban state primaries with the exception of his home state of Illinois. That brought in CT, Utah, WI (6.3% black), VT, OR and MT. MO was a delegate tie.

    Yes, the electoral vote is meant to favor smaller states but that was only a small part of the delegate mess.

    • I had read months after the fact about accusations that the Obama campaign bused in bunches of non-residents of certain states to fake
      greater support for Obama in caucuses. And certainly also brought in bunches of non-residents of particular localities to flood out the inhabitants of particular caucus zones. Are there clickable links to stories about that sort of thing?

  8. I ran a little experiment with the Digblog. From my workplace computer I logged in as guest and typed: ” still banned . . . ?” on Tristero’s Bittman post. Then I typed in another comment.

    The “still banned . . . ?” line shows up as seen from this library computer. However, the next comment is not there. Did the IP computer address pre-banning detector fail at first? Did the second comment vaporise? Did they decide to let the “still banned . . . ?” print as a cute little joke?

    Yes Digby is a good writer. No she never lost her nerve. She was a deep cover Democratic Apparatchik right from the start . . . ready to slam the vealpen gates shut when the time was right. Bringing David Atkins onto her blog was a sign that someone higher up the command structure decided it was time to slam the vealpen gates shut. Why else would a second rate little third rater like Atkins even be allowed onto Digby’s blog? A blog which has guest hosted such high-level people as Lucian Truscott III? Certainly not for his “writing”.

    I gather a blog counts each login as a countable eyeball. So since I will keep reading Digby from time to time, I will only log into it once every two or so weeks so as to minimize the number of times they get to count my eyeballs. I might also try sneaking in a guest comment from remote locations from time to time.

    • Plus, I can write more gooder then per what David Atkins ever did could, or ever can will write. Reasons for his presence aside, David Atkins is a real suppurating fistula on the face of Hullabaloo.

  9. There’s a lot of that going around. Charles Pierce has a piece up where he says:

    In many ways, this president reminds me of the truck drivers in The Wages of Fear, trying to get the nitroglycerine over the mountains with blowing themselves all to hell and gone. In so many ways, he is still outside of things. In so many ways, he is still the flyer the Democratic party took in 2008. In so many ways, the path he has to walk to re-election is similar to the path he has had to walk through his life. It was hard not to notice the subtext present in all those earnest warnings about hurting the fee-fees of our financial titans. The president was stepping out of his place. The president was being uppity again.

    I don’t disagree that Obama faces obstacles with the Village because of his race, but he was favored by the Village in ’08 because of his gender. And if President Hillary Clinton had governed like Obama has, Pierce would NOT be excusing her because poor Hillary can’t find acceptance. In fact, I’m quite sure he’d be very comfortable lecturing her, STFU, the Presidency is not a therapy session, people who are in need don’t care about her problems. Produce, or get out of the way of someone who can.

    • I think Obama has been favored because of his race.

    • I think Obama was favored because they knew they could not control Hillary and she might actually get something done. They could not stand that. (Sometimes, I think the Democratic leadership hates SOS Clinton because she is smart and good. Not saying she is perfect (who is?), but I don’t think she has a corrupt bone in her body. They know it and it galls them.)

      But I agree that his race (bi-racial) and gender were factors in finding someone who could beat her.


      • But if certain caucuses and then the convention were rigged and gamed as badly as I have been reading here from time to time; did he actually even beat her anyway? Or was he Wall Street’s, Reid’s, and Pelosi’s pre-chosen Secret Agent and the beneficiary of aggressive “stone-smoothing” at the very least? (In that Canadian sport of curling, what is the name for those people who skate ahead of the curling stone polishing the ice to affect its forward motion?)

  10. Shorter TINS….Obama is going to lose if we let the electoral college rule the day.

  11. Maybe the Malefactors Of Great Wealth always meant for Obummer to be a one-term Prez–they just knew they couldn’t have a Reptilian in 2008 without rigging the election beyond the limits of plausible deniability, and they didn’t want to take the risk of doing that? 😕

    • yes, after bush there was no way any republican was going to beat Hillary and possibly no other democrat either. So they found themselves a fall guy, someone who would sell out for money and the appearance of a win.

      • Ayayay! No newspaper is completely reliable these days but I avoid papers like the Washington Examiner and The Daily News like the plague. We should never, never, never cite either paper under any circumstances. Whatever they print about Hillary is to be treated with the highest degree of suspicion. They are conservative propaganda artists and their goal is to distract you and dilute your strength.
        I’m not kidding. I’m not even interested in following this link. That paper is owned by a very socially conservative right wing billionaire. I have zero interest in anything he allows to be printed in it.

  12. The obots on MSNBC have cranked up the CDS the past few days- since the loss in Wisconsin, it’s been blame Bill for the loss, and drag out the 2008 attacks on the Clinton voters- you know which one…. Never mind a lot of us are actually liberals on all kinds of social issues and voted for Hillary because her voting record and work history starkly showed how much more liberal she was and is than Obama…. Maddow didn’t participate (yet) but Schultz, ODonnell (and he was the worst of the lot), and yes, Chris Hayes on his Up program Saturday was- Hayes was big on pushing the meme Clinton voters were you know what, from some bogus poll he was hyping- strange how none of us ever heard of such poll when it was happening….

    • Some idiot on a blog, I don’t remember where, said the other day that 80 percent of what was wrong in this country right now is based on racism. WHA??????
      Poor Obama, saddled with racism holding him back after the country elected him president of the USA. It couldn’t be that he is just bad at his job…no no noooooooooooo, the country is screwed up because racism is getting in the way of his wonderfulness.

    • The Obama knee-pad crew has to crank up the CDS on MSNBO lest the voters wise up and start to demand he step down in favor of a real Democrat.

  13. Just yesterday I bumped into a great long NYT piece about how much racism was reducing B0’s support, which was measured by … wait for it … how much lower his support was than that of white male Dem politicians.

    The circularity of the premise never seemed to occur to the obviously intelligent writer.

    I could think of one rather direct way of gauging how much B0’s loss of support is due to B0:poll people who voted for him or volunteered for him in 2008 whether they’re doing the same this year. Maybe he wasn’t interested in repeating that research because it’s been done before and the answer’s clear.

  14. If one takes a look at the very first comment up above, and clicks the hyperlink to Che Pasa’s blog entry, and reads all the way down into the comments, one finds this comment:

    “Anonymous said…
    A recent comment of mine on Hullabaloo which mentioned this incident (and presumably prompted the recent activity here) was deleted, along with its parent and a follow-up, and further the originating IP address appears to now be stealth-banned.

    This may be relevant to the authenticity of NoSpoon’s late transmogrification into a Firebrand Outsider Progressive…

    December 9, 2011 12:59 PM ”

    Does Atkins pretend that he and his master Digby don’t stealth ban and then lie about it when questioned? Well, that would make Atkins a god damned liar, now wouldn’t it? (And Digby too, by the way . . . )

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