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Thursday: Charity, a question and a poll

Well, that didn’t last long.  My car is making unpleasant noises and is hard to steer.  Not sure what’s going on but I know who’s going to make it right so off I go back to the garage this morning.

In the meantime, Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist, is setting out to prove that secular people can be as generous and caring and humanitarian as religious people.  He has found two charities that are worthy of your attention. You *can* do good without God. Take a look:


The Question: In less than a year, we have seen marches for the 99% by Occupy Wall Street, Rallies on the Mall for Secular people and even vigils of hoodied people for Trayvon Martin.

Where the f^&* are the women???  Why isn’t NOW, NARAL, the Feminist Majority, etc, planning a massive jillion woman march in Washington?  I am completely baffled by our lack of a presence.  We should be out there with big signs that say, “I’m female and I vote”.  The best I’ve seen so far is the protest in Virginia, while well attended, is hardly the national presence we need sitting down in Washington.  Yeah, they’re tearing up the Mall right now for renovations but c’mon, this is just inexcusable.

Side question: has anyone other than me noticed that NOW seems to have mission creep?  I know that marriage equality, racism and Trayvon Martin are important issues but maybe it would be better to just stick to the basics for awhile and stop trying to be all things to all people.  The site is starting to remind me too much of the all suffering, sacrificing mother who can’t say no to all the demands on her and neglects her own interests.


The Poll:  Atrios is getting down to the final wankers for the lead up to The Wanker of the Decade.  Who is it going to be?

14 Responses

  1. I bet if someone did the statstics it would show atheists have more humanitarians than the religous. Especially the christians how humanitarian can you be when you think 52% of population are lesser humans? And forget about those of us are gay! We haven’t seen much humanitatrian efforts from them. Here have a bowl of rice but we don’t recognize you as an equal human being.

    • The data is mixed. If you go strictly by churches vs secularists, church goers give more. I suspect it’s because churches have built in organizations for collection and distribution. When it comes to other giving, atheists can really kick some ass. The top group on Kiva is the scarlet A of the Richard Dawkins foundation. They beat the Christians by millions.
      So, there’s potential there. Maybe what secularists in this country need are some local community groups. And you’re absolutely right about who gets the money. When you leave it to the hands of the religious, dogma wins out and some people get the shaft. That’s sinful, IMHO.

  2. It should be Broder but he’s dead so he’s no longer fair game. Brooks and Will almost cancel out each other’s wankery. It’s gotta be Freidman. After all, didn’t Atrios coin the “Friedman Unit” meme?

    • Yeah, that’s my theory too. In everything from war to globalization, Friedman has been (perhaps unintentionally) carrying the water for the small evil group who runs the world and to which no one we know belongs. It’s got to be Friedman.
      But, gosh, what an embarrassment of riches to choose from…

      • Friedman married into one of the obscenely wealthy families in the country. I don’t remember which one but I think it was chemicals or something like that. His wife is in line to inherit billions when the old man goes. I think he knows very well that he’s carrying water for the uber-wealthy.

  3. I voted other because Markos head Kosshole isn’t on the list.

    Your car sounds like they forgot to tighten the power steering hoses and all the fluid leaked out. Or the rack unit they put in is total junk because the internal seals have failed and the debris has gummed up the pump. Take the phone number of the better business bureau along dial immediately if they say this will cost you.

    • You are correct, sir! The new rack (remanufactured) has failed. They are installing a new one. No charge. But this leaves me without a car once again. I had to walk home. It’s only a mile and it’s side walked. But I’m stuck here in central jersey again for the entire day.
      Hmmm… Maybe I can enlist the adolescent eating machine in some painting projects.

      • When you pick your car up ask about any possible damage to the power steering pump and will they or the rack rebuilder cover it. Most likely the answer will be no but it never hurts to ask. They sould at least flush the system and relpace the fluid with new.

  4. After some thought, I’ve cast my vote for Freidman — Not that Freidman’s commitment was his only demonstration of WANKNESS — it’s easy to kind of laugh off the idea of a “Friedman Unit” now (in a sort of laugh through your tears way) but the fact is — for YEARS he made regular announcements that the Iraq war would be all over in 6 months. And each time it was as if it was for the first time….. he’d present his so called evidence with apparent sincerity.

    Oh, many other Wankers have come and gone over these past 10 years and some are seriously WANKED.

    But, unless it goes to Obama (who to be fair was barely a glimmer in Wankerville back in 2002) how could it go to anyone but Friedman?

    • Oooo, I hadn’t even considered Obama. He’d be a good choice or his advisors like rahm, plouffe or axelrod would be. But they’re politicians and I think Duncan is going for journalists and other pundits. Fox news people are low hanging fruit, although Juan Williams would make a good candidate.
      It’s got to be one of the big very serious people, though so my bet is still on Friedman.

  5. glad they are fixing your car RD. 😉

  6. I gather OWS first got started because Kalle Lasn and some others picked a date and suggested anyone interested in the concept get to the target on that date.

    What if some leaderless women on blogs and elsewhere suggested a date several months ahead and a geographic target to meet on that date and called for a “Leaderless Womens Resistance” meet-in at that time and place? Perhaps word could be spread around all over the “voted for Clinton in the primaries” community as well as elsewhere.

  7. I agree with you about NOW, RD. I don’t know that it’s a new thing though. I stopped paying dues in the early ’80’s when it seemed that half of their efforts were going toward gay and lesbian issues instead of issues that more directly impacted all women. It annoys me to no end to see so many defenders of women’s rights include racism and GLBT issues in their commentary. It rarely goes the other way and it muddles our message.

    In a related matter, the Obama campaign couldn’t wait to serve up Hilary Rosen to the Republican wolves when she forgot to include the obligatory salute to stay-at-home moms in her comment about Ann Romney. Forget that, in context, it was a totally legitimate point. It’s clear that women are still expendable in Obama World even as they use women’s issues to beat up Romney.

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