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Lefties, take the pledge

Ahhh, I see that the left blogosphere has finally come to the point where they no longer want to vote for Obama in 2012. We won’t say we told you so, again, but we will offer some unsolicited advice.
If you don’t like the way they are kicking you in the teeth, you have to be prepared to walk away. The Democratic Party is going to to roll out the “stop being naive, be realistic, where else are you going to go?” meme next year. Oh, yes, you know they will. They will make YOU feel like the guilty party if the Republicans win. It will be all YOUR fault that you didn’t get behind Obama and let the Republicans run all over poor people. But what does it mean if Obama wins a second term? Won’t the country just continue it’s rightward slouch towards Gomorrah?
If you vote for Obama again, you’re just letting the bad stuff happen at a slightly slower pace. And they know it. They have you right where they want you, poised between right wing republicanism and batshit crazy republicanism. Some choice. But it will be your only choice if you don’t act now.
If you take the pledge now and say, “I’m not contributing a penny to Obama’s campaign”, well, they’ll just get the money from some rich dudes. It’s not your money they want. Or at least not at the top of the ticket.
If you say, “I’m not contributing any money to any down ticket Dem who comes out in support of Obama’s second term”, now that might get their attention.
If you say, “screw it, I’m voting Greem, or Democratic Socialist or American renaissance or anything but Democrat next year”, you may just give them a case of the willies. If a bunch of you do it all at once, you’ll start hearing yourselves referred to in very unflattering terms. That’s when you’ll know you’ve gotten their attention.
And then really mean it. Here’s something I suggested for the midterms: put your contributions in an escrow account. Yep, anytime the New Democrats or DCCC or DNC calls for a contribution, tell them, “I’m putting my money in the escrow account for players to be named later because I can’t trust you guys.” Then do it. Make a widget we can all put on our pages that show how much the fund has made. Watch the numbers go up and the Democrats start to panic.
Now, who to run? You know my preference. Unfortunately, anti Clinton deprogramming may be an impossibility. Nevertheless, she may be the only REAL Democrat you’re likely to get in the white house and now that she’s run an executive branch office, you guys, and you’re all mostly guys, can’t say that she doesn’t have the penis years to be president. Countries across the globe admire and respect her. And she is much more likely to promote the new deal style programs to restore the economy.
You guys screwed up once already. It cost many of us our jobs. You really need to put this right by sitting on your hands and letting the rest of the country have a turn.
What’s a more frightening scenario? Michelle Bachmann in the white house, or Hillary Clinton?
Think about it.

22 Responses

  1. That speech today (from what I’ve read — I wasn’t at home to see it) feels like a Lucy/Charlie Brown set up.

    Oh — he’s leaving Medicare ALONE!!! That’s great. Just great.

    Really? We’re supposed to be thrilled that a Dem President is speaking forcefully about the importance of Medicare? (while he talks about strengthening Social Security out of the other side of his mouth)

    I’m really curious about what it’ll take for a die-hard Obama supporter to walk away from that ball. And I know from a couple of them that Hillary is still the last person they’ll consider voting for.

    Not that it matters — Hillary’s got a lot of other fans.

    • Blue Lyon has this quote from Rude Pundit:

      The Rude Pundit’s Five-Word Response to President Obama’s Magical Speech o’ Deficit-Reducing Wonderment and Marvels:

      Why should we believe you?

    • It seems like the only people who *don’t* like Hillary are the diehard lefties who are purer than Ivory Soap and still refuse to admit that Bill’s terms in office were nothing like the free ride Obama got.
      Those people are going to cost us the White House in 2012. They are NEVER going to get Howard dean or Dennis kucinich in the white house. They already shot their wads with voters with Obama, who turned out not only not to be a lefty but wasn’t really even a Democrat.
      Electing him a second time is not going to make him a liberal. It will only cement the right in place for a very lOng time.

      • I think Hillary’s a long way from running against Obama in a Primary but, someone’s gotta step up and do it.

        Maybe a repeat of the McCarthy/Kennedy thing. Someone to prove Obama’s weak. Someone to step up and pull things together. While wearing a bullet-proof helmet at all times. Seriously.

        • I never rule anything out. But whoever it is better start making some noise. Otherwise we’ll end up with our own mubarek only the face will change every 8 years.

    • He’s in campaign mode, so he says most of the right things, but he can’t be trusted even w/ dem majorities. He’ll say he won’t touch Social Security or Medicare, but if he’s re-elected he will. He’s lied so much that if anyone really believes him at this point they have to be brain dead. He never did take them of the table. It was all just pretty words.

  2. It is a fact that the liberals seem to be threatened by strong, independent, attractive, articulate, intelligent and accomplished women. Liberals like their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Although both Michele and Hilary have both been there as evidenced by their beautiful children, they both scare the daylights out of radical leftists. Michele is a conservative. Hilary is a moderate who had to give President Obama a shot of testosterone when it came to Libya. They would bot make great Presidents!

    • Count me out of the Michelle Obama fan club. She deliberately chose the stay-at-home conservative wife role model. So, let’s see: she’s a lawyer by training and her kids are both in school full time. Why the f@#$ is she staying home? Better yet, why does she want to project this choice to the country where most women work and a lot of them actually enjoy their jobs? Michelle takes us back to the 50’s. Maybe that’s the optics they chose for the political aspect of their public lives. But I find it detestable that they have once again spit in the face of working women and denigrated their lives.
      Michelle is not my role model and I won’t be roped into supporting her just because she’s a woman.

      • Agreed. My take on it is that they patterned themselves after the icons of xtreme patriarchal bourgeois whiteness, the Kennedys, in order to get elected. They had to send a message to a huge swath of voters that “we’re not like *those* black people with their baby daddies and single mothers.” Detestable indeed but there you have it.

    • In which they are no different from conservatives. Recall the list of Republican women who have become polically prominent over the last few political seasons–Bachman, Angle, that whole tribe. Add their IQ scores all together, and they’re not even going to approach someone like Hillary, or even Boxer.

      The problem is that the menz in both parties are threatened by strong, independent, intelligent and accomplished women. The Democratic machine rejects women who fit that description in their own party. The Republicans field the bimbos. It’s not a single party’s bias; it’s the misogyny that still lies very close to the heart of American culture.

      • I don’t think “threatened” is the right word. It’s more like they don’t see women as on a par with men. Seriously. It really is a penis years thing. A bias, a perception that is hard to shake. And men who have power tend to gravitate to one another. It probably doesn’t occur to them to add women or mentor them.
        Don’t know how to change this except for women to exercise their collective might and not cooperate anymore. It’s time for some changes in attitude and not by us. The guys will have to get burned before they get it.

  3. Anyone but Obama. He is not a Democrat but he has ruined the Democratic brand.


  4. Someone in the Democratic Party has to oppose Obama in the primaries. He has proven himself inept at best and a self interested politician who dances to any tune the Republicans play as they run this country into a facist state run by corporations. I would love to see Hillary do it, but I can understand her not wishing to do so after all the machinations made by the Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Brazille last time. Obama’s “Change and Hope” mantra has given us lots of changes and slim to no hope. Run Hillary, run!!!

  5. Run Hillary, run!!!
    AMEN…she is our only salvation!!! 😦

  6. Remember Perot the 2nd time around in 1996? Remember Harold Stassen about the 12th time around? That’s about how realistic your boycott Obama scenario is.

    • Here’s realistic for you:

      Obama is a republican.

      If he runs in 2012, his opponent will be a republican.

      I will not vote for a republican.

  7. I hope that you will consider me to be your next President. I will support fair trade policies and will not involve us in unneeded wars. I can take on Barack Obama as I do have a good relationship with the Blacks.

  8. Only a Republican would have appointed two women, as many as his predecessors combined, to the Supreme Court, one of them the first ever Latina. And this after Ruth Ginsberg labored three years as the only female after O’Conner retired.

    • Only a homophobe would put Donnie McClurkin and Rick Warren on the stage at the beginning of his campaign and at his inauguration.

      Only a misogynist would turn his paid trolls loose to post such things as “Put your foot on her neck, Obama” and display “Sarah Palin is a c**t” t-shirts.

      Only a fool would handle his job so badly as to give us the inadequate stimulus, the huge bailout of the banks at the expense of the middle and lower-income brackets, the restrictions on women’s health care in the so called “reform” bill, and a Republican House with a weakened Democratic majority in the Senate.

      Only an authhoritarian would continue to prosecute two useless wars and maintain GITMO and the military tribunals, not to mention violate habeas corpus and order the assassination of at least one American citizen without trial.

  9. Help, Spammy got my post! Not sure what I typed that set him off.

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