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You got DADT, now STFU

One Battle Won, Gay Rights Activists Shift Sights

As gay people around the country reveled on Sunday in the historic Senate vote to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a liberal media watchdog group said it planned to announce on Monday that it was setting up a “communications war room for gay equality” in an effort to win the movement’s next and biggest battle: for a right to same-sex marriage.


Mr. Obama ran for office promising to be a “fierce advocate” for the rights of gay people, and he pledged his support for goals deeply important to them.

Obama and the Democrats threw LGBT’s a bone, and they better be happy gnawing on it because that’s all they’re gonna get for a while.

29 Responses

  1. OT, but just thought I’d give you guys a heads up, though this is anecdotal.

    My husband is a doc at a local hospital. He is now treating not one, not two, but THREE young, previously perfectly healthy adults for Guillain-Barré syndrome. In 25 years of practicing, he’s only had one other GBS patient, as it’s so rare, so this is really weird.

    The only thing these patients have in common is they all recently had the flu shot. He’s pretty concerned. Yeah, I know – it may just be coincidence, but it’s strange as hell.

    • That’s a bit scary. Hopefully it’s just a weird coincidence.

    • Really weird. OTOH, I’ve been googling serology and major histocompatability complexes (just for fun) and ran across guillame barre. Certain subtypes ate susceptible.
      I’m susceptible to autoimmune hepatitis, diabetes I and celiac disease and I’ll probably due of lymphoma. Isn’t that special?
      Anyways, do these patients have a particular ethnicity in common?

    • Back in 1976 when the flu shots were for swine flu too, several people I knew got GBS. My uncle got it and died after a flu shot. It is a possible side effect… or at least it was then.

      • Yeah, it’s a known risk/side effect of the shot, but supposedly very rare, like less than 1 per million. 3 at once in one hospital is just odd.

  2. I’ve read the DADT repeal and I don’t see anything in it that actually specifies that gays can serve openly or that says we’ll stop discharging them. This is not uncommon, I mean it’s normal for the spirit and intent of a law to simply be assumed, rather than specifically spelled out. The problem is I no longer trust our government to deliver good policy. So few of our congresscritters even bother to read bills at all and even fewer bother to take the time to understand the unintended consequences. The DADT repeal will either send us back to 17 yrs ago when we could ask and you had to tell or it will allow gays to serve openly, it all pretty much depends on political and military will and leadership.

  3. Jesus Christ on a cracker, it’s ridiculously cold here. The wind is howling in the eaves. My poor cockatiel is too cold to move. Too tired to start a fire and the BFF went home this am so I have no bedwarmer.
    Send heat!

  4. I have a sneaky suspicion that the bone of DADT is the insurance that no progressive can primary Obama. It was the antidote to all the rage that any liberal or progressive with a brain feels toward Obama. WE get DADT and the republicans get the house and the bank and everything of any value. Now Obama negotiates with himself and the GOP. Screw the Dems, The GOP will have co-opted the left and Obama and will control the agenda and the candidates for President. We will see 2 Republicans… Obama and Romney or some such evil twins. We are screwed big time!

    • Ha! Fat chance. Remember what happened in CA with prop 9? He’s got to come thru on marriage equality. And if he does that, there hoes the evangelical vote.
      So hard to satisfy everyone when you don’t have any real principles.

      • He’ll never come through on marriage equality. One of the few things he’s ever been willing to say that he has a personal opinion on is that he thinks marriage is between a man and a woman. Obama never goes back on his conservative promises, only his liberal ones.

    • Bah. Still not voting for BO.
      In fact, if 2012 is Obama vs The Resurrected Corpse of Attila The Hun then I’m voting Attila all the way.

  5. Potus and VP sing “goodbye to 2010”

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  6. STFU? Where is the Public Option? Oh, I forgot Obama BLOCKED IT, SOLD IT OUT, after he made a promise to fight for it while campaigning, on Me To, but when in office he took care of his base:THE RICH!

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