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Even his friends don’t like him

Remember all that stuff you heard about Mitt Romney being the GOP lead dog for 2012? Don’t believe it:

Romney’s Conservative Problem

Mitt Romney’s been looking weaker and weaker in our 2012 Presidential polling over the last couple months and it’s pretty easy to identify the reason why: he has a major problem with conservatives and there’s no evidence it’s getting any better.

We’ve polled eight states, not including Massachusetts, since the 2010 election ended. Romney has the lowest favorability rating of the Republican top 4 with conservatives in every single one of those states except Michigan, where he probably benefits from his dad having been the Governor. And it’s not like Romney is just slightly less well liked than the others with conservatives- it’s a large gap, particularly when you compare him with Palin or Huckabee. Romney’s average favorability is 58%. Gingrich is next worst at 64%, followed by Huckabee at 73%, and Palin does best at 77%.


Not surprisingly given that they like him the least, Romney also does the worst with conservatives when Republicans are asked who their top choice as the 2012 nominee is. In six of the eight individual states Romney is last with conservatives with the exceptions being Michigan again and Wisconsin, where he narrowly edges out Gingrich to finish third. On average Romney gets just 14% with conservatives in these preliminary trial heats with Gingrich at 17%, Huckabee at 21%, and Palin at 22%.

I told ya so!

Mitt is a dead man walking. He couldn’t even get elected dog catcher. It’s the curse of Seamus.

The conservatives don’t like him and the fundies hate him. Sooner or later the GOP establishment will realize it and either cut a deal with Palin or throw their support behind Pawlenty or Thune.

If Mitt wins the nomination then that means the GOP is conceding 2012 just like they did 2008.

27 Responses

  1. Both parties have a vacuum of people who can win and lead the country. The D’s have Hillary, but the GOP has zero. We’ll be in the wilderness for years, without a Moses.

  2. But hasn’t Mitt got good hair?

    There’s something wrong with this country if you can’t get elected on good hair anymore.

  3. I would prefer Romney to Jeb or Perry — by a hair. I suspect the party movers really want Jeb.


    • I think the right is pretty happy with Obama. They get everything they really want, and none of the blame for the collapse of the economy and destruction of our middle class. I expect them to do a 2008 all over again. The GOP will nominate someone from both parties. Obama from the Democrat Party and insurance from the GOP party.

  4. I’m almost sure Obama will lose in 2010, so I’m going to vote in the GOP primaries to choose for their best candidate. I can be GOP for a day in CA.

  5. oops, I meant 2012. He already lost in 2010.

  6. I suspect that Mitt is personally more conservative than he’s given credit for. He just passed himself off as a moderate to win in MA.

  7. Mitt is in such a weird position because one of his biggest “accomplishments” is RomneyCare, but he can’t really tout that anymore since Obama enacted the same thing (only worse) at the federal level, and the Republicans are all hostile toward hcr.

    His other big Republican cred would be fighting the Mass. gay marriage ruling way past any chance of stopping it. He kept making the AG go to court filing injunctions to prevent implementation. Oh wait, Obama did the same thing on DADT!

    Do you think they’re the same person? Has anyone ever seen them both in the same room at the same time???

  8. Mitt’s only claim to glory was making money for the Olympics…big deal! I personally can’t stand Mittens and if he gets the nomination, I agree, they’ve set up Odumbo again!

    We need Hillary to run against all of these losers, we need our country back!

    If anyone doesn’t think that the republicans are not helping Obama their are nutz!

  9. Running Mitt to lose to Obama is the grand plan from the people that brought us Bush I, Bush II, Iraq, and Obama. With a track record like that, you’d think they’d hang up their big empty hats.

  10. Mitt won’t be nominated. Jeb will.
    OT:My eclipse photos aren’t great, the amber was brown, but here they are anyway

  11. In fact, that’s my definition of a neocon–someone whose friends dislike him. Note how this proves Barack Obama and his followers are all neocons.

  12. Also, remember, you never knew what Obama’s friends think of him as they have all been muzzled years in advance.
    Today’s tabloids

  13. Mitt is practically an honorary Bush son. It will be as if there’s another Bush in the WH.

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