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      I woke up last night feeling like I was suffocating, because in my dream I was. It began in a church, or an old university lecture hall. Antique. And everyone in attendance was being asked to say little prayers honoring Jesus. Everyone was reciting little prayers that are common among the devout. But when it was my turn, I stood and exclaimed: Jesus was a ph […]
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Sure he does

Cowardly Lyin'

Associate Press:

Anything but jubilant, President Barack Obama awkwardly kept a promise Wednesday he made to ensure passage of historic health care legislation, pledging the administration would not allow federal funds to pay for elective abortions covered by private insurance.

Unlike Tuesday, when a beaming Obama signed the health care law in a nationally televised ceremony interrupted repeatedly by applause, the White House refused to permit coverage of the event. It occurred in the Oval Office in the presence of a small group of anti-abortion Democratic lawmakers who had extracted the commitment over the weekend. The president supports abortion rights.


The president supports abortion rights.

If your life depended on proving that statement was true, what evidence could you present?

But Hillary said . . .

The past couple of days we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the use of one of the favorite Obot memes – the gist of which is Hillary supports Obama so we should fall in line. The current version is Hillary supports ObamaCare so we should cheer for its passage. We first saw this meme back in the summer of 2008 and it didn’t work then either.

The Obots seem genuinely confused when we respond “So?” to what they think is a trump card for our criticism of and opposition to Teh Precious. Their confusion arises from a key difference between us and them.

Obots are followers of Obama. As far as they are concerned whatever Obama says is the TRUTH – permanent and unchanging – even if it contradicts something he said five minutes earlier. Whatever Obama does is RIGHT, even if he follows the same policies as George W. Bush.

On those rare occasions when the Obots acknowledge that Obama is breaking promises and/or doing things no Democrat should, they create all kinds of excuses and rationalizations to justify his actions. In this regard they are truly the creative class.

When all else fails, when they cannot rationalize or explain away his conduct, the recite their mantra that “the Republicans are worse” and promise to remain loyal to Obama and the Democratic party no matter what.

We, on the other hand, were never followers of Hillary Clinton. We supported Hillary because we believed she was by far the best candidate running, but we never thought she was perfect or infallible. We chose Hillary because she was the candidate that most closely shared our beliefs, but we didn’t alter our beliefs to fit our support of Hillary.

The Obots claim that Hillary supporters are a bunch of middle-aged women who were never interested in politics until Hillary ran for the Democratic nomination. This is the “identity politics” myth that is second only to the racism myth in perpetuating misinformation about us. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t “identify” with women of any age. I can’t think of a politician of either gender I identify with. If I was using identity politics to choose a candidate, I would have voted for Obama because I have more in common with him than I did with any of the other candidates.

Hillary was not my first choice. I wanted someone more liberal but the only liberal that was running was deemed an unserious kook by the media. I really didn’t want to see the GOP recycle all the CDS from the nineties either. But Hillary impressed me and won my vote.

But while Hillary was an imperfect candidate, Obama was a very bad one. He ran an ugly, divisive campaign, and his followers recycled all that CDS from the nineties before the GOP ever had a chance to. Contrary to what the Obots claim, we weren’t angry because “Hillary lost.” We were angry because our votes were stolen and the process corrupted.

Despite what happened Hillary chose to remain loyal to the Democratic party. She is serving our country as Secretary of State and we are better for it. But her choices are not binding on me.

I originally opposed Obama because I believed him to be unfit to be President of our nation. I believe that even more so today. I opposed Obamacare because I believed it would be bad for our nation. I still believe that too..

I have read and listened to a great many people on the subject of Obamacare. Some of them, like Paul Krugman, I respect. But I don’t agree with him. Some of them, like Glenn Beck, I don’t respect at all. But I don’t agree with him either.

I read and researched for many months, then I made up my own mind. With all due respect to our Secretary of State, I prefer my opinion to hers.

If you want me to change my opinion (it’s been known to happen) then you need facts and logic. I don’t mean facts like “It’s a fact that Hillary supports ObamaCare” either. When Obama was inaugurated I said I hope I get proven wrong about him. So far, no luck.

I would support ObamaCare if I thought it was a good program. Maybe in 2014 when it takes effect I’ll find out I was wrong. If so, I will happily admit it.

Don’t hold your breath.

Atom Smashing Open Thread

The previous post is full and nesting is stumbling, so here’s an open thread until other posts are up.

Here’s a fun item about atom smashing:

Operators of the world’s largest atom smasher said Tuesday they will try in a week to collide proton beams at record high energy in a new bid to discover secrets of the universe.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, says beams have been circulating in the Large Hadron Collider at 3.5 trillion electron volts since Friday, 3 1/2 times higher than the previous record set late last year. The operators have kept the beams apart but they will attempt to collide them on March 30.

The higher energy is meant to increase the likelihood that scientists will be able to examine the smallest particles and forces within the atom that could reveal more about the make-up of matter and the universe.

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do before collisions,” said Steve Myers, CERN’s director for accelerators and technology. “Just lining the beams up is a challenge in itself. It’s a bit like firing needles across the Atlantic and getting them to collide half way.”

The collider — housed in a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel under the Swiss-French border at Geneva — has been operating well since November when it was restarted following extensive repairs.

What’s on your mind. Post anything you’re finding out there.