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    • Facebook, Destroyer of Media
      So, Facebook has been fined forty million dollars for inflating video statistics. Sounds like a yawn, eh. Not a very big fine, for not a very big crime. But it was a big crime. Newspapers, web-sites, etc… a pivoted to video. Facebook said that views were as much as 900% higher than they actually were […]
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The Conflucian ‘wordle’ – OPEN THREAD

Make your own word cloud at http://www.wordle.net

At the website Wordle, you can create your own custom-designed word cloud from any text or even an entire blog.  The function of the program is described as:

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Curious sprite that I am, I wondered just what words are used most here at TC.  We’ve been oft accused by the kool-aid club of being personality-obsessed haters relentlessly stuck in a time warped May 2008 where Hillary is the goddess of all and Sarah is our new Shero.  Surely our “wordle” will expose the prominence of our sick obsessions and vacuous rants.  In search of the truth I loaded our website address into the “Wordle” machine, and out popped the above result.

Well bust my buttons.  It looks like we’re more obsessed with things like “Legislation” and the “House” and “Senate” with equal time given to “Democrats and “Republicans.”  Oddly, Obama gets less prominence than the “economy.”  Plus, “Hillary,” “Sarah,” or “Palin” are no where to be found in the top terms.

At first I thought it was a fluke — so I ran it again.  Same outcome.  Then I wondered if it was only an analysis of our front page and so I ran a word search for some of the terms.  Nope.  Many of the terms did not show up on the front page.

From the looks of it, we are just who we say we are.  A diverse group of people who want to take a balanced look at politics and our world in general.

In fairness, I thought it would be appropriate to run the website of one of our biggest detractors and critics.  Surely they too would be the fair and politically-minded bunch they purport to be; yet, I wondered what their words of prominence were.  And so I ran them through “Wordle” also.  I think the result speaks for itself.  It looks like “Mooseface” made the cut too.  Who’s obsessed?

BTW, this is an OPEN THREAD.  Tawk amongst yerselves.  What’s happening with you tonight?


Obama: Premiums Will Decrease 3000%

Wishing can’t make it so.  Especially if it’s impossible.

This is an open thread.