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      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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Super Bowl XLIV Live Blog

These guys:

are playing these guys:


The Hoosiers are 5 point favorites over the Who Dats and the over/under is 57 points.

In other news, this guy:

was selected for the NFL Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

Unfortunately, he spent most of his awesome 20-year career dressed like this:

226 Responses

  1. Here’s that controversial ad we’ve been hearing about:

    • They paid hundreds of thousands for that? I’m not impressed.

    • Wouldn’t NOW’s time been better spent on focusing on the misogyny of the entire event instead of on that rather inoccuous ad? I don’t think that ad is going to rev up football sports fans enough to go out and protest at abortion clinics or vote for anti-abortion candidates. The furor over it was the publicity that Focus on the Family got for their money, and feminists groups gave it to them. pwned

    • I’m not watching it and you can’t make me 😛

      If this woman was advised by her dr. for medical reasons to have an abortion then I think this incredibly dangerous of her to encourage women to ignore medical advice believing they are going to miraculously have a happy ending. If she had a healthy baby that’s great but it could have just as easily ended tragically.

      I despise irresponsible behavior.

      • You don’t get to decide for her whether it was “irresponsible”. Her risk, her decision. That’s the entire point of choice.

        • In this case she is influencing other women to ignore the advice of their medical providers(and yes by going on TV and saying look I ignored the doctors and it turned out fine for me she is influencing women). The outcome for that particular decision is bound to be fatal.

          I stand by my position this commercial is irresponsible.

          I’d say the same thing about an ad encouraging any behavior that could have fatal consequences.

          • It is perfectly noble and not “irresponsible” for a mother to risk her life for her child. I thought the fetus met that definition of “child” if it was wanted?

            Again, YOU don’t get to decide that the woman’s life is worth more. That is HER decision.

          • It went beyond her decision when she chooses to advocate(and that is the point of ads) ignoring a medical practitioners advice.

            Your welcome to see this as noble. I see this as irresponsible.

            I’d say the exact same thing if I saw a young girl on TV telling other girls to go without protection during sex because after all SHE didn’t end up with a disease or pregnant.

            Just because this woman IGNORED the advice of a medical professional and it turned out well for her does not mean it will for the other 40% of high risk pregnancies.

      • Right, and we don’t know exactly what her doctor said,
        We only know what she thinks she remembers they said after twenty years.

  2. Geaux Saints!

  3. I’m watchin’ but the sound is messed up…

  4. It was very kind of them to have completely different colors so it’ll be easier to watch.

  5. That’s not the national anthem.

    • Okay, Carrie Underwood sang it. (It’s a horrible song to sing, we should use America the Beautiful as our national anthem instead)

      • I’d better go heat up my chile.

      • I ❤ Carrie. I used to tease my oldest and tell him he needed to marry her(which caused lots of eye rolling). My third was willing to marry Chelsea to have Hillary for a mother in law. Sigh. All the gals and guys I picked out are not really single anymore.

      • Sigh I guess spammy doesn’t like my comment. Probably sore I called him mean yesterday for spoiling ivory bill’s fun

  6. Am I the only one rooting for the Colts?

  7. Two of those new Hall of Famers have been on DWTS

  8. Saints win the toss.

  9. I’m rooting for the Colts, too, Bostonboomer.

  10. Manning is killing them with the short slant over the middle.

  11. The Betty White commercial was kinda sexist but still funny.

  12. That was the FotF ad?

  13. Doritos commercial! hee!

  14. OK, who ordered that snow. Is there a game on?

  15. That was a good play – got them away from their own goal.

  16. That was the first time they pressured Manning.

  17. colts in saints territory

  18. Oooh, he faked that guy out of his jock.

  19. Touchdown!

    He was wide open too.

  20. 10 zip, colts

  21. 2 Indy drives, two scores.

    Saints need to score some points soon.

  22. need to practice my violin

  23. oh dear, superbowl fact, largest deficit to come back from was 10 points, and saints are already there. not where they wanted to be

  24. MYIQ: are you saying you’re not a 49er fan? just when I thought I could fall in love with you

  25. big break for the saints

  26. Saints are putting together a drive; helped a lot by a big penalty. I say they get only 3 points out of it.

  27. At the library with my son. He said let’s work on my report while Daddy watches the Super Bowl. Not a big football fan.

    • My kids are playing Wii. Some sort of game with ants that Wii gave them a demo for in the Wii store.

  28. Saints are on the board, 10-3 Colts.

  29. a lot of work for 3 points

  30. now a commercial for really bad water pretending to be beer

  31. There seems to be a lot on network commercials this year. They don’t get paid for those.

  32. I sense the tide may be changing… we’ll see

  33. who’s going to be at the half time… (ok, that was a joke)

  34. I think the saints might be on fire

  35. that was the most fun play that didn’t go anywhere I’ve seen for a while

  36. Him fall down, go boom.

  37. I can’t fricken believe it

  38. These ads so far are shit.

  39. Looks like the under was the way to bet.

  40. And I can’t believe that either. They covered the field and moved to a FG. Wow. 10 to 6, colts

  41. who is in the house

  42. Pinball Wizard!

  43. Aren’t there any modern groups they could get?

  44. I saw The Who in concert in !979 at the Munich Zeppelin Platz

    It was an all-day open air concert with Molly Hatchet, The Scorpions and Cheap Trick.

  45. They’re doing better than Bruce did last year.

  46. good line: new boss is the same as the old boss… ain’t that the truth

  47. weird, onside kick

  48. Wheeeeee!

  49. All I see is legs and arms on top of each other !

  50. Is it over yet?

  51. I’m not watching it – just checking in periodically to hear the play by play from you guys.


  53. The Saints keep better and better as the game goes on.

  54. Goddammit!!

    Why am I in such a crappy time zone when there’s a great game going on?

    I’ll look like a zombie tomorrow at the office.

  55. Why was Megan Fox in a bathtub.

  56. cool, first onside kick that didn’t come in the fourth quarter

  57. Hi, guys! Sorry I’m late. Had to pick up the kid before I indulged. We just started the DVR. The BFF says he doesn’t want to know the score but I like to read the book from the last chapter.
    Our menu tonight:
    scallops wrapped in bacon (bacon gives me a lardon)
    guacamole w chips
    cashew chicken chili

    Looks like a good game so far.

  58. brilliant catch

  59. Yes!!!!! That was beautiful! Go Colts!

  60. ok, good coke commercial

  61. Milk-a-what?

  62. ahah I like Hillary’s take on the super bowl:
    “I don’t answer football questions, because to be honest, I don’t follow it.”


    • I watched that interview. And that bit was great. It’s nice to know you’re not running in the future and so are not having to play that game anymore.

  63. Wow 60 second ad from Google. Was that really worth 5 million dollars.

  64. that was a brave play to go for

  65. Colts should have kept Vinitieri.

  66. I’d like an interception right around now


  68. The defender actually dragged Shockey into the end zone

  69. Leg looked like it touched the ground with ball in possession across the line.

  70. Time for Peyton to prove he’s a real football god

  71. The Colts are blowing it–like the old days….

  72. wow

  73. The Colts are not blowing it. I think the fix is in with the reversal of that call. But the Colts will show em

  74. Peyton had all day on that pass

  75. Saints are just on fire.

  76. Two good plays in a row. Just looks like too little too late now.

  77. Green police ad was cute. most of the ads were not worth mentioning

  78. This is pretty much it for the colts

  79. And we’re done.

  80. HOLY SHIT!!!!!

  81. That’s it. I’m going to bed.

  82. Baltimore is vindicated. The whole city is celebrating.

  83. BB, now they’re blowing it; but all is not lost. lots of time left.

    • If the QB were a healthy Tom Brady, I’d believe they could come back. But Manning just doesn’t have that special something whatever it is.

      • Really? Manning led the Colts to 7 comeback wins in the 4 QT this year. The most of any team in the league. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t get it done last night. Btw, wasn’t Brady healthy when the 18-0 Pats choked to the Giants and when they choked away the biggest lead in AFC championship game history against the Colts? I think so. Sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn’t. : )

  84. I am so glad I didn’t really care who won. I love a good game.

  85. Ahem:

    “Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat?”

  86. dkat is not going to like this. 🙂

  87. Dat would be me. it’s not over till it’s over

  88. It’s not impossible. Score with at least one minute left, then onside kick.

  89. Nail, meet coffin.

  90. That’s it!

  91. Will we see the “Benson Boogie” tonight?

  92. I think I can hear NOLA from here.

  93. Congratulations New Orleans!!!

  94. Did Obama win the Superbowl MVP ??

    • Yes. They decided to give it based on aspirational performance instead of actual yardage gained, % complete passages, scoring, and irrelevant things like that. It’s the hope that counts, you know.

  95. New Open Thread up top …

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