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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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Super Bowl Pre-Pre-Game Open Thread

What Super Bowl was the best ever? I say it was SB XLII

The Patriots were only the second team in NFL history to go undefeated in the regular season, and the game against the lowly Giants was supposed to be just a formality. But someone forgot to tell Eli Manning he wasn’t supposed to win.

Will tomorrow’s game be a boring blow-out or a 4th quarter nail-biter?

The other reason people watch the BIG GAME is the commercials. Some of the best and funniest commercials of the year will be premiered mañana.

What was the best/funniest Super Bowl Commercial ever?

This is one of those open thread thingies.

82 Responses

  1. Who cares about the super bowl !!! New Orleans has a new mayor!!!! Mitch Landrie! Absolutely easiest campaign I’ve ever worked in. Landslide darlin’!

  2. Two more questions:

    What will you be doing tomorrow and what is your favorite game dish?

    • don’t watch football, don’t eat junk food in front of the tv …

      any more questions?

    • Fave game Dish ~ fresh homemade guacamole…..

      I guess I’ll be watching the game cuz the 9 year old declared his allegiance to the Saints today because their QB has been doing spots on Nickelodeon all week.

      I should have bought some beer before getting snowed in.

    • Go Flyers!


    • I’m going to watch the Colts beat the Saints tomorrow. My favorite Superbowl foods are Chile with melted cheese and tortilla chips.

    • I will be eating yummy food and watching a movie. I’m protesting the Superbowl though. Their decision to air a piece of propaganda that could potentially cause harm to a woman given the medical advice to abort for health reasons (by making some foolishly believe it is intelligent to ignore that medical advice and the result will be a happily ever after Heisman baby) pushed me over the edge in deciding whether or not to watch.

  3. What Super Bowl was the best ever?
    The NFL Championship Game of 1958..(the pre-super bowl..super bowl) Baltimore Colts v. NY Giants…I remember watching it at my uncles house in Baltimore

    “The game has since become widely known as The Greatest Game Ever Played”


  4. I think the game is going to be high-scoring and probably close.

  5. My favorite SB ad ever: :mrgreen: 😆

  6. Why are all my comments going to Spammy now? 😈

  7. Lyle Azado played in two Super Bowls – in 1977 he was on the Broncos and in 1984 he was a Raider.

    He said that prior to the game in 1977 the guys in the locker room were laughing and joking. They were demolished by the Dallas Cowboys.

    In 1984 the Raiders were 2 1/2 pt underdogs to the Washington Redskins. Alzado said in the locker room before the game guys were just sitting there with tears running down their cheeks.

    The Raiders won the game 38-9

  8. I’m rooting for the Colts, too. After the way the Saints went WWF on Favre–16 tackles, no sacks–I want to see them choke. Playing dirty shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • What’s the difference between a tackle and a sack. It is football.

      • A sack is when they tackle the QB behind the line of scrimmage.

      • They kept taking him down long after he’d gotten rid of the ball. They were gunning for him. They ended Warner’s career the week before, and the trash talk in the paper today was that they’re planning the same thing for Manning.

      • A sack gets the crowd revved up, because it’s an embarrassment to the QB. He is supposed to get rid of the ball to someone else before they get to him. When he doesn’t, and gets sacked “in the pocket”, the crowd pretty much jeers loudly at him.

      • Maybe the right word is hit instead of tackle. But they were picking Favre up legs first and smashing him head first into the turf. And he didn’t have the ball.

        • That’s why I’m rooting for the Colts too. I used to like the Saints but all that roughing the passer crap when they couldn’t even get any sacks was just dirty.

          • Yep, I could not believe the way they went after Favre time and time
            again. Dirty football. He just kept gritting his teeth and getting up again and again.

        • Nope, I would not enjoy watching the Saints defense blitzing at me. It can’t be comfortable for a QB.

  9. Watching those commercials, still can’t believe Budweiser is now owned by the Belgians, though Belgies definitely know their beer. Maybe their commercials will be different this year.

  10. I don’t give a rats ass about football. In fact Super Bowl Sunday reminds me that there will be more women getting their asses beat on that Sunday more than most.

    I hate male team sports. They seem to breed a misogynistic brotherhood that disgusts me.

    • Really? I love watching football in a room full of men – I trash talk them until they are cowed and calling me GOD of the FOOTBALL. If they start in on the cheerleaders, I shamelessly lampoon their pitiful sex lives and pasty physiques and fear of tape measures. Most of those “macho” types straighten right up and behave once they figure this wild woman will pull no punches and go crazy-assed to the WALL just as easily as they, in the shock theater that is contact sports jaw-boning. I seem to do wacko male-bonding pretty well for a gurl, and have fun with it.

    • It is a somewhat strange ritual. But the players are wearing protection. As for those watching, if you happen to be one of the jackholes, you don’t necessarily need football to act out.

  11. The year that San Francisco played against San Diego, I was calling train crews for both cities. I just answered the phone ” Super Bowl Desk”. I could not root for either team because I could not show favoritism.
    That day and Mother”s Day are the toughest ones to get crews to work.

    I promised one of the engineers on my extra list that since the Eagles were not playing I would root for the Saints this year.



  12. Google will run this ad tomorrow. Not very footbally. Curious if it will embed.

  13. Guess progs are in a twist about Palin tonight.

    @peterdaou: Would Palin be as prominent a figure had the left ignored her rather than attacked and ridiculed her? http://nyti.ms/buBJw8

    @threewickets: @peterdaou Of course not. I suspect some of the Hillary bashing transferred too. Left and prog are not same imo. RE http://bit.ly/9txO08

    @joanwalsh: She’s one of the meanest people on the public stage today. She wallows in it. Also? One of the dumbest. But mean works, and so does dumb.

    @threewickets: @peterdaou @joanwalsh My point. RE http://bit.ly/cNDvDp

    • Oh yeah she’s so meaaaaann. That nasty Sarah Palin… I think her vagina just might take over America as we know it!

  14. Clinton: Time to Move Toward New Iran Sanctions


    You think Obama will move forward with it? I don’t see him getting tough on Iran at all.

  15. LMAO

    CNN reading twitter comments: “I voted for Bush two times, Obama in 08 and I think Sarah Palin is a loon”

    That just about sums it up for who Obama’s base is. Because it is the same base as Bush. It’s a group of people who don’t know their head from their ass, who basically vote for the most hyped candidate.

  16. One of our train dispatchers just put up a sign



    I do not know if that will make a difference.



  17. I watched a few minutes of Palin at the Tea Party convention last night. Pretty moderate agenda. She was speaking from notes—wowsie. How the heck is Palin mean? Is it that moose hunting she does?

  18. I just read that article by Peter Daou on SP. Seemed like a very fair piece and actually reflected some journalism—as in running down some facts. It sounds to me like if Palin is launched on the activities he reports, then she is making good use of her money and she is no dummy. Whether that does her any good or not remains to be seen. It is clear to me that the Republican establishment is very skittish about her; they recognize and drool over her star power but fear her “common sense” or lack thereof and the baggage from the 08 campaign.

  19. Saw the Peter Daou comment above and twitter comments on Palin so I thought it was part of your open thread.

  20. GO COLTS!!!

  21. I was thinking about what to make for today and both my husband and son looked at me like I had two heads and said – “your chili”

    It is good – too good – it disappears much too quickly even when I make a huge amount. Chili, with cheese, sour cream, nachos, fresh chopped onions – whatever you choose on top! 🙂

  22. Ooops, I better get to that stove and start cooking.

    Oh, and Dak, if I were only a mile from the French Quarter – that’s where I’d be too!

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