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I’m LOST . . . Live blogging the final season (with spoilers)

Spoiler Alert.  Do not click through to comments if you plan to watch LOST in a later time zone!

Not interested in LOST? Waiting to see it in your time zone? We’ve got JUST the post for you! :: Does Bloviating Pay Well or is it all about Dirty Ego Dancing?

Somehow through all the emotional ups and downs of the last 2 years of political, economic and social news some of us found refuge (another refuge than The Confluence) in watching LOST.  The mysteries surrounding the survivors of Flight 815, the island, the Others and the Dharma Initiative gave (some of) us a welcome respite from the realities of the Democratic Primaries and the post-election depression of watching the Democratic Congress squander one of the strongest mandates ever granted them.

Tonight LOST enters it’s final season.  Fans everywhere have been sharing their expectations for these final chapters in the saga. . . . From the Entertainment Weekly Blog:

DOC: First, I need to be emotionally engaged, especially by and in the final sweep of episodes. I share Dan’s view that the theme of redemption be of central importance; I would argue that it needs to be THE center of the season. To be clear, I don’t need everyone to be redeemed. In fact, I hope we get an array of riffs on the theme. Some should find redemption — but some shouldn’t. Some should fall short and break our hearts by earning damnation. And there should be points in between. Additionally, I hope there’s more tending to Big Ideas like determinism vs. free will, personal responsibility vs. communal responsibility, faith vs. reason — but just enough that I’m stimulated to think, and not so much that it comes off pretentious, pedantic, or even conclusive, because I think that’s impossible. I think exploring redemption + agitating those philosophical conundrums = the season of ”meaning” Adam was talking about. I want answers, yes. Smokey, Richard Alpert, Claire, the Egyptian motifs and Jacob in particular. But there are mysteries I DON’T need answers to, and in fact, I hope the show RESISTS giving us answers to certain questions. Like: ”What is the Island?” The problem that some are going to have, though, is that by not answering ”What is the Island?”, you’re PROBABLY not going to get answers to the questions that are actually subsets of that Island question, like Dan’s hope that they illuminate the ”why” behind ”Island weirdness.” It’s ironic for Doc Jensen to be saying this, but…I’m really good with mucho lingering ambiguity. But most of all, I want to cry. I’ve always thought: If the finale can genuinely move me to tears with the characters, it will have succeeded.

7 burning questions for Lost’s final season

  1. Just because Juliet threw herself on top of a nuclear device doesn’t mean her life is over: This is Lost after all. Is Juliet dead or alive?
  2. Will the explosion hurl survivors into a new dimension where their Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles so they can go about their business as strangers with no memory of the island? Alternately, will the explosion catapult our heroes into the present day and make all that Season 5 time travel a water-treading storyline detour?
  3. Did a greater power or mere coincidence bring the survivors to the island in the first place? Do the Oceanic 815 survivors share special traits that link their destinies, or did they simply get lucky by living through the plane crash?
  4. What’s the deal with that creepy plume of smoke introduced in the pilot episode? “Smokey” recurs throughout the series, but this mostly malevolent force remains a mystery as to origins and motivation.
  5. The ever-twisted manipulator Ben (played by Michael Emerson) has an agenda, but it keeps changing. Is he a pawn or the prime mover who only pretends to be following orders?
  6. Will Kate (Evangeline Lilly) end up with Sawyer (Josh Holloway) or Jack? Or neither?
  7. Will the mysterious and intimidating Jacob finally become more than a cipher and explain what the hell he’s trying to accomplish? Or will he stay on the sidelines as Jack, Ben and the Others fight their way through to some kind of closure?

. . . Yes — there IS more:

What’s your theory of LOST?  Share Season 6 with us!

109 Responses

  1. {{giddy giddy giddy!!!!}}

  2. ! It’s on — IT’S on!!! {{also giddy}}

  3. Back at the Commercial…

  4. What? So the plane is going to land like they said? Or is this a flashback.

    I hate this show!!!!! 🙂

  5. Maybe we should write everything in white type?

    We CAN talk, right?

  6. Are they in both places at the same time?

  7. Do you think its the real Juliet?


  9. Did they split into two universes?

  10. Am I the only one that does not like John Locke?

  11. {{Grinning}}

  12. Does this mean that Sayid is going to become Jacob?

  13. Ah, Charlie!

  14. LOST should be free of commercials.

  15. what is up with 2 John Lockes????

    • Locke is dead. The smoke monster has the ability to take the form of dead people like Locke and Ben’s daughter Alex.

  16. Oh S H I T

  17. wtf?

  18. In a way, 3 John Lockes — right?

  19. Well 4 is on its way to being answered

  20. Are you kidding me? “It’s really, really important” (gasp)

  21. OMG! They’re going to land in LA!

  22. Are they just showing us what WOULD have happened if it had worked?

    • Life would have sucked big time for some of them. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work. Maybe they all had to want to go back.

  23. Ah, Locke…. (sigh)

  24. Gah! previews please!!!

  25. It’s back!

  26. How can they take the torturer/killer to the Temple but, not Juliette?

    • Hey – don’t talk badly about the torturer. They were extenuating circumstances.

    • I think the island chooses who can be saved. Ben was saved as a child by the island and if Sayid is of use to Jacob then he can also be saved. I think it is part of the “game” Jacob and the smoke monster is playing with the inhabitants of the island used as pawns.

  27. Don’t you just love Hurley

  28. Are u kidding me? MOre others, or other others?

  29. (I’m dying here)

  30. Maybe their split selves have to save their stuck selves?

    • Or maybe the landers have to go back to the island and stop them from detonating the bomb? And prevent themselves from ever being created?

      • As in not being born or not being split?

        • Not being split. If detonating the bomb was a big mistake like many of Jack’s ideas when he never listens to anyone, they still have time to stop it.

          • Maybe Sayid joined his split self.

          • But if he joins his split self in LA, then Rose is sick and all kinds of bad stuff happens for everybody. I think Locke was right, they needed to stay on the island.

          • Yes – they were trying to go home, but didn’t really have good lives to go back to.

            Look at Jack – worked hard his whole life with nothing to show. – Always seems to lose.

  31. How? The island is at the bottom of the ocean.

    • Maybe they have to raise it? They’ll probably start getting weird visits from Ben and Charles.

  32. They are split. But how?????

    • That’s my question. There are two alternate realities. Does this mean that even though the plane doesn’t crash, they all somehow end up on the island in the future anyway?

  33. So they are Egyption

  34. GREAT. More questions. I hate this show – in one of those “GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW WAYS”. I need a life.

  35. I think Jacob has everything under control.

  36. TPTB are going to be on Kimmel’s show tonight.

  37. Jack has faith. WHOA.

  38. He can’t be dead.

  39. I love Sayid


  41. Sorry, My brain exploded and I’ve been moping it up. Back soon.

  42. It’s okay, my heart just restarted with Sayid coming back from the dead.

  43. Is it over?

    • Not for another 4 months. 😉

    • You wish. To quote a poster from TWOP
      I’m glad they finally introduced a mysterious group of people with no obvious indication of how they came to be there or what their point is. That’s exactly what’s been missing from this show. On the plus side, maybe this time they’ll actually explain who the hell they are by the end of the season.

  44. Theory –

    Sayid is now Jacob. Miles knows something.

    Juliet is finally back home.

    They are all going to have to make a choice as to who or rather which life they wish to lead.

    Question: Why did the smoke monster kill Mr. Eko?

    • I think I agree. But, since I might have left some of my brains behind the couch, don’t quote me.

      • 🙂 I agree too. I think they need Sayid to be Jacob to be a counterpoint to NotLocke. He’s too powerful otherwise.

    • I never thought about that! Good theory. Yes, it makes sense for Jacob to take form as Sayid as the ghost monster has done with Locke.

  45. Two words: Schrodinger’s cat. And we became entangled with it by opening the box (tuning in).

  46. So, let me tackle those questions:
    1. briefly alive for a more romantic death scene. You knew she’d be gone on “V” duties, didn’t ya?
    2 yes. yes. See Schrodinger’s cat
    3. You knew the answer to this at the end of last season. Jacob loves playing with people.
    4. It’s Locke!
    5.A pawn, these days. But you knew that at the end of last season.
    6. Couldn’t care less. But, it may be with one of each in different universes.(see Star Trek – the Cage or Doctor Who)
    7. He’s dead, Jim!
    And many, many new questions are open now.

  47. http://darkufo.blogspot.com is a great website for LOST fans. You can also follow them on twitter.

    • Thanks! Cool! Now I know why I watch: it’s the mythology – same as BSG!(OK, there, more things are good, but it’s the mythology that makes it a must see). Lost characters – who cares? Not me.

    • I have never seen Lost but am a huge Country music fan and have been forever.

      Nice song. Nice looking country good old boy 😉 Love it!

      It has got the right country feel (who needs that secreeming pop sound that ruined country music in the 90s), nice and simple lyrics. Thats all ye need cause People are crazy.

  48. Everyone in LA will end-up either going on with a normal life after merging with their island-redeemed form or back on the plane heading for the original crash so they can cycle through it all again, and this time find redemption. Karam, karma, karma.

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