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Open Thread: Hillary Loses Her Shoe, But Keeps Her Cool

Hillary is all over the “style sections” this evening. On her way to visit French President Sarkozy, she stepped right out of one of her shoes. But she never lost her cool!

Does anyone else have some cheerful news you’d like to share? I think we could all use some smiles and laughter tonight, don’t you?

And feel free to break out the wine, beer, or spirits.

98 Responses

  1. The drought in California appears to be over.

    • Hooray! We are going to have a glorious wildflower show here in the desert. It’s already brewing a green sheen on the mountain sides.

  2. There could be worse wardrobe malfunctions.

  3. RD: This is for you. From last Friday night’s thread, since you liked Act 1, I decided to do Act II.

    Act II

    With Vera safely out of the way, Obama goes home to tell Michelle that his fellow senators have convinced him to run for president and she’s going to be the first Black First Lady. Michelle is ecstatic. She launches into “You Made Me So Very Happy” (Blood, Sweat & Tears).

    The campaign season starts. There are eight contenders in the race and Obama still isn’t sure he can do this; after all, prior to this, he’s never had to run very hard for anything. His fellow senators assure him that it’s well within his capabilities. They launch into “Vogue” (Madonna).

    Obama strikes the first blow and wins Iowa. Hillary’s people are taken aback. Some advise her to go negative; still others advise her to show her softer side. Hillary responds with “I Gotta Be Me” (Sammy Davis). She comes back to win New Hampshire.

    The media is in the tank for Obama. They’re all piling on Hillary: she has a sense of entitlement, she’s polarizing, she’s a liar. They sing: “You’re So Vain” (Carly Simon) Even Oprah has labeled Obama “The One”. Hillary supporters are particularly angry at Oprah for not supporting the female candidate. Oprah says she doesn’t endorse candidates. Hillary’s supporters want Oprah to have Hillary on her show. She says she’s not having any candidates on until after the election. Hillary supporters and Oprah sing “I Got A Man” (Positive K)

    The campaign continues. Hillary puts forth her policy proposals on health care, the mortgage crisis etc. Obama is light on policy but inspires his followers with hope and change. At his rallies people sing “Yes We Can, Can” (The Pointer Sisters). Obama goes on to win ten straight caucuses and primaries. He sings “Super Bad” (James Brown)

    Hillary wins all the big states and has almost as many delegates as Obama but still there are calls for her to bow out of the race. Then there’s the problem of Michigan and Florida because they broke the rules by voting early. The problem has to be resolved at the RBC meeting. The RBC meeting doesn’t go well for Hillary. Obama is given some of Hillary’s delegates. The emotions of her supporters range from sad and confused – they think the Dems are making a major mistake writing off Hillary’s supporters, these folks sing “It’s just a Matter of Time” (Brook Benton); to still hopeful, these folks sing “Our Day Will Come” (Ruby and The Romantics) to defiant, these folks sing “White Flag” (Dido)

    There are calls for party unity but Hillary’s supports are not having it. They form a group called P.U.M.A. Their theme song is U.N.I.T.Y. (Queen Latifah)

    Hillary suspends her campaign despite trailing Obama by less then 200 delegates. Her supporters vow to take their fight to Denver. They exit the stage singing “Impossible Dream” (The Sound Of Music)

    • I hope you’ve done a copyright on this…

    • Very good. Just a tech note. Isn’t “Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha?

      • You’re right. I mixed up impossible dream with Climb Every Mountain which totally doesn’t fit the scenario. thanks

        • But perhaps that’s where To Dream the Impossible Dream should go instead of You’re so Vain.

    • Wow. Looking forward to Act III, Joanie. 🙂

      • Actually Act III is finished (it’s a great way to procrastinate when you’re supposed to be job hunting) but I’m stuck on the last act because we won’t know how it ends for 3 more years.

    • Thanks for the smiles, joanie. Can’t wait for Act III. Though I’ve always thought of You’re So Vain as a song sung to Obama 😉

  4. love that woman.
    and honestly her smile in that picture warms me up a bit from the 14 degree Boston night.

    ……christ I’m a dork. 😦

    • The pictures really cheered me up after the past couple of days when I’ve been feeling alternately angry and despondent about the state of the nation.

      • I love the look on Sarkozy’s face – you can tell he genuinely likes her – no surprise obviously, but a great contrast the President Platitude and Blanche’s visit when they snubbed him for the dinner invite.

      • It cheered me up as well.

        I am glad Hillary didn’t fall, but it looks Mr. Sarkozy knew how to treat a lady. Absolutely charming pictures. Great smiles.

    • She looks fabulous!

    • Such a cute pic. 🙂

    • I love her smile too. It’s good to see her genuinely happy after what she went through in 2008. I don’t think most people would have ever gotten over an experience like that with so much grace and strength.

  5. Wonk The Vote / Let Them Listen,
    has a post on All Eyes On Hillary in case you missed the Tavis Smiley Show and an extra clip of her work on her work on Women’s Rights. Go Hill Go!

    • That was great and I was not able to get it on my one pbs station, so many, many thanks to WTV. it was really a nice piece. I thought it was interesting when HRC talked about how great the press people are who follow the SOS—they are informed about substantive issues and ask good questions. There is a huge difference isn’t there? The political DC press corps are shameless and not too bright. How do they get their jobs?

  6. She’s amazing — I needed something smile-worthy, and this is it. Thanks boomer!! 🙂

  7. Here’s a whole pile of chuckles, and WTH’s.

    52 New Guiness World Records

    I mean really…do we need a record for “most T-shirts worn at one time” and “Tightest frying pan roll?” Maybe not, but there they are.

    • I kinda like that they’re making room for things that are actually achievable. Don’t give up on the dream, kids!

  8. What a champ!

    I imagine Sarkozy, in pic #3, is thinking “Merde! Why isn’t this woman the US President instead of Mr. One-derful?”

  9. Progressives are all atwitter about BO’s performance this afternoon at the bipartisanship conference with House Republicans. Guess kool-aid is a good anesthetic in addition to being an aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic.

    @ezraklein Obama’s Q&A with the House Republicans is the most compelling political television I’ve seen…maybe ever.

    @markos Listen up, #tcot. RT @marcambinder: GOP leadership praising the president right now.

    @DavidArtWooten @joanwalsh it is the MOST INTERESTING conversation I have seen in over a YEAR.

    @KBAndersen His candor & reasonableness & good humor were breathtaking.

  10. Caprica – the prequel spin-off of Battlestar Galactica is damn good!

  11. I glad no one from the press ran up to check her shoe size. They did that to Jackie Kennedy once. She wore size 10. I think she had to take her shoes off to go into the Taj Mahal, and some idiot ran up and looked inside her shoe.

    • I’m sure Rush the Entertainer will have some snarky comments.

    • They would never get away with that now. Indian or French security would bean them before they touched anyone’s shoe, foot in or foot out.

  12. If you want to feel dirty tune in to the last several minutes of the sleazy Andrew Young and his wife on ABC. The Youngs are disgusting. They deserve nothing less than bad karma for their actions.

    • Ugh! No thanks.

    • Yuk. Makes me feel the need for a shower. I grew up believing loyalty was a virtue, but one didn’t compromise one’s own integrity for loyalty… then again this is about a desire for power, not loyalty, isn’t it. Yuk again.

  13. My greatest fear is that we’ll run out of Bad Karma before the bad actors get theirs.

  14. Sarkozy probably really likes that not only is she brainier and better informed than The One but best of all she is short.

  15. Keeping his priorities straight. That’ll solve the jobs crisis. Way to focus BO.


  16. I think the hallmark of a true leader is not just the ability to define the issues and the policies needed to address them but to set priorities. That is where I see a sharp difference between HRC and 0: she has great political tuition for knowing what to do for job one what to move on to next. 0 just seems to bounce around from one thing to the next starting lots of little pots, stirring them but never putting a dinner on the table.

  17. Well, her appointment as Sec. of State has been a kind of Cinderella story. She went from being vilified by obots to being Obama’s biggest asset. He’s darn lucky there isn’t more happening with foreign affairs, and the left has essentially rolled over in acceptance of his continuation of war. That’s one area he’s not getting hammered on. That’s because she’s doing a good job.

  18. Larry Summers is on Charlie Rose coming from Davos; (have the sound turned off)

  19. Loved the pictures and that smile. Hillary looks like she’s dropping weight, too. The mark of someone working hard. Looks great!

  20. Here’s video. The embedding is disabled so you have to click and go to youtube:

  21. Taking a cue from Hillary, I’m making myself respected at home and work. Life is good.

  22. Hey anyone know if the term the “Village” comes from that great Shyamalan movie of the same name. Can’t remember, but was there also a real “Veal Pen” in that movie, because there could have been.

    • It’s actually a reference to… gasp… this Sally Quinn article in 1998, before the Village movie. Digby popularized the term in left blogistan, followed by Atrios, Kos, etc.

      • Several members of Left Blogistan (like kos for example) have become Village idiots.

        Arianna is a recruiter for the Village idiot zombie army.

        • Arianna is a business woman, pure opportunist, and she’s good at it. While the rest of fauxgressive blogistan took a long time to start criticizing President Obama, Arianna figured it out much sooner, all while putting a footnote (he’s well-meaning but naive) so as not to be accused of being Teh Raycist.

          • Arianna Huffington is about as classy as Sally Quinn and Modo. *snark*

          • Arianna is diametric opposite of classy.. but she knows how to stay relevant… she jumped on the “move your money” movement right away… I could have sworn one day WMCB was suggesting moving our money out of banks over here and virtually a few days later Arianna had it up on in lights on her front page.

          • Arianna is repulsive, and you’re right, a businesswoman. She has changed from a liberal to a conservative and back again about forty times and yet people still listen to her spout bull sh*t.

        • (one could argue that “he’s well-meaning but naive” is condescending… but I’ve yet to see Al Sharpton put out a statement on that)

    • Wow, thanks Wonk. Uncanny, because the movie portrays something eerily similar..

      All we see is this primitive nineteenth-century village in the midst of woods that the villagers believe to be haunted by ominous, sentient creatures who will not harm the people as long as they don’t set foot in the woods. The villagers have all sorts of rituals to protect themselves from attack…

      The villagers raise and grow their own food..the forbidden forest around the village is circumscribed by very tall prison walls, and as we eventually learn, outside the walls is a normal suburban setting in the 21st century present. The villagers have purposely walled themselves in to exist in a 19th century utopian commune. Most of the villagers are not even aware there is another world outside.

  23. Awwwww… she lost her shoe! That makes her Cindarella. She’s adorable.

  24. […] h/t Wonk the Vote at RD’s place. […]

  25. The great news is that the kool-aid is wearing off, and thousands and thousands are waking up, rubbing their eyes, and saying “WTF???”

  26. cute shoes.

  27. Love those pix! She is the best 🙂

  28. I enjoyed Hillary’s out of shoe experience too. Thanks.

  29. I’d rather be shoeless than clueless.

  30. I love that comment “I’d rather be shoeless than clueless” thanks cc. I may have missed it , but why was Hillary not at the State of the Union Address! ?Any thing Hillary, Every Thing Hillary! side note I was recently asked to take my 5 Hillary signs down out of my window. Beware of my gun and beware of my dog are still allowed in the neighborhood! humm lv susan

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