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Nitecap and the Marquise de Merteuil

You guys probably have a head start on me.  I just got home from work after spending hours on a frakin’ Excel spreadsheet.  I HATE Microsoft.  Every app is so damn kludgy.  I need a drink.  Rico!  Some tequila please?

In the meantime, let me direct your attention to this excellent smack down of Sally Quinn by Bob Somerby titled The Wages of Quinn.  Somerby dissects Quinn’s most recent column where the Queen Bee of DC threatens the Obama’s with her own personal brand of divine retribution for being lousy hosts.  “Pretty nice administration you got there.  Wouldn’t want anything to *happen* to it.”  As Somerby points out, Sally and her droogs don’t pick on Republicans for being celebrity struck social climbers like the Reagans or intellectual and sleepy boors like the second round of Bushes.  She saves her attacks, and at this point, they seem awfully close to domestic terrorism, for Democrats.  Clinton really frosted her crockies because right after his first election, he called her and the Villagers on their little cliquey games.  Quinn holds a grudge and her vengeance knows no boundaries of decorum.

I don’t know why Sally gets away with it except that she’s married to Ben Bradlee.  She sounds to me like a frustrated woman who should have been a CEO of something but was born 30 years too soon.  So, she is forced to channel her intelligence and thwarted ambition into middle school variety power plays that are approved by her class as being appropriate for her gender and station.  Oooo, the shackles of conformity must be rubbing her raw after sooo many years.  Nevertheless, she will not be ignored.  But someday, probably soon, she will be discarded.  Everyone gets old, eventually.  She will be replaced by a newer version of herself.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to scheme and stab people in the back and help the Villagers take down another Democrat.  Hey, Obama’s a pretty weak president.  It’s not going to be hard for Sally and her posse to take him down.  I’m just sick of people indulging in ruining other people for sport.  Besides, Obama’s doing a pretty good job of ruining himself without Sally’s help.

Someday, I hope Sally gets what’s coming to her.  In my fantasy, it goes a little bit like this:

87 Responses

  1. She should take up writing one act plays.

  2. {{snort!}} Too funny. I saw yet another one at Salon today. Is this some kind of crazy trend? God, i hope it’s over soon.

  3. I remember reading that Sally started the rumor about Hillary being a lesbian because Hillary refused to invite her to the WH for lunch.

    I wouldn’t spit in Sally’s ear if her brain was on fire. F*ck her.

    • Yeah, she made up some crazy story about Hillary and some other woman found in flagrante delicto om the floor of some room in the WH.
      I think she was jealous.

      • I just remembered – its was the vet that took care of Socks.

        • Where did Sally’s twisted mind come up with a story like that and why the hell would ANYONE in DC believe her? The maturity level of our nation’s media establishment is astonishing. My 13 year old knows better.

          • I just saw a reference to Hill’s lesbianism the other day, don’t know where. Said that her friend is always near her wherever she goes, in all of the pictures at Davos now.
            You always know when BO’s in trouble, because
            “people” start making up stuff about Hill again.

          • What kind of malignant narcissistic egomania does it take to make a wealthy socialite believe that she and her clique are superior to the leader of the most powerful nation in the history of uh . . . history?

            “Who the fuck to those hillbillies think they are? He’s just the President of the United States. I’m Sally Quinn!”

          • And what kind of 11 year old mentality thinks “I’ll call her gay! That’s the worst thing anybody can be called! She’ll just die! She’ll never dare show her face in gym class again!”

          • That’s Huma Abedin, Hillary’s assistant. She’s engaged to N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner.
            Always on the job assisting Hillary, but goes out with people her age, even
            Obama team.

      • That’s why Hillary got so angry about Monica – she had dibs on that intern.

    • She and Bradlee seem like such a mismatch. She’s such a flake, you’d think he’d be embarassed as hell.

      • Actually, he’s kind of a flake too.

        • He’d pretty much have to be, hell, even Valmont got fed up eventually, but it’s got to be harder to hide behind your title when you’re married to such a proudly over-the-top public flake.

    • I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire either. And I remember reading in the Clinton Tapes that Hillary wouldn’t invite her because she was so mean.
      She’s like MoDo. She gives the female intellect a bad name.

  4. Is the marquise any relation to the Duke of Hurl?

    • Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Hurl, Duke, Duke, Duke of Hurl, Duke, Duke, Duke of Hurl

  5. Your analysis that Sally Quinn is such a social climbing toad because she has nothing better to do with her life is probably correct, RD. Great post.

  6. OT – Today I had three different men in three different locations ask me if I thought Hillary was going to run in 2012 for President. One man is a plumber, another works at the local quick shop and the other one works at a major univeristy and thinks he is going to be furloughed.

    Each time I asked them why they were thinking about 2012. All of them said they hoped she would run because they don’t like Obama and his SOTU was just a bunch of hot air/ words/ etc. I asked each of them if they voted for him – all said yes.

    Anyone know where this is coming from? Two out of three of these men don’t spend time on the internet. Is this where hope has found a new home?

    • Someone is recruiting former Hill supporters on Facebook. They want to be ready for a run in 2012 in case BO is a one termer and Hill gives up SOS soon.

      • Unless and until Hillary announces she’s changed her mind about running again, assume she is not ever running again and will never be President.

        We need to make our peace with this and move on. Instead of waiting for Hillary to rescue us and wasting time and energy imagining and discussing the various and sundry scenarios in which it COULD happen, we need to start preparing for the post-Obama apocalypse.

        Our last post-WPE plan sucked.

        “Elect a Democrat – any Democrat – and we”ll all get ponies!”

        • Sorry, MyIQ. Unless she drops dead or I do, I’m never going to stop hoping or dreaming.

          I admit it. I’ve always had a problem accepting reality. But stranger things have happened.

        • There’s nothing wrong with speculating that she might run again. To say that there isn’t any window of opportunity for her to run is unrealistic, because there is (EG: Bam is self destructing), and as SOS, she can’t run a campaign anyway.
          We can still properly prepare for the Obamacalypse without putting all of our eggs into a Hillary basket. But the Hillary baskets are the prettiest and most liberal ones.

          • importantly ~ bam is self destructing very quickly…..alot faster than any of us expected, and plenty of people are noticing.
            I’ll be ready to help in half a heartbeat if she steps up

          • Maybe the Secret Service should arrest him for his own protection?

          • So that’s where the 400% increase-in-threat figure came from — he’s a threat to himself. No wonder the Secret Service director did not know about it. It’s more up Axelrahm’s alley.

        • Yes, we should all give up hope right now and never think about it again.

        • It’s not a waste of time.
          Either BO choose to run again in 2012 or he doesn’t.

          If he does run again he loses to whoever the GOP candidate is, that’s a given. And a lot of DLCers will actually realize that, so a primary challenge is very possible.

    • No idea but I’ve heard the same thing from my mother’s friends.
      I hate to dash their hopes but Hillary has all but ruled out a run for the WH. She isn’t going to do a second term as SOS either. I read it in an interview she gave in London today or yesterday.
      Soooo, we’re pretty much on our own.
      Maybe Al Franken will run. I’d vote for him.

      • Al Franken as President would really be fun anyway.

      • Even if she did want to run, she certainly couldn’t say it now.
        She said no again on Tavis Smiley’s show last night, but someone said she shook her head yes when she said no. Wishful thinking?

      • oh god that would have to be one of the worst possible scenarios I could think of. Franken is an ass.

        • Haven’t we learned about no term Senators running for President yet? Jeez.

        • you haven’t been following him in the Senate have you? He’s one of the best senators we have.

        • I thought Franken was doing well up until he said the House’s HRC bill was a “huge step forward for American women” and then voted for the Senate bill like every other Senate Dem.

      • She was fairly emphatic about not doing another stint as SOS on Travis Smiley last night (PBS). I can’t image that it is very gratifying considering that her boss is such a novice (and not a generous personality).

      • Don’t people often say they won’t run for this or that, and then do? I doubt she meant it.

    • Thanks for sharing that lovely news, Dee. It was a tonic to reading someone defending o-criminal’s White House.

  7. I need a drink, Rico. Give me a hurricane. *flashes fake ID*

    • Reminds me, last time I was carded, it was my 28th birthday and the joint was dark! (Long ago in the kingdom by the sea)

  8. People like Sally Quinn and MoDo are under-potentialized. They both need real lives of their own.

  9. Nothing to do with anything, but cruising Facebook I run into millenials who say “post-racial” alot. Is that what Chris Matthews meant last night. I find the term simplistic..as in before, everyone must have been racial or racist or something. That a single generation would sweepingly define itself as being more enlightened than history is brave if not a bit naive imo. It’s not that racism doesn’t exist, there’s plenty of it still around in different forms and degrees, but I for one like my race and would rather not give it up to be more correctly American. Another term with loose definition is “progress,” but I won’t go off on that tangent here.

    • Yeeeeah, like Obama ran as a post-racial candidate by labelling everyone racist and constantly calling attention to the fact that he was half African American.
      Post racial seems to mean different things to different people. Race was not one of my criteria for picking a president and anyone who *did* was not thinking straight.

    • And then there are these long and “interesting” debates about whether Obama is an idealist or a pragmatist, and I see that alot of people still don’t see him as a politician. He’s the philosopher king.

      • One day, they will realize he is nothing. B0=Big Zero. Nothing but a whole bunch of hot wind behind a safe curtain. I think thy’re starting to get it now, but it will be hard for some of those huge egos to acknowledge that they were taken in.

    • Voting for Obama because of his race is raycist. It is a judgement made for the color of his skin, not the content of his character.
      Not considering his race when considering a vote for him is much more appropriate.

      • In the Land of the Big Punchbowl it is okay to consider Obama’s race as a factor in deciding to vote for and support him. But any other mention of, reference to or acknowledgment of his race is presumed to be racist.

        This rule applies even if the alleged use of race is an imaginary “dogwhistle” that exists only in the mind of a delusional hopium addict.

  10. Dakini: If you’re still around, would you consider writing a post on the proper way to cancel credit cards. I have a bunch I don’t use, but I understand that there’s a protocol and if you don’t do the dance just right, it could adversely affect your credit.

    • Unless they have an annual fee or they charge for NOT using them, cut them up but don’t cancel them. It does adversely affect your credit, especially dangerous if you plan on taking out any loans, including mortgages, refinancing, etc. for the next few years

    • Sophie, I’m don’t really have any expertise on that. My background and teaching is in macrofinance and macroeconomics. I haven’t taught personal finance at all. I teach corporate and international, financial intermediation and stuff like that … sorry!

      • No problem. I just figured if anyone knew the drill, it would be you…I tend to lump everything financial into one (large) bucket.

        • well, there’s a lot of specialties out there and my poor brain can only handle so much

          • I would hardly describe your brain as “poor!” I am so grateful for what you have shared with us. I am financial-informationally-challenged and your posts have helped me try to make sense of a field that makes no sense to me. (Ironically, financial traders are the customers of the company I work for!)

          • I know. I would be totally ignorant about the financial world if it werent for Daki. She makes me day

    • Below is a link with useful information regarding the right way to close a credit card.

      “When you have too many credit cards, closing some of them is a good way to simplify your financial life. Before you make that phone call, first make sure closing these credit cards won’t hurt your credit score (See Five Credit Cards You Should Never Close).”


      • Thanks! Like I said, they’re cards I don;t use. I just want to simplify my life and drop some baggage. Also, I’m a little pissed. One of these credit linse I don’t use just raised my rates to 29.9. I got the line when I installed new windows, paid off the balance before the interest kicked in, and never used it since. What’s with raising the rate? I think they’re reprehensible and I would like to fire them but I do not want to do damage to that fragile credit rating we all must bear, like a pre-existing condition. So, I want to do this by the book, lest these f*ck-wads spin my life to fit their narrative. Am I paranoid? You betcha.

  11. Thinking of the Obots and of Hillary again, I once again recall this column by Mike Royko, “LBJ Deserved a Beter Fate”, April 2, 1968. http://bit.ly/bE8neG.

  12. Don’t forget that Sally went after Ben while he was still a married man and she had begun working at the Washington Post. Ben Bradlee even addressed this in his biography about his days as the editor.

    Sally was the “other woman” in her other life; like Monica going after the married man with the power!!

    She thought that the “country bumpkin” Clinton’s (her thoughts…not mine) were going to make her the doyenne of entertaining during their White House years. What she failed to recognize is that in the areas of intellect, entertaining, and good manners, the Clinton’s run circles around her!

  13. Sally Quinn has always reminded me of some overbearing sorority sister [I remember several], who is now aging and sagging in all the wrong places and is infuriated, so much so that the rest of the world must pay. Particularly other women.

    She’s insufferably snotty with her psycho-babble on anyone who has miffed her. Oh, excuse us, Ms. Quinn. We didn’t realize you were made Queen.

    OT but I was astonished with the latest Chris Matthews’ comment. He “forgot the President was black” during the State of the Union?

    Where do these people come from? They need to marched back to the asylum, double quick!

  14. I am always thankful for sites like this who periodically validate my views on the Washington elite like Quinn. It is grotesque that Quinn is given such deference by the media talking heads when she appears on their shows. Another reason that I rarely watch any MSM .

  15. Sally Quinn is a tool. The end.

  16. Ben Bradlee’s first wife was Tony Pinchot. Her older sister was Mary Pinchot Meyer. On a perfect October day in 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer—mistress of John Kennedy, friend of Jackie Kennedy and ex-wife of a top CIA man, Cord Meyer—was murdered in the rarefied Washington precinct of Georgetown. Ben Bradlee, then of Newsweek, later of the Washington Post identified the body at the morgue.

    The linked article below pulls back the curtain surrounding DC to reveal the longstanding incestuous relationship between government and the 4th estate. If inside the beltway “investigative” reporter types want access to government officials and to be invited to parties at the white house and get on board Airforce 1 to accompany the President on his road trips and vacations they better not do much reporting of what they really all know. Sally Quinn is just business as usual.

    I felt somewhat sick to my stomach and rather frightened after reading this article.


    • Really interesting article.

    • Thanks for the link, cincy. I thought that was a fascinating essay, sad but oddly riveting. The time frame is my mother’s era, the years of Mad Men [a series I happen to love]. Reading something like this and watching the series, I’ve come to more deeply understand my mother’s terrible frustration as a woman and aspiring artist herself. As a kid, it was often hard to understand.

      But in DC? Yes, the connections have obviously been incestuous for a long time. And I suppose you’re right, too. Ms. Quinn is simply business as usual!

    • I was mistaken in above post. Tony Pinchot was Ben Bradlee’s 2nd wife. His first wife was Jean Saltonstall, the daughter of Senator Leverett Saltonstall.

    • Thanks for the article.

    • Thanks for posting that. The whole episode with Meyer was what I was thinking about in my comment earlier. There is a new book about her coming out this year that I’m looking forward to reading.

    • Thank you for that article.
      Times were very different then and women who did not fit the norm (housewife, non interfering, helpmates, not independent) were treated very unfairly.
      Women worked for generations but were never given any credit for what they did.
      It was a time of the Madonna or whore syndrome.

  17. You mean, Obama gets a threat first? I doubt Clinton was afforded that luxury!
    Today’s tabloids with identica; headlines

  18. One of SQ’s latest hits is her recent appearance on BillO where she observed:

    “First of all Scott Brown is a hunk. And, I think that the fact that he posed semi-nude for a magazine gave him a huge advantage in public recognition.”

  19. Talk about living up to caricatures — the Villagers excel at it.

  20. […] Sally Queen is rearing her ugly head Somerby dissects Quinn’s most recent column where the Queen Bee of DC threatens the Obama’s with her own personal brand of divine retribution for being lousy hosts.  “Pretty nice administration you got there.  Wouldn’t want anything to *happen* to it.” […]

  21. I question whether Quinn “probably should’ve been the CEO” of anything. I’ve never seen any evidence at all that she possesses any particular talents, organizational skills, or strategic vision.

    She’s a minor-league gossip columnist who screwed her boss.

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