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OFA Pre-Speech Memo

This arrived in my email by mistake:

From: David Axelrod, Obots For America


Dear valued OFA team member:

Tonight Barack Obama will make a very important speech about the conflict in Afghanistan. It is crucial that we rally support for our President as he implements his new strategy. Here’s how you can help:

1. During and after the speech you should post comments on your favorite blogs praising the speech and the President’s policies.

2. Be sure to mention how inspiring the speech was, and how President Obama has proven his mettle as a war-time President. It wouldn’t hurt to throw a jab at you-know-who by saying “he’s answered that 3 am call.”

3. It is important that you point out that President Obama carefully weighed the advice of all the experts, but made his own decision. Use terms like “firm, but measured” and “carefully crafted” to describe the new policy.

4. Don’t forget to place the blame for conflict where it belongs – on Bill Clinton. If he hadn’t been fooling around with Monica Lewinsky he would have captured Osama bin Laden back in the nineties. But also mention how George Bush made a mess of things too.

5. Personalize your comments as much as possible by describing how people you know are serving in the military. If you have relatives that served in previous wars mention them too. If you don’t know anyone that is or has served, just make it up.

6. Last but not least, remind people that President Obama promised to “finish the job” in Afghanistan during the campaign. It was the war in Iraq that he opposed.

Thank you for you valuable assistance. The speech begins at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific)


p.s. Don’t forget to donate!

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122 Responses

  1. When you have to work to make the president work for you… There’s a problem.

  2. 😯 Speechless 😯

  3. In Obama’s case, it is a three-month call, not a 3 am call, which means he is very thoughtful and not like Bush.

  4. Violet Socks:

    Say, those Obama babies should be coming up on four months old now, right? Can they hold their heads up at that age? I really don’t know. I’m just thinking how heartwarming and shit it would be if Mom & Dad could prop up their little tyke in front of the TV to watch THE BEST SPEECH EVER!

    • This morning Chuck Todd (I think thats his name) used the word “historic” three times in the same sentence …somehitng like “an historic speech on an historic occasion in an historic location”

      • Chuck should get off his knees and not talk with his mouth full.

        • ROFLMAO …. then crying cuz its so true.

        • Ewww. Don’t you know that some of us are extremely pukey already?

          • How long does the morning sickness last? Not the whole 9 months, I hope?

          • Fortunately not (although for some women it does!). If my three previous pregnancies are any indication and my calculations are correct, I should wake up the morning of January 11 (my birthday!) NOT pukey and suddenly ravenous.

            If I live that long. : ( It will be the best birthday present EVAH.

          • I had it all nine months with my younger son – oh, it was memorable 😦

          • You poor thing! That would DEFINITELY stop me from procreating again. Usually by the time the baby comes i’ve kind of forgotten about how awful this first part is.

          • Yikes! Sorry, you guys. 😦

          • My ex only had mild morning sickness for the first month or so.. My sister-in-law had it so bad she had to be hospitalized.

          • Ouch. She must have gotten really dehydrated.

      • Axelrod’s blackberry is to Chuck Todd what TOTUS is to Obama.

      • Will they ever retire that ‘historic’ talking point? I think Obama’s bowel movements are now historic too.

        • AP release:

          “Today, in an unprecedented and historic break with tradition, President Obama changed the decades-old White House custom of stocking the bathrooms with only Charmin toilet paper, by switching to Quilted Northern. Chuck Todd said of this historic event:

          “One cannot help but be moved at the thought of this historic milestone in presidential history. Obama once again has proven his ability to change the status quo in historic ways. It’s unprecedented, and historic. We have moved beyond the tired old memes of Mr Whipple and his endless squeezing, to a brighter day of cuddly bears with tender bottoms. All Americans, no matter their party, realize the symbolism and significance of this historic gesture. Lincoln would be proud of this unprecedented and historic move by this young and historic president.”

        • Unprecedented Obama

          • I think what TOTUS is saying is “unpresidented” as in “above my pay grade”
            We just aren’t hearing it correctly.

          • Maybe he’s saying un-President. That would explain everything.


    • That’s so weird! I too suspect this might be Teh Greatest Speech Eva! Do you think we’re psychic maybe? I have a really good feeling

      That interview with Obama’s aunt is really sad. Obama really sucks at life.

      • After Teh Greatest Speech Eva! are we expected to rally behind our president for fear of being called unpatriotic? This really is deja vu all over again.

        • Unpatriotic, racist, and part of Hamas. They’ve refined the message a bit, but it does come back to you hate America.

      • It was indeed sad. From the interview…

        “I loved President Bush,” Onyango said while moving toward a framed photo of Bush and his wife standing with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House on inauguration day. “He is my No. 1 man in my life because he helped me when I really needed that help.”

        • And she has no other family here! Poor woman, she feels terrible about being a ‘political liability’???? I understand he would get flak for being a human being–but, dammit, Who cares? Just be a human being already.

          • That would be nice. Bush openly interceded on the poor lady’s behalf. It says something just God awful about Obama that he doesn’t even see her now.

            I can’t think of another President who would leave their family out in the cold like that. You’re right, it’s just not human!

          • Yep. Axlerovian politics is everything, under the bus with auntie. Good for Bush, doing the humane thing and not making an issue of it.

        • Just imagine if this woman was related to George Bush or OMG Sarah Palin. It would be24/7 negative coverage.

  5. ABC’s Note says MoveOn is mobilizing against Obama on Afghanistan. Yeah right.

    In other light hearted news, Sarah Palin’s book has went platinum in two weeks. Harper-Collins increased printing to 2.8 million.

  6. I was buying it hook line and sinker up to the Lewinsky part. I think they’d be slightly more subtle about the IACF. And where is the praise for Reagan?
    But otherwise, fantastic job! I am sure the real thing is quite close – are you sure you didn’t check it out?

  7. Oh and don’t forget – He’s only sending 30,000 troops that’s 10,000 less than McChrystal asked for! Such a gutsy, non Bush like move.

  8. I thought that Cokie Roberts made an excellent point on the George Snufflelapagus show this Sunday. She pointed out that W2 took 94 days to come to the same decision W1 would have come to in 2 days.

    She did not add that the delay was all about the Health Deform bill, but it was still an excellent point.

    • Actually, the decision has been made since March, when they stole the Bush/Cheney plans. It took all this time to ramp up the propaganda and make him look…thoughtful.

    • Cokie had such a crush on W1. She looked like a new bride the day after his appointment – while the rest of the world knew it would soon feel like a new bride.

  9. Say, you’re good at this. Almost too good.

  10. Okay, after Teh Greatest Speech Evah (TGSA XXXIV) we must browse the blogs to find examples of all of the above being spouted by the Obots. Shouldn’t be hard.

  11. Here’s to the spirit of National Crass Consumerism Day:


    Houston toy drives check the immigration status of families before handing out gifts.

  12. After reading “Can Hillary Clinton win the war in Afghanistan?” today, I wondered if Axelrod’s meme makers are setting Hillary up to take the blame if Obama’s decision to send troops to Afghanistan fails. It will be interesting to see if similar stories start to appear. The only thing I liked about the article is that it paints Hillary as a respected leader and puts to rest the stories floating about for several months that she has been “marginalized.”

    Are the meme makers trying to have it both ways? If Obama fails in Afghanistan it’s Hillary’s fault. On the other hand, if Obama lags behind Hillary in a poll indicating people think she is a stronger leader, they trot out the “Hillary has been marginalized” meme.

    I agree with myiq2xu who wrote “Vastleft asks a Good Question” the other day saying to follow the meme. I’m keeping my eye on this one.


    • Obama likes his bread buttered on both sides.

      If his strategy in A-stan succeeds and is politically popular he will grab the credit.

      If it fails and is unpopular then others will get the blame.

      • Maybe it’ll be Sarah Palin’s fault for posting about it on facebook.

  13. Interesting – I was thinking yesterday morning “Hillary should get out of this administration ASAP – they’re bound to blame her for his decisions.

    • I’m sure that was why he offered her the job in the first place. We need a scapegoat!

    • She’s probably going to stick with it for atleast another year. Then when Obama’s own people turn on him she’s outta there.

  14. Statement from Claire Mckaskill:
    (ref: Items 3 & 4)

    Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri:
    “I’m hopeful this president has taken the time and made the effort to think through whatever mission we will have over there. How we will accomplish it within a reasonable timeframe with some kind of certainty to the American people. The surge came about in Iraq because this kind of deliberative thought never occurred in the Bush administration as it related to (the) conflict in Iraq.”

  15. myiq2xu — you are a great hall monitor. I don’t see an single 0bot post here. The 0bot from RD’s thread didn’t make it to this one I see.

    • The cowardly Blogstalkers rarely even try any more.

      The Blogstalker Online Forum – where men are men and so are the women.

  16. I was channel surfing earlier and caught Cavuto on Fox. He was interviewing Fmr SoS Larry Eagleburger. Eagleburger (R admins) made the comment that nobody in the current admin understands the situation in Afghanistan other that the current SoS. Cavuto didn’t ask him to elaborate, but it was an interesting comment.

  17. Sales of this t-shirt should rise, “Hope is Fading Fast”.


    • Here’s another version.

    • This one with the dripping paint on that “hopie-changie” logo is the best one. Sort of like tears.

      Are 0bots at the crying stage yet — or mostly in the denial stage.

      The anger comes when they rip — remove — the 0 bumper stickers off the Humvees and monster trucks — and then the nice sedate volvos. I’m not seeing many 0 stickers — it’s been two weeks since I flipped the bird at an 0bot out in the boonies where I live.

      • Denial may be coming to an end since even icebergslim seems to have gone all Puma on Obama.
        Warning: DK link.

        President Obama, “We can not afford this war”

        I understand that Barack Obama campaigned on fighting the real fight, Afghanistan, but has he looked at these unemployment numbers lately? Currently, 10.2% unemployed but if you enter underemployed it is close to 18%.


        Lastly, the opinion polls have turned on Afghanistan and it reads get the hell OUT.

        Obama White House, when are you going to wake the hell up?

        • I’m glad they understand he campaigned on this, because they seem stunned. I don’t remember this being mentioned when we just had to bag Hillary’s inarguable superiority on domestic issues because nothing mattered except stopping the wars, either.

          • Obama kept the warmonger thing under wraps until after he was selected by the RBC to be the nominee. I got this from an Obot so it must be true:

            Obama on an op-ed on July 14, 2008:

            “As president, I would pursue a new strategy, and begin by providing at least two additional combat brigades to support our effort in Afghanistan. We need more troops, more helicopters, better intelligence-gathering and more nonmilitary assistance to accomplish the mission there.”

            When the Big Dawg said “Anti-War Obama” was a fairy tale they called him a racist.

          • Not gonna lie, it is kind of funny how much apparent glee Obama takes in deliberately, calculatedly, gratuitously sticking it to his Failbot army over and over and over. Having met many of them, I can’t say that I can completely blame him. The temptation must be overwhelming. It’s like a science experiment–no, really, I’ll grind them into dust and make a mockery of everything they claim to believe in, and they’ll come crawling back in less than 5 seconds, watch! And think up extraspecial humiliations to pull on them next!

          • Obots are like the lapdog media – they lick the boot that kicks them.

          • And if they were nice, well meaning, but stupid, it would be tragic. However , as so many of them are vile–funny and well deserved! 😉

        • see what they aren’t getting is that it’s not the Obama White House that is asleep but the Obama Whole Foods Nation that isn’t supposed to be awake. Hope = anesthetic. Tonight’s Big Speech is about refilling them with Hope… we’ll see how tough the anti-war stances remain among Move On and the rest of the nutroots in the next few days or whether they’ll go through their usual rhythms of mass panic and then someone in the group scolds the rest for panicking and then one-by-one they all fall in line.

    • That is a relief — because with him on the loose the cops were dangerous. The cops in the area were frantic and not acting in the best interest of the public.

      Last night I was being tailgated by a large domestic car — which in this area suggest COP. We are well trained to stick to the speed limit– because cops will tailgate in order try to force people to speed and (and thus they get to give a ticket).

      The car turned out to be a cop — and when we reached the traffic light –he turned on his lights — in order to force his way through the intersection. This is a long way from Seattle — but this county is often used by people from Seattle to commit suicide (they don’t want to kill themselves at home so they “go to the country” to do the deed.) ALL the cops were on high alert for this guy (and I had no idea about his race –this was not mentioned in any of the early stories. It wasn’t until early this morning when the news that he had been shot that his photo was released.

      It turns out that he had family in this area — which is why he moved here from Arkansas. Also he’s had mental health issues for years — and probably received little or no treatment for his obvious mental illness.

      This country has a major problem with untreated mental illness — and most seem to end up in the prison system where their illness isn’t treated and/or made worse.

      • Yeah, it was not a big surprise to see that the guy was killed on his first encounter with a cop. The officer involved is now of course on admin leave but all the circumstances (at least as set forth in the article) suggest a likely exoneration.

  18. Is this post serious? Or are you blowing smoke up our asses to get us excited?

  19. Not being a member of OFA I didn’t understand why Barky had to leave the White House, fly up to West Point, then immediately fly back to the White House – in my unenlightened mind I just thought it would make more sense to give the speech from that Oval Office we used to see in years past. But then I realized how idiotic he’d look sitting at the desk with his nose stuck up in the air and his head going from left to right for an hour…..the expense to get him to West Point and back in 6 hours makes sense now.

  20. 9/11, 9/11 he’s going for the Bush voters

  21. What’s with the funny pronunciation of Pakistan and Taliban? Does Obummer have a speech impediment or is everyone else pronouncing them incorrectly?

  22. What a HOOT.

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