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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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POTUS Speech Live Blog

What will he say?  How will he say it? What is tonight’s drinking game word?

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248 Responses

  1. What’s our “take a drink” word?

  2. BTW, apparently Jeff Immelt, CEO of BRAVO TV was at the State Dinner.

  3. For those who can’t stomach listening to Uh-bama speechify, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is on AMC

  4. OMG those cadets are so young!

  5. Take a drink….9/11

  6. It appears the policy is going to be Vietnamization–I mean Afghanization.

    Deja vu all over again….


  7. Pockistan.

  8. South Park On Demand – I’m not going near Barfy – I hope your stomachs survive.

  9. Has he said anything yet?

  10. 9/11 drink

  11. Aw shit – somebody told him to look in the camera once in a while.

  12. “let me be clear.”

  13. If the drinking word was “I” we’d all be wasted

  14. ooops…lost his place. Bad TOTUS.

  15. It’s the Iraq war’s fault.

  16. Uggghh, he’s such a slimy weasel. “None of this is my fault, pass the buck, pass the buck, I don’t care about any of you, but I care how I look politically.”

  17. He sent a card.

  18. Oh my goodness, he’s signed a letter to all the families of the dead. What a great guy

  19. drink up….9/11

  20. well, all they have to do is wait us out 18 months … that ought to be an easy thing for ’em

  21. He’s seen the wages of war. The Bataan Death March again?

  22. “disrupt, defeat, and dismantle Al Qaeda” — wow

  23. Didn’t we hear this same speech from “W” on the Iraq surge?

  24. Is this a practice speech for when he gets his Nobel? I wonder….

  25. He speaks like the sort of professor who if you don’t madly write down everything he says…. you fall asleep!

  26. Do they have cable TV in Afghanistan?

  27. “we expect those that are ineffective or corrupt to be held accountable”
    How can he say those words with a straight face…seriously.

  28. Why does Saudi Arabia always get a pass?

  29. Please stop saying Pokistahn and Tally-bahn. I beg you. Please.

  30. Slurp….9/11

  31. So we’re going to carry on the Bush (Nazi) term “homeland?” Isn’t that just ducky.

  32. Is this speech REALLY more important than covering the latest developments in the White House Gate-Crashers Scandal?

  33. “now let me be clear”

    please oh please

  34. This is just a “W” re-do dusted off.

  35. Mike moore can relax, we’re transitioning to afghan responsibility. It’s not a war!

    • Oh, I’m so relieved. War is awful, but police actions and transitions are okay.

    • If it really is necessary then wouldn’t they get it done like when they realized it was necessary say back in January? It is all BS.

    • That’s the same thing Nixon did in Vietnam. Millions of people died.

    • MM is not happy whatsoever; I am not sticking up for him becuz, uh, he did, in fact, berate our Hillary and support this guy; but, he’s over the edge over this new war president. You all can visit MM’s website.

      • MM can suck on it. Talk about a class traitor. Wears a baseball cap but left the working class in the dust a long time ago.

  36. I thought no one was allowed to say “terrorist” anymore? Aren’t they “precipitators of man-caused disasters” now?

  37. “living under the dark cloud of tyranny” oh boy.

  38. wow, he’s gonna close Gitmo.

  39. “We have a special burden in foriegn affairs?”

  40. Did anyone see Axlerod and Plouffe race for the exits when he warned we’re staying one step ahead of shadowy networks? Too late, they’re on a plane to the Caymans.

  41. bull

  42. just look at the faces of the people there…it’s awful

  43. WTH did he say?

  44. oh look..he’s looking at the camera…he had to MEMORIZE all that…what a great president.

  45. No wonder Karl Rove thinks this is a good thing.

  46. We’re destroying the country with cynicism and partisanship. Our bad!

  47. This guy is NOT a good speaker at all. He’s surprisingly bad and, I must admit surprise since I haven’t watched him since the primary debates.

    He says words but there is no there, there. Bloodless freak. It’s fucking creepy.

    • It’s really offensive, too. How dare he stand there in front of people who are probably going to be going into a war zone and just not give a damn?

    • He’s never been a good speaker. He mostly speaks in labarynthian sentences with an excess of prepositional phrases and multiple dead ends. If you follow the sentence carefully, you find that it means something obvious or mundane. If you don’t follow it carefully, you get lost.
      He had a stump speech that worked. It was written by Axlerod based on all of Deval Patrick’s old material. This is no joke. Remember the “just words” kerfuffle? So, he can deliver a canned speech written specifically to manipulate the emotions. Any third rate evangelist can do that.

      • I listened to the whole thing and I have no idea what he said.

      • Noooooooo!


        (slurps Kool-aid)

      • I remember the “just words” kerfuffle, now that you mention it. I normally read his speeches so I know they are not good for content, but I always thought his speaking must make them come alive somehow.

        Now I have no idea why people would think he was inspirational or much of anything else, other than creepy and boring. His supporters must have no standards at all.

      • Deval Patrick is a really good speaker. He has some of that natural charisma of a B. Clinton or a Palin. He can deliver a less than great speech with passion and sincerity and get people fired up. Obama can’t.

  48. What exactly is the rationalization for taking nearly a year to make a decision on increasing the troops as recommended by the Chaney administration and then taking another year after that to fully implement those increases? If we really needed to increase the troop levels then why have we waited this long? Seems to be contradictory to me. Doing something 1 1/2 to 2 years after recognizing that it needs to be done is insane and makes it appear to be completely useless. How many lives were lost because of having too few troops? Personally, I am not buying it. We don’t need any troops in that country unless they are looking at having a presence, besides Iraq, where they can mobilize troops from to either Pakistan or Iran.

    • It seems to be movement for movement’s sake. They don’t know what to do, so they do this very slowly and hope it all turns out OK.

      It’s the start of Vietnamization, uh Afghanization of the war.

      • What that sounds like to me is gross incompetence. Just like what got us into all these messes in the first place. If Bush administration takes care of business then the hijackers don’t succeed and we never have to go to war. I wonder why this is so glossed over in this country.

        • Incompetence for sure. The only questions are the various whys which we never get answered for decades.

        • Joan Walsh in her Thanksgiving post said it’s not that Obama is incompetent or indifferent, it’s that he’s a centrist Democrat, and that even so she’s still thankful that he’s in the WH instead of Bush-Cheney. On Hardball yesterday she said that she would “listen to what Obama had to say.” After listening to Obama’s Afghanistan speech tonight, I’m hard-pressed to find what was so different? People just think he doesn’t look as stupid as smirking Bush–that is what reassures them. But, I don’t know what is so reassuring about that smirk being replaced by a perfunctory re-reading of the Bush Doctrine. The weird thing is that there are some who are hearing this as a total repudiation of Bush Doctrine–they hear boundaries, no open-ended war. That was Barbara Starr’s take.

  49. Schieffer just called this speech – “The defining moment.”

  50. ROTFLMAO! Hillaryis44 just summed up his inspiring performance this way:

    “The clarion call came from a kazoo”

  51. I read that he began his speech with 9/11 and blamed Bush for not sending enough troops to Afghanistan? Does he want to be the first Democratic president to be as bad or worse than George W. Bush? Obama owns this war now. There is no turning back.

    Oh, and pulling out troops by 2011? Is that a joke? Does he really think America is that dumb to see through this obvious lie?

    • Yes, as I said before, he is one slimy, cold blooded weasel. It’s really not the venue for ducking and whining and passing the buck.

    • To that point he may be right – we should have gone into Afghanistan full bore instead of Iraq. We’re fighting the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

      We probably would have gotten Osama Bin Laden if we had – but at this point we should just bring everyone home, be vigilant in our “homeland” and focus on taking care of the American people instead of killing them

  52. Amanpour says Obama gave few details, glossed over, perfunctory.

    • Why does she still have a career? That kind of lukewarm assessment won’t win her any friends. She’s certainly no Bob Schieffer.

  53. Okay, everybody visit a Kool-aid blog and bring back an obot love poem.

    • It’s all happy in the land of orange magic dust.

      • It’s insane out there.

        • as long as they Feel Better. It’s all about Feeling Better about doing what Bush would do rather than actually doing different than Bush would do.

        • SOD, that was in response to THIS drivel:

          Frankly, as I get older I’m finding myself a lot less enamored of the idea that I’m qualified to have an opinion on every extremely complicated, huge, ambiguous proposition that comes along.

          So these morons have decided to give up every critical thinking skill and value they once espoused, and basically say, “It’s all very complicated, so don’t think about it with your tiny little mortal brain, just trust Obama.”

          Jesus Christ on a waffle cone, just shave your heads, get your tambourines and head off to the airport already.

          Good Lord, what

          • How does one give up something they never had?

          • it’s not as they get older, it’s as they got more invested in Obama. If this were Bush or McCain or a President Hillary Clinton, they would have no hesitation to offer their opinions, after all they would just be doing their duty as the “reality-based community.”

          • Like I said before, obots are worse than Born Agains with their Rapture. It’s all about a better, mythical tomorrow. Who cares if the world we live in is going to hell in a hand basket when things will be POSITIVELY GLORIOUS the day after the day after the day after (ad infinitum) tomorrow. Lord Nothing will lead us to the promised land! (In some magnificently ambiguous, near/far distant future.)

        • ” in my life time (and it’s been a long one.)”

          …..Like about 27 yrs?

      • (barfing)

        … And 16 people LIKED that.

      • God, that’s beautiful. What do they get paid for that?

      • Omg! I never would have predicted that one!

      • Why wouldn’t you trust a guy who ran as the anti-war candidate and won the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, of course he doesn’t want to go to war so if he has to it means it’s necessary. Must.Drink.More.Koolaid.

      • Mary Matalin just said his speech was a rehash of the Bush Doctrine.

    • Close as I found as Ocentric at TL.

      too much “I” (5.00 / 1) (#11)
      by CST on Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 07:13:47 PM EST
      right now.

      Disagree (none / 0) (#12)
      by andgarden on Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 07:14:32 PM EST
      This is about him: it’s his call.

      • Okay, they know this isn’t a video game, right? ‘This is about him,’ seriously?

        • andgarden was always “serious” 🙂 And I doubt he really knows it’s not the same as World of Warcraft.

          • That’s what scares me, I remember him from way back, which means he’s not an astroturfer, which means–he really believes that!

      • Another from TL:

        Wow (none / 0) (#52)
        by Militarytracy on Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 08:06:53 PM EST
        That was a speech. My husband called at the beginning of it so I had to rewind it and thank God he called when he did because where he was they are working round the clock and they thought it was coming on a half an hour later than it was so he was hollering out….Obama’s on now! And I cried at the beginning remembering how hard it has been being completely lied to and used like we didn’t matter by the Bush administration. And how refreshing, an auditorium packed with some of the staunchest Conservatives in this country and nobody thought it was okay or appropriate or even necessary or called for to scream LIAR. Southern Congressmen should be ashamed as well as anyone who sent him one dollar.

    • Watching comments on Twitter is really funny. There are a bunch of Obots who are still defending The One, and lots more who are getting really angry. I’ve seen lots of tweets to the effect of “Who did I vote for?” And sarcasm, “McCain supports Obama’s policy–good thing McCain didn’t win.”

  54. From Balloon Juice:

    Just for the record, they’re playing all those military tunes while Barack Hussein Obama is shaking hands as the Commander-in-Chief. Suck on that, RW bitchez!

  55. Oh, FUCK, Ben Nelson is planning to put a Stupak amendment into the Senate Health care bill


    Well, I always felt I was living in theocratic hell realm in Nebraska when he was governor … he couldn’t have children so he needed some one else to do it for him … so he just wants to keep young white women putting them out for folks like him .. what a PRICK … he just wants to keep those lily white teen vessels in production

  56. Here’s a tweet from Michael Moore:

    We were attacked from Afghanistan? 15 of the 19 9/11 killers were from Saudi A – with no Afghan coins in their pockets. The myth continues.

    • Akkk… That’s a good tweet.

    • Wha? Mike isn’t on the Love Train?

      Someone’s holding out for a personal phone call.

    • Yes, but he can’t help but stroke his ego as he makes that sad boo boo face.

      • apparently he’s going to be on Larry King tonight sobbing over his lost weekend of love.

      • What is the standard for being a good or a bad person? We need the decoder ring since it has nothing to do with action or reality.

      • wrong again, Mike, it’s not about Obama being a good or bad man–it’s about Obama being a politician.

      • You could call George W. Bush a “good man” too. A good father, husband, and probably friend but he was still guilty of war crimes and incompetence. MM still can’t fully face the truth and will now end every declaration of disappointment with “an otherwise good man” remark.

    • Al Qaida was based in Afghanistan, then ruled by the Taliban, at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

  57. Gallup:

    Americans are far less approving of President Obama’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan than they have been in recent months, with 35% currently approving, down from 49% in September and 56% in July.

  58. What about my “free hot chocolate?”

  59. This comment at TL is just spot on. Probably unappreciated for it’s artfulness there.

    Dear Taliban and US Allies (none / 0) (#67)
    by kidneystones on Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 08:21:33 PM EST
    Wapo: “As commander in chief, I have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan…After 18 months, our troops will begin to come home.”

    The President continued (whether he realized what he was actually saying is still unclear). “Therefore, I strongly advise our Taliban enemies and their Al Quaida fellow-travelers to concentrate on training, recruitment, and funding in preparation for your final assault on Kabul in December of 2011. Call it Tet for maximum propaganda value.

    Advise the most dedicated to enlist in the Afghan security forces where they will be able to provide up to the minute intelligence on US and Afghan forces, as well as to recruit among the Afghan forces, advising all waverers to look to their long-term interests.

    To our allies, you well understand the political jam I’m in. My base is irate over my failure to provide jobs, my hand-outs to my rich bundlers, my failure to get a public option into ‘health-care reform’, for squandering a unique opportunity to truly transform America, and for generally being a mirror-loving wimp. I naturally disagree with this assessment. That said, I can’t afford to have Republicans paint me as weak. I can’t close Gitmo, can’t withdraw the troops from Iraq as promised, so I have to do stand by my ‘war of necessity’ speech.

    So, do whatever you like. I know I nagged you to walk the plank with me and send more troops. But you need to know that political exigencies compel me to ‘cut and run’ if I have any hope of hanging on to my base and winning a second-term. Either way in two years time, you and the Afghan people are on your own. With luck, we’ll keep casualties on all sides to a minimum.

    Public Relations stunts like this cost lives, however, and I hope we can all remember to act realistic and purse our lips in the appropriate manner when the poll-dropping subject of death rears its ugly head.

    Optics count.

    • That person (Kidneystones) used to be at DK, but was banned for opposing Obama. LOL! Glad to see he/she is still angry.

  60. One of the things that bothers me most is that you could tell he just flat doesn’t care, either way. It’s all politics to him. He was voting present.

    If he believes it’s unwinnable, then come out and MAKE THAT CASE, and outline the bold alternatives we’ll pursue instead of continued occupation.

    Though I’d disagree, I could (almost) respect him for it if he decided yes, we need to do this, we CAN win this, and he came out and gave his reasons, and rallied the nation and those young men and women to believe in their mission. I’d hate it, but I could at least respect it a tiny bit.

    But THIS namby-pamby fence-straddling bullshit? He’s a fucking coward with no convictions at all, about anything. He’s an empty cipher. He’s a fucking husk.

    • That was the worst part, by far. You could see that he doesn’t care, and you could see the little wheels spinning, how do I come out of this best politically. It’s just….wrong. He and Romney and all of these other empty suits are the Exact.Same.Person.

    • I always loved to read you at the many sites we both visited. But this last comment is one of your best.

      He has been voting present since he was a state of Illinois rep. Nothing changed no matter how hard people hoped it would. He has remained political slime. The falseness simply oozes right out of him.

    • exactly. I never ever watch the guy, havent heard him speak since the greatest speech EVA on race in Philadelphia.

      I was truly SHOCKED at how obviously and utterly hollow he is.

  61. Wow! I checked Blogstalkers for their reaction to the speech.

    Not one word.

    There was this bizarre comment though:

    I think the War on Christmas should be expanded by sending 30-thousand combat troops to shut down this women-lynching picnic.

    I don’t know who you people think you are, but somewhere a woman is being lynched and it’s all because you won’t agree that acting like a clown around a cardboard cut-out of Hillary (More war please, and yes I was a lawyer for Wal Mart as they systematically attacked their own employees [the vast majority of them vagina-Americans]) Clinton during her disastrous campaign to convince the world she has a bigger dick than her husband was an act of rape.

    You believe that Sarah “Golden Vulva” Palin is dumb, and women aren’t dumb, even pig-ignorant women from the backwoods of Alaska who display just how dumb they are every time they open their fucking pie hole, and that because she couldn’t answer even the simplest question with a coherent, much less honest answer, she deserves scorn.

    Well let me tell you, you women-lynching-candidate-raping supporters of that inadequate black man that women rule the world, even if they don’t—- the power of the pussy shall reign forever! And we don’t even need to wax!

    Fuck Bill Kristol. Also. Such as. Too.

    Comment by HumboldtBlue on 12/01/09 at 05:21 PM

    • Dollars to donuts that “lawyer for Wal Mart” is BTD. That post makes zero sense and is unintelligible.

      • No, he means Hillary.

      • That post is typical for Blogstalkers.

        Maybe a little above-average even.

        • Good sign your satire is unsuccessful? Besides being unintelligible and unfunny? Underneath the satire, you can’t disguise the fact that you still kinda sound like a serial killer. You gotta commit to going one way or t’other. Lol

    • Ew?

      • how do you read there miq? it’s too much. we have a “woman-lynching” forum where people post links to news stories about women being killed by their family members/partners in the USA for the “crime” of being female.

        I can completely understand being totally opposed to our anti-obama political positions, but who the freaking HELL makes fun of women and children who have been brutally murdered?

        • Oh, god, that’s horrible. I thought they were just being their usual pig-ignorant deranged selves, should have realized it was even worse than I thought.

        • but who the freaking HELL makes fun of women and children who have been brutally murdered?

          Blogstalkers do.

  62. Statement by Russ Feingold on President’s speech:

    I do not support the president’s decision to send additional troops to fight a war in Afghanistan that is no longer in our national security interest. It’s an expensive gamble to undertake armed nation-building on behalf of a corrupt government of questionable legitimacy. Sending more troops could further destabilize Afghanistan and, more importantly, Pakistan, a nuclear-armed state where al Qaeda is headquartered. While I appreciate that the president made clear we won’t be in Afghanistan forever, I am disappointed by his decision not to offer a timetable for ending our military presence there. I will work with members of both parties and both houses of Congress to push for a flexible timetable to reduce our troop levels in Afghanistan, as part of a comprehensive strategy to combat al Qaeda in the region and around the world.


    • Oh, yeah, but the fecking “anti war” Dems will express their regrets, then fall in line and vote to fund it. Maybe Russ won’t, but I’m not holding my breath.

      And when they do, I hope every Republican in the chamber sits on their hands and waits until every single Dem has voted before they do. I want the Dems to OWN this war.

      • To my knowledge, Feingold has held firm throughout. He was te only vote against the USA PATRIOT Act. And he won my heart with that vote. He hasn’t disappointed – at least not yet.

        • I like Russ as well. That’s why I said he may surprise me and hold firm despite pressure. But the rest of them? I doubt it.


  64. I think that indigogrrl was exactly right in an earlier comment. What this war really needs to assure success is a good logo.

    Any ideas?

  65. what I want to know is what the hell is “moralsuasion”?

  66. I’m not a Chris Matthews promoter, but I did agree with him at the end of his response about who is the enemy and why are we fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan when the enemy (al-Qaeda ) is in Pakistan. The link is here:


  67. I didn’t like the saber rattling he was doing in his explanation of the new “enemy”. This kind of follow, find and destroy mentality will increase our presence elsewhere. A leftist speaker on KDIC, pointed out that with this third surge (two under Obama) we will have maybe 70 thousand troops, and are only increasing the aid and economy workers by another 1000.

    It was worth noting too in dipnote today the article on Kyrghistan as our allies and the location of the only US base in support of the war in the area. Afghanistan is still on the route of the likely oil line from Kryghistan.

  68. The DemocratUnderground is leaning towards favoring Obama’s decision. There are many one both sides who cling blindly to whatever their chosen leaders do.
    No one understands that the real threat in now within the borders of Pakistan.

  69. One aspect of the speech not frequently commented on is that Obama did not mention women’s rights in his long parade of justifications of the US presence in Afghanistan. Glenn Greenwald finds it commendable


    but I suspect this is simply another piece of evidence women’s issues are not on Obama’s radar screen. He simply does not notice them/care about them/considers them legitimate political issues.

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