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Does Molina know anything about Clare Booth Luce??

I just couldn’t resist jumping into the pool over Eva Molina’s Ode to a Young Conservative Woman , Where Have All the Ladies Gone? at Townhall.  I can only assume that Ms. Molina is a legacy student at the very exclusive and ridiculously expensive Amherst College.  How else could someone so utterly unaware write such a post?  Ms. Molina should download seasons one and two of Mad Men to find out what happens to ‘nice girls’ and ladies when women strip themselves of agency in the hopes that the right man will snag them.  Even from a natural selection point of view, the human female’s propensity to defer to the wishes of males in mating, well, goes against nature.  In nature, females decide and it is up to the males to prove themselves to be up to the rutting and rearing.  That’s what all the strutting and preening is about.

Scratch that.  As a conservative lady, Molina may not be conversant in the language of evolution and Darwin.  Yep, she must be a legacy. But what I find so utterly incomprehensible is how Molina, an intern for the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, is unfamiliar with the unladylike behavior of her summer benefactor, Clare Booth Luce.

Clare had a dark side

Clare had a dark side

In The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington, Dahl as Luce’s lover described her as an insatiable sex addict. From another article on the subject, we get these tasty morsels:

Among his [Dahl’s] conquests were, Millicent Rogers, heiress to a Standard Oil fortune and Clare Boothe Luce, a right-wing congresswoman and sex-mad wife of the publisher of Time magazine.

Dahl once told friends that Boothe Luce, who was 13 years older, had left him ‘all f***** out’ after spending three nights in bed with her.

The biograpy describes a British embassy dinner, when  Dahl was placed deliberately next to Boothe Luce, whose anticolonial opinions and dislike of Churchill worried British officials.

His mission was to keep close to Boothe Luce and he succeeded admirably.

Dahl later claimed to have asked his superiors to take him off the assignment because of her sexual exploits but he was told to close his eyes and think of England.

Ok, Dahl may have had a gift for exaggeration but apparently Luce’s unladylike behavior in the bedroom was a well known commodity.  (I believe she swore also.)  Not only was she a tiger in bed, she was a *married* tiger.  When she was bedding Dahl, she was on her second well-connected husband, Henry Luce, after having previously married George Brokaw, the heir of a clothing manufacturing fortune.  Not bad for the illegitimate daughter of a dancer who went on to become a dancer and thespian herself in the days when well-bred and genteel conservative ladies did not do such things.  In her yearbook, she would have been “Least likely to be accepted at Amherst”. Oh, well, she probably made her hubbies wait until the wedding night before she snogged them silly.

It turns out that Clare cleaned up her act after the death of her only child and became a devout Roman Catholic.  But that was only after she lead a full, rich life, partying and writing and politicking, and suffragetting (Horrors!  She was a feminist too?!) and screwing Roald Dahl to the sheets. She was a pretty successful slut, was Clare Booth Luce.

Not really a point here except that Molina will probably never have to work her way up the hard way like poor Clare. But she should know that her husbands are probably not going to marry her for her scintillating conversation or intelligence.  Well, not after today’s post anyway.

Just sayin’.

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22 Responses

  1. had left him ‘all f***** out’
    Twenty years later, my generation shortened it to “AFO’d”.

  2. legacy student

    That’s the problem…we have legacy studented oursleves into a hot mess. There is no trace of a meritocracy leadership any living nation needs. We have legacy students, legacy bosses, and legacy POTUS . Clinton’s are trashed because they have personal merit . Bush was praised because he’s a legacy student . Obama is a legacy student as well, he’s the last Kennedy brother after all /snark.

  3. OK, I don’t get it about Luce and Dahl. But I do get the legacy student issue, legacy politics—I think that did hurt HRC—-a lot. Unfortunately, term limits does not seem to resolve it. CA has term limits and instead of legacy students and politicians we just get cronies from the frat house or the hood.

  4. Clare is the female conservative analog to Ted????

  5. Good for Claire Booth Luce. I hope she had a damn good time.
    She was smart enough to enjoy.
    It sounds like the legacy students never learned anything but to belittle those who live life and work and are smart and whose daddies and mommies did not intermarry.



  6. And she wrote that wicked play The Women.

    The original movie is better than the remake.

  7. “L’amour!” “L’amour!”

  8. Your post made my day. Thank you. Love to hear about a woman who broke all the rules and DARED to fill her passions.

  9. So being a young “conservative” on campus these days has mainly to do with one’s philosophy of dating. And that over time serves to shape the student’s political convictions on social, economic and foreign policy. Good to know. I had thought there was a reason students at that age with vibrant young minds got a liberal arts education. In defense of the Lady Molina, however, she is probably reacting in part to her tour in the subcultural combat zone that we used to call senior high school. In any case, good for Clare Booth Luce for being whoever the hell she wanted to be.

  10. Ms. Molina’s post sounds like an essay written by a high school student who hasn’t yet made any effort to explore her own identity.

    It’s awfully sad that she has her father’s voice in her head telling her to “act like a lady.” I wonder if her mother ever gave any useful advice? I’m guessing mom is too beaten down by Molina’s overbearing authoritarian dad to say much of anything.

    I hope Ms. Molina wakes up and discovers she has thoughts and feelings of her own.

  11. Sheesh, Molina might as well have posted a copy of Patmore’s “Angel in the House” while she was at it.

  12. The original movie version of The Women is a seething hot, bitchy, melodramatic classic and well worth the price of admission…Great stuff, amazing performances…


    But stay far, far, a million miles away from the remake. Don’t even get within whiffing distance.

  13. Ohhh sorry for double-posting but I must share my favorite Clare Booth Luce story…apparently she and Dorothy Parker hated each other. Well, one evening they both showed up for a party at the same moment, and only one could fit through the doorway at a time.

    Clare Booth Luce motioned for Parker to enter, saying: “Oh, please, age before beauty.”

    Parker swept it, saying “Pearls before swine.”

  14. There’s an interesting story in Newsweek that Molina should read, “You Are Your Own Glass Ceiling.” The article also refers to a new book called The Curse of the Good Girl, by Rachel Simmons. And there’s a sidebar with photos of powerful women, including Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, with descriptions of how these women have been publicly vilified as bitches, because both men and women fear them.

    • Thanks for linking to that.

      I like what they wrote about Pelosi, (paraphrasing) that there is an element of misogyny to all the lambasting of her, “nevertheless…” she didn’t stand up against the misogyny directed toward Hillary. That’s a very fair and accurate way to put it.

  15. So funnily writ, hahahahahahahaha!

    I guess after this I’ll go check the piece out. You know RD & Co.?
    It’s like what is going on in the world we thought we knew.

    Puma = Suffragette redux for the 2000’s and onward.
    ps: RD, check this out when you get a chance?

    Over at Feministing?


    this is Brook’s gen RD.

    I remember those pieces you wrote earlier on sex ed in the schools?

    Well, where does hetero fit here and where are the resources for this young girl?

    What is being taught?

    Very curious indeedy.

    great piece….

    • Funny RD, how little we knew as Juniors in college, no?

      And to think she has her whole life ahead of her. Why, she should read up on the news of late and refresh herself on the patrarchy and scandal.

      Isn’t it a reality that her gen has those groping cardboard speechwriters?


      Luce’s era must have been terrifically… loose.
      And to think my mother’s idol Dorothy Parker was in it too!


      ps: Chivalry isn’t dead and a little of it charms women no end.

  16. you know the article you are your own glass ceiling, isn’t that like saying women are to blame for the glass ceiling and not the patriarchy and not the men who are misogynyst. It is also like saying we are our own worst enemies and men are as always never held accountable for anything.

    Would they say this about blacks or other races, no. would anyone say to them the racism is your fault. Women are always blamed for misogony.

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