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Billionaires for Weathcare Open Thread


Billionaires for Wealthcare, a newly formed lobbying group in California, is adding its voice to town hall protests against government interference in the U.S. health care system. You think you have a right to health care? Forget about it. One sign held by a “billionaire” protester in Spring Valley, CA read “If God loved the poor people, he wouldn’t let them get sick.” Another sign read “We love BlueDogs. A solid investment in healthcare profiteering.”

If you’re a billionaire who wants to hold onto your riches, join the movement. You can download and print signs with messages like “NO to Socialism, YES to Feudalism” and “Private Health Care: Because Corporations Know What’s Good for You” from this page, or you can dream up wealth-supporting signs of your own.

The group’s video is overly long and somewhat amateurish, but it gives you a sense of the energy behind this new movement to rescue the very very wealthy from any changes in the status quo.

35 Responses

  1. Finally, the rich have representation! Down with the poor and the working and middle classes! If you don’t like the health care system, just die already.

  2. Gotta love the irony at around 2 minutes into the video, the sign that says “Something fishy going on.”

  3. From the evening news: Dear Leader says that the 2.4% increase scheduled for government employees is not appropriate in the present economic environment, so he is going to cut it—to 2.0%. For the 6.5 million or so unemployed and about that many more under employed—that is going to be such heartwarming news.

    • This is Axelrahm: we need to put out a message about fiscal responsibility?! Quick–where can we cut $5 from somewhere that will make absolutely no difference, but will hurt the average American?

  4. That has to be a tongue in cheek CA prank—I do not think that is a serious effort. I think it is satire.

  5. The cost of that government basic pay increase btw is 22.6 billion $$$.

    • Most gov employees are middle to lower class workers so at least the money will go to people that will actually spend it. Wow stimulus that might actually stimulate. But lets just bash those gov employees heck fire them all we don’t need no gov services.

    • No, but you will have to be tattooed with the Number of the Beast.

    • That is a strange website. Are you a regular reader there?

      • No, I just ran across it a week or so ago and check it occasionally. I was checking it tonite and saw this. I hadn’t really heard anything about this at the couple of town halls I’ve attended. Didn’t know if anyone else had heard anything about it, or if it may just be something off the wall. I’ll check the bill tomorrow for this particular section and paragraph to see if it exists as worded here.

        • I clicked on the link in that post and it took me to a blank page. I think if the chip story was true we’d have heard about it by now. It sounds like somthing the tea party folks would eat up.

          • Don’t know if I did someting wrong posting the link-I just clicked on it and the page came up. But I agree that the teapartyers would be all over it if it was in there and they knew it. I do want to research the bill and see if I come up with anything. I absolutely would not put this past the Administration to try to get something like this in under the radar.

          • It is in there, but I think it’s about a registry for pacemakers, stents, etc. Not a microchip.

  6. As satire the group and signs work great .The signs are absolutely correct and both parties want more money for the insurance compaines , or at least the status quo maintained… so they have taken the shown on the road to find some ” debate” . But there’s no real reform to fight for, that’s the sad part… there is no opposition in DC to what the signs are saying…

    • Yep, that’s true.

      • That’s along the lines of my first thought when I read your post, BB, which was, which party are they spoofing?

        • Maybe both? That would work.

        • I’m not sure how aware these people are of the Democrats’ lack of desire for real health care reform. Nevertheless, they invite people to use their name and signs and be creative.

    • Paperdoll

      Exactly – there is no mobilized opposition to wealthcare. There are the people who cry socialism!deathpanels! There is Organizing for America whose agenda is to just push Obama. The left is too divided into three basic camps-people who think public option isn’t necessary for reform, people who think public option is a must, and people who only want singlepayer. There is the gop party which by and large just wants to block obama and the dems but has not gotten out any message about any cohesive alternative plan other than tax credits.there is the beltway media that thinks the goal of bipartisanship is bipartisanship rather than actual reform. And then there are conservative voices who talk about things like tort reform. Everybody is talking past each other.

      • Meanwhile obama goes on vacation from his vacation, the dems keep doing kabukin and the insurance industry laughs its ass off.

      • Exactly, Wonk ..this is a complete win-win for the upper crust and the insurance companies…if Obamacare “wins” , then more money / power go to the insurance compaines. If the “teabaggers” “win”, then the money funnel status quo is maintained.

        The two parties are so closely aligned on this that they had to take the ” debate ” out of DC and on the road, stoking up the usual ignored bases with these town halls.

        I believe they were hoping the Dem base would simply see “teabaggers” protesting and just say, ” I’m for whatever those people are against! Because they do think we are Pavlov dogs.

        there is the beltway media that thinks the goal of bipartisanship is bipartisanship rather than actual reform

        lol! well said but it’s no joke…that is the goal. Anything but actual reform…blue ribbon panels ” bipartisanship” the town halls , anything but reform…and really there’s no one left in congress who even understands what that means. She’s at foggy bottom

  7. This reminds me of the “Billionaires for Bush” snark campaigns.

    Luv it!

  8. I think this is clearly a joke. Look how over the top they’re dressed. And Spring Valley, CA, does not have any billionaires. I think they’re just making a point, not living it.

  9. Remember “Billionaires for Bush”? Must be the same or similar group.

  10. It would be good to know who the group thinks they are spoofing…because that’s where people’s confusion over is this a joke comes from…I knew it was satire, but who’s the supposed target is anyone guess.

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