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It’s Official…Al Franken, “Number 60” Should be/is on His Way to the Senate


The long-awaited decision is finally in from the Minnesota State Supreme Court:

From Talking Points Memo:

The Minnesota Supreme Court has handed down its much-expected ruling in the heavily-litigated Minnesota Senate race from 2008 — and it’s a unanimous one — deciding against Republican former Sen. Norm Coleman’s appeal of his defeat in the election trial and affirming the lower court’s verdict that Democratic comedian Al Franken is the legitimate winner of the race.

This, in conjunction with Governor Tim Pawlenty’s promise

UPDATE:  This just in…Coleman concedes.  It’s really going to happen.

It’s going to be interesting to watch.

79 Responses

  1. Well, it will be interesting to see how he votes.

    • Seems to me I remember stories from a year or so ago of Al’s Obotitude and of his snotty and hostile treatment of PUMAs who tried to talk to him about it.

      Anyone else remember that?

  2. Rubber, meet road

  3. Their best one would be that they don’t control the White House.

  4. Did you see this? “The problem with the public option is that it lowers the cost of health insurance.”


    Jaysus, any other excuses Senators?

    • it lowers the cost of health insurance

      Well that settles it! we can’t have that!!


  5. Hey all sorry for my absence Fuzzy is back from a 9 day vacation in the Smokey Mountians with the symbolic gay pilgramige to Dollywood! I am tired and exausted…

    Finally some good news I bet there are at least a few senators that are shaking in their boots or Doc Martens or Gucci’s (str8 senators wear such gay shoes) Good Luck Al we are counting on you!

    Hey RD and Company Dakinikat next family Reunion I am voting for NOLA!

    Oh and lets not forget campaign finance reform ENDA DOMA and DADT looks like if these dont fall along with EQUAL PAY then some Demo’s will have some splaining to do!

  6. is it tinfoil hat tuesday ore is Al Frankens assention to the senate just Pampers bad Karma coming back to Haunt him?

  7. OMG!

    The WSJ just posted a story saying the Coleman conceded to Franken!

    This post is now a pack of wingnut lies!!!


  8. They will find one SOD.

  9. OK, prepare for a new round of rationalizing by Obots when the Dems don’t do squat, or worse, do something crappy and pretend it’s what we want.

    • but but but I have to vote Democrat otherwise I’ll get called names like “republican r@tf*cker”

    • Can’t pass anything now because they don’t want to be seen as bullying the opposition.

      Too divisive before an election year.

      Gotta be some weak bs.

  10. Can we have a national health program now? Like all the other advanced and developed nations? please, a REAL one?

  11. But that’s just logic…not sure there’s much of that to go around.

  12. I don’t know, but I just may go and organize one of those rallies for Health Care Public Option to help get people motivated, cuz they don’t have any excuses NOW. So, I will be busy next week getting the signs ready for July 9th…Health Care Rallies. Health Care Single Payer or BUST!

  13. OK, I will allow myself a la, la, la moment and think that a public option Single Payer just might happen…la, la, la…with the 60 proof Senate. La, la, la, Single Payer, La, la, la… 🙂

  14. 1) excuse is R@cism…you bought this one in the Primary and GE….lets go for a third time!

  15. Political Courage (I want to join all the other Industrial Counties/Western Countries – Single Payer Option NOW)

    • One of our groups got a 9.98% raise in health premiums and the other a 10.10% raise in health premiums. That is close to 25% in two years…how long can this go on? The list of the uninsured will only go up past 50 million within the next two years.

      We need some Choo, Choo whistles to get those in government to do something positive and get this moving…what happened to ‘YES WE CAN’? Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…choo, choo, choo…Single Payer…Single Payer…Single Payer…Choooo

    • Rep. John Conyers on single-payer healthcare 5/09

    • Yes! Medicare for all. What could be easier?

  16. Thought you might like this.


    Maybe people really are beginning to wake up.

    I really want Franken to be a good senator and work for the people he represents and not be another backtrack stodge.



    • BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Single Payer Health Insurance | PBS

      • Thank you for posting this. I have been reading a lot ,lately, to try to educate myself more fully. After all my readings, I find that your faith in single payer is now mine. Sometime it takes some of us a little longer, but, eventually we get there. My concern was originally the cost mounting on our federal budget. Now, I see it as cost mounting only if we do not go the single payer route.

        • Also, I would like to thank WCMB for challenging me to explore this area of public need more fully. Hope the initials are correct.

          • Thanks! I keep saying that yes, there are some drawbacks to how it has been implemented in some countries. Canada or France are not utopias. But those drawbacks are less harmful, and less expensive, than what we face right now.

            Let’s get a single payer plan, and address tweaking it to avoid some of the pitfalls. How hard is that?

        • MOA! You made this Ole gal happy! You wouldn’t believe how much I want to give our part time employees health insurance, but the rules don’t allow it.

          My state finally passed the no-waiting period and yes, we signed up for that one too…why would you wait? Funny, but the government has a six month waiting period before they will insure you, but do you think our representatives have to wait six month?!? No, they don’t and once they are in for a term they are vested.

          We need Single Payer, we really do.

      • Let’s find out who these 45% are and publicize it, let’s give them some just desserts and let’s go snooping in their campaign finance reports to see who gave them money. Are they REAL DEMOCRATS or just hiding and working for Big Money.

      • Why yes, yes we were.

        Four years hence when we have accomplished nothing (except continuing down the path W2 started us down) we will get to go further right. Isn’t it just swell?

        • And, then the country will swing back way right and Democrats will have destroyed themselves…

          I am now focussing more on my stock portfolio than listening to most of the crap in the media and the Villagers…much more mentally healthy…

        • It’s all our fault. We mistook “Yes, we can” for “Yes, we will” as seen in a sig line at dkos.

  17. Rep. Dennis Kucinich recognizes PDA’s unrelenting dedication to HealthCare (“This is a Civil Rights Movement”)

  18. Sen. Al Franken’s First Press Conference After Norm Coleman Conceded

  19. What difference does Franken make? It’s Obama who insists on bipartisan support for everything. He’s why single-payer is off the table. He starts all negotiations at the Repubs-can-live-with-it level and then gives up more stuff from there. We will be extremely lucky if this whole exercise doesn’t end up at mandatory private health insurance premiums for all. Sorry to be a downer but we already know who is a Liberal and who isn’t. It doesn’t matter as long as Dear Leader insists on bipartisanship. The Liberals won’t go against him because they think he’s one of them and the non-Liberals won’t go against him because they also think he’s one of them. The Repubs just take advantage of the whole sorry situation.

  20. I love it Al Franken (D-MN) sounds so sweet!

    Obama response-crickets

  21. Obama to appoint former Senator Coleman (R-MN)as white house chief of legislative affairs-(OK just kidding)-

    but I wouldnt put it past the Pampers in chief….its a Bi-partisan move

  22. Wth?

  23. We should start a pool to predict the next round of weasels and excuses.

    Give them credit for creativity, there’s nothing they won’t try to retcon and WORM.

  24. Oh YECK! I don’t like either of those creeps.

    One is as BAD as the other.

    BOTH are male chauvinist PIGS.

  25. Franken will do what he is told…like my freshman rep, Harry Teague. He goes along on the really big stuff, then casts a no vote on some fringe issue so that he can show it to this district which is conservative. He’s already for reelection, including glossy mailings.

    • I’m afraid you are right. I didn’t play the clips in comments above, but on the NPR snip this PM of his acceptance I was dumbstruck by Franken’s words, and the order in which he spoke them…

      I have to paraphrase from my memory, but he said he would stand up for his principles but COMPROMISE when it was in the best interest of Minnesotans….

      Maybe I am just being paranoid, but I thought he might be telegraphing something about some big votes coming up…say, for example, health care?

  26. As far as I am concerned, Franken is just an Acorn Senator. The horrible way the votes were counted or not counted is another nail in the coffin of democracy. I find it difficult to believe that so many contests are decided by 200-300 votes. NOT A GOOD THING. I am totally losing faith in our system. FAcorn.

  27. The long-awaited decision is finally in from the Minnesota State Supreme Court:

    Oh…I can wait.

    • yes, but love him or hate him he *is* #60.

      • Excuses were made to be invented, but I get your point.

        Really though, they won’t have a complete agreement on hardly anything.They’re just peeps. Just like the ones with an R behind their name’s.

  28. I dont see how they can seat anyone when they have more votes then actual voters. Sounds fishy to me

  29. … and the Democrat leadership, Obama, Pelosi and Reid, will have to scurry around thinking up a new set of excuses as to why they can’t or won’t enact any progressive legislation.

  30. We’ll see. I have some modest hope for Senator Franken. He might be surprising in a good way.


  31. The crappy senate just got crappier with the addition of Al Franken.

    I listened to this cretins radio program every morning until one fine morning when he and Norm Ornstein were all but having an orgasim over the bombing of Lebanon. Innocents were dying and those two were doing a happy dance. I can find nothing but loathing for anyone, anywhere that finds death a cause for celebration. Franken crossed that line because of “who” was dying. I sent off a blistering email, which I was later told he read on the air, and never listened again. I always loathed Norm Coleman but would vote for him anytime over Al Franken! Now I have another face to have to click away from every time it comes on the television screen. Fortunately I stopped watching the Sunday talk shows so I won’t have to avoid him there. God, I hate Al Franken! Oh and for those that suggest it has anything to do with him being a comedian, that’s just hogwash.

    • As myiq put is so succinctly above..”rubber meet road.”

    • Hmmm…I must have stopped listening before that particular show (bomb bomb bomb Lebanon) aired. Actually, when his original sidekick Catherine left I thought most of the humor went out of the show. She and the board operator would sometimes go off reservation in extrememly funny ways and it pissed Franken off no end.

      He was originally for the invasion of Iraq too, so he bears watching….especially since the Dems have left the seat warm for him on the Senate Health Committee as well as the Judicial Committee…two pretty juicy spots for a rookie, don’cha’ think?

  32. I am THRILLED to have Al Franken as my senator. He reached out to Minnesota NOW for advice on feminist policy very early in his campaign–long before the endorsing conventions and primaries. With the recent election of Minnesota’s Erin Matson to National NOW Action Vice President, Senator Franken will have the inside scoop on issues that matter to women and families, starting (but not ending) with universal health care.

    True story: when Erin represented Minnesota as a National NOW Board member, Norm Coleman wouldn’t even let her into his office.

  33. Just another nail in Amerika’s coffin. How sad..the Democrats are in control and we’re losing the battle. Thanks to Ensign and Sanford the Republicans have egg on their face and we now have to look at the stupid comedian, Franken. Great going guys.

  34. Franken is a joke!! but now as you say they have no excuses for failing. I don’t trust the Dems in power now to do any thing worthwhile for “We the People”.

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