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You’re not my father!


Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I am eagerly anticipating some really cool gifts from my kids to add to my collection of singing fish and kung-fu hamsters. The last thing I need is some sycophantic drivel like this:

President Obama donned his father-in-chief hat on Friday, devoting much of his afternoon to emphasizing the importance of mentors and father figures for young people and to prodding young men to be better parents.

Excuse me? Father-in-chief? Where the f*ck does it say in the Constitution that the President is our #1 Dad?   George Washington was the father of our country but Barack ain’t even our step-daddy, and Michelle ain’t our mommy-in-chief neither. Jeebus! Can you say “patriarchy?”

“When fathers are absent, when they abandon their responsibility to their children, we know the damage that does to our families,” Mr. Obama told teenagers and community leaders in the East Room of the White House, beginning what he called a “national conversation on responsible fatherhood and healthy families.”

Oh goody! Another “national conversation.” That “national conversation on race” worked out so well.

That Mr. Obama was giving such attention to the issue at a time of crisis in Iran and high-stakes debate on health care and financial overhauls shows how personally he takes fatherhood, White House officials said.

He takes fatherhood so seriously he devoted a whole speech to it! By the way, what exactly is he busy doing about Iran, health care reform and our FUBARed economy anyway?  Consulting with his Dairy Godmother?

During the question-and-answer part of the event, one student, who introduced himself as Larry Holmes from St. Albans School, asked Mr. Obama: “Traveling from state to state, country to country, being the president, which one is funner? Being a father or being a president?”

“There’s nothing more fun than being a father,” Mr. Obama said, then quipped, “Now, my kids aren’t teenagers yet, so I don’t know whether that will maintain itself.”

Fatherhood is sooo important that Barack left his family in Chicago when he was elected to the U.S. Senate, then spent the last two years running around the country without them while he ran for President. That’s four years of being gone more than he was home, starting when Malia was six and Sasha was three.  Now he wants to give lectures on fatherhood to the rest of us?

Gee Mr. President, maybe you don’t realize it but some men sacrifice their ambitions for their children.

That’s real fatherhood.


p.s. – Someone needs to tell Daddy Dearest that his “kids” need health care.

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33 Responses

  1. Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark. (And that is, in fact, a good thing.)

    I’m much more interested in AT LEAST getting a strong public option in health care than his opinion about fatherhood. I already have a lovely father, thank you very much. If I thought his words would do a damn thing to change shitty fathers into good ones, I might cut some slack, but really, I’m just waiting for the would-be-good-dads to join us under the bus.

  2. Hear, hear. myiq you’ve been on FIRE lately. Our Father’s Day will involve the retention of a babysitter and an hour at our local hot tub emporium, without the little darlings.

  3. Larry Holmes from St. Albans School, asked Mr. Obama: “Traveling from state to state, country to country, being the president, which one is funner? Being a father or being a president?”

    which one is funner This from some kid at St. Albans School? Someone’s parents aren’t getting their money’s worth! 😯


    • yeah, ticks me off. My kid scored 15 points from a perfect score on her SSATs and managed to only get on the wait list at three schools. She really, REALLY needed a private school setting. I knew that the public middle school would be a disaster for her. And it has been so far.
      But they will take the kid who says funner,

      • Ah well RD, the kid was probably a legacy. Still it’s a shame to, apparently, waste all that money…

      • From the St. Albans site:

        Day tuition, including lunch, is $32,990.

        Must be a helluva lunch. 😆

  4. http://www.nypost.com/seven/06032009/gossip/pagesix/obama_marital_strain_172354.htm

    “She was angry at his selfishness and careerism; he thought she was cold and ungrateful,” writes Wolffe, who covered Obama’s White House campaign for Newsweek. “She hated the failed race for Congress in 2000, and their marriage was strained by the time their youngest daughter, Sasha, was born.

    So how does a careerist who placed his ambitions before his children and marriage become a symbol of a romance and marital stability and #1 Dad??

    I am not saying that Obama is a bad husband or father. But stop with the media adoration and belief that somehow the Obamas are the perfect couple and Obama is now allowed to lecture men (particularly in the African American community) how to be better fathers.

    • Wolffe adores Obama. Can you imagine how bad their marriage must have really been?

  5. Can’t wait until December when we discover the true meaning of Christmas.

  6. Wow! I am speechless, but smiling.

    Tomorrow will be spent missing my daddy and making bbq ribs with all the fixin’s for my sweet hubby and dad of three. Both know the sacrifice that you speak of myiq.

    A heartfelt Happy Father’s Day, myiq, and all the dads out there!

  7. I would like to see Obama act humble for once. I would’ve respected him more if he had added that despite loving his role as a dad that he realizes there are many other parents who sacrifice much more, including their careers and dreams, for their children. Or maybe he should thank Michelle for being mom and dad for many years while he was continually running for office.

    And I absolutely agree that even though there are some out there who manage to “do it all” with a fabulous career, great lifestyle, and supportive family, most parents have had to make a choice between the two in some way shape or form when their children were Malia and Sasha’s age.

    • In the White House townhall event that he held, he did credit Michelle “for being like a single mom” “for big chunks of time and he did say “I want to emphasize that we’re luckier than most, we have more resources than most” or something like that.

      Here’s the text.

      • Thanks for clarifying. When I saw this report on the news they cut that part out.

    • Would it have killed him to wait 10-12 years before running for the Senate?

      • But that would mean having to do actual work for his constituents in Chicago. After 10 years people would’ve figured out that he was another ineffective Chicago pol. With his two bestselling books and still in his 40s, he could just run on being “cool” and empty promises he never intended to keep. And he wouldn’t have been able to run on Hope/Change after 8 years of another successful Clinton administration.

      • Actually, there are men who can have a successful and quality career and still take care of their kids. I have a remarkable son-in-law who owns his own successful business, but takes lots of family vacations, comes in late when his family needs him, goes to doctor appts with his wife and son, makes every Thurs night father/son night, Tuesday nights are date night, etc. He is a master of time management and prioritizes his life extremely well. I don’t think he’s one of a kind…all their friends are similarly dedicated.

    • Like that’ll ever happen. Obama isn’t humble, period.

  8. Obama has holier than thou lectures for everyone. How very refreshing.

  9. Ok, I have to respectfully disagree with you here. I’m delighted he’s spending time with his kids, even if he’s just going out for ice cream. Like you, I thought they were just an afterthought to him for the past couple of years. When he took Sasha trick or treating, he didn’t seem to be into it. Just my perception, I’m sure.

    I do hate the stupud moralizing. He doesn’t have to be some role model. Lots of American families do stuff with their families without some annoying lecture. Maybe he should just assume everyone does it, eat the damn ice-cream and STFU,

  10. How many fathers of little children have been in Iraq for one-two-three tours of duty….so far?

  11. Dr President Obama,

    The citizens of the United States would like to exchange your speecifying on what Fatherhood means for some comprehensive healthcare.


  12. The guy is amazzzzzzing. Simply amazzzzzzzzing. He knows everything, and the Obama clan is the model of absolute perfection.

    He’s actually much like my ex-husband was to the children we had together. They saw him once so far this year, and won’t be doing time with him tomorrow. Mark my words, they see it as “doing time”. His was the same flaw….career and self-entertainment came first….yet, he considered himself a fantastic dad, too.

    I applaud BO for giving his girls some time tomorrow. He obviously doesn’t put them first, or his escapes from the WH now and then would include a trip to the zoo, or the Smithsonian with them rather than a fast food burger joint for his staff.

    Oh, wait. We all saw the photo of him running across the lawn to get to the swingset.

    He doesn’t listen to himself when he talks, though…we all know that. If he did, some of those campaign speeches would have seen themselves become reality by now.

  13. Here’s the thing. How he parents is far less important to me then how he governs. He wasn’t hired to be a father figure, he was hired to govern. His position on what makes a “good” parent, far less important then his positions on domestic policy such as heralthcare.

    • Amen. How he parents or how he husbands is of very little importance to the fate of the nation.

  14. Excuse me? Father-in-chief?

    Oh, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…

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