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Monday: An Interview with Harriet Christian, NY Senate Seat Contender

Rumors have begun to swirl again that Paterson is about to appoint Caroline Kennedy to Hillary’s Senate seat.  The reason often cited is that Caroline, with her big, aristocratic name, will be able to raise her own funds and won’t suck up money needed for other races.  Does anyone besides me see the problem with that argument?  Ok. for the slow Obots out there, here it is: If we only appoint or nominate people with their own money, then only the rich will be able to serve in Congress.  I think one of the points of our Constitution was to prevent rule by the moneyed, aristocratic class.  Even the requirements for Senate and President are remarkably spare.  We aren’t ignoring the economic reality  of the money hunt but we would like to point out that Obama raised $600,000,000 and threatened to withhold it from many states and downticket races if the delegates wouldn’t flip for him at the convention.  Then he hogged it anyway.

So, money isn’t everything.  Dedication to public service should be at the top of the list of qualifications for any office.  We haven’t seen much in the way of that from Caroline Kennedy.  But Harriet Christian has worked tirelessly for the public for years.  She’s a waitress in Manhattan.  She was also one of our most reliable and dedicated Hillary Clinton fans.  We’d like Governor Paterson to meet with Harriet and give us commoner for the seat.

Our own Madamab had an interview with Harriet recently to talk about the Senate appointment.  Here is that interview:

Interview With Senate Hopeful Harriet Christian
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 – 3:00 pm (Transcribed from recording)

MB: What made you decide to vie for Senator Clinton’s seat? Was it 9/11?

HC:  I’m sure 9/11 has a part to play in anything anyone does today; however, primarily it was done because I thought the fact that an individual could enter a race and be given preferential treatment just because of their name made me feel that, even though I don’t have name recognition, I stood on equal standing with her. We have both never held a political office. What made her more qualified than myself?

MB: You are “as qualified as the most unqualified,” correct?

HC: Absolutely.
MB: How did you come to be involved in politics?
HC: I’ve always been a Democrat. I’ve always been active, I would say, in the peripheral sense. I’ve always been very interested in the different candidates that have run. I don’t think I’ve ever taken as active a role as I did this time. And I think that all began with the Rules and ByLaws Committee. That just opened my eyes to what was so wrong with our Democratic Party.
MB: Yours, and many others. Do you have children, and if so, how influential are they in your voting decisions?
HC: I have one daughter. I think I’m not the normal mother in the sense of, we make up our own minds. Am I taking a stance on things today just because of my daughter? Absolutely not. I’m at a point in my life where I feel it’s time to not only worry about the future, but to worry about the present.
MB: How is your voting record? Do you usually vote in primaries?

HC: I usually vote in the primaries, elections, local, city council people, whatever is up, I vote for. That’s one of the things I considered to be great about being a Democrat, is that we have the primaries. There are very few Republican primaries and there are absolutely no Independent primaries.
MB: In fact, in New York, if you are not registered as a Democrat or Republican, you cannot vote in any primaries at all.
HC: Right, and the Republican primaries are very few and far between. I felt we had an advantage as Democrats that we could vote in almost a primary a year.
MB: That was before we realized that the primaries don’t actually mean anything anymore to the Democratic Party.
HC: Well, that’s before we realized how easy it was to blatantly fix the election, or the primaries. I think we’re all adults and we all realized that there’s corruption at every level, and patronage at every level. I just had never seen it so blatant at a national level.
MB: Exactly. Now, Mayor Bloomberg is about to run for a third term, controversially. Would you support a Democratic challenger over Michael Bloomberg in the mayoral race?
HC: I definitely do not want to vote for Mayor Bloomberg, because of what he just recently did by overturning the limits. Hopefully – I will most probably vote for whomever the Democratic candidate is, unless it is somebody who is sexist, or misogynist, that it just would make me not want to vote for him. If I chose not to vote for the Democratic candidate, I would find somebody that’s running to vote for. I would not choose Bloomberg primarily because of what he did to overturn the term limits.
MB: But staying home is never an option for you.
HC: No, no. It’s my given right. I feel very privileged to have the right to vote.
MB: Would you be willing to make full financial disclosure if you were put forward as one of the candidates?
HC: Absolutely.
MB: Now I’m going to ask you some position questions. Democrats have traditional positions on these issues, and I just wanted to see what yours were. On abortion, do you agree with the “safe, legal and rare” frame?
HC: I believe in pro-choice. I am 1000% pro-choice.
MB: And what about gay marriage?
HC: To me, I would prefer to see equal rights for all. But if it’s the only way that we can attain equal rights, I’m all for gay marriage.
MB: And what about the Bush Doctrine? Basically, if you’re not with us you’re against us; it’s okay to invade a country that hasn’t attacked us – how do you feel about that?
HC: To me, it’s the most horrendous thing that occurred, when we were made to feel that if we didn’t approve of the war, that we were anti-the military, anti-the soldiers, and that could not have been further from the truth. Just because I don’t approve of the war does not mean that I do not FULLY support our soldiers.
MB: Amen. And what do you think is the best way to stimulate the economy? Do you think we should cut spending; do you feel that we should increase taxes, increase spending and increase taxes – what do you think about that?
HC: I think what’s occurred right now – and again, I’m not an economist, but I think there’s been so little common sense used. The bailouts were a big mistake, only because those bailouts were given, and there were really no guidelines as to how those bailouts were going to be used. I think like so many things in this country things are rammed down our throats. And granted, there was an urgency – but that urgency has been building for the last seven years.
MB: Yes, indeed.
HC: All of a sudden, to turn around and say it’s got to be done now, and if it’s not done now, you don’t support it – who are the bailouts for? Where is the bailout for all? I mean, do I feel that you can tax the rich and not tax the poor? Absolutely not, because you’re going to have your wealthy leaving this country. And it’s part of the basis of our economy in this country. How many more companies do we have to leave America before we realize that then we’ll have nothing? Do I believe in a program where we’re going to begin spreading wealth around? Absolutely not. And I’ll tell you, I’m at the very low end of the rung, so I can sit hear and say okay, let me wait and see what PE Obama brings in and see which one of these programs I’ll qualify for, and I could raise both hands and both feet and probably qualify for all four. But that’s not the way I’ve been raised. I’ve worked all my life, and I think there are issues that really have not been seriously thought out.
MB: I could not agree with you more on that one.
HC: Where does it stop? If retail business now, which is doing so poorly, comes and asks for a handout, why should you turn them down if you’re giving to so many others? I mean, we’re giving to the banks, and the banks aren’t making loans. We’re giving to the car companies, and I’m not anti-union, but there are union people who are still drawing from a job bank. I don’t have a job bank to draw from. I either get my ass out there and work, and find a way to meet my bills, which I’ve always done, or I’m lost. And if I can do it, as a waitress, why can’t others find a way to do it?
MB: Yup. I think common sense is sorely lacking. I agree with you. And I do think that rather than just handing big corporations hundreds of billions of dollars without any regulation, or allowing a loophole that will allow them to avoid the regulation that’s in there, whether it be the car companies or the banks, there has to be a quid pro quo. If you’re going to give money to the car companies, then they’re going to have to start making cars that people want to buy, that are also energy- efficient.
HC: And also affordable.
MB: Exactly.
HC: I mean you talk about hybrid cars, but what average person has $50-60,000 to buy these cars?
MB: Right! And you know, the hybrid cars, the ones that are affordable, are small; so if you have a family, or if you live in the Northeast, where the weather is quite a factor, you don’t want to be driving around in a teeny little hybrid without four-wheel drive. It’s just not practical.
HC: I absolutely agree with you.
MB:  So, if the free market is so wonderful, and always produces the best, the most efficient products, then why is the car industry making these outdated products?
HC: But have you noticed something? With gas prices being down – and again, I think all you have to do is use some common sense and realize that the Arab Emirates are eventually going to stop producing as much gas as they are – and gas is going to go up again – meanwhile, the car companies are pushing SUV’s again, and trucks.
MB: Why don’t they cut the prices on the hybrids?
HC: I don’t know.
MB: They should cut the prices on the hybrid SUV’s, and everybody would buy them. Because everybody knows those prices are going to go up again. It’s just that people cannot afford to buy those hybrid SUV’s.
HC: You’re 100% correct.
MB: My final question, Future Senator Christian, is: what do you think you can offer the citizens of New York as their Senator?
HC: I’m born and raised in New York. I use common sense. I believe I have more in common than – I can only single out one other nominee right now, or one other appointee that’s being considered, who I think is totally unaware of the average individual’s problems. I know I was criticized because, when I had the incident on the YouTube, and they said, Oh, you know, she’s so pro-Hillary, she only spent $250 or $300 on donations. Meanwhile, they totally excluded that I put my personal time and money into traveling to different states to help try to get her the nomination; that I went to numerous concerts and fundraisers that were given for her. Then I find out that somebody that has $100 million plus, donated a thousand dollars. Now, if I could reach deep into my pockets, where I’m sure I could have found something else to do with that money, but I felt so passionately about what was the upcoming nomination for our next president of the United States – it just flabbergasts me. Speaking to other people on a similar level as myself, maybe much more prosperous, it appears their sentiments are the same as mine. So I am definitely closer, I would think, to the people of New York, than Caroline Kennedy could ever presume to be. So why shouldn’t I give it a shot, when I am THE ordinary Democratic citizen of New York State?
MB: I see no reason why you should not be seriously considered. So, thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it; and I wish you all the best in your Senatorial campaign.
HC: Well, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to do this for me, and I truly appreciate it; and anything else I can do, you’re more than welcome to call.
MB: Thank you, Harriet.

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  2. Holy Guacamole!

    This is a “Featured Post” at Memeorandum!

  3. Wow, that was quick!

    This post isn’t a “Featured Post” at memeorandum anymore.

  4. I’m just pleased that it’s featured here.

  5. Where the hell is everyone?

  6. What a breath of fresh air!

    Thank you RD, Madamab and Harriet Christian.

  7. OT myiq2xu, your Quasimodo gravatar is quite charming.

  8. Harriet’s views are representative of 99.9% of us out here, the views of the Average Joe. She certainly is more committed and more knowledgeable then Caroline Kennedy and has no compunction about defending her point of view.

    Go Harriet! You are the voice of the people!

  9. I love Harriet … in fact, I’ve grown a deep appreciation and respect for many who have stepped up to the plate and have voiced their opinions this election season.

    Many of our politicians may be failing us, but a lot of our ordinary citizens have shown that they are willing to speak out and take risks to support our Democracy. Whether they are more conservative, such as Joe the Plumber, or more liberal like Harriet, the common theme seems to be that we want more fair and open elections and representation …. we want our elected officials to be more truthful, and we want the special interests taken out of the equation (or at least kept from controlling our elections and government).

  10. I hope Harriet Christian wins. Past time for a real “change”; we need some real people representing real people in government. At least she isn’t afraid of doing the “wrong thing” and offending the political parties. We need someone like her in the Senate to point out that not only doesn’t the “emperor” have no clothes, but the House and Senate are naked , too.

  11. myiq2xu,

    What do you mean, where is everyone? Where have you been? I hope you’re recovering from the holidays.

  12. Seriously, where is it on memeorandum? I can never find things on that page. This is great. The more people we can get to click over here in the next week, the more votes we could get.

  13. This post has been up 1 1/2 hours and only 12 comments (4 of them mine)

    It’s zero-dark-thirty out west, but it’s almost time for the first coffee break back east.

  14. It was there, but then it was gone

  15. Here we go again! Burris is now maintaining that “the Lord ordained” his appointment. Really? So the Lord is now working through Blago of all people? Where can I get my daily dose of Kool Aid blather? I am so out of step with the Lord’s convoluted thinking these days.

    Apparently the Lord is no longer speaking to Obama but has chosen Blago to do His work. Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi!

  16. I’m here! Go Harriet Go!!

  17. Dakinikat’s post is still linked re Richardson scandal.

  18. Hi taggles!!

  19. myiq,

    Someone must have googled Harriet Christian and found out she’s a puma.

  20. Hi BB!

  21. Pat,

    If Jesus would vote for Obama, then I guess the lord can work through Blago. Apparently criminals are all the rage in heaven these days.

  22. bb: LOLOL!!!!!

  23. Don’t forget to visit http://www.harrietchristian.net and give your ringing endorsement!

  24. morning, all!
    myiq did you say coffee break?

    Paterson won’t give Harriet HRC’s senate seat but I hope she stays visible and involved.

    We need you, Harriet!!!

  25. The Lord must have ordained Burris’s appointment, since he couldn’t get elected on his own.

    Funny how helpful the Lord is sometimes.

  26. taggles,

    How do you give your endorsement? Do you just write comments or is there a page to sign?

  27. I went to check on the Puma-obsessed stalker asshats at ButtBurger just now.

    How pathetic is it for someone to devote a blog to stalking what they claim is just a small group of bitter old women?

    Their approach to blogging is why we were nominated as “Best Liberal Blog” while they were nominated as “Best Small Blog”

    Or is “Small” an anatomical reference?

  28. can someone save me from Spammy?
    Ever since we had a long power (and internet) outage a month ago, I’m unable to post comments here- unless I use my Iphone.

    ps myiq stay away from those Buttburger crazies, and yes, it is an anatomical reference..

  29. It amazes me to no end that this blog gets the treatment it does from others. We very rarely venture outside the parameters and few of us, if any, bother to leave unflattering comments as it is.
    Hell, we discovered that even in attempting to leave a comment it is more often than not unpublished so why bother.

    Obviously we hold some fascination to these beauties who continuously diss us for reasons beyond me.

  30. Catarina,

    Do you log in to comment? What happens when you try to comment?

  31. President-elect Barack Obama is planning a
    major speech on the economy Thursday, according to a senior democratic official.

    Oh great, another speech. That will fix everything.

  32. boomer
    if im on my pc the comment just disappears-ever since I got back online after the ice storm.

  33. catarina:

    Clear your browser cache

  34. “Obviously we hold some fascination to these beauties who continuously diss us for reasons beyond me”

    It would be one thing if their criticisms were substantive and issue-oriented, but they are more of the “She’s ugly, and she’s got a big butt too!” variety.

    Misogyny without a shred of substance.

  35. At least if they feel that way they could at least credit it with having “great personalities”.

  36. Oh, I forgot – per SwanSpirit:

    From now on “ButtBurger” will be referred to as “Pantytwisters”

  37. Another “greatest speech evah!” ought to do it. And I am sure those in the mideast, while dodging bombs and rockets, are waiting breathlessly.

  38. Catarina,

    I can’t find anything related to your IP or name that would make that happen. See if clearing your cache helps, as myiq suggested. Your comment went into spam, rather than moderation, which is very wierd. After you clear your cache, if that doesn’t help, try rebooting.

  39. I like Pantytwisters better than Buttburger, but I wish we could use a term that doesn’t relate to women.

  40. Pat:

    The Greatest Speech on Race EVAH! ended all racial problems in this country and made Reverend Jeremiah Wright the most esteemed preacher in the country.

    That’s why he’s giving the invocation at Big O’s inaugural.

  41. post cache-clearing, rebooting, used as excuse to drink yet another cuppa testing 1-2-3…

  42. bb myiq
    yup, I’m a spammer now!
    still no luck
    looks like i’ll be using my iphone and fat fingers-no easy task
    but thanks, anyway.
    maybe I’ll call the ISP and ask for a new IP

  43. hmmm

    r*** roast became buttburger became pantytwisters
    but bb prefers that it doesnt relate to women…

    how about testicle toaster?

  44. weenie warmer?

    (no wonder my comments go to spam)

  45. Sorry, myiq. I was attempting to get a message through to the Lord but the lines were busy with all the politicians and sports stars lining up for advice and words of wisdom. I may just have to wait for the Inaugural Address where I am certain it will be sprinkled throughout with the word “god” who apparently is the one who made this whole thing happen.

    God does not hate anybody but just loves the USA, all Americans, most Christians, and NFL above all others. And all I wanted to know was whether to go in for an oil change this week or wait until next.

    I am in a very irreverent mood today. God help me!!

  46. Pinheads?

    That would be anatomically correct

  47. For something a bit more gender neutral, hows about “gonad gnasher” ?

  48. Or how about “Blogstalkers?”

  49. Pat: As an avid college football fan, I have to believe that He loves the NCAA as well. He’s just testing Notre Dame, that’s all.

  50. I vote for blog stalkers. That’s very gender neutral.

  51. Myiq,

    How did you get your avatar to look different on the comments and on the sidebar? And what is that THING that shows up on the sidebar. It looks like a troll doll from hell!

  52. I think “Blogstalkers” is accurate and appropriate.

  53. That’s Sweettooth – he’s a friend of the Captain.

  54. Catarina,

    If you sign in to wordpress, that might help. Sometimes people have to switch to new names. So you could try something like Catarina2. I do know that it helps to be signed in. It’s easy to register if you haven’t already done it.

  55. There is something sinister about that “baby”. Not something you want to chuck under the chin and gush over.

  56. Well, he’s extremely frightening.

  57. I only see “the baby” which is hair raising enough.

  58. What’s the matter? Don’t ya like clowns? Don’t they make ya laugh?

    Sheesh, anti-clownites!

  59. Great interview – and Harriet is definitely more qualified than CK. Now if only she’d be a cousin of Dick Cheney….

  60. I admire Harriet Christian very much….The day at the RBC meeting took alot of courage to speak out the way she did.

    And as far as other blogs (not familiar with “buttburger”) speaking ill of River Daughter, they are purely trash; RD has thoughtful posts that grasp intangible concepts which elude many of the trashy bloggers.

    The hordes who dissed HIllary, and missed uhbama’s complete corruption are nothing more than the type of mobs who sat around eating food while people were executed. They are the equivalent of george bush’s fan base, only for a dem instead of a republican.

    I know which ‘side’ is the right one, and it’s starts right here with all of you…Glad to have this blog!

    And for those who aren’t aware, I’m a guy…

  61. “The baby” went bye-bye yesterday, replaced by Quasimodo.

  62. What’s the matter? Don’t ya like clowns? Don’t they make ya laugh?


  63. boomer, im signed in to wordpress.
    have tried switching names too-it’s definitely a problem with the IP address being blocked.
    ill try and get a new one.

    Or maybe im just in the twilight zone-b/c I see myiq’s av
    as a perverted looking santa, not a clown…

  64. Destardi:

    We’re not concerned with the juvenile delinquents at Blogstalkers, but occasionally we point and laugh.

  65. I am still seeing the “baby” but I doubt Quasimodo would be an improvement.

  66. Myiq,

    About that clown baby

    Maury Povich called, the DNA results ARE IN.


  67. Hey, that was “Baby Ronald”

    Jeebus, you anti-clownites are cruel.

  68. “Frighteningly” so.

  69. I like clowns and I never let the anti-confluence sites get to me, screw em all to hell and back, they will never shut us up. If they know anything about old bitter hags, they should know, attempting to shut us up is like attempting to push a hippo to the side – nah gonna happen.

  70. Okay, I dumped Sweettooth too.

  71. I have only had to work five days in the past two weeks. It was wonderful, delightful and I feel refreshingly mean.

  72. Maybe I should put up a bunch of choices and let y’all vote for my gravatar.

  73. I like sweettooth much better than Bad Santa, Billy Bob has bothered me since the day he wore Angelina’s blood around his neck. Talk about twisted.

  74. after clearing your cache – reboot

  75. I have a couple Angelina clown pics

  76. myiq,

    How about an African American clown?

  77. Kim – that’s just it – they see us as “mother” (father) figures and are not going to give in.

    It seems to just kill them that we “old hags” haven’t caved and seemingly will not cave in the future! 👿

  78. Groan………

  79. Well as the “mom figure”, I can tell you to ask my kids if they ever “won” an argument, they will tell you know. The older I get, the more steadfast I am. The Kathy Bates line, “Iam older and have more insurance” rings true.

  80. Kim: lolol!!!

  81. “they will tell you know”, but getting older means I am not as quick as I used to be. That should read, they will tell you NO.” Or maybe I need my glasses checked.

  82. I think that’s the point – they’ve never been able to winn with their own parents so they think that by joining forces they get win against the old biddies.

  83. “How about an African American clown?”

    If I did, somebody would accuse me of being racist (again)

  84. SOD:

    It’s “Blogstalkers” now

  85. I have survived eight years of Bush, two ex-husbands, three teenagers and starting over twice. A bunch of obots do NOT scare me.

  86. Kim – You go Girl!

  87. Wow, Myiq, I’m impressed. A whole blog post at the BBurger just smearing you. They even like the nickname you gave their blog.

  88. What site are you talking about?

  89. What’s even worse than Blogstalkers is Kitty’s Litter Box, where 90% of the posts “debunk” the COLB thing, something nobody believes in anyway.

    That’s like having a blog dedicated to proving that water is wet.

  90. TRK:

    We don’t mention their name here.

  91. TRK:

    Here’s a hint:

    myiq2xu, on January 5th, 2009 at 9:46 am

  92. Can you give me a hint?

  93. Jmac, on January 5th, 2009 at 11:21 am Said:

    Wow, Myiq, I’m impressed. A whole blog post at the BBurger just smearing you. They even like the nickname you gave their blog.
    Whatever it is, I don’t want to go there…But how about a brief summary.

  94. TRK:

    I already did, but here’s another:


  95. SHV:

    Summary here:

    myiq2xu, on January 5th, 2009 at 9:46 am

  96. Go Harriet!

  97. Got it and it would seem they are sadly misinformed. Poor things, their panties are all in a twist.

  98. Catarina,

    I e-mailed you.

  99. There’s been much work going on to get Gov. Patersen to replace the irreplaceable Senator Clinton with a:
    “Qualified on Day One” choice that also “respected” her during the primaries; there by respecting “US” her loyal supporters.
    With the conversation only being about Caroline Kennedy I say:
    “Let’s Back Harriet”
    They want their “Celebrity” Choice / well then so must “we”!!
    Go Harriet!!!!!!!!1

  100. myiq,

    You’re defintely getting to them. Maybe you can get their heads to explode. What I don’t get is why any female would post there. I guess they are they submissive types that Rev. Warren likes.

  101. BB:

    Why would a woman wear a T-shirt that said “Sarah Palin is a C*nt?”

  102. The asshats at Blogstalkers remind me of this Molly Ivins quote:

    There are two kinds of humor. One kind that makes us chuckle about our foibles and our shared humanity — like what Garrison Keillor does. The other kind holds people up to public contempt and ridicule — that’s what I do. Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. I only aim at the powerful. When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel — it’s vulgar.

    Vulgar is right.

  103. myiq: Very good question, she is bashing all women by using that horrid term.

  104. I still have no idea who or what this blog is that you are referring to. Chalk it up to my being rather dense.

  105. Pat, I didn’t know which one it was either and for good reason, it is rather an insignificant “small” little thing

  106. I just read this at Feministing
    backtrack named:
    Elena Kegan as Solicitor General
    Dawn Johnson as Head of Office General Counsil

    Does anyone know anything about these women?
    Will they help or hurt all women?



  107. Know nothing about Johnson but I think Kegan is another Clintonite.

  108. TRK
    thank you for the info.

  109. Myiq,

    These women are trying to look “cool” for their boyfriends/husbands/men friends. These are the women who think that those “c*nts, whores, bitches, etc. are other women and *they* (the t-shirt wearing women) are somehow different and are “one of the guys.” It’s the same with the women at Blogstalkers.

  110. Pat,

    I will send you the link privately if you want me to.

  111. When I first read of “buttburger” here, I had no idea what y’all were talking about, and getting the sense it would probably not be okay to ask (I learn quick), I simply googled the word and found the blog being referred to without any difficulty (hope I’m not in trouble for giving that additional hint).

    It took only one visit to that site for me to know I never wanted to go back. The level of discourse would be insulting to the average 4th grader. I know we sometimes have our fun here, but I have found very few other blogs where the quality of the comments is worthy of the blog posters’ own writings.

    One of the silver linings of this terrible dark cloud of an election year has been finding this site (and a few others) where I can always count on learning something and occasionally participate in lively and thought-provoking discussion.

    As I read this over, it sounds trite, but I assure you it’s heart-felt.

  112. Nell,

    I think most of us feel the same way you do. We needed a refuge from the Obama lies and misinformation and Riverdaughter provided it. Together we have made it welcoming and supportive place.

  113. You are all welcome to post at Blogstalker, and we promise not to delete your posts like the admin here.

  114. Bwahahahaha!


  115. Aw, you went and violated our comment policy by making insults.


  116. “bostonboomer is just begging for a world o’ hurt.”

    Typical buttburger statement.

    I wasn’t going to vote for a small blog-but now I think I will.

  117. Oh, heck. I missed it. What did I do to enrage the stalkers?

  118. You called their women submissive….

  119. obviously hit them on the quick…. 🙄

  120. BB:

    A) You have a vajayjay

    B) You aren’t submissive

  121. I guess Obots don’t understand satire.

    Maybe RD shoulda used snark font on this post.

    Are they that easy to pwn?

  122. Are they that easy to pwn?

    What am I saying? They’re Obama supporters!

    They’ll believe ANYTHING!

  123. Anyone who wasn’t retarded or blinded by hatred would realize that The Confluence supports Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

    As much as we love, respect and appreciate Harriet Christian, the point of this post was to demonstrate that Caroline Kennedy is NOT qualified.

    Apparently the Blogstalkers were fooled, hook, line and sinker.

  124. Or Carolyn Maloney. That’s who I would prefer.

    Myiq– you have to have some compassion for the satire-challenged. Some people are just terminally literal minded.

  125. Pity the poor stupid people. Didn’t Jesus say that?

  126. My bad:

    The Confluence supports Kirsten Gillibrand or Carolyn Maloney to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

  127. BB:

    If we endorsed Obama, the Blogstalkers would reflexively oppose him.

  128. I feel guilty for engaging in a battle of wits with people who are unarmed.

    But only a little guilty.

  129. It’s beneath your pay grade, myiq4xthem.

  130. Voting has opened-mutiny.in seems like a very nice small blog-It’s Indian and literary….just sayin’.

  131. If Patterson appoints Kennedy, IMHO, it puts the final nail into the coffin that is the Obama administration. This is patronage they are even trying to hide any more. They are spitting on us.

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