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You only get out what you put in


To follow-up on Riverdaughter’s and Stateofdisbelief’s posts, I want to point out that it is vital that we not let Obama get away with merely appointing a few women to high profile positions.  As I noted in the comments of RD’s post, there is only one woman on either the DFA lists.  One freaking Vaginamerican!  Democracy for America believes that WE ONLY HAVE ONE WOMAN IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THAT IS QUALIFIED TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE?

In DFA’s defense (playing the Devil’s Public Defender) there aren’t many women in either party with the credentials and experience for that job.  But the reason for that (removing my court-appointed dumptruck hat) is that women can’t get credentials and experience if they can’t get in the goddamn door!

There is at least one pipeline into every important job.  For the Supreme Court the main source of appointees is the Circuit Court of Appeals, which in turn is filled primarily with judges from the Federal District Courts.  If you want to sit on the federal bench before you’re old and grey you’ll need to be a lawyer from a top law school.  While that is not by any means the exclusive path to SCOTUS, it does demonstrate my pipeline analogy.

If admissions into top law schools are disproportionately male, the entire pipeline will be disproportionately male as well.  Male lawyers means male judges, justices and SCOTUS appointees.  Anyone who works around the legal system knows that it is still a male dominated profession.  The best long-term solution is not to promote women disproportionate to their overall numbers (although it is a valid and important short-term remedy) but to focus on increasing the admission of women to top law schools and their appointment to the bench at the lower levels.  Feed the pipeline at one end and you’ll change the results at the other.

It doesn’t start with post-graduate programs or even college admissions.  It starts at the “K” end of the “K-12” system.  When girls receive subtle (and not-so subtle) messages that their future roles in society include babymaking, housework and support staff, but not leading or decision making, you’re feeding the pipeline incorrectly. 

Do not cut Barack Obama any slack, do not “wait and see” what he does before you say anything.  Demand equality.  Misbehave.


65 Responses

  1. As a Penisamerican let me add that if you plan on waiting for my gender to give you equality you better sit down while you’re waiting cuz it will be a while.

  2. This year was big fat punch in the eye to me.

  3. Hi myiq and sod. It sure is a quiet day on The Confluence.

  4. At least trade in your Prada pumps for a nice comfortable pair of Clark’s.

  5. Boomer — yes it sure is!

  6. Maybe they are all out getting likkered up for the “drunken rant open thread?”

  7. It’s amazing how women in general experience cognitive dissonance when you try to expose our gender’s own culpabilty in allowing sexist views to persist.

    Any woman who called Sarah Palin unqualified while holding the view that BO was qualified, was in fact perpetrating the stereotype;

    any woman who questioned Hillary’s credentials as being nothing more than Bill’s wife, were perpetrating the stereotype;

    any woman that questioned Sarah’s ability to be a good mother AND have a demanding career, perpetrates that stereotype;

    any woman that has ever embraced the “weaker sex” stereotype when it suits her interests, only to cry foul when it becomes an obstacle to her progress is reaping the seeds she has sown.

    any woman who puts on a T-shirt calling any other woman a C*nt should be ashamed.

  8. I’m worried about the absdentee ballot counts in MN, AK, They all seem to be Dem ballots for some reason. And then there is that run-off in GA. If Dems. get that 60 vote majority in the Senate, God better get down here fast.

  9. atypical,
    I dont’ know what’s going to happen down here in Ga. The GOP doesn’t like Saxby but they don’t want Obama to have a majority. Also the Obama cultists are nortorious for not caring about down ticket races.

    Also, if Obama gets a filibuster proof senate, his followers are going to be in a rage if he doesn’t do everything that they want.

  10. “any woman who puts on a T-shirt calling any other woman a C*nt should be ashamed.”

    any woman who puts on a T-shirt calling any other woman a C*nt should watch less-qualified men that she helped train get promoted over her.

  11. SOD:

    Wait until you see what I have planned for “tin-foil hat tuesday!”

  12. myiq2xu — I am soooooo excited about “tin-foil hat tuesday!!! I’ve been looking through my collection to see which one to wear for this special occasion.

    Should I choose the tinfoil sombrero, tiarra, or pirate’s hat? decisions decisions decisions!!

  13. As opposed to your usual cone-shaped princess hat?

  14. Well, my mom’s here with another keg.

    I’ll be back at 11 est for the “drunken rant open thread”

  15. samantha’smom — lololololol!!!

  16. From the comments at politico on an article about the lack of women proposed for Obie’s cabinet, referenced by murphy of pumapac on her thread about this:

    “Women’s groups do NOT speak for ALL women. If women cared about this issue, they would be organized and vote together as a block. They are NOT organized and do NOT vote together. This proves that most women are happy with their lot in life. As a result, women deserve what they get.”

    Un-fricking-believable! We deserve what we get because we’re not a unified voting bloc???? Well, ladies it’s time to unify.

  17. sam’s mom! That’s just terrific!

  18. Why is there only one woman (Boxer) on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? We are about to have 2 vacancies. Let’s do something about it so the Assistance to Afghanie Women can pass!

  19. yo-hoo? anyone home?

  20. Honestly, I think women are totally brainwashed by our men. We think if we’re nice to men, they’ll give us what we want.

    The exact opposite is true. Look at how NOW and NARAL endorsed Obama over a far more qualified woman. Yet he clearly feels no obligation to achieve gender parity in his Cabinet.

    Those third-wavers did the movement a lot of damage. We need to separate the political from the personal. I love men and treat them as equals in my personal life. But if we want to advance in society, we need to set concrete goals and achieve them, and we cannot be worried that men won’t like us if we do. That way lies madness…or at least, failure!

  21. Where the hell is everyone tonight?

    I don’t want to host a drunken rant if nobody is gonna show up for it.

  22. Myiq,

    you build it, they will come.

    here I am–scotch in hand.

  23. joaniebone — you here?

  24. hey joaniebone! {{waves}}

  25. myiq,

    if we start the jokes, we’ll be seeing folks in no time. Now. let’s see….where to begin?

  26. today some friends and I donated and served lunch at a homeless shelter. we’ve done it before. it’s a men’s shelter, but anyone can come for meals. today was the first time I’ve seen children there – families with young children who are either homeless or simply can’t afford to eat. it was so sad.

    and it really pissed me off. there’s money for wars and wall street bailouts and transition teams and members of congress traveling all over the world (why? don’t they know about the internet?) and all kinds of government bullshit, but none to feed hungry homeless kids.

  27. HAAA!!!

    SOD! you’ve been holding that in all day!

    Will myiq play this game with us?

  28. oh hell, I’m sorry. y’all are telling jokes and I’m being a buzzkill

  29. Kiki. I feel the same way. That BO spent all that $ to buy the election, with so many people scared out of there wits about their next meal. 😦

    It truly makes me sick.

  30. kiki — I’m sure they’re eating better at Gitmo than those poor kids. And they get free healthcare too.

  31. Not yet!

    The thread opns in 20 minutes.

    19 actually

  32. sorry… [[ hee hee]]

  33. Which Senator was it who was going on about Gitmo’s awesome food? Duncan Hunter?

    These Congresscritters are ridiculous.

  34. one thing that drives me nuts is that members of congress are always flying all over the place, and of course they can’t travel alone, they have to take 400 or so of their most vital staff members.

    and it’s always to meet with someone, or to see conditions. the rest of us can conduct business on the phone and exchange pictures online at a fraction of the cost. why can’t they?

    sorry, this is just one of my many pet peeves 🙂

  35. I hope BB comes to the party.

    Last night, Heidi said the we needed to pay more attention to her post, because it was very strong. I want to tell here that I absolutely pay attention.

    It’s just that I have a NEED to be light and silly sometimes. This has been a devastating period, with so many uphill battles, disappointments and betrayals. There is only so much we can rant , plan and protest and commiserate.

    I know that I’ve been known to be silly on a serious thread, but I think there is a need–and a place. There is no disrespect intended. I learn so much from the writers here.

    Now, with that…….

  36. Good evening madamab!

  37. SOD-it was GREAT! trying to match it now…

  38. I’m never here on the weekends, but hubby is watching his 800th college football game and I’m so bored I could listen to Obama!!!


  39. this is horrible, but thought I would post it anyway …

    “Bottle of Wine

    A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it’s a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them is hurt. God works in mysterious ways. After they crawl out of their cars, the man is yelling about women drivers. The woman says, ‘So, you’re a man. That’s interesting. I’m a woman. Wow, just look at our cars! There’s nothing left, but we’re unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should be friends and live in peace for the rest of our days.’

    Flattered, the man replies, ‘Oh yes, I agree completely, this must be a sign from God! But you’re still at fault…women shouldn’t be allowed to drive.’ The woman continues, ‘And look at this, here’s another miracle. My car is completely demolished but this bottle of wine didn’t break. Surely God wants us to drink this wine and celebrate our good fortune.’

    She hands the bottle to the man. The man nods his head in agreement, opens it and drinks h alf the bottle and then hands it back to the woman.
    The woman takes the bottle, puts the cap back on and hands it back to the man.

    The man asks, ‘Aren’t you having any?’
    The woman replies, ‘No. I think I’ll just wait for the police…’

    forgive me …

  40. God, I just started drinking and my typing is already horrible. Typos make you look illiterate too. 😦

  41. New post up. Shocking!

  42. “Also, if Obama gets a filibuster proof senate, his followers are going to be in a rage if he doesn’t do everything that they want.”

    *shrugs* His followers are too busy drinking kool-ade to give a damn. He’s already hosed them 20 times, and all they do is support him more. He can do whatever he wants.

  43. We can party in myiq’s post after you read mine. You’re not going to believe it!

  44. Another lousy one .. lol …

    This morning on the Interstate, I looked over to my left and there was a


    In a brand new
    Doing 75 mph
    With her
    Face, up next to her
    rear view mirror
    Putting on her eyeliner.

    I looked away
    for a couple seconds!

    And when I looked back she was

    halfway over in my lane,

    still working on that makeup.

    As a man,

    I don’t scare easily.

    But she scared me so much;

    I dropped

    My electric shaver ,

    which knocked

    The donut

    Out of my other hand.

    In all

    the confusion of trying

    to straighten out the car

    using my knees against

    the steering wheel,

    it knocked

    my cell phone

    away from my ear,

    which fell,

    into the coffee

    between my legs,


    and burned

    Big Jim and the Twins,

    ruined the damn phone,

    soaked my trousers,

    and disconnected an
    important call.

    Damn women drivers!!

  45. BB! Did you see my message?

  46. lol Briana! the moral of the story is…..always keep a bottle of wine in the car in case of emergency

  47. I’ve been thinking of dressing up in a burkha and staging a crucifixion of myself on Boston Common.

    or how about a mock stoning?

    we could take it on the road and do it in cities across the country.

    or maybe we could stage it so that we’d offer rocks to people and ask them to participate in the stoning.

  48. Briana – LOL!

    Hello SOD! Great post earlier. 🙂

  49. Interesting post. I’ve learned much from all of you. But what I’ve learned most is that I have been my own worst enemy. As a little girl, I did not aspire to getting married, having kids, and living happily ever after. I watched my mother go through the hell of absolute poverty because she was so incredibly dependent on a man, my father. Not only was she a woman, she was disabled, which made it impossible for her to find employment. I vowed as a young girl to never rely on a man, ever. If my husband leaves me, I’m good. I have a decent job, and no debt. My husband would not fare as well. He has a car payment, student loans, credit cards, etc., my name is on none of them. I also earn more.

    BUT, I have made so many mistakes. I never took risks. I didn’t finish college. I was happy earning an income without doing much to improve myself. I think I was afraid of success. Afraid of moving out of my comfort zone. I was doing far better than my Mom, I kept my promise that I do not have to rely on a man to get by, but I stopped there.

  50. joaniebone,

    Of course we need to be silly! I didn’t take offense and my post got over 300 comments, so….

    But please read my new one before we start to laugh an giggle. It’s important.

  51. Murphy,

    That’s a great idea. We should organize a stoning on the Boston Common. That would get some publicity, I’ll bet.

  52. thanks madamab.

  53. Murphy, I worry about the crowds that would show up excited to see the violence.

  54. How many other woman have done that? Stopped when they reached the point of contentment?

  55. NV swing,

    I may just be reaching the point of contentment now. It’s been a long hard haul.

    But I plan to keep stretching. I have always underestimated myself, and I don’t intend to let that continue. There is a fierceness now that won’t go away.

  56. NV Swing Voter, I think about that too. Recently I had a HUGE argument with an older woman who thought Sarah Palin should stay home and raise Trig. She also suggested I am far more qualified than Palin (hahahahahaha! my household and work budgets combined aren’t quite the $11 billion Palin commands, nor do I have 25000 employees.

    In fury I walked up close to her and said: Perhaps if I had a man like Todd Palin standing beside me, one who takes his share of responsibility with the family, I might’ve felt able to reach for the stars like she has. Then again, maybe that’s a convenient excuse for me. And I do love my new career, so perhaps the point of contentment is where I want to stay.

  57. dear nv,

    Congrats for being self reliant.

    Sometimes I think that that is all I have managed to accomplish. I have reached a slow point right now, but I am hoping I have not stopped.

    I think you are much younger than I if your husband is paying student loans. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are still writing your story. Sometimes you need to pause and regroup.

    I had to put aside some of my dreams while I supported and raised a child. Now I have to take care of elderly parents.

    Still not willing to give up some of my dreams.

  58. nv swing voter,

    It’s never too late to go back to college. I went back in my late 40s, and I’ve never been happier.

  59. You know, Hillary put aside her own dreams for a long time to support Bill.

    Nancy Pelosi (AAARGHHH! hate to mention her) didn’t become a congresswoman until her kids were pretty much grown — I think.

    Palin is a new breed, one who is having it all! The one we didn’t know could exist.

  60. Imagine that…ONE QUALIFIED WOMAN AND THE MEN PULLED OUT MISOGYNY/SEXISM because they were terrified of HER! The 50 foot tall SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON!

    RUN BOYZ THERE IS ANOTHER ONE OUT THERE WITH A HUSBAND THAT ISN’T WORRIED ABOUT HIS MANHOOD. The latter must really scare them because that concept will make them look within! THE TWEETY defense won’t help them.

  61. Chris Matthews on Hillary Clinton’s Political Career

  62. When I graduated from high school in 1963 there were 3 options, basically, that I was given for girls to bemome: be a school teacher, a nurse or a secretary. There are other things I would have liked to do. Women have so many more opportunities in this age. I hope they really appreciate it. My daughters are in entirely different professions and much more exciting, I think, than me just being a nurse.

  63. tpfka nycblue: LOL, I will say I am older than my husband. Took 3 times, but happily married for 10 years now. And, experience taught me to keep debt separate – I was pretty screwed by hubby no. 2 and the father of my children. Never got a dime of child support, but managed. Current hubby does more housework than me, I work more hours than him.

    BB: I think about going to college but I just don’t have a clue what I want to do. I’m a legal secretary, I earn more than most paralegals, in very busy years, I’ve actually earned more than 1st/2nd year attorneys with my overtime (and they worked as many hours as me). When I thought about moving up to “paralegal,” one of our retiring partners told me I’d be crazy because I’d lose money and I was already doing the work.

    I would like to own a business someday, but I don’t know what type.

  64. No-Nonsense, you graduated 1 year before I was born. But I don’t think things changed much. In California, in 7th grade, I was in wood shop and loved every minute of it. We moved to Ohio. The counseler said she was placing me in sewing. I said I didn’t want to be in sewing, I wanted wood shop. “She” said wood shop is only for boys, you can’t take it. You have two choices: sewing or cooking. Now, mind you, I loved sewing, embroidery, crochet as a kid – I starting making my own clothes in 3rd/4th grade – my mother was great at sewing and taught me well. I was so angry about being forced into a sewing class that I haven’t touched a sewing machine since. My 16 y/o daughter was so stunned about a year ago when she split a seam and I pulled out a needle and thread and fixed it. She had never seen me sew a single stitch. I was a little embarassed. Lose a button and I told the cleaners to fix it, or if it was the kids clothes, we just donated it to charity because I figured they would outgrow it soon anyway. Not because I could afford it, but because I was so against fixing it myself unless I had no choice. Her particular situation was an emergency and we had no time to take it to the cleaners. She didn’t know I even owned a sewing kit (pretty darn dusty), let alone how to use it.

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