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Conflucians Say: VotePUMA

If anyone thought the PUMAs would go away after the election, they are sadly mistaken.  We’re not done yet.  There’s still primary election reform, holding the party and media accountable for sexism and misogyny, and making sure that we elect people who represent a real progressive agenda.

So, where do we start?  Well, first we have to be able to keep everyone connected.  That’s where VotePUMA comes in.  Check out Sheri’s new site and register for updates.

And tune in tonight at 9:00PM EST for Conflucians Say.  It’s one hour earlier tonight.  Let’s talk about going forward.

75 Responses

  1. This is how crazed I’ve become: I checked my email and saw that I had an email from ‘Barry’. I’m just working up a huge head of steam, that frakkin’ *sshat! how did the odious Obama campaign get my email, I’m not giving Hillary another dime if it was from her! I will tear the internet apart with my bare claws if those freakin’ obots harvested it from a puma site! and then…

    I realize it’s from my cousin. Barry. Yes, a member of my own family. Inviting me and the rest of the family to Thanksgiving at his house.

    Sigh. I think I need a break!

  2. Sigh. I think I need a break!

    Don’t we all.

  3. Dayum it is empty here tonight.

    I need my does of myiq!!

  4. Angie,

    I can’t have a gun in the state of IL.

    Sorry I was making dinner.

  5. afrocity — I saw that on the last thread & posted there — no gun at all — not even hunting guns? WTF is up with that?
    But, you don’t need to own a gun to learn how to shoot one — if you can find a gun range near you, they will provide you with a gun & you can learn to shoot there.

  6. There is nothing here to hunt but corrupt politicians. 😉

  7. what is all this gun talk?
    are pumas arming themselves?
    angie and afro if this is the birth of a militia I want in.

  8. we have no hunting industry in Illinois.

  9. Hi Angie & all – We just came back to NYC. En route, we stopped at a relatively empty Dunkin Donuts. CNN was blaring away with Wolf and the other sycophants chatting about Tricia and Julie Obama. I bolted for the parking lot. As I left, I muttered to hubby, “next they’ll be playing ‘Tomorrow belongs to me'”.

  10. No, Catarin, but I have alays been told that guns were bad. I wonder if Jennifer Hudson’s family had one, would they be dead?

    Then again there is that 8 year old that shot his Dad.

  11. Who is Tricia and Julie?

  12. The Nixon daughters?

  13. Their last name is Obama?

  14. I think betuscha was drawing a parallel – 2 daughters in the white house

  15. okay sorry, i feel stupid now 😦

  16. I can’t remember how old the Nixon girls were – older, I think. seems like I remember one of them got married

  17. Julie and Trisha Nixon–I don’t know what Obama’s kids names’ are.

  18. catarina — I’m buying a shot gun for home protection (and the Armagedon) this weekend at a gun store that has a firing range to learn how to shoot it. Sophie is thinking about getting one too. We were talking about it on the previous thread & it carried over here.

  19. no reason to feel stupid – I knew who they were because I’m old 🙂

  20. Sasha and Maliya

  21. Hey Seriously! Saw your message downstairs. It’s great you found a copy at the library! Who wudda thunk? I haven’t downloaded anything since I was waiting for your final go signal, so don’t worry about it. Enjoy the album. Boy, Christmas sure came early for you. And thanks for the donation—I’m honored. 🙂

  22. where is myiq?

    Myig — Je vous veux m’embrasser dans les mauvais lieux

  23. afrocity — I didn’t get the Nixon girl reference until it was explained. LOL

  24. Don’t feel stupid, she probably didn’t know the girls’ names, and well, Nixon IS the closest to Obama. 🙂

  25. yup – I guess I’m showing my age. All the staged “family” scenes with Tricia and Julie Nixon, complete with their dog Checkers. Sound familiar?

  26. Malia and Sasha, I think – they are adorable girls. I hoipe the perks of life at the white house make up for their lack of privacy and lack of freedom over the next 4 years

  27. Notice that Presidents tend to have daughters. What is with that?? Carter had sons, but they were older. Ford had sons, older also. The kids living in the WH have all been girls, lately.

  28. Angie, maybe he is just not that into you 😉

    Just kidding

  29. betuscha — I see — humanizing the egomaniacal fraud, part deux.

  30. oh yeah, I forgot about Checkers

  31. afrocity — if he has half a brain in his head he is.

  32. Honora, yet we still have not had a female president.

    At the rate we are going I think we will see a shemale president before a woman gets in.

  33. Everyone is listening to pumaradio, they will be back in awhile.

  34. Practice, practice, practice.

    McKenzie -11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping AR15

    McKenzie – 11yo Girl at Shooting Range #3 of #3

  35. Thanks, Brit. That was so nice of you! 🙂

  36. lol Angie, I read that and thought “the other half of the brain is in a jar on his dresser”

  37. Greta — part 2 on Palin.

  38. kiki — LOL — yep, but luckily he only needs 1/2 a brain to appreciate me. 🙂

  39. “The kids living in the WH have all been girls, lately.”

    If you wnat to live in the WH as a female, you can either be a kid or a cleaning staff member. That’s about the size of it.

  40. Seriously — LMAO — true dat!

  41. – and yes, their real names slipped my mind too, so I’m the dummy here.
    It was just that all this PR reminded me of Tricia and Julie and the phoniness of the Nixon White House. Although Julie, to her credit, tried to break out of PR hell.

  42. Heh, I was thinking of the Checkers thing just last night.

  43. Look at me. I am grinning ear to ear while she is on TV. I love Sarah.

  44. “any little girl can be the president’s daughter…..or wife….or secretary……or domestic servant”

    “any little boy” has a much better deal

  45. McCain says Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid

    “I’m so proud of her and I’m very grateful she agreed to run with me. She inspired people, she still does,” McCain told Jay Leno during an “Tonight Show” interview taped for broadcast Tuesday night. “I couldn’t be happier with Sarah Palin.”

  46. Milly the dog. 🙄

  47. honora — Was Milly the real Bush’s dog?
    I know Clinton had “Buddy” the chocolate lab.

  48. oh, LBJ also had 2 daughters

  49. I see Piper!!!!

  50. it really is perplexing that most of the women I know seem to actively hate Sarah. she seems cool to me.

    and my daughter and I made those pot holders! it’s like the only craft I can do

  51. I wish he’d say “Sarah HELPED my bid.” He kind of does, but not in so many words.

  52. Kiki,

    I am loving this interview.

  53. Poor LBJ’s daughters weren’t very attractive though.

    I liked that he called his wife Lady Bird.

    Look at that camera hog Piper!!!

  54. Yeah, saying “HELPED” would indeed be more accurate.

  55. wow I just got chills when she was talking about Hillary

  56. Valhalla
    I stormed out of a deli today because the owner kept me waiting to talk about Obama with another B0bot…I waited patiently through the joy of using executive orders to change things. When they got to ” we have to help him” I made a face and left. There wasn’t anyone else in the store either, the B0bot woman wasn’t buying anything.

  57. At least Sarah isn’t dragging them away from the public like BO and Michelle.

  58. Ooops, wrong email address.

  59. I love Greta — she’s the only one I’m watching from here on out.

  60. Greta’s gonna end up as the press secretary for them – she loves the Palins!

  61. afrocity
    They didn’t tell interviewers how Mommy and daddy fight…Come to think of it, Sarah didn’t tell us how Todd disgusts their kids by being snorey and stinky…

  62. afrocity — I meant how cute Piper is — and I agree — Sarah is much more relaxed & real around her kids. You can tell BO & MO are way too controlling of their “image” to allow their little girls to just be “free” in front of the cameras like Sarah does.

  63. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There are many steps we must take to get to the promised land that we know America can be. But it wont be there without us. you PUMA are the beginning of an awakening . Realization that trusting a particular party to take you to where you want to be is not going to happen. That the parties take your vote for granted and only give lip service to your wishes. A lesson to take from this year is that you can not trust the ones at the top to keep the promises made to get there, or that those working near the top will even listen or care about those things most dear to you. that is why the change must come from the bottom up. But we have been blessed by a magical connectedness that earlier generations could barely dream of. And we have also seen how these new tools can be misused, to our detriment. The challenge is here to fuse the new way to the old road. The thousand mile journey now takes place at the speed of light, and to all friends and allies at the same time. How this system will evolve over time is beyond me. You PUMA ladies are much more web savvy than me. So it will be you surfing on the crest of that wave. The big time national event is over, so now is the time to return to your homes in the fields and forests and start to work locally. many of you have had a new experience of reaching across to the other party and have found nice people. There are many things we share common views on. Neither party ownes the environment. Both profess to want to protect it . Yeah, they both say a lot of stuff, but is either one really doing what they say or what is needed ? It is a humongously big and complicated system. This country we live in one challenge I see is to use the new technology to break the financing campaigns monopoly that keeps the status qo in power. not by raising even more money, but by short circuting entire parts of the system. If no one is reading newspapers, or beliving what they see there, you will not need to spend any $ buying space there.

    I belive there is a lot to start doing on local and state levels. not just getting someone elected, but giving them the long term support of letting them know how youfeel adn what you think so they will do what si right and know they are backed up by their supporters praising them for standing up and gently chastising them when they dont

    If you think we have things bad, just watch the local/state elections in Venezuela a week from Sunday. Just the other day Hugo was on their national news saying that if his guy didnt win in one certain state he was just going to send in the Tanks

    So thank all of you guys who do all the work to keep this place here. the writers, the commenters, the troll patrollers……and since no one knows better than I, my tendency to ramble and be long winded, thanks for letting me come around

  64. Hey, I’m in moderation — I didn’t say anything that I know to be a “bad word”

  65. is there a mod around to release me?

  66. did you post links? World Press doesn’t like links!

  67. EOF,

    Ewww I remember that interview.

  68. no links!


  70. all the post said was that I meant it was cute how Palin allows her kids to be free unlike you know who. (I’m trying to edit here so I don’t repeat any bad word).

  71. I just turned on Greta. Sarah is chopping up her hot dogs, I think. Cross your legs, MSM boyz!

    MSM = Misogynist Sucky Media. Boyz is self-evident, I hope.

    I really wish Sarah wasn’t conservative, she’s great. My mom likes her too, although she’d never vote for her. But she’s is very popular among normal people, it’s just the MSM and fauxgressives who hate her.

    I was thinking today that if the Democrats were smart and not misogynist *sshats, instead of trying to ‘fight’ her by making up ridiculous stories about her clothes and her baby (for g*d’s sake, I still can’t get over that one), they’d go all out recruiting and promoting women in politics. Sarah would not be so threatening to Democratic support if they could have managed to show (or even faked) an interest in women’s equality.

  72. I don’t care how conservative Sarah is at this point. It’s not just that I wnat a woman President, it’s more that if the lesson is that sexist attacks work, then we’re screwed. This stuff needs to be pushed back against imo. But, I’m pretty sure the Republicans will sandbag her and nimunate someone else.

  73. nominate

  74. I believe there is a growing movement around sarah. She isn’t hiding and like she has before, she will probably do it for herself..thank god. She’s the one who is organizing all the interviews etc..and by the way… I love Greta too….

  75. What I originally wanted to post was..About VotePuma, I think its a good idea, but I will stick with Just Say No Deal…they were there and organized from the beginning… and I love Dianne too..

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