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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Kliff Notes. 
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    • You Can’t Stay in the EU or Single Market And Be For Labour’s Manifesto
      So, 30 Labour MPs have signed a letter calling for Corbyn to stay in the EU’s single market as a member. This is not possible IF Labour’s manifesto is meant seriously. EU single market law is explicitly neoliberal, it does not allow for things that Labour wants to do, like nationization. Access to the single […]
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Food Porn – steak sous vide

Steak, new potatoes with sweet onion crisped in duck fat, broccoli rabe with Aleppo pepper and garlic scapes. A full bodied cab. So good. 

Yes, I eat like this every day. {{I wish}}

There’s a cardio abs class at the Y tomorrow at 8am…


Nice song by three dudes from New Jersey who call themselves Arizona. 

This goes out to everyone whose sweethearts can’t be with them. 

Pigs, Fleas and Trump

Let’s revisit narcissism, shall we?  

I’m no professional but I’ve had a lot of personal experience dealing with people who are on the narcissism spectrum. I’m beginning to know a narcissist when I see one or when I detect one delivering their special brand of attention by proxy. 

Not everyone who exhibits narcissistic tendencies has full blown narcissistic personality disorder or NPD. It’s a spectrum disorder. In fact, it’s not a bad thing for us to have some degree of self love or mean people will take advantage of our selflessness. And it’s not uncommon for people who are living with narcissists and who are having their own issues to display some narcissistic tendencies. They usually subside when the crisis resolves itself. You can tell a narcissist from a codependent by how much guilt and contrition they feel when they hurt someone else. Narcissists with NPD don’t give a fuck. They can fake it for awhile but it never lasts. 

Donald Trump has NPD. There’s really no question about that. Is there anyone here who doesn’t understand what I’m talking about?  Don’t be shy, raise your hands. He’s the overt type. Bernie Sanders looks like he may be skirting close to the edge of NPD as well but let’s put him aside for now. 

Given what we know about Trump and his severe character problems, what can we understand about the people who follow him?  I’ve wondered this for awhile. I think we have got it wrong about them being too stupid for their own good. No, if you’ve ever had an interaction with a Bush supporter or a Trumpster and they’ve reveled in your distress and told you to deal with it because their side won, then you know that there’s something else at work here. 

This video from Ross Rosenberg unpacks it for you: 

So, what he’s saying is the reason why Trumpsters will follow him no matter what is because they identify with him. They don’t have the visceral negative reaction to his behavior the way you do. They see nothing wrong with him disrespecting women, poor people, the disabled, the sick, Muslims, etc. WE feel pain, they do not. 

Trump is a pig and he attracts piggish people. They don’t feel empathy the way we do. They want to win. They like control. And for the conformist, conventional person who has always colored inside the lines, Trump and Pence validate their lifestyles, make them feel virtuous and special, and give them the control over others they always wanted. Trump and Pence make their narrow minded, judgemental meanness acceptable. 

If you’re living with one of these people, you’re going to get dirty. It’s not in your nature but it can make you feel out of place if you’re surrounded by them. To stay in their good graces, you may have to jettison some of your own values or become apathetic. Of course, everyone has choices…

It’s pointless to defend ourselves. They like controlling the vertical and horizontal and pissing us off and causing us distress. It’s what they live for. They’re absolutely delighted with our anger. We can’t win this argument because they DID win. The only thing we can do is disengage. We can observe them but not get down in the mud with them. As long as they’re in control, they’ll follow Trump to the ends of the earth. There’s nothing he can do that will turn them away. 

The allies had to fire bomb Dresden and invade and subdue Berlin before Germans gave up in WWII. They need to be completely conquered before they give up and they’re going to be nasty, difficult and personal before they surrender and go away. Expect this and don’t let it get to you.  

We need to accept their character disorder and stop trying to figure out how to appeal and placate them. Sure, there were people who Trump deceived. Those people are drifting back over to our side. It is the hard core narcissists who remain firmly in his corner. They’re in every branch of government and they’re quickly solidifying their hold on power. We are going to have to work extra hard next year to get at least one chamber of the legislative branch back. It’s going to be a difficult and very expensive struggle. But we don’t have a choice. 

If you’ve been watching the Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll get an idea of what we’re up against in the latest episode called The Bridge where Offred attempts to talk another Handmaid off a bridge because she sees nothing but despair for the foreseeable future, surrounded by Pence-esque covert narcissists in religious clothing. Offred tells her it won’t last. Someday, Gilead will be over and they’ll go dancing and drinking and singing karaoke. 

And that’s all true. This phase of our history won’t last, especially if we are determined to overthrow the people who took over our government by aggressive and uncompromising measures. We didn’t put up enough of a fight. We were too nice and believed it couldn’t happen to us, underestimating the people with character disorders who were determined to stop at nothing to take control. 

But we can get our country back if we don’t let them rattle us and concentrate on the task at hand. 

We can set it right again. The bad thing is that once we do, we’ll know who those people are. They’ll still walk among us and we’ll never be able to let our guard down again because they don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. 

Deploy your shields. 

A body adrift 

Frightened Rabbit. 

Good morning!

Meanwhile, back on earth…

Theresa May, Conservative prime minister of Britain, lost her majority in parliament yesterday while Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party picked up seats. Note that the Brexit instigators, the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) also lost support. A new coalition government will need to be formed. 

The Conservatives are hoping to form a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland and with 329 votes will have 3 more than necessary to form a coalition government, locking Labour out, ever so slightly. The middle Liberal center left is notably absent from this discussion. Does this sound familiar?

The outcome is known as a “hung parliament”.  Which I think is different from a “rump parliament”. 

 {{withholding comment, tongue in cheek}}

They’ve become just as polarized as the US with a minority party calling the shots by a razor thin margin because no one else can get their shit together to form a strong majority coalition. 

What’s interesting is that a few short weeks ago, May and her party were expected to cruise to a landslide victory and Corbyn, representing the working class, was expected to be a LOSER. Looks like all the Brexit bs and cuts to the NHS have made an impact on working class voters who are finally starting to see how mislead they have been. 

By the way, Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is strong in the UK as it is here. The Canadians were quicker than the rest of us to wake up to Murdoch’s brand of poison. Maybe there’s hope yet. 

Also, he looks like Emperor Palpitine. He probably just needs more sleep. 


More testimony today? I can hardly wait. 

Trump has already posted his first tweet of the day: 

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”


Did you ever notice that Republicans can’t do funny?  They just can’t. I’ve heard that appreciation of sarcasm is the last thing the human brain develops.

“Understanding other people’s state of mind and emotions is related to our ability to understand sarcasm,” she said.

It explains so much. 


Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to sound the alarm on the dismantling of the ACA, tweeting:

Senate Republicans are writing a bill to kick millions of people off of health insurance behind closed doors, with no public hearings.

If they were actually doing good work to help people, it wouldn’t need to be hidden from public view. Speak out, demand transparency.

Those Republicans are pretty clever, eh?  Conducting a showy intelligence committee hearing with Comey as a decoy to take attention away from what they’re doing behind closed doors to deprive millions of Americans, many of them children, of the healthcare they need. 

They’re not going to do anything about Trump until they’ve gotten his signature on mean things they want to ram through the legislation process. 


The New Yorker gets to the meat of Comey’s testimony: the attempt to install a patronage system with the law enforcers. It’s a bad thing, like snakes in a toilet. We definitely do not want to go down this road where the justice department is made a vassal of Donald Trump. 


Just because. I have forms to fill out. They’re tedious. My mind is somewhere else. 

Comey’s Comet

He just keeps coming around. 

Or does the News orbit around him?  

Any time there’s a major investigation, he’s somehow personally involved.  Why is that?  He’s gotten a lot more than his 15 minutes of fame. Now he’s just bogarting the microphone. 

Remember when Ashcroft was laid up with appendicitis or pancreatitis or whatever the hell it was and Comey sped to the hospital to head off Alberto Gonzales?  Those Bush guys were masters of sophistication compared to the Trump gang. 

Comey says he’s been defamed. You mean like he defamed Hillary Clinton last year and saddled us with Trump and the granny starvers for four years? (Sounds like the name of a band, doesn’t it? Anyone want to take a stab at what kind of music they play?)

I saw Paul Ryan a few minutes ago trying to spin Comey’s testimony by saying that Trump is not a politician and didn’t know better. 

Is that the best he could do?  That the sotto voce request was unintentional?  Really? The guy is a billionaire, allegedly. He knows what he’s doing. 

And in any case, government officials are not supposed to swear loyalty to a person. They’re supposed to swear fealty to the constitution and the laws of the land. Capisce? 

Then there was the rambling thing that John McCain did about why was it ok to drop the Clinton campaign’s ties to Russia but not Trump’s. I think he deliberately messed that up. His masters may have told him to get in line but instead he just sounds incoherent. There aren’t any useful sound bites for Fox News to work with. It’s doesn’t track logically. 

Wait, lack of logic has never made a difference to the emotional reasoners of the Fox News audience. So, have at it Senator. Toss that word salad. 

Speaking of Fox, the Washington Post has been following the chyrons at all of the network news channels. The tribalism is distinct. There’s a Fox News tribe of the perpetually mislead and willfully ignorant, and then there are the rest of us. 

The Intelligence Committee has gone behind closed doors. We won’t know what is being said. But keep your eyes peeled on the faces of the committee members as they come out. Especially the respective parties. Should be interesting.