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Behold the Hairy Men.

The Republicans:

Yeah, they’re making a lot of noise and shaking their spears and shit but there’s still an election in less than a month and it looks very likely that they are going to lose bigly. There’s not a lot they can do about that except stick their tongues out and make obnoxious noises.

Get your ass to the polls and ignore the ugly hairy men. Check your registration at I Will Vote. And if you’re a female living in a voter ID state, get your paperwork in order, especially if you’ve ever been married or divorced. If your name has been changed, you’ll want to be sure it matches the one on the registration rolls. Would I put it past the hairy men to do a haka at the polls this year? No, I would not.

Be prepared.

Then crush their hairy little souls.

Finally, repeat this Tolkien quote from now until November 6 and teach it to every person who says their vote won’t count:

“Despair is for those who know the end beyond all doubt. We do not.”

Pass it around.

Hug a Republican today.


Quote de Jour

Do not mistake the rule of force
for true power. Men are not shaped by force.”

– Euripides, The Bacchae

Hoping for an asteroid

Susan Simpson from The View from LL2 sums it up:

The GOP has always had the votes to do whatever they wanted. But the veil has been lifted now. There is nothing they won’t do to gain and maintain power. There is plenty of damage they can inflict in a month before the election with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. The misogyny was only the most obvious problem. There’s still voting rights, healthcare and Trump’s special investigation problem. Collins and Flake do this kind of thing all the time. I hope Flake doesnt have political ambitions after this. As for Collins, she may think her contituents will forget. I’m betting they won’t.

The billion dollar 8 year old victim

It took awhile for Trevor Noah to grow on me after Jon Stewart left the Daily Show. Jon was barely tethered to his seat and Noah is much more laid back. But now I get it. It’s the way they both look at the world. And Trevor gets to the core of Trump’s shtick:

Yeah, let’s get past this Kavanaugh disaster so we can focus on how a poor little rich boy from Queens figured out how to make white guys like Niles into the world’s biggest losers.


Rebecca Traister talks to Ezra Klein about her new book Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger in today’s podcast. Traister observes Thad Christine Blasey Ford and Hillary Clinton can’t be angry without it backfiring on them but Bart O’Kavanaugh can actually use anger to his benefit.

As for Kavanaugh, his Supreme Court nomination is his reward for his career of doing the dirty work of his party. It knows he’s reliable. He’s proven his “loyalty” with his Trump-esque temper tantrum last week. And now he’s a made man, bound to do what the party and Trump want him to do regardless as to how many people he hurts.

I wouldn’t want to accept this appointment under these circumstances. He’s deeply unpopular, we know what he’s going to do and he will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court justices that dismantled our government that we have ever had. His name will become about as warm and fuzzy as Roland Freisler. That’s the legacy he’s going to leave his daughters.

As for the senators who vote for him? There are no words. They simply must go, if we can still vote them out in November.

Walk to work music

Let’s try to be happy for a few minutes before the sh*t hits the fan.

Two tweeters who tweeted two tweets

Cause and effect:

Hard to say which is the chicken and which the egg.

BTW, did you get your non-optoutable presidential alert today? How much you wanna bet he’s going to use it for nefarious purposes?

What am I saying? Of course he’s going to use it for nefarious purposes. It’s what he does.