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    • Was All The “Trump is Hitler” Rhetoric Right?
      October 17th I wrote that demonizing Trump as fascist had consequences. To most Americans fascist = holocaust, Hitler, and World War II. To be a fascist is to be the worst thing possible. Popular culture is full of references of going back and killing Hitler before he became powerful. We bewail that no one did […]
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Happy Easter! 

To all you Christians out there, “He is risen indeed!”

Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus is a Easter favorite and one of my own personal favorites since I learned it in concert choir, along with All We Like Sheep, with its killer runs, and the fugue And With These Stripes We Are Healed. 

It is customary to stand during the Hallelujah. The legend behind this is that King George II stood during a performance, probably for a 7th inning stretch. The Messiah is a long piece and the Hallelujah doesn’t happen until near the end of it. Etiquette demanded that when the king stood, everyone had to stand. So, now we all do. 

There are certain pieces of music that are a joy to sing. Mozart’s Te Deum has a fast and furious fugue with a dramatic pause at the end that’s almost orgasmic, which might be why he was always in trouble with the archbishop. Sacred music is full of beautiful phrasing to satisfy the singer. Handel’s Hallelujah is no exception like right where the piece turns from “lord of lords, and he shall reign”.

Our director used to say “let it dance!” just before the music began. So, get up and dance, sing if you know it, just hum along if you don’t. 

Blowing S#^+ Up. 

Have you seen this video of the  30′, 20,000 lb MOAB we dropped on an encampment in Afghanistan?

I feel badly about posting that. That was not survivable. Whatever you may feel about the targets, we shouldn’t forget that dozens of lives were snuffed out in an instant.

I worry that seeing videos like this will numb us to the reality of killing people. We’re the most powerful country on the planet and it would be trivially easy for us to just bomb everyone we don’t like into submission.

There are two problems with this: 1.) it tends to piss dangerous people off and 2.) where do we stop?  Dropping big bombs and drone warfare can make us even more of a threat because it comes at relatively little risk for us. We have no “skin in the game”.  That should be deeply troubling to anyone

Other countries are starting to take notice of our recklessness. China is now raising its voice over the way Trump is stirring up tensions between North and South Korea. We could end up causing the deaths of thousands of Koreans. China’s foreign minister is surprisingly blunt:

“The United States and South Korea and North Korea are engaging in tit for tat, with swords drawn and bows bent, and there have been storm clouds gathering,” China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, said in Beijing, according to Xinhua, the state news agency.

“If they let war break out on the peninsula, they must shoulder that historical culpability and pay the corresponding price for this,” Mr. Wang said.

This is especially stupid if, as that article points out, North Korea has nowhere near the capacity to launch a nuke at the United States. All the fearmongering on our side sounds like the same lies the Bush administration used to get us into war with Iraq. Remember how Saddam Hussein supposedly had the ability to rain WMD’s on us in 45 minutes all the way from Baghdad?  Turns out that wasn’t even remotely true.

But, hey, they’re over there, far away from us. All we need to do is apply all the force at our disposal to subdue those North Koreans. At least we’re doing something because someone needed to do something sometime to someone and what the hell do we have all these bombs and stuff for if we’re never going to use it, amirite??
I’ll be the first to criticize the Obama administration for not getting involved in Syria much earlier when intervention might have spared that country 5 years of devastating civil war. It’s a little late for that now. The damage is done, the players too compromised. We have major regional instability.

But blowing shit up is not always the answer to every problem. And the world hasn’t changed geographically. The choke points that were major theaters of war in WWII haven’t moved. The eastern Mediterranean, South China Sea, South Pacific  and the North Atlantic are still vulnerable areas of the world. We can’t just keep dropping bombs everywhere because it makes a bunch of clueless male Trump supporters hard.  Is that what it takes to feel like a man these days?  Really??

Those are real people under those drones.

For more on how masculinity is defined by each party, as well as why Steve “Thomas Cromwell” Bannon doesn’t stand a chance with the aristocracy, listen to TrumpCast’s So Many Men episode with NYT’s Frank Bruni. 

Bottom line: Republicans can get away with this stupid macho posturing whether they’re soft, tanning bed idiots or not. Trump wants to be a Putin but he keeps appointing well dressed rich men to his administration. Democrats better up their macho because there are some voters out there who are sucked into the Republican manly man ideal every time.

If there’s going to be any blowing things up, let’s start with the ridiculous idea that a bunch of guys sitting from the comfort of their armchairs are going to be able to overthrow the government with their silly underpowered pop guns.

They’ve obviously never been to a protest these days.

But I have.  I’ve seen what they’ve got in store for us.

The government can crush you like a bug.

Compulsory Work Reception Centers and the What’s Wrong With the FBI??

The reason why Trump voters are not our favorite people is because we have to listen to stupid shit Sean Spicer says:


Holocaust Centers? He makes it sounds like the reception area of a compulsory agritourism resort. This isn’t right. It isn’t even wrong. It’s just bad.

We probably don’t need to cater to the Trump voter anymore. It’s not a hate thing. It’s just pointless to try to talk to people who think that just about anything is acceptable anymore because reasons.

They are not special.


Meanwhile, back at the FBI, The Washington Post reports this afternoon:

The FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump, part of an investigation into possible links between Russia and the campaign, law enforcement and other U.S. officials said.

The FBI and the Justice Department obtained the warrant targeting Carter Page’s communications after convincing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge that there was probable cause to believe Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power, in this case Russia, according to the officials.

This is the clearest evidence so far that the FBI had reason to believe during the 2016 presidential campaign that a Trump campaign adviser was in touch with Russian agents. Such contacts are now at the center of an investigation into whether the campaign coordinated with the Russian government to swing the election in Trump’s favor.

So, let’s recap.

The Trump campaign was under investigation and Trump advisor Carter Page’s communications were being monitored, last summer.

Not a peep from the FBI.

Hillary’s email turned out to be a nothing burger and the Comey letter 11 days before the election likely did her in among voters who for some reason can’t evaluate candidates based on their merits.

For this we are saddled with Trump and a slew of Republicans for four years and we have just had a Supreme Court justice stolen from us to be replaced with a guy who believes in Natural Law. He’s to the right of Scalia.

And Obama said… nothing.




Good Vibrations 

From HystericalLiterature, Stormy reads American Psycho:

I’m planning to read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison later. 😉

Happy Sunday to you. 

Life goes on 

​​There will be more to say about Syria and how the Republicans stole a Supreme Court appointment. But today I am in the strip district of Pittsburgh getting dinner at Wholey’s (salmon) and apricot nectar for my prosecco. 

The sun is shining. It’s getting warm. Going for hike in Frick park later. 

Go outside. The drama will still be here when you get back. 

From this afternoon’s hike in Frick:


Nitty Gritty Dirty Little Freaks 

Just a reminder that this blog was started by and for people who resist consensus reality. 

We are not joiners. We’re not easily sucked in by slick political ads or rageaholic repeat offender sexual harassers. (Have you seen his rage video?  It’s a classic) We don’t necessarily toe the party line. There’s a reason why we were Democrats in Exile for much of the Obama years and it had nothing to do with racism. 

I’m comfortable having lots of readers, I’m comfortable blogging all by myself. It will not change my voice. I don’t do this to be loved or popular. 

My focus for the next year is going to be the 2018 election and how we can win back at least one house in Congress. That is probably going to involve some swearing and harsh rhetoric. 

You’re welcome. 


Hi everyone!  I’ve been a little busy these days trying to learn a new process. It’s a steep learning curve. Think right angle. Fortunately, my friend Biff says he can fill in for awhile. 

Biff’s bio:

Biff is an ex- mail carrier, football player, and sometimes hacker living in the greater metropolitan area. 

His likes are puppies, fountain pens, and a superior espresso.

His dislikes include hypocrisy, beets, and mean people.

(Hmmmm, I didn’t know you liked puppies. This changes everything. And you dislike beets?? Since when?)

The 21st century has harshed his mellow. So, he tends to bastardize Trump tweets for clarity.

Speaking of bastardizations:

“Illegitamus non carborundum.”  


Donald Trump has broken out his twitter account again, communicating directly to the American people.
He tweeted early this morning on the unfairness of the continued witchhunt against
his administration for its close relationships to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Donald J. Trump

Was the brother of John Podesta 
paid BIG money to get the 
sanctions on Russia lifted?
I don't think so. Jared 
and Mike got paid MUCH more. 
THEY knew how to negotiate with Russians.
We never get any credit for that.

“Jared” is presumably Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, current senior advisor to the president, and
“Mike” is presumably former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.
Given the amount of time that Congress, the intelligence agencies, and the media have devoted to the subject
it seems wrong for Trump to complain that they are not getting coverage, but if this posting does anything to
hilight the issue for him, Donald, you’re welcome.

This was followed by something a little more cryptic:

Donald J. Trump

Hillary Hillary Podesta 
Hillary Wiener Huma HILLARY

Other than identifying Trump’s preferred 2020 campaign rival, it is unclear what this tweet
refers to. His 2020 campaign is officially in full swing, however.

In early January,
Politico reported
that the Trump campaign headquarters are open for business, and ten staffers are busy building
databases and raising funds. Frugally housed in one of the lower floors of Trump Towers, on
5th Avenue in Manhattan, staffers said that as long as New York City taxpayers were footing the security
bill, it would be irresponsible to locate anywhere else.
for protecting the Trump family and businesses
in this location have ranged from $150,000 to more than half a million dollars per day.
Estimated income to the Trump Organization for the lease on the suite was unavailable at press time.

On January 20th, the campaign filed documents with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).
The FEC Form 2 document is to ensure compliance with the
Federal Election Campaign Act Legislation of 1971 (FECAL).
Staffers, who spoke off the record, as they had not been authorized to speak to the mainstream press, said that
the early campaign opening was necessary to keep Trump’s campaign promise of reducing financial influence on campaigns.
As explained in a post at Disobedient Media,
the Form 2 submission will prevent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations,
such as those run by Trump political opponent George Soros, from engaging in any “political speech” that might affect
the 2020 presidential outcome, for risk of losing their non-profit status.

Unofficially, the staffers conceded that their activities mean we are now “mid-campaign”,
and that the Senate should suspend all hearings for Supreme Court nominees until after the election
is decided. “But we hope no one notices that,” was whispered.
In a third tweet, Trump said:

Donald J. Trump

Such amazing reporting unmasking 
the crooked schemes by 

Based on the timing of the tweet, just 12 minutes following a CNN report on the subject,
it presumably refers to the ongoing celebrations at Fox News around a culture of sexual harassment
lead by former chairman Roger Ailes, and being spearheaded now by Bill O’Reilly.