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Did the media lose its mind yesterday or did the Men take it over?

What the actual f{#* happened to news yesterday?

The most important hearing on Capitol Hill that has ever happened since 9/11 was almost completely obliterated by the news of Tiger Woods 345th car accident.

Look, I like a good sports hero as much as anyone. Colin Kaepernick comes to mind. Tiger is no Colin Kaepernick. He’s a spoiled, reckless, incredibly rich guy who plays golf. Lots of people in Pittsburgh also play golf. I’m guessing some of them had some interest in the fact that this very talented golf nerd had such a self destructive streak in him. Let’s be honest, was anyone surprised he wrecked his car?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to get hurt in an accident. But we spent three solid hours yesterday afternoon pre-eulogizing Tiger Woods like he was Kobe Bryant. The media spent 180 breathless minutes obsessively fixated on Our Precious Memories of Tiger.

His injuries are horrific but not life threatening. In fact, the media knew that before they hopped on the air to talk about it at 4pm. The accident happened at 7:20 AM PST. That’s roughly 10:20 AM EST. By 4:00PM EST, he hadn’t died. He was still in surgery.

Meanwhile, some of us had to work yesterday and missed the senate hearings on the Insurrection. There were Capitol Hill police officers testifying that still had chemical burns on their faces, there was a 60 minute discrepancy between what the Capitol Hill police chief said about contacting the sergeants of arms to get the national guard and what those sergeants say actually happened. There was a severely addled senator from Wisconsin who was either gaslighted or attempted to gaslight the rest of us into believing that Antifa was responsible. There was Hawley acting like he didn’t do nothin’. The whole hearing was both riveting and bizarre from the tiny snippets I heard as I was falling asleep.

But mostly, we working people missed the details from 4pm to 7pm as the mens reminisced about cute little Tiger who grew up to be a almost billionaire man baby golf player with severe back issues.

He doesn’t even play the big ones anymore and he’s only 45.

Really? REALLY??

Who ordered Nicolle Wallace to take the day off and talk about golf?

They’re hopeless.

6 Responses

  1. I can take a shower today for the first time in almost three weeks. Omgomgomg 🤪

      • It was glorious. All that hot steamy water and body wash suds and minty conditioner. I didn’t want to get out but that pain in the ass alarm I set on my phone went off while I was basking in the warmth and I had to get out of the tub to make it stop.
        Sponge baths suck. Showers rock.

  2. I was thinking of that while lying in bed this morning; and I wondered if I should write about this, or would I sound callous,, so I am glad that you did! It is better optics, perhaps! 🙂

    Yes, I was out most of the day, but all morning was filled with the Tiger Woods story. And of course one feels guilty about saying anything about how the media overcovered it. But it is true. Apparently, he was late, and rushing, and took the turns too quickly. It was a terrible accident, but fortunately he just injured his legs, which will hopefully heal, though he might not play major golf again. That is a shame. I was never a fan of his however, though by most accounts, he is the greatest golfer of all tme.

    There are accidents every day on roads, and many in Los Angeles, where driving is necessary with limited mass transportation. There are worse accidents, tragically enough, but they are not involving very famous people. Is his more important than theirs? And I turned on the TV very briefly this morning, and they are still covering it.

    I did watch some of the security hearings; it seems that the guy whom Pelosi wanted to resign, was very defensive. Someone apparently said before I had watched, that they thought that the insurrection was planned, but I don’t know who said that. It seems that most of the hearing was Republicans trying to spread blame around, and implying that no one delayed in calling the National Guard, they take time to deploy. The nature of these hearings, with five minutes per questioner, half of them Republicans, can make it difficult to build momentum to get anywhere meaningful

    • Thanks for that. I needed a recap. I tried to stream it between meetings but then just gave up and decided to let Nicolle Wallace break it down for me. I was so pissed that they droned on and on and ON about Tiger Woods. His accident was worth maybe 10 minutes total per hour, if that. The stupid memorializing for a guy not even close to being dead was ridiculous.
      On days like that, you get a real sense of who is actually running the news rooms and what things they think are best in life. Insurrection hearings are not among them.

  3. Thank you for this post.
    Mr. Woods is a talented man who, unfortunately, has at times exercised very poor judgment. Unless his car had mechanical problems, it appears he may have done so again, driving too fast on a dangerous road. The “no skid marks” part stumps me: perhaps his brakes failed. If so, perhaps it was not his fault (though he could have turned the ignition off and put it in neutral.) I wish him a swift and full recovery, but did his unfortunate accident really merit this much air time?

    I saw much of the hearing. Senator Klobuchar handled it well. What appalled me was the Metro Police Chief describing a phone call with Chief Sund begging for help from the National Guard — and the Pentagon not responding with a yes. Instead, they were concerned about how it would look. He said that his officers were fighting for their lives while the Pentagon dithered. I would like to know why.

    Of course, Senator Ron Johnson’s voicing support for baseless conspiracy theories during the hearing has made the news.

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