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    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Rise #MarchForOurLives
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Susan is a ditz

Susan Sarandon was on Late Night with Stephen Colbert last night gushing about how wonderful it is that the revolution has started and we’re all protesting at town halls and shit like that. 

Ohferchristsakes, get over the words already. 

Here’s the interview: 

What did we forget, Susan?  We forgot that now Republicans are in charge of all three branches of government. If they can ever persuade their sadistic Freedom Caucus wing to get onboard, they’ll be unstoppable. 

And what else? 

Well, your internet browsing history is no longer private. AND net neutrality is about to go down soon. 

The CPB is getting defunded. No more Morning Edition and All Things Considered from Nice Polite Republicans. 

And what else?  

Oh, yes, white southern male Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will be the guy in charge of our voting rights monitors. 

Look, Susan, a revolution is only as good as your ability to change the system. Protesting at town halls and flooding your congressman’s voicemail box is only going to take you so far if you can’t vote the fucking asshole out of office. And with all the gerrymandering and locks on state houses, it’s going to be very hard to displace them. 

So, if they can get their act together, Republicans can do a lot of damage to ordinary, not rich people. And if Republicans are clever, they’ll make sure we can never organize effectively, never completely control the message and never be able to get enough votes in the right places to remove them. 

Susan is a WMD who caused a lot of collateral damage because she can’t think a few moves ahead or get inside the heads of ruthless sociopaths. 

Is Susan having any town halls soon?  


35 Responses

  1. She is crazy. This is not the revolution we want. Send her this tweet — the crazy nincompoop in the WH is Nixon on steroids with Kremlin:

  2. Off topic, RD. Stumbled upon this opera running at the MET on WETA just now — caught my eye because of Indian looking costume. It turned out to be Bizet’s 1863 opera, The Pearl Fishers set in Sri Lanka. Know about it?

  3. All these rats and snakes on Bernie’s ship should be shunned..driven out of political discourse. They sold this beautiful country in their zeal to a foreign power. They still don’t understand what they have done. Or worse, they understand but are pretending to not to understand. I think the majority which understands the grave situation we are in should shun them, ignore them.

    • They scream “McCarthyism” and “distraction” when you talk about Russia. I don’t know but it seems Putin was attempting to help Bernie too.

      • If Tsar Vlad was trying to help Bernie, too–then that would suggest that Putin really didn’t care much who became the President of the USA, as long as it wasn’t Hillary. He knew who his most formidable opponent would be.

        • I think in the senate hearing, it came up that Bernie Bros were unwitting (and maybe willing) victims of Russian propaganda, and there were also couple of articles in the last couple of weeks which said Bernie Bros were specifically targeted with misinformation about Hillary, (and for a fact I have seen twitter feeds of otherwise normal people going after Hillary for corruption and other such nonsense during the election). Bernie’s campaign guy, Tad Devine has Russian connections the same as Manafort but maybe not to the same extent. Putin definitely didn’t want Hillary to win. Adam Khan worked out the numbers, something like a couple of trillion dollars loss for Putin through sanctions and other stuff if Hillary won. And if she had won, I don’t think she would have let Putin get away with what he did. She would be working with Comey and others to bring him and Trump to justice. Now they are talking about hacking voter rolls (rumbles of which we heard off and on during the election) seems very likely and they seemed to have known precinct level details which can only be gathered by voter rolls. What Trump did which is treason is not to be ignored.

  4. “Susan is a ditz.”

    Much as the Atlantic Ocean is “damp”.

    I would post a picture of Derpy Hooves, but that would not be fair to Derpy. 😛

    THIS is the horse pic to represent Susan. 😈

    • This is NOT Susan. 😛

    • I know that the implication of calling someone a horse’s hindquarters is about the magnitude of that person’s stupidity. Let’s not insult horses by comparing their hindquarters to Susan. 😉

  5. I cannot stomach that interview again. I hesitated to watch last night, anticipating an “if only we had Bernie” moment; but her revolution drivel was too much. I heard not one original thought, just tired, old talking points that amount to nothing. Now I’m so angry after listening to Biden explain why Clinton isn’t POTUS, I think I’m ready to end my gardening break and move those rocks that had me stumped in my potato planting.

    • yeah, heard that about Biden and was angry as well. Everybody is out to get Hillary instead of recognizing what exactly happened in this election and the grave danger we are in. And what makes them think they would have been spared by the Russians?

  6. Just because. :mrgreen:

  7. More tea? 😛

  8. Susan needs to look in the face of those children being separated from their parents or people denied entry to the country because of where they came from or the people that have been held in ICE detention for hours because of their name. Look them in the eyes Susan and tell them how awesome it is that all this is happening to them.

  9. There is simply no way, under our system, to do justice for Hillary.

    If we had “votes of no confidence”, and resulting do-over elections, as exist in parliamentary systems, it would become possible, but that would require amending the Constitution, and we all know how difficult that is.

    No, the best we can hope for is the metaphorical defenestration of the Orange Usurper, and then that Queen B!tch Goddess Karma has something realllly special–I mean “Classic Twilight Zone Ironic Justice” special–in mind for his master, Tsar Putin.

    Something like this. 😈

    • There is simply no way, under our system, to do justice for Hillary.

      This is true which is why a lot of us think of the election outcome as death — there is a finality to it. Though I would say there is ‘no easy way.’ There was a way with the electors but they chickened out and failed to execute their real obligation to the country and its constitution.

    • Well said. I also think America has a really bad pride/ego issue here and I think that’s why the electors would chose someone as inept as orange man. Our system as you say, is far too concerned with keeping up appearances & trying to not have people panic. I think we need to get over our fear of confrontation.

      I also think notions of a “peaceful transition of power” needs to cease to exist in cases as extreme as the 2016 election. I mean the White House and the FBI had proof that he who shall not be named colluded with foreign adversaries to sway the election in his favor! There should be no passing of the baton over to that

      • Yeah, that’s a big concern. They knew who they were handing the government over to but yet did nothing. Well, Obama did hide the evidence but not much past that.

  10. I think he would make a great congressman. Takai to run against Nunes.

    • I hope to the Ascended Madoka that this is not an April Fool’s joke.

      “Mr. President, you are a douchebag.” 😆

  11. Just going to leave this here:

  12. Russia worked on US this time because Trump cooperated, co-opted, and used their tactics himself on his opponents. Candidate Trump was rogue and willing to do anything.

    Must watch:

  13. I do wish actors(esses) would stick to what they’re good at instead of assuring us that they know everything.

  14. I am seeing a lot of chatter and having doubts about the true intentions of Bernie. He is acting like he wants to help Trump or Putin and create more divisions and chaos. Notable absence is that he has not come down strong against what we know so far for sure about Russian involvement — in fact, has not said much at all about it. In that aspect, he is behaving like Trump. So what is going on here? Is he a Kremlin mini-puppet on the Ds (he is no D but) side?

  15. Look at all the stuttering and stammering… I had been looking for this clip for a while.

  16. I was angry first to hear about all the fake news on FB (there was a NPR (I think) article about tracking down a man in CA who ran a fake news source after the election and FB part of it. I was angry when Sheryl Sandberg summarily dismissed FB’s role in providing a platform for fake news as if they didn’t have any responsibility. I have harped on how they need to be held accountable. Louise Mensch is training her eyes on FB now — check her twitter TL and there are others who are tracking down how Cambridge Analytica used voter rolls and FB data. Citizen journalism and real media fuckers after fucking up the election, are mere bystanders now. They are not doing much. Katy Tur was retweeting Mark Cuban’s uninformed inane thread earlier in the day.

  17. Why? To pardon himself? Hell, NO! I want a boring policy wonk who knows how to run government agencies for the little guys based on rule of law. I want somebody who is philanthropic and a do-gooder. I want somebody who does not cater to the whims of corporatists and billionaires. I want somebody who does the right thing at all times.


  18. Sarandon is a “limousine socialist” (a term I just made up). She has no connection with the lives of people who are not rich or famous. With her, it is all theory, some half-baked idea about a world where everyone is equal, sort of like what Sanders thought Castro’s Cuba would be like. Sarandon doesn’t actually want to live in such a world, but it feels good to her to imagine that she is so egalitarian.

    A comment that she is excited by Trump having won, because now people can spend all their time fighting fascism, is both laughable and pathetic. She doesn’t worry about health insurance, or Social Security, or being deported away from your family. For her it is all a grand abstraction. She hated and hates Hillary out of some visceral reaction, which she has tried to elevate into some kind of Jacobin puritanism. The Communists in the U.S. hated FDR, because they thought his social programs would forestall their hoped-for revolution. Sarandon is as unAmerican as they were, and undoubtedly stupider as well.

  19. Nikki Haley is in the news a bit getting attention. She has credited Hillary Clinton as inspiration to do public service and for getting into politics (she heard Hillary when the latter came to her university and encouraged women to get into public offices). If she was on the Democratic side, she would be lost in the crowd and even discouraged by all the latent sexism in the party and how everybody fights for their share of the pie in a petty way (like Sanders and his cronies are doing now). But I give credit to the Rs in that when they smell victory, they unite, even all the bigoted, sexist, and racist mfers. So wouldn’t it be ironic, a minority woman on the R’s side who credits Hillary as her inspiration rising to the VP/P ranks in the near future?

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