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      Digging this story about the guy who was bad at math so figured out ways to simplify complex math problems… winning him the Field Metal, a top prize in math. https://t.co/funmRihXHc — Eli Pariser 🏞📲 (@elipariser) July 5, 2022
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Congratulations Irish LGBT. Next, Fully Raw Cannibals to Get Right to Eat Meat on Fridays #FullyRawCannibals

Now that marriage equality is law for the LGBT community in IRELAND, of all places, can we just hurry up and get it over all around the world so we can concentrate on fully raw cannibals? I mean, IRELAND is where they let women die of septicemia before they give them a D&C to remove a miscarriage.

Just saying’. We’ve got to clear the backlog before we can start the long hard struggle to give more than half the population of the world equality.

I’m getting impatient.*

*Have you noticed that women’s rights movement proponents in the US have been strangely quiet in the past 7 years? It’s like someone slapped a muzzle on them.

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  1. I don’ get it

    • (The idea being that anything, absolutely anything is a higher priority than half the human species.)

      And, RD, I’ve also been struck by the coverage crowing about huge steps forward while — as far as I know — women still don’t have very basic control over their own bodies. I mean, it’s a step forward, no question about that. But it’ll only be huge when it includes everybody.

  2. Many faux Feminists backed OBingo instead of Hillary and have abdicated their souls since then. Remember how much the magazine MS Magazine had Obingo’s picture on cover saying “this was what a Feminist looked like”…(gag,gag,gag!)! Well, ever since then, it has pretended and cowered in the corner. I don’t know which women’s leaders were paid off, but I feel certain that many were…NARAL for one! NOW was split but the OBingo camp was very vocal and intimidating and eventually whipped them in line. (But not me!)

  3. I’m sure if the powers that be could think of a way to legalize marriage for gay men, while withholding that right from lesbians, they would do so.

    • You can bet your life on that, Sweet Sue. As a lesbian, I am glad our right to marry was affirmed in Ireland, but I don’t fool myself into thinking that that right came about as anything other than a side effect of the advancement of rights for men.

      The withholding of bodily autonomy from all women in Ireland, resulting in what happened to Savita Halippanivar and other women is the biggest disgrace of that country. I was glad to see so much rage and protesting at Halippanivar’s death. It will be an even bigger deal when they change the laws to criminalize what was done to her.

  4. Whatever happened to the Fully Raw Cannibals? I remember they had a monster hit with “She Drives Me Crazy”, then a pair of lesser hits, and then they just fell off the map. 😉

  5. Catherine MacKinnon made the point in an excellent law article, republished in an excellent book, that the law will not yield in withholding full human legal and civil rights from any group that does not include men. [1]

    Not only are the numbers of the disenfranchised considerably smaller in these groups, so that their equality disturbs the privilege of white men that much less, the men in these groups, as Sweet Sue pointed out, immediately take precedence. Given women’s still almost complete economic dependence on men, these laws in fact maintain or increase men’s economic power over women since they increase men’s equality with each other while leaving women’s inequality with men intact. The occupational segregation that keeps women in this dependance stopped diminishing in the 1990’s and has actually increased since then (http://www.iwpr.org/publications/pubs/occupational-segregation-and-the-gender-wage-gap-a-job-half-done/at_download/file).

    As the experience of race, employment and legal rights shows, this almost complete return to legal job segregation remains the greatest barrier for women: women do not have the protection of Section 1981, the strongest, most effective protection against employment discrimination, and were abandoned by the most effective government agency against employment discrimination, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance when they quietly handed over their obligation to enforce women’s rights to the EEOC via a memo back in the 1970’s (which may be one reason OBummer dramatically increased funding to this agency but not the EEOC throughout his administration: they’ve been shown to be very effective in eliminating discrimination against black men, less so in that against black women and completely ineffective in addressing discrimination against white women). Women of any race, also have, by law, less protection from violence and fewer civil rights than men of any race in this country. Police in this country do not have to actively kill women, all they and the courts need do is step aside and let individual men kill individual women, as they do in the thousands here every year.

    There are a number of reasons for this, but listing them would take a post, if not a book. For instance, ending job segregation by gender, still largely untouched and ignored after fifty years of paper rights, is far more important to women’s equality than ensuring that the small number of women doing men’s jobs are paid men’s wages.

    I do want to add that religion is no small factor in perpetrating the longest most harmful injustice in human history: no major religion segregates humanity any longer into masters and servants, ruler and ruled, represented and silenced, human and other, based on any immutable trait except one. All major religions, including the one with a five-member “devout” majority on the highest legal entity in this country, make that distinction based on sex. Making another human being an “other” based on a physical trait, to the point where their torture is justified and their death meaningless, takes a lot of indoctrination. The apology of the Southern Baptists and the recantation of the Mormons shows they know how useful their claims to know God’s racist mind were, even when the victims were not known to their oppressors and came from a different country. Neither these religions, nor that proud and powerful bearer of the double standard, the Catholic Church, will ever admit to what they do to women. Daily indoctrination of both men and women in the inferiority and sub-human nature of women, via religious ritual, teaching and law, from their birth throughout their lives, is a major factor in permitting men to claim and continue what they do to those they’ve been raised with and by, and in allowing women to accept this.

    [1] “Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws” is a must-read book. For instance, I did not know that the plaintiff in Meritor v. Vinson, the case that made a difference I felt every day in my work environment when it removed the sickening condition of having to tolerate men putting their hands on me in exchange for my being allowed to work, was a black woman, Mechelle Vinson.

  6. so many of us are beyond child bearing age and the younger generation no longer seems to care. so much tv is filled with young girls having babies and it has been made popular to drop out and have a child and let your family help you raise it while the young mom struggles. so many hospitals/health care companies in my neck of the woods are now owned by the catholic church and reproductive services are not available. entire states no longer have abortion services/providers. sad state of affairs to make things so difficult for younger women to find all of the medical services they deserve.

    • I’m sorry that I have to agree with you. I see so many young “feminists” on sites like Jezebel write how much they loathe Hillary Clinton.
      Say hello to President Rubio, Numb Nutz.
      He wouldn’t even affect my life (well, except for privatizing Social Security and Medicare!) but he sure as hell will affect yours, Princess.

      • Actually, I think Rubio has only a slightly better chance of becoming Prez than Abdul Abulbul Amir or whatever the head of ISIS is named. 😛

        • You know who has a good chance of being elected if nominated?
          Rick Santorum. With maybe Gov. Huckabee for VP. Santorum/Huckabee. Think of it.

          Happy Halloween.

  7. so many hospitals/health care companies in my neck of the woods are now owned by the catholic church and reproductive services are not available

    It’s bad enough they took over our Supreme Court.

  8. Hillary will probably be fine. She is running a really bad or really mysterious campaign so far but, she had no competition for the nomination and can only lose it is she genuflects to the Left too much. The Obama Pods are a minority. That is a fact they do not get because – well – 2008 was given to them. White progressives are deluded about their own numbers. Clinton is already running too far left and it will hurt her in the fall of 2016 if she keeps it up. She needs to massage the white Whole Foods NPR wing until Iowa is done then drop kick them over the fence and embrace the original Clinton majority. Plus the nation is tacking Right again and if Pres. Rubio or Huckabee or Jeb is to be avoided Mrs. Clinton needs to run as a sane moderate. IF she runs as a gooey lefty she will be defeated with ease after 8 years of Obama. Esp if ISIS and Iran feel out of control in the summer of 2016.
    I trust Clinton gets this and will pony up as a fighter…but I must say I’m not impressed with her campaign tactics to far. Way too touchy feely. She took Obama to the 9th inning in 2008 because she was a fighter. Not a national therapist.

    • How’s Bob Barker?

    • I am not aware of anything “left” about the Obama Pods . . . unless it was a kind of “lifestyle leftism”. I am certainly not aware of anything “left” about Obama himself. But I am always happy to read any evidence presented to indicate any genuine political or economic leftism on the part of Obama or his Pods.

      What has SenSecState Clinton done so far that would indicate “genuflection to the left”? Any specific words or actions, with clickable links preferably?

      i was hoping to see Webb enter the race but it is becoming too late for him to do so. He hasn’t stated any opposition to Obamatrade, or to the Fast Track thereto. Sanders has done both. So if Sanders is still even in the primaries by Michigan, I will vote for Sanders. Too far left for the nation? Ah well . . . minority loser me, then.

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